Mikey and Diego EXPOSE Danielle Cohn for being Racist and Lying


  1. aexotiic

    aexotiic6 meses atrás

    I’ve never seen Mikey talk this much but...I’m not mad about it 😌

  2. Genesis Mar

    Genesis Mar27 dias atrás

    aexotiic omg ur the best tea spiller ❤️❤️

  3. Arielle Schrimpf

    Arielle Schrimpf28 dias atrás

    Shut the fuck up.. starting drama and shit..

  4. crackhead elsa one

    crackhead elsa oneMês atrás

    I've never seen Diego that posted well he wasn't that pissed until she said ( " go back to ya country ") ohhhh girl Hope's she messes wit the wrong girl and gets beat the fuck up

  5. Sophia White

    Sophia WhiteMês atrás

    Yo your just a hater she said she was truly sorry

  6. Kylie N

    Kylie NMês atrás

    aexotiic periodttt

  7. Ellie

    Ellie30 minutos atrás

    He just exposed her age💀

  8. serenityXrose rosee

    serenityXrose rosee15 horas atrás

    Wow.. a B**** is the nastiest word u can call a girl smh Diego 🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. Leah Iloveflamingo

    Leah Iloveflamingo19 horas atrás

    Diego’s voice is sooo cute omg

  10. Sanai Vlogs

    Sanai VlogsDia atrás

    Anahhahah danielle has fat arms

  11. Abdirahman Elmi

    Abdirahman ElmiDia atrás


  12. Raema Shahzad

    Raema ShahzadDia atrás

    6:04 no matter what anyone look like,There still prettier then you and you get some manner idiot

  13. Raema Shahzad

    Raema ShahzadDia atrás

    Daniel:Go back to ur country! Me:Sis go back to being a baby and learn some freaking Manners cuz u only 13 and all you do is make friends with a boy 1 day and the next day ur dating him and 1 day later u break up with him and the same cycle keeps on going.

  14. flowerx lun

    flowerx lunDia atrás

    I hate Diego’s voice tho

  15. exclusively issy

    exclusively issyDia atrás

    2:12 look at diego hes a moooood 🤣

  16. Nicoryah’s Vlogs

    Nicoryah’s VlogsDia atrás

    She 13 and got some cake 😭

  17. Just Us!

    Just Us!Dia atrás

    Tbh, i believe you, and i believe she’s racist, but the thing with the two children, didn’t seem racist, it just seemed like she judged they’re appearances. It kinda just stemmed more racist, saying it was racist. She was judging they’re appearance, and they where black, she has judged white peoples appearances many times before.

  18. Frédérique Cormier

    Frédérique Cormier2 dias atrás

    "Say hi to the live, BITCH" - Diego 😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Fernan Angol

    Fernan Angol2 dias atrás

    So much tea to handle in my brain.

  20. Jayz Gamez

    Jayz Gamez2 dias atrás

    She says she is Spanish but Spanish is Europe so white?? I’m actually not gonna feel that bad when she gets herpies. I love how Mikey is all like 👁 👁 when he’s talking bout her

  21. Gon‡alves Maria

    Gon‡alves Maria2 dias atrás

    "go back to your country" Sis chill go back to school, 8TH GRADE IS WAITING FOR YOU

  22. Nashaya campbell

    Nashaya campbell3 dias atrás

    She says everyone is her bestfriend💀

  23. Eevi Hendrikse

    Eevi Hendrikse3 dias atrás

    Lol stop mockin dani we all do mistakes

  24. Nicole Woods

    Nicole Woods3 dias atrás

    Mikey: idk who you are but you’re kissing a 13 year old bruh 💀💀💀💀

  25. Nicole Woods

    Nicole Woods3 dias atrás

    6:18 shes litt b lookin 11 💀💀

  26. Saira Osmani

    Saira Osmani3 dias atrás

    diego started it why is everyone giving hate just shutup

  27. Ashi Msp

    Ashi Msp4 dias atrás

    I want all Danielle Cohn exes boyfriend to have a meeting while live i need this to happened because my tea will be boiling hot it will exploded if this doesn't happen

  28. yeos jsjsjsjsjs

    yeos jsjsjsjsjs4 dias atrás

    gO bAck to yoUr coUntry sis, go back to grade 7.

  29. Elana Jensen

    Elana Jensen5 dias atrás

    Daniel Cohn frickens sucks and is STUPID and u def age

  30. Adriana Torres

    Adriana Torres5 dias atrás

    I think I found Donald Trump's child.

  31. Yaretsi Zuniga

    Yaretsi Zuniga5 dias atrás

    She said that she still loves Mikey with all her heart but she got a new boy and then like omg-


    KAMILA ANTONIO6 dias atrás

    She’s super rude and yah I am taking about Dani

  33. A.R.M.Y BTS

    A.R.M.Y BTS6 dias atrás

    Why she build like that

  34. Aliyah Ann Q

    Aliyah Ann Q6 dias atrás

    My bf went to hs with Marc last year he’s from SA😭😭

  35. Erica Monae

    Erica Monae7 dias atrás

    if you think about it Dani is 13 and Marc is 15 sooo🤷🏽‍♀️

  36. Little Girls

    Little Girls7 dias atrás

    But she needs to stop being so rude and racist STOP LYING, DANI!!!!!!!!!

  37. Little Girls

    Little Girls7 dias atrás

    I hate those boys... They stupid!!!!

  38. PUDINA

    PUDINA7 dias atrás

    At 16, you're cooler than me.

  39. PUDINA

    PUDINA7 dias atrás

    17, sorry.

  40. Joëlle Damen

    Joëlle Damen8 dias atrás

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  41. Ana Sophie

    Ana Sophie9 dias atrás

    Ok so I’m a fan of Dani but this is so true

  42. Nicki TS

    Nicki TS9 dias atrás

    "say wussup to the live BITCH!"😭🤣

  43. Nutella Princess

    Nutella Princess9 dias atrás

    I’m pissed because Diego and Daffy Duck- I mean Dani are friends again, I’m sorry, if you tell me to go back to my country I’m cutting you off that’s on god

  44. SpooklordNito

    SpooklordNito9 dias atrás

    She’s a chubby 13 year old bro just look at her when she sits 🤢🤮

  45. L Soma

    L Soma10 dias atrás

    dudes nowadays gossip more than any girl lmao

  46. Cal calli

    Cal calli10 dias atrás

    Let’s be honest being racist is calling someone a racial slur . Telling someone go back to your country may not be nice but people should start knowing the difference between being racist and being mean. Something this country Is terrible at.

  47. 5SOS fam

    5SOS fam11 dias atrás

    Now I'm not feeling guilty for hating her

  48. Purple_ Moon

    Purple_ Moon11 dias atrás

    I like how they do this live and how they don’t do it privately.... LOL

  49. Brøken pxstel

    Brøken pxstel12 dias atrás

    Dani be like Clout 🏃🏻‍♀️ 💨 ( club chasing )

  50. Grete

    Grete13 dias atrás

    i think her apology was very genuine and her excuse was reasonable too, i can imagine getting heated up if my old friend would call me a bit** too :/ and the way she remade the black girls' tik toks.. they were her HATERS and when she treats them the way they treat her it's racism? uHAJO BYE yall just wanna cancel people so bad.. get a life 😌

  51. duck duck goose

    duck duck goose14 dias atrás

    hey guys idk if this is crazy but i found this thing called truthfinder where u can actually find info on people its creepy but crazy accurate

  52. Aury Concepcion

    Aury Concepcion15 dias atrás

    These lil kids need to go sit down somewhere

  53. shortyzツ

    shortyzツ15 dias atrás

    Diego in the background tho😂

  54. Savage jungkook

    Savage jungkook15 dias atrás

    am i the only one who has a crush on diego?

  55. Bowl of * Pasta

    Bowl of * Pasta15 dias atrás

    Danielle Cohn doesn't even deserve to have the MonEi and the fame she has

  56. LivingLifeAsLeyah

    LivingLifeAsLeyah16 dias atrás

    it dont matter if danielle told diego to go bck to his country because he called her out her name b4 she even said allat, so b4 anybody in this comment section try to come for this pretty young lady, need to grow up and mind they bussines, just cause yall not famous yall want some clout!

  57. `` dont mine me ``

    `` dont mine me ``16 dias atrás


  58. Taylor Seavey

    Taylor Seavey17 dias atrás

    Dani fans be like “why are y’all hating on this poor girl” so are we just gonna ignore all of this??

  59. Nala

    Nala17 dias atrás

    "Go back to your country" *Go trip over a knife*

  60. Daniela Hernandez

    Daniela Hernandez17 dias atrás

    Ikr when sedona kids tv posted a video about vidcon and met Danielle Cohn rolled her eyes when they were taking a pictute

  61. Djrjrj Djjrr

    Djrjrj Djjrr17 dias atrás

    She’s nor racist,when ur mad and in a fight and can’t think of anything to say you tend to say stuff based on their race...etc

  62. Anonymous x

    Anonymous x18 dias atrás

    Pause at 2:11 LMFAOOOO

  63. Roman_ Lover

    Roman_ Lover18 dias atrás

    I honestly am not on anyone's side, I really think that they were both in the wrong. The boys shouldn't have done a live about it and start things and Dani shouldn't have said that either. They all honestly are acting like children and it's funny to see them agrue over and over

  64. Zoe Anderson

    Zoe Anderson18 dias atrás

    Look at Mikey tuas eyeballs they went so big

  65. Koko M

    Koko M19 dias atrás

    I love how he’s sayin he’s over it but yet and still he can sit here and say all of this but your “over it” like that’s childish asf if y’all broke up y’all broke up get over that shit stop being petty not just on his side but on hers too

  66. Eulalia Mateo

    Eulalia Mateo19 dias atrás

    Bruh that tiktok video scared me 😂