1. Ballislife

    BallislifeMês atrás

    How many is Mikey going to score next game!?

  2. Blxckbaby Kash

    Blxckbaby KashDia atrás

    Ballislife he hit 66 change that

  3. Jared Zavala

    Jared Zavala23 dias atrás


  4. KonniVlogs

    KonniVlogs24 dias atrás


  5. Curly Fries

    Curly Fries14 horas atrás

    I wanna see how the coach was at the next practice😂😂

  6. Los Frijoles Rey

    Los Frijoles ReyDia atrás

    77 isn’t a record in Cali, Lamelo dropped 92 in a game

  7. Jettkapuwai8

    Jettkapuwai8Dia atrás

    Number 11 on the white team is annoying asf lmao. I don't even know him yet he's so annoying. He needs to stop getting in mikey's way when obviously he's gonna score on him. So much times he got close to injuring him which pisses me off all cause he wants clout

  8. Anonymus smith

    Anonymus smithDia atrás

    Mikey way better than bronny and they’re the sane age

  9. Anonymus smith

    Anonymus smithDia atrás

    That other black kid on his team was also really good.

  10. TθXIC

    TθXIC2 dias atrás

    All he does is dunks

  11. James Stock

    James Stock2 dias atrás


  12. Pulse -_-SuPrEME

    Pulse -_-SuPrEME2 dias atrás

    I mean he didn’t cherry pick like LaMelo

  13. G1B Newman

    G1B Newman3 dias atrás

    He didn’t even have comp , he to cocky 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ . Wait til he have Comp he gone have 16-18 points not no 77 .

  14. 90s NBA Bios

    90s NBA Bios3 dias atrás

    Mikey needs to stay Humble.....

  15. Sebass Portuguez

    Sebass Portuguez3 dias atrás

    what pack r they smoking to call mikey overrated

  16. Chaycie DH

    Chaycie DH3 dias atrás

    My boy Mikey was like check me check me.. boom bam bam bop ba da bop boom .... pou ohhhhh

  17. Abdul Salaam

    Abdul Salaam4 dias atrás

    Shorty a dog

  18. emilyy

    emilyy5 dias atrás

    imagine being the other team 💀💀

  19. Karlo Ivančić

    Karlo Ivančić5 dias atrás

    Whos here before 1mil views?

  20. FaDe Dagger

    FaDe Dagger6 dias atrás

    Who’s the 24 kid?

  21. TheDynamicTrio 0908

    TheDynamicTrio 09087 dias atrás

    What about melo with 92

  22. Klaw iOS

    Klaw iOS8 dias atrás

    California record is 92 melo

  23. Tin Nguyen

    Tin Nguyen8 dias atrás

    they playing against bums lol

  24. Kyree Willis

    Kyree Willis8 dias atrás

    He’s different!! 🐐

  25. sydniii

    sydniii9 dias atrás

    he obviously wasn’t passing the ball as much

  26. Skid

    Skid9 dias atrás

    Why does he roll his shorts up so high? Thats not how theyre meant to be worn. I dont wanna see ur package u fucking clown.

  27. A Duzzy

    A Duzzy9 dias atrás

    Mikey only been dropping mad points only because the teams they playin have no competition and suck lmfaooo oOkay

  28. javif 345

    javif 3459 dias atrás

    Maaaaan in us you play with 2.80m height, that's not real basketball

  29. Dorothy Hill

    Dorothy Hill10 dias atrás

    Melo scored '92


    IRONIC ON YOUTUBE10 dias atrás

    My team can’t even get 77 😂

  31. Tina Williams

    Tina Williams11 dias atrás

    He's getting better and better and is the one to watch out for

  32. Opinionated 1

    Opinionated 112 dias atrás

    Can someone please tell me what shoes Mikey is wearing

  33. Alejandro Guerrero Sánchez

    Alejandro Guerrero Sánchez12 dias atrás

    ere un xulo paiaso

  34. Kyle Denison

    Kyle Denison13 dias atrás

    I wanna see him play an actual fucking team lol these kids straigh outta the ymca

  35. Le hung vu

    Le hung vu13 dias atrás

    what is the he shoes

  36. Joe Piccoli

    Joe Piccoli15 dias atrás

    Dude may be in for a rude awakening in college

  37. Jonah Smith

    Jonah Smith15 dias atrás

    Number 23 was the only one trying offensively

  38. Sir GREENBeam

    Sir GREENBeam15 dias atrás

    Isn’t this kid a fucking freashmen

  39. Flames_2k20

    Flames_2k2015 dias atrás

    3:35 idk why but this dude reminded me of Louis Williams

  40. antonio lewis

    antonio lewis15 dias atrás

    as good as Mikey is on Offense, what are his stats on assist/steals/blocks ? This will give me the full picture of Mikey the basketball player not Mikey the basketball scorer ! I do like what I've seen so far ......

  41. Jesse McBuckets

    Jesse McBuckets15 dias atrás

    Mikeys team got so many points in transition

  42. Guilherme Cruz Santos

    Guilherme Cruz Santos16 dias atrás


  43. jsjsjsisslskdjdjsjsyayayahatsusieidkfkkcjcc

    jsjsjsisslskdjdjsjsyayayahatsusieidkfkkcjcc16 dias atrás

    How’d he break California record if lamelo had 92

  44. Wackywolf 44

    Wackywolf 4411 dias atrás

    jsjsjsisslskdjdjsjsyayayahatsusieidkfkkcjcc it was the most for JV... I think

  45. SGN Geronimo

    SGN Geronimo16 dias atrás

    D1 Prospect‼️

  46. Mystery Vortexxx

    Mystery Vortexxx16 dias atrás

    5:30 he got packed by the white boyyy lol🤣

  47. King Swag

    King Swag17 dias atrás

    He is the new Lamelo 🏀

  48. Austin Myers

    Austin Myers17 dias atrás

    5:30 "YOU GOT BLOCKED BY THE WHITE BOY". LMAO please tell me y'all herd that

  49. Mike Lliteras

    Mike Lliteras17 dias atrás

    What did the kids he defended score, 80? The kid is an offensive machine, I just hope all this publicity at such a young age doesn’t destroy him like it does so many kids. Nothing the media likes more than to cut the legs out from under successful people, kids especially. With as much attention as he gives the crowd, and all of his posing and other crap, he’s right for the picking.

  50. Liam Dahlgren

    Liam Dahlgren18 dias atrás

    Who’s number 24

  51. Smart K

    Smart K18 dias atrás

    99 overall

  52. Chauncey Haynes

    Chauncey Haynes18 dias atrás

    Did melo Have 92🤣

  53. Joseph Rufo

    Joseph Rufo18 dias atrás

    He's good but he's also gonna be 16yrs and a Freshman

  54. ahsan someone

    ahsan someone18 dias atrás

    How did this ongly get 10K likes I feel like it should get more

  55. hugh 999

    hugh 99918 dias atrás

    11:07 is that guy from tiktok

  56. Capz ._.

    Capz ._.18 dias atrás

    What high school does he go to

  57. A M V C U N T

    A M V C U N T18 dias atrás

    Bro wtf I just saw this man scoring 39 this man going crazy

  58. Tobias Sianturi

    Tobias Sianturi18 dias atrás

    dude was cherrypicking

  59. TheOneHandGo D

    TheOneHandGo D19 dias atrás

    What kicks ?

  60. Fai

    Fai19 dias atrás

    His ego is so cute... like when you fuck your first girl and you think that you're the man... hopefully he grows out of his ego and doesn't allow it to derail his destiny.

  61. xKjayy

    xKjayy19 dias atrás

    he look like youngboy 😂😂

  62. JWAC Gaming and Collectibles

    JWAC Gaming and Collectibles19 dias atrás


  63. Nelson Perez

    Nelson Perez19 dias atrás

    Yo i live there shout out to the tigers

  64. YouTube Speedz

    YouTube Speedz19 dias atrás

    The point guard dunking more then the center the center throwing the point guard allies my mind is going ↗️↘️➡️⬅️↙️⬆️↖️⬇️ Did you noticed the word I miss spelled?