Miley Cyrus - Slide Away (Audio)


  1. potato sack

    potato sack16 horas atrás

    Never even dated a soul and I feel the pain😭

  2. BlueGodest _

    BlueGodest _18 horas atrás

    🌊a vibe

  3. mefenamic gajero

    mefenamic gajeroDia atrás


  4. Igor Fernando

    Igor FernandoDia atrás

    Ai que paz... 😍

  5. M C

    M CDia atrás

    Imagine liking this song because it's good instead of caring about who is dating who.

  6. Frankie Aalfonzo

    Frankie Aalfonzo2 dias atrás


  7. German Shepherd

    German Shepherd2 dias atrás

    made a cover for this song. You can visit my channel, will really appreciate. TY. . Toodles!

  8. David fraser Scott

    David fraser Scott3 dias atrás

    then there's me fucin son?, walks backward on purpose?

  9. David fraser Scott

    David fraser Scott3 dias atrás

    'Press' an police popping there heads up, every now an again..just to say, "Hello?"

  10. David fraser Scott

    David fraser Scott3 dias atrás

    fucin luv you lot, we have the same problem here?..just a lot of rain to douse your enthusiasm...right from the start, cor blimey!

  11. Suze Bee

    Suze Bee3 dias atrás

    Miley gets so much negativity on social media but she is truly a sweet woman with a voice that Angels dream about 😍

  12. marco carota

    marco carota4 dias atrás

    I can realate to this song

  13. bb15r

    bb15r5 dias atrás

    slide away and lose you to love me.

  14. Sage Clemments

    Sage Clemments5 dias atrás

    Easily one of her best tracks 🔥🔥

  15. Nebula Pi

    Nebula Pi6 dias atrás

    We are grown now

  16. Anna

    Anna6 dias atrás


  17. Anna

    Anna6 dias atrás

    ohhh ohh love you

  18. Anna

    Anna6 dias atrás


  19. Anna

    Anna6 dias atrás

    milk 85 norwich

  20. David fraser Scott

    David fraser Scott7 dias atrás

    Accontants? Who are they?....xxxx

  21. David fraser Scott

    David fraser Scott7 dias atrás

    ...shag her way out of that one, easley done, an who cares?..well Miley of course.........shes young yet, got a long way to then It will click.................SHOULD OF INVESTED IN WALT DISNEY...if only she had the money , us lot spending it all the time, lol,lol...xxxx

  22. David fraser Scott

    David fraser Scott7 dias atrás

    obviously ' the girl has got a problem..whitch sum men are gonna 'sort out', ....a hundred pounds , down payment on a flat, Hollywood style...last a week a then what?

  23. David fraser Scott

    David fraser Scott7 dias atrás

    luv it

  24. David fraser Scott

    David fraser Scott7 dias atrás

    Me again, LOL,

  25. Jenni Broughton

    Jenni Broughton8 dias atrás

    I mean life

  26. Jenni Broughton

    Jenni Broughton8 dias atrás

    I must say I like how she's evolved in her music her life not so much go Miley live your best lufe

  27. Charles Cummins

    Charles Cummins9 dias atrás

    Pray for Miley. That she doesn't end up dead or sucking.

  28. CherryCupcake Boo

    CherryCupcake Boo9 dias atrás

    This song is really epic!! It is!

  29. KingofKings TravisSearles

    KingofKings TravisSearles10 dias atrás

    I heard you got $60k for the games you ALL are playing at my expense causing me to go homeless and Im disabled & only make $1,350 a month for the past 12 year's! I wonder how #BillGates children are doing?

  30. Taubaté Da creo

    Taubaté Da creo10 dias atrás


  31. Jasmine Goode

    Jasmine Goode11 dias atrás


  32. KingofKings TravisSearles

    KingofKings TravisSearles11 dias atrás

    When the pain outweighs the pleasure it's time to go! Bye!

  33. Lia Bastos

    Lia Bastos11 dias atrás

    wonderful song!

  34. Morgan Paviol

    Morgan Paviol11 dias atrás

    In a way i think we can relate to this song in some ways... I know i can when she says back to the ocean ill go back to the city lights... Think im ginna misd these harbor lights. Woke up one day and it just wasn't for us... Seriously

  35. Jeronimo Obregon

    Jeronimo Obregon12 dias atrás

    My favorite songs

  36. hatti keeling

    hatti keeling12 dias atrás


  37. Turki Alhusaini

    Turki Alhusaini13 dias atrás

    This isn’t about breakup. It’s about addiction.

  38. mr skull head

    mr skull head13 dias atrás

    Just to wild to be tame by a guy

  39. Christopher Edwards

    Christopher Edwards14 dias atrás

    I'm pissed they don't play this on the radio stations.

  40. Alexandra Hässle

    Alexandra Hässle3 dias atrás

    In Germany they do

  41. robert bailey

    robert bailey15 dias atrás

    just watch the satellites

  42. Jordan Bartholomew

    Jordan Bartholomew15 dias atrás

    That is a good song

  43. Colin Rittman

    Colin Rittman16 dias atrás

    No matter what anyone says, Miley's song, feelings, and relationship with Liam are valid and she's allowed to feel however she does

  44. Melanie Tenzo

    Melanie Tenzo12 dias atrás

    Totally agree with this 100%

  45. Sonic Smurf

    Sonic Smurf16 dias atrás

    What old song does the “won’t you slide away” sound like? It’s really bugging me. Like a 00s film soundtrack or something

  46. DJ W. Rettig

    DJ W. Rettig16 dias atrás

    Just a great song....glad to see growth.....

  47. Marina Sunshine

    Marina Sunshine17 dias atrás

    This song sounds really good 👌 It was refreshing to hear this after not listening to music for a long time

  48. Adwik Mishra

    Adwik Mishra17 dias atrás

    So won't you slide away

  49. Roberta Costa

    Roberta Costa18 dias atrás

    Amo essa música 🥰

  50. John K Lindgren

    John K Lindgren18 dias atrás

    *VAROITUS!!! Ihan tyhmä laulu! Bangkok-Jomppa*

  51. Lia Bastos

    Lia Bastos18 dias atrás

    Simply wonderful music!

  52. Andy Zaturno

    Andy Zaturno18 dias atrás


  53. Daniel Budik

    Daniel Budik17 dias atrás

    Lmfao 😭😭.

  54. Olivia Xiang Lin

    Olivia Xiang Lin18 dias atrás

    -50 times less than your BRreporter channel did

  55. Hannie Blazed

    Hannie Blazed19 dias atrás

    watch my vocal,piano cover. love this song ^_^

  56. Max4Million

    Max4Million19 dias atrás

    *FishMoley Clap*

  57. Linda F.

    Linda F.19 dias atrás

    Why does the tune sound similar to Kacey Musgrave’s “Slow Burn”????

  58. J.D problems

    J.D problems19 dias atrás

    This song at night is everything 🥰

  59. Ishani Mishra

    Ishani Mishra21 dia atrás

    Not a huge miley follower, haven't heard Hannah Montana or seen the show but I think her songs and voice is amazing. Specially Malibu and now slid away, I think her writing is mature and voice complements it. Can't get these lyrics out of my head. ❤️

  60. agora é hora

    agora é hora21 dia atrás

    Who else hates the fact that they broke up

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    جامد البريقي21 dia atrás

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  62. ashleigh montiel

    ashleigh montiel22 dias atrás

    Selena gomez : heartbroken with just Miley Cyrus: heartbroken way with Liam Those two artist are in my top ten artists

  63. ashleigh montiel

    ashleigh montiel20 dias atrás

    Haha when I said just I meant justin

  64. Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardy22 dias atrás


  65. Erika Outdoors

    Erika Outdoors23 dias atrás

    Built a fire in the woods. Somehow going back to the ocean from here.