Miley Cyrus - Slide Away (Audio)


  1. بنان المغربي

    بنان المغربي11 horas atrás

    جيت من عند روزي ❤️


    NMPROD GROUP CG13 horas atrás


  3. Cledisoon Silva

    Cledisoon Silva13 horas atrás

    Hino de musica 😍😍

  4. Tierra Teske

    Tierra Teske13 horas atrás

    its so peaceful

  5. Tierra Teske

    Tierra Teske13 horas atrás

    I fucking love her oh my goodness

  6. Mireya Josalina

    Mireya Josalina14 horas atrás

    BEST song from her by far😍😍😍😍😍😍

  7. lilly theemo

    lilly theemo15 horas atrás

    sorry to break it to you but this isn't a Blackpink video just because Rose likes it so please stop commenting about how Rose loves the song and you love Blackpink and her. It's fucking annoying when Kpop fans comment about their group or idol when the video isn't about them or mentions them,its one of the reasons why people hate Kpop stans

  8. Cheyenne Pailthorpe

    Cheyenne Pailthorpe16 horas atrás

    Makes me sad :(

  9. Daijah Young-Beals

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  10. Olin Meireles

    Olin Meireles20 horas atrás

    Love you Love Love

  11. Anne H

    Anne H21 hora atrás

    who the fuck is rose

  12. S Alvarez

    S Alvarez21 hora atrás

    I heard this song before rose recommend it but now I came back bc rose liked it so anyone like me?😂☝️but let’s be honest Miley owns this types of ballads(slide away, Malibu...) really good song

  13. Irena Orkić

    Irena Orkić22 horas atrás

    we don't care that you came because of Rosè..just listen to the song broo.....

  14. inas inas

    inas inas23 horas atrás


  15. ndclark

    ndclarkDia atrás

    Damn Girl! You are becoming an even better singer than a few years ago. Love this!

  16. Link Mps

    Link MpsDia atrás

    ตามมาจาก IG Story ของ Rose' BLACKPINK❤️🖤

  17. Dellisa John

    Dellisa JohnDia atrás

    Yall blinks are fuckin annoying

  18. Guess

    GuessDia atrás

    Oh so you guys mean rosé in titanic?

  19. Kpop shippers

    Kpop shippersDia atrás

    *Rosé from blackpink came me here* 💋

  20. Earth Earth

    Earth EarthDia atrás

    เห็นโรเซ่ blackpink ฟัง เลยลองมาฟังดู อิอิ

  21. Kangdi Fernandes

    Kangdi FernandesDia atrás

    Idk wt rose heard in this song. But I'm listen coz rose did❤😍

  22. Rosie Park

    Rosie ParkDia atrás

    Omg we are all here because of Rosie😂❤

  23. MODz Onkumuang

    MODz OnkumuangDia atrás

    แค่ได้ฟังเพลงเดียวกันก็มีความสุขแล้วอ่ะ❤ From..igstory rosie for goodnight

  24. Bec Couter

    Bec CouterDia atrás

    Oh my goodness, I flipping love this song, it's been on repeat in my head and oh all my devices really 😍

  25. maryrosevalenzuela barcoma

    maryrosevalenzuela barcomaDia atrás

    I listened to this song because of Rose' of BlackPink


    ABIR BLIИKDia atrás

    Im coming from rosé's insta story😉😊😊

  27. nguyễn Khôi

    nguyễn KhôiDia atrás Please stream the mv

  28. ROSEXO

    ROSEXODia atrás

    Form rosè Instagram 🔮💖

  29. Narupon Rsk

    Narupon RskDia atrás

    ใครมาจาก story Rosé 🙋

  30. lovely rotae

    lovely rotaeDia atrás

    #كلنا من روزي 😭

  31. G 6

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  32. Tara Saour

    Tara SaourDia atrás

    Everyone talking about how they're here from Rosé's Instagram story and I'm here like dang I been knew about this song.

  33. lilly theemo

    lilly theemo15 horas atrás

    lol right? but it's fucking annoying when people just listen to to a song because their fav idol or Kpop group likes it(that goes for any fandom or even when people say they came from nightcore)

  34. Duy BP

    Duy BPDia atrás

    Rosé story 😍

  35. rohanna

    rohannaDia atrás

    rosé said stream this

  36. Lê Tùng

    Lê TùngDia atrás

    From Blackpink Rosé with love ❤❤❤❤

  37. Maddie Maddie

    Maddie MaddieDia atrás

    blackpink roses_are_rosie

  38. Leidi Xymon

    Leidi XymonDia atrás

    Rosie just listened to this song and miley just followed her!!❤️❤️😩

  39. Clarisse De Leon

    Clarisse De LeonDia atrás

    Pinakinggan ko lang dahil kay rosè hahahahaha ❤

  40. Sonia Ahuja

    Sonia AhujaDia atrás

    Rosé brought me here💖

  41. Lien Perfume

    Lien PerfumeDia atrás

    I don't knw why this song even talk abt "breaking up" but still brings "positive vibes" . I don't feel desperate hopeless or grievous. When I listen this song I have positive energy thinking of my recent broken relationship. How many ppl out there agree with me?

  42. Paris Cantrell

    Paris CantrellDia atrás

    Why are you doing this country is better

  43. jennie_ mandu

    jennie_ manduDia atrás

    Rose bought me here

  44. Jhud Dacera

    Jhud DaceraDia atrás

    I came here because of my love ROSE..

  45. Michael Hawila

    Michael HawilaDia atrás

    I Came Here because IG Story Rose😍😍😍😍 :v

  46. Kxrrin

    KxrrinDia atrás

    Y'all gotta stop letting these kpop people influence you so much lol

  47. Yitza MR

    Yitza MRDia atrás

    I’m here because of ROSÉ, however I love it!

  48. Septian Robin

    Septian RobinDia atrás

    Kesini gara gara sg nya si chaeyoung wkwk

  49. Cam

    CamDia atrás

    Thx Rosé for introducing me to this woahhhh

  50. rowan

    rowanDia atrás

    Rosé minaj, the ace of kpop, the most talented girl, literally god, sent me here to stream... stan miley.... stan rosé 😌

  51. Kaarina Biblelee

    Kaarina BibleleeDia atrás

    Rosè ❤️

  52. Ke MA

    Ke MADia atrás

    Miley Cyrus x Rosé. When’s the single dropping?

  53. ot4 Bp

    ot4 BpDia atrás

    thanks Rosie I really like this song

  54. Ulfi Widiana

    Ulfi WidianaDia atrás

    Iam here because instastory rose blackpink 💞

  55. Sam

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  56. Jennifer Jung

    Jennifer JungDia atrás

    Play this is in 1.25 speed

  57. Melisa krs

    Melisa krsDia atrás

    Rose insta story???

  58. keemi kim

    keemi kimDia atrás

    Glad Rosé recommended me this! love it!!

  59. Shafikah Muhammad

    Shafikah MuhammadDia atrás

    I came coz Rosie unnie 💙

  60. Rose _

    Rose _Dia atrás

    I came here after rose update and this song it's amazing 😍😍

  61. Gracielly Costa

    Gracielly CostaDia atrás

    Vim pela rosé do blackpink