Milky Chance - The Game (Official Video)


  1. Eiscreme

    EiscremeDia atrás

    They are germans

  2. anthony ?

    anthony ?3 dias atrás

    Worst part 12:44

  3. Razziamaus Nanki Flechsig nancy

    Razziamaus Nanki Flechsig nancy6 dias atrás

    My life too ! Thanks for this words !!!

  4. Daniela Wobbermin

    Daniela Wobbermin6 dias atrás

    The Song feels like summer love it

  5. Heiko Johannes

    Heiko Johannes9 dias atrás


  6. Jimmy.

    Jimmy.10 dias atrás

    I was looking for the name of the song now I've found it

  7. Rust Dust

    Rust Dust10 dias atrás

    Alter wie geil 😜

  8. Nik 7

    Nik 711 dias atrás


  9. Oskar Mattheis

    Oskar Mattheis12 dias atrás

    Wieso sehen Bowlingkugeln so geil aus

  10. Fabian Schau

    Fabian Schau12 dias atrás

    Hella fresh

  11. Lord of the Chicken-Wings

    Lord of the Chicken-Wings14 dias atrás

    First in the comments

  12. EnergyBerlin1

    EnergyBerlin114 dias atrás

    One of the best Songs 2019!

  13. nick varwel

    nick varwel11 dias atrás

    You mean 2020 ?

  14. Camron Caruso

    Camron Caruso17 dias atrás

    This shits smoother than butter on bread

  15. rdz Rodríguez

    rdz Rodríguez20 dias atrás


  16. Agnieszka Chemperek

    Agnieszka Chemperek20 dias atrás


  17. Ghizi Dodi

    Ghizi Dodi20 dias atrás

    Very beautiful song I love ittttt

  18. Phil Smith

    Phil Smith21 dia atrás

    If you know the German word "Ohrwurm", I have it so much from this song at the moment - it is very catchy and I can't get it out of my head.

  19. Vloor ツ

    Vloor ツ22 dias atrás

    f*ck i lose the game

  20. Martin Arce Rodrigo

    Martin Arce Rodrigo22 dias atrás

    the name of the car?

  21. Martin Arce Rodrigo

    Martin Arce Rodrigo6 dias atrás

    @Charly RF or as a chevrolet chevelle ss

  22. Charly RF

    Charly RF8 dias atrás

    It looks like an Impala, it's a muscle car

  23. Alex Cianci

    Alex Cianci22 dias atrás

    Please watch this Milky Chance cover here!

  24. Lucas Nichols

    Lucas Nichols23 dias atrás

    Is "The game" Bowling?

  25. crittqod ϟ

    crittqod ϟ23 dias atrás

    50 k likes really? that deserves more

  26. Natalja Tiedemann

    Natalja Tiedemann23 dias atrás

    Einfach geil

  27. cat well

    cat well24 dias atrás

    it’s a great song but i genuinely have no idea what any of the words are

  28. Kaja Bodziochowa

    Kaja Bodziochowa24 dias atrás


  29. Jeronimo

    Jeronimo24 dias atrás

    Who also understand what a man

  30. Trickygamez

    Trickygamez25 dias atrás

    Milky, you won the game

  31. R. D.

    R. D.26 dias atrás

    Milky Chance knows how to make some songs that get stuck in your head, but you don’t really mind it.

  32. JusticeForAnyone

    JusticeForAnyone27 dias atrás

    Nice song :D

  33. Tati Dominguez

    Tati Dominguez27 dias atrás


  34. Micha Waltrr

    Micha Waltrr28 dias atrás

    Of the cain

  35. tim schottstedt

    tim schottstedt28 dias atrás


  36. JT James

    JT James29 dias atrás

    These guys just get it. Super dope. Haven't heard anything from them I didn't like

  37. Danny Cater

    Danny Cater29 dias atrás

    my dad got mad at me cause I play this song two times a week :3

  38. Madison Flowers

    Madison Flowers29 dias atrás

    You can hear him pouring his heart in the lyrics placing it all together delicately like a puzzle. While this random bs now be slapping random words together and the artist not be knowing what it’s supposed to mean. Why won’t you blow up 😔😔😔

  39. Pepe Silvia

    Pepe SilviaMês atrás

    This video reminds me of this old kids' PC game called Star Flyers. There's this level where you go to a bowling planet, and it has the same vibes as this MV

  40. mjTHbunny

    mjTHbunnyMês atrás

    I can't stop listening to this song! 💓

  41. Lusat02

    Lusat02Mês atrás

    Ich hörs schon den ganzen abend. Jetzt ist es 03:03 Uhr und es fühlt sich einfach nur geil an.

  42. mjTHbunny

    mjTHbunnyMês atrás

    2:37 Best part of the video! :D haha like a boss! :D

  43. philip37978

    philip37978Mês atrás

    which car is it ? *.*

  44. Papa G

    Papa GMês atrás

    Only 2.7 mil views in 3 months? Underrated

  45. Aryer Toro

    Aryer ToroMês atrás

    Ok, i just lose “the game” for this song... but i love it

  46. Rftx Antzz

    Rftx AntzzMês atrás

    And I oop

  47. Elena Are

    Elena AreMês atrás

    I fucking love this song

  48. Yuri yxh

    Yuri yxhMês atrás


  49. 513Westside

    513WestsideMês atrás

    Geiler Vibe

  50. Ove Kaiser

    Ove KaiserMês atrás

    Best song ever

  51. GonnaEatUr Chocolate

    GonnaEatUr ChocolateMês atrás

    Great song, but what the fuck is going on

  52. mjTHbunny

    mjTHbunnyMês atrás

    This song here and "Stolen Dance" are definitely your best songs! Please make more songs like these two!

  53. Issuesnroses

    IssuesnrosesMês atrás

    Davudddd te amooo

  54. Issuesnroses

    IssuesnrosesMês atrás

    Indian Microsoft Worker she don’t dance no more is better

  55. Indian Microsoft Worker

    Indian Microsoft WorkerMês atrás

    Issuesnroses hello 🤣

  56. Laurin Edel

    Laurin EdelMês atrás

    So cool

  57. Pimmelboy

    PimmelboyMês atrás

    RIP to all people who can not find this song 😔

  58. kdoesthings

    kdoesthingsMês atrás


  59. collinhercules 78

    collinhercules 78Mês atrás

    Geiles lied

  60. Vagabond ☯️

    Vagabond ☯️Mês atrás

    This is so awesome! Killer song, with a profound meaning... We all want to know the rules of the game...

  61. NosTaleBierdeckel

    NosTaleBierdeckelMês atrás

    Einfach gut 🤤

  62. Kniegelenk

    KniegelenkMês atrás

    NosTaleBierdeckel Gehst du auch auf ein Konzert der anstehenden Tour ?

  63. mjTHbunny

    mjTHbunnyMês atrás

    Awesome song but the video could be better! That black haired guy is hot! I love his fashion style and his voice here!

  64. yannick piron

    yannick pironMês atrás

    the video is fucking amazing

  65. X-Trackder

    X-TrackderMês atrás

    Guyyys I NEED A REMIX OF THIS!!!!!! PLS HELP!!

  66. Май Кемрик

    Май КемрикMês atrás

    Круто )

  67. Pommestonne LP

    Pommestonne LPMês atrás

    Ever wondered why the Refrain Sounds like pina colada?

  68. Anarkist_PROD

    Anarkist_PRODMês atrás

    Milky Chance is one those groups that you only know exist cuz your stoner uncle listens to em and they can't be bad