minecraft but its not minecraft its mortal kombat 11 and its demonetized already (NEW Nightwolf)


  1. jokerj jokerj

    jokerj jokerj17 horas atrás

    Delirious said this is called getting your ass stomped

  2. Ryan Kreissler

    Ryan Kreissler6 dias atrás

    The green blood looks dope as fuck.

  3. Potato Luna

    Potato Luna8 dias atrás

    Damn. I see Toonz is taking some notes from Kryoz with that title

  4. Sir Cappuccino Cat :3

    Sir Cappuccino Cat :37 dias atrás

    Thank you for saying that

  5. Mick Short

    Mick Short10 dias atrás

    More like a Kodiak brown bear

  6. 0MemeMan0

    0MemeMan013 dias atrás

    I thought that was Buccirati in the thumbnail

  7. Grant Martin

    Grant Martin13 dias atrás

    Cartoons they are going to put new dlc characters in mortal kombat 11

  8. AG Undone

    AG Undone20 dias atrás

    Nobody: Literally no one: Nightwolf: *pets bear*

  9. Little Eli Guy

    Little Eli Guy24 dias atrás

    This wasn’t demonetized yet.

  10. lillian liss

    lillian liss24 dias atrás

    i like how he made the title minecraft but its not and still put it in the minecraft playlist

  11. IDK Vids

    IDK Vids25 dias atrás

    He attacc he protecc but most importantly he break delirious’ bacc

  12. Mexican Chang

    Mexican Chang25 dias atrás

    1:41 GAAAAYYYY

  13. Lindsay Truscott

    Lindsay Truscott26 dias atrás

    So why does fatality videos not get demonized but normal gameplay does?

  14. LJ Fitelson

    LJ Fitelson27 dias atrás

    The thumbnail: "Megalovania Intensifies"

  15. The Austin

    The Austin27 dias atrás

    Don't forget that you accidentally fought a CPU

  16. ultimate ninja

    ultimate ninja27 dias atrás

    Wait until Terminator and Joker Delirious will make a good Joker when he is released

  17. Elinson herasme

    Elinson herasme27 dias atrás

    After nightwolf is Terminator T-800

  18. fsanchez8080

    fsanchez808028 dias atrás

    "I cleaned out both your ears" lmao 😂😂

  19. Jackson Detweiler

    Jackson Detweiler28 dias atrás

    I don’t get the joke

  20. Karnage X

    Karnage X28 dias atrás

    Noice title dude 😂

  21. Forever Alone

    Forever Alone29 dias atrás

    Nightoonz:omea mo moy shinderu Baralerious: NANI?! Nightoonz:*smites him with lightning*

  22. God

    God29 dias atrás

    From the thumbnail I can tell.. Someone's gonna have a bad time

  23. Ritsukou Neptune リツコウネプチュン

    Ritsukou Neptune リツコウネプチュン29 dias atrás

    TheTerroriseris confirmed for the Kombat Pack

  24. xDjxGaming

    xDjxGamingMês atrás

    That move where he puffs his chest out is used when someone shoots a projectile at you and you can deflect it

  25. edible knivess

    edible knivessMês atrás


  26. Michael Barranco

    Michael BarrancoMês atrás

    If you buy the new pack you get spawn and terminator

  27. WoodsCam02 _YT

    WoodsCam02 _YTMês atrás

    4:50 when you get tomahawked by TKO in BO4 :P

  28. Robert Hernandez

    Robert HernandezMês atrás

    I don't get why they need to change the blood color from red to Green it's still blood you still seeing the gore like I don't get freaking BRreporter with this whole demonetizing crap

  29. Dre gamer21

    Dre gamer21Mês atrás

    Click the like to suck my winner

  30. BaddestPuppet69 X

    BaddestPuppet69 XMês atrás

    Show should play with the new joker character

  31. Json Richards

    Json RichardsMês atrás

    Lol cartoonz said my home town 😂🙏

  32. jaylin sanchez

    jaylin sanchezMês atrás

    You gotta do a spawn and Terminator video for mortal Kombat

  33. EliteCactus13 8

    EliteCactus13 8Mês atrás

    In the description it actually says your playing minecraft lol

  34. Maxence Morel

    Maxence MorelMês atrás

    You guys need to make your own movesets, the ranked movesets suck

  35. Armando Gutierrez

    Armando GutierrezMês atrás

    1v1 me BRO!!!

  36. Shadow mode

    Shadow modeMês atrás

    Thought the thumbnail was sans

  37. Rooster.retsooR _

    Rooster.retsooR _Mês atrás

    Clickbait but its not clickbait its a good video that youtube shouldn't demonitize

  38. ChanceTheSwordsman

    ChanceTheSwordsmanMês atrás

    British mate

  39. JC 0

    JC 0Mês atrás

    when the blood is green so you have content

  40. shadow stalker69

    shadow stalker69Mês atrás


  41. SSkull - Mobile Legends

    SSkull - Mobile LegendsMês atrás

    Yo your thumbnail looks like a mk 11 character

  42. GrandjaxxflaminG

    GrandjaxxflaminGMês atrás

    Did anyone else see that the night wolf was still on the screen even though they were on the loading screen

  43. Aditya Rana

    Aditya RanaMês atrás

    I'm more hyped for spawn and Arnold

  44. FrozenReaper915

    FrozenReaper915Mês atrás

    Aditya Rana he’s not gonna be in until 2020 tho really annoying I bought the pack for him and Shang 😂

  45. Alex dktjalex

    Alex dktjalexMês atrás

    Terminator Coming Soon to MK11 :P

  46. Eddy Rajan

    Eddy RajanMês atrás

    YOOOOO Terroriser was just confirmed

  47. Kratoscallofduty

    KratoscallofdutyMês atrás

    They're really bad at this game...but also really funny.

  48. King Leviathan

    King LeviathanMês atrás

    Guys joker and terminator are in mk 11!!

  49. King Leviathan

    King LeviathanMês atrás

    Oh cool

  50. FrozenReaper915

    FrozenReaper915Mês atrás

    King Leviathan yep not until a few months and so is spawn but he won’t be in until 2020

  51. Nicholas Ortega

    Nicholas OrtegaMês atrás

    Why is BRreporter demonetizing videos like how the hell you gonna tell me that I cant swear 😂 or play a game I'm ashamed of being a part of this generation 😂😂🤣🤣

  52. Zayuh

    ZayuhMês atrás

    That title is amazing.

  53. Inflameddrip 180

    Inflameddrip 180Mês atrás

    Yes more please I crave more

  54. Saint

    SaintMês atrás

    the new reptile setting

  55. Christopher Townsend

    Christopher TownsendMês atrás

    I really like Nightwolf's outro, Netherrealm really outdone themselves on that.

  56. Jaycee Deza

    Jaycee DezaMês atrás

    Hi h2o

  57. Trø ZøÑę

    Trø ZøÑęMês atrás

    That title though

  58. Lil Fella

    Lil FellaMês atrás

    You should make a variation with the Lighting Arrow and Ancestral Light it makes nightwolf even better

  59. Darrin Yoder

    Darrin YoderMês atrás

    And on the next episode of what happens when we stick things in cartoonz asshole we try inserting a 1000 degree knife. Spoiler alert it makes it a 2000 degree knife

  60. alan westmoreland

    alan westmorelandMês atrás

    Nightwolf, the only person who has three stands.

  61. Jason Welch

    Jason WelchMês atrás

    cartoonz: im a ninja nightwolf: am i a joke to you?

  62. Tomka Šobáň

    Tomka ŠobáňMês atrás

    Finally something i can watch by Cartoonz yeeees !!

  63. Sebastien Alvarez

    Sebastien AlvarezMês atrás

    Is it just me or does the thumbnail looks like matt ox

  64. Eknut .X

    Eknut .XMês atrás

    WFT with the moon? There is shadow all around it...