Mobster Bugsy Siegel - Q+A


  1. Scott Blackshaw

    Scott Blackshaw5 dias atrás

    Anyone else think Andrew is a bit like Joel Mchale?

  2. 12 dias atrás

    There was such a wierd vibe without The Shaniac

  3. Mark M

    Mark M14 dias atrás

    Two important things: 1: ABSOLUTELY UNSOLVED WORTH IT CROSSOVER 2: plz bring back ruining history I miss y’all

  4. Hannah Free

    Hannah Free14 dias atrás

    For the post mortem: cats also make me sneeze Ryan! Me and my family used to stay at a farm about an hour or so drive from us every year and the owner had a tonne of cats. They were great at keeping vermin at bay and the kittens were cute as long as I took an allergy tablet! #shaniac #boogara

  5. darkbreaker4

    darkbreaker416 dias atrás

    LOL I just noticed the dude in the background messing with his phone.

  6. Nix

    Nix17 dias atrás

    Unsolved and Worth It crossover is a YES!!!

  7. Mr AlligatorMouthMan

    Mr AlligatorMouthMan18 dias atrás

    Why did Adam just randomly appear at 7:04?

  8. Samantha Parrish

    Samantha Parrish19 dias atrás


  9. Helen Myers

    Helen Myers19 dias atrás


  10. Luciano

    Luciano20 dias atrás

    Andrew is Gordon Northcott

  11. The Poogly

    The Poogly20 dias atrás

    Goddamnit there's a marked difference between the M1 carbine and M1 Garand one is chambered in .30 pistol cartridges and the other is chambered in .30-06 rifle.

  12. Robert Richardson

    Robert Richardson21 dia atrás

    Never mind i love Andrew

  13. Robert Richardson

    Robert Richardson21 dia atrás

    Andrew is an off brand Shane

  14. Wang Cat

    Wang Cat21 dia atrás

    2 hot men on screen. woof

  15. Jayashree Anuradha Rath

    Jayashree Anuradha Rath21 dia atrás

    so nobody is gonna talk about ryan's shirt? "D.B COOPER'S SPRING BREAK 2018"

  16. Elijah Nope

    Elijah Nope21 dia atrás

    "shane's stuck in chicago" hahahahaha all hail the watcher!!

  17. Elijah Nope

    Elijah Nope21 dia atrás

    7:01 uh?? hi??

  18. Kiara Lewis

    Kiara Lewis22 dias atrás

    Andrew looks so confused and like he doesn’t wanna be here lmfao 😂

  19. Malou

    Malou22 dias atrás

    Andrew's voice sounds like it belongs to a murderer from American Horror Story

  20. Karin Moya

    Karin Moya22 dias atrás

    Yes!!, yes!!! Worth it unsolved murder pleaseeeeee

  21. Ainsley King

    Ainsley King23 dias atrás


  22. Ibi Sonri

    Ibi Sonri23 dias atrás

    They should have called this The Mobster Bugsy Sequel

  23. Grace Josef

    Grace Josef23 dias atrás

    Ryan and Andrew together?! boy this just made my day ! UNSOLVED, WORTH IT CROSSOVER, MAKE . IT . HAPPEN !!!

  24. Misha Rogerson

    Misha Rogerson24 dias atrás

    My family had 4 cats at one time 😭. It's because me and my mum had two, and when my mum's boyfriend moved in he brought his two with him as well. It's not always a hoarding issue! 😂

  25. Katie Thomazin

    Katie Thomazin24 dias atrás

    I have 4 cats......

  26. Sophia

    Sophia24 dias atrás

    Shane probably recorded that message with a mob gun to his head

  27. Nikki M

    Nikki M24 dias atrás

    Too many cats is when someone cannot take them properly!!! I owned 5 cats at once and no one who came to my house knew I owned them until they came out of hiding! No one outside my house knew as all our clothes were pet hair free! Having multiple cats (and pets in general) is a lot of hard work! And you can walk into some peoples homes who have only one pet, cat or dog, bird or mouse, and it reeks like pet feces/urine and their home is destroyed! So for the how many are too many, it depends on how hard you are will to work to care for the animals! XOXO

  28. Machi Giceb

    Machi Giceb25 dias atrás

    I really love the fact that Andrew is a cat person ♥🐈

  29. Matt James

    Matt James25 dias atrás

    I was trying to figure out why Ryan looked so weird... it's bc he's not sitting next to a Bigfoot lol

  30. Whatifreasons 3134

    Whatifreasons 313425 dias atrás

    I don't mean to imply anything but ryan and shane make a video about the mob and suddenly shane is mysteriously trapped in Chicago

  31. Jasper O

    Jasper O25 dias atrás

    “Weird kind of codependency” polyamory, ya dingus.

  32. Elise Duda

    Elise Duda25 dias atrás

    "I can't get scared." I got some hours worth of footage that would beg to differ Ryan.

  33. SwearI'mNotCrazy 101

    SwearI'mNotCrazy 10125 dias atrás

    Shane looks better

  34. Oof Its Clarence

    Oof Its Clarence25 dias atrás

    SiLenT J sounds like a creepy pasta

  35. Oof Its Clarence

    Oof Its Clarence25 dias atrás

    All hail the mother truckin watcher

  36. Alejandra Pulido

    Alejandra Pulido25 dias atrás

    MORE THAN 2 CATS IT’S A PROBLEEEM? I feel offended, I have 4 cats

  37. Damian Perkins

    Damian Perkins25 dias atrás

    i can confirm there was a blizzard

  38. BillyBobJones ElvisMaPelvis

    BillyBobJones ElvisMaPelvis26 dias atrás


  39. Bridget Gogliettino

    Bridget Gogliettino26 dias atrás

    Omg Ryan I loooove the shirt

  40. Tori Carl

    Tori Carl26 dias atrás

    wow i love andrew so much

  41. LadyAJ

    LadyAJ26 dias atrás

    Andrew I love you and your love of cats

  42. Twixcrush

    Twixcrush26 dias atrás

    "Silent J" is such a good nickname omg

  43. Mia Gadsby

    Mia Gadsby27 dias atrás

    That ending was a bigger cliff hanger than infinity war wow

  44. Deeba Momeni

    Deeba Momeni27 dias atrás

    What happened to season 4 of The Hot Doga Shane? I miss it :C

  45. superCappy27

    superCappy2727 dias atrás

    How many cats are too many cats? There’s no such number... #blessedbeAnnaAkana But also I appreciate knowing that Andrew is a fellow allergy-ridden cat owner. I like him even more now.

  46. Layla Jamal

    Layla Jamal27 dias atrás

    Wait was the guy behind always there???????

  47. Julie H

    Julie H27 dias atrás

    Ryan: I can’t get scared All of us: we have video evidence otherwise.

  48. Deadly Ponys

    Deadly Ponys22 dias atrás

    Yeah like every viewer did a collective *"Bullsh-t"*

  49. hannah rose

    hannah rose27 dias atrás

    andrew looks like my cousin ben.

  50. Oof Its Clarence

    Oof Its Clarence25 dias atrás

    Hannah Rose JARED AND JENSEN ❤️😭😭

  51. Stressed Simone

    Stressed Simone28 dias atrás

    2:20 I breed cats... I have no idea how many cats I have... send help...

  52. the Roman

    the Roman28 dias atrás

    "just to let you know I can't get scared "clip to all the time's Ryan got scared or almost broke into tears in the Sally house 🤭🤭🤭

  53. shay bul1er

    shay bul1er28 dias atrás

    rip shane

  54. Beast Like Nemesis

    Beast Like Nemesis28 dias atrás

    When will we see brent again?

  55. Fangirliest

    Fangirliest28 dias atrás

    lol my friend ky and her family have twelve cats and generally around 3-5 fosters at all times

  56. bribee mo

    bribee mo28 dias atrás

    I enjoyed Andrew's dry sense of humor and the weird crazy answers he came up with. Wow. I thought I would never enjoy watching an episode without Shane... Hats off to you Mr. Silent J

  57. Maddi AverageCanadian

    Maddi AverageCanadian28 dias atrás

    “D.B. Cooper’s spring break 2018” lol nice shirt Ryan!

  58. Caleigh Nicole

    Caleigh Nicole28 dias atrás


  59. Arya Blueshade

    Arya Blueshade28 dias atrás

    I have 4 apartment cats and i’m feeling CALLED OUT 😭

  60. Seaweedgirl1

    Seaweedgirl128 dias atrás

    there aren't enough people discussing the uncomfortable pause after we learned that ryan is turned on by danger

  61. Danielle Hickey

    Danielle Hickey28 dias atrás

    We have 3 cats, 2 boys and 1 girl. 2 bedroom flat and they get to go out. My daughter wants another cat hehehehe.

  62. wuraola olagunju

    wuraola olagunju28 dias atrás

    Loving Ryan's D.B Cooper t shirt!😂😂

  63. Connor

    Connor28 dias atrás

    Shane gets stuck in Chicago due to “weather” *The Watcher* #AllHailTheWatcher

  64. Connor

    Connor28 dias atrás

    7:01 a wild Adam appears 8:22 a wild Adam disappears

  65. Connor

    Connor28 dias atrás

    Andrew is so adorable like my heart can’t.

  66. RoyandJeff Dreamteam

    RoyandJeff Dreamteam28 dias atrás

    Where can i get Ryan's shirt?

  67. K W

    K W28 dias atrás

    Bob and Silent Jay

  68. Ashley Nicole

    Ashley Nicole29 dias atrás

    I have 5 cats three dogs two guinea pigs and a bunny. Plus I live by two cow pastures on a golf course.

  69. Maria Mendez

    Maria Mendez29 dias atrás

    Why is no one talking about the dude that randomly pops up in the background in the middle of this episode?! It creeped me out for a minute but now I'm just confused. 🙄😂

  70. Di Vepets

    Di Vepets29 dias atrás

    Madej is not a silent j. This is coming from a linguistic point of view. The "j" character makes a "y" sound in English. Madej is pronounced correctly and is not silent (keep in mind I don't know if the whole name is pronounced correctly, I'm not sure about the a but it is correct in terms of the ending -dej). Or else it wouldn't have been "ma day" but "mad eh". I won't get into detail and use linguistic vocabulary or correct IPA pronunciations, but just know that "j" is actually pronounced like a "y" in linguistics IPA. And if you were wondering, y is actually pronounced as something similar as a i or "ee" but it makes a u. Languages that have that sound usually write it as "ü". German has it, Turkish, Gilaki, and more. By the way, best ending. Let's do a Worth it: Unsolved.

  71. Isabella M-B

    Isabella M-B29 dias atrás

    Ryan: Just know that I can’t get scared. *Flashback to Ryan screaming footage from damn near all of the supernatural unsolved*

  72. Lily Rehn

    Lily Rehn29 dias atrás

    This is like an alternate universe where Andrew does Buzzfeed Unsolved with Ryan and Shane does Worth It with Steven.

  73. viv

    viv29 dias atrás

    Big daddy Ryan

  74. Melissa Leigh

    Melissa Leigh29 dias atrás

    What the heck is with the random guy on his phone?

  75. dk dk

    dk dk29 dias atrás

    I have 4 adult cats and 9 kittens.... the world is fine until they didn't want to poo on the sand ☠

  76. MsCourtney Super

    MsCourtney Super29 dias atrás

    MYSTERY: Who is the guy in the back? Why is he there suddenly and why did he disappear after the mystery question is over?

  77. Hannah Scaglione

    Hannah ScaglioneMês atrás

    Did Andrew and Ryan ever work out that beef that got Andrew killed in the sims? I'm sensing some residual tension.

  78. Ronnie Clark

    Ronnie ClarkMês atrás

    7:01 we are going to ignore the dude In the middle?

  79. Rachel Allen

    Rachel AllenMês atrás

    You guys haven’t rotated the horse head in the background in a while

  80. Grumpy's Kid

    Grumpy's KidMês atrás

    Ryan that shirt looks really good on you!

  81. Misty W

    Misty WMês atrás

    Who's the guy texting in the background??? XD

  82. Elizabeth Klevorn

    Elizabeth KlevornMês atrás

    7:02 Adam has entered the chat

  83. The Last Pikachu

    The Last PikachuMês atrás

    Ah the gun afficianados. Blame the military for giving the M1 Garand and the M1 Carbine the same classification

  84. Sloan Crawford

    Sloan CrawfordMês atrás

    Shane is treasure, but Holy Crap! Beefcake substitute! How can I get more Andrew in my life?

  85. Jacqueline White

    Jacqueline WhiteMês atrás

    I love the guy just sitting in the back messing around on his phone for a while.

  86. Liyah Harris

    Liyah HarrisMês atrás

    Plot twist. Shane is the watcher and he’s actually out bc he’s planting more letters.

  87. Kellie Bean

    Kellie BeanMês atrás

    Ryan Bergara(idk his name) is slowly turning more and more into just Ricky Goldsworth and I don't know how I feel about that.

  88. Willow Collins

    Willow CollinsMês atrás

    Alright who agrees that ryan and shane should go to a shooting range since Ryan's apparently never shot a gun

  89. Diana Ceballos

    Diana CeballosMês atrás


  90. genericblogger

    genericbloggerMês atrás


  91. Sara Boatman

    Sara BoatmanMês atrás

    how many cats is too many cats there’s no such number!

  92. Random Guy

    Random GuyMês atrás

    Is this episode *Worth It* ? The question will still remain *Unsolved*

  93. Fudge Monkeyz

    Fudge MonkeyzMês atrás

    Im related to bugsy

  94. I Da Fish

    I Da FishMês atrás

    Can you add Andrew and make it a threesome

  95. Aleena P

    Aleena PMês atrás

    Why is noone talking about the random guy who appeared in the background at 7.01 just for one question O_o

  96. Kilian Aiden

    Kilian AidenMês atrás

    "Just know, that I can't get scared." * goes into an abandoned house and cries of fear *

  97. Link in a Park

    Link in a ParkMês atrás

    what about the hot dogga?

  98. Destiny McFarland

    Destiny McFarlandMês atrás

    Moe, moose and Bee were pretty much in a polyamorous relationship. Isn't very unusual today and while considered "wrong", "frowned upon", and I believe illegal then, still not unheard of or too unusual. More taboo than anything.

  99. Alexis Buckles

    Alexis BucklesMês atrás

    The sound tech who just shows up?????

  100. Lyndz Way

    Lyndz WayMês atrás

    ANDREW!!! :D He looks so lost lol

  101. Supersonic Man

    Supersonic ManMês atrás

    The mob got Shane

  102. Elite

    EliteMês atrás

    Uh, is Adam sitting behind them watching por n and playing with his willy?