Most EMBARRASSING Family Moments


  1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolf4 meses atrás

    hellooooOooo friends what's the most embarrassing thing ur family have ever done?


    VV VVELASQUEZ17 dias atrás

    SSSniperWolf they had me lol

  3. Kelly Ryan

    Kelly Ryan17 dias atrás

    Idk they been really embarrassing LOL

  4. I_am_a_wierdo UwU

    I_am_a_wierdo UwUMês atrás

    OK, so this one time I was eating at this REALLY fancy restaurant, It was crowded AF so I said to my mom, “mom? Can you surprise me with ANY kind of soup the have?” Then my mom said, “sure!” THEN ONCE THE FOOD CAME, THE ORDERED ME A BABY PLATE, WITH CARROTS AND MASHED POTATOS ( I HATE mashed potatoes:( ) THEN TO GET WORSE, SHE FED ME LIKE A FREAKIN BABY WHILL EVERYONE WAS WATCHING they were like “ she’s so cuuuute (whill dying of laughter)” I JUST WANTED TO RUN OUT OF THERE AND SCREAM, “ RAPE, RAPE!!!!!!!!!!”

  5. crazy jeff

    crazy jeff2 meses atrás

    I bid the chikin walk through the park.

  6. Jocelyn's animation's

    Jocelyn's animation's3 meses atrás

    Guess what I liked!

  7. Kayla Roberts

    Kayla Roberts4 horas atrás

    What did it say?

  8. Dominick Serratore

    Dominick Serratore10 horas atrás

    Thank you for the hundred grand bars mom

  9. Medardo Jurado

    Medardo Jurado13 horas atrás

    If there were something like kissing in a movie my parents still let me watch it and I'm 8

  10. Ayano Toga

    Ayano Toga14 horas atrás

    i don't get it

  11. Angelina Romaine

    Angelina Romaine17 horas atrás

    I don’t get the LOVE one

  12. Cryinq_ boi

    Cryinq_ boi17 horas atrás

    It spelt "Lock"

  13. Cryinq_ boi

    Cryinq_ boi17 horas atrás

    Ohhhh now I get it

  14. Cryinq_ boi

    Cryinq_ boi17 horas atrás

    Nope I don’t get it xD

  15. Emily Kissling

    Emily KisslingDia atrás

    I would be told too turn around and close my eyes

  16. sisteradventures YAY

    sisteradventures YAYDia atrás


  17. Garlic Bread

    Garlic Bread10 horas atrás

    How would this be offensive?

  18. Ice Cream

    Ice CreamDia atrás

    My parents will never cover the TV

  19. Heaven Washington

    Heaven WashingtonDia atrás

    Lock what

  20. Teagan Dicey

    Teagan DiceyDia atrás

    The family spelled out cock

  21. Leyandre Mackenzie

    Leyandre MackenzieDia atrás

    My parents also do that when we watch a movie

  22. Anna Maisheva

    Anna MaishevaDia atrás

    They spelt... 'LOCK'??

  23. William Craig

    William Craig2 dias atrás

    What does the spelling thing with the mom spelling the O mean

  24. Amai Ajinitenshi

    Amai Ajinitenshi3 horas atrás

    I'm I think it says cock

  25. J Cupcake

    J Cupcake2 dias atrás

    The one where there kissing I’m all the kid bro

  26. Piratheeba Kandasamy

    Piratheeba Kandasamy2 dias atrás

    daughter did better

  27. Piratheeba Kandasamy

    Piratheeba Kandasamy2 dias atrás

    1:00 LOL This grandma is hilarious!!!!!!

  28. Dizzy Mist

    Dizzy Mist3 dias atrás

    I don’t get the family photo

  29. zahid raja

    zahid raja3 dias atrás

    My parents do that too....😂😂😂😂

  30. preimmerr

    preimmerr3 dias atrás

    What does it spell? Lock?

  31. Audrey Magline

    Audrey Magline4 dias atrás

    I still dont get the L-O-C-K thingy..

  32. ღкεωlנυlzღ kk

    ღкεωlנυlzღ kk4 dias atrás

    Its okay Lia. My parents have been doing(cover kiss scenes on tv) that during my childhood times too.....even now tho ;-;. Ur explanations were so accurate tho. My mom would scream "EY" too LMAOO 🙌💯😂😂

  33. Jose Guevara

    Jose Guevara4 dias atrás

    Ummmmm just u

  34. Mayra Gaona

    Mayra Gaona4 dias atrás

    Too me to my mom and dad All way if they started kiss my dad change the changed

  35. Jason Chiera

    Jason Chiera4 dias atrás

    lol that cialis tote bag tho

  36. Alicia Bailer

    Alicia Bailer4 dias atrás

    i do not get it

  37. Alexa GW

    Alexa GW4 dias atrás


  38. romania countryhumans vampire

    romania countryhumans vampire2 dias atrás


  39. McKenzie Trevino

    McKenzie Trevino4 dias atrás

    im the one that breaks down crying cause I still cant get a boyfriend

  40. Meeraam Salman

    Meeraam Salman4 dias atrás

    My parents do thar

  41. Kylie Witbooi

    Kylie Witbooi4 dias atrás

    The tv thing Always happens

  42. Maia Bean kawaii

    Maia Bean kawaii5 dias atrás

    What is Cialis?

  43. wolfie Wurth

    wolfie Wurth6 dias atrás

    8:48 my dad has that sbirt

  44. Ashley Valeriano

    Ashley Valeriano7 dias atrás

    I still don’t get the love thing

  45. Sylvester playz2

    Sylvester playz27 dias atrás

    There coke heads

  46. Jamaal Alston

    Jamaal Alston7 dias atrás


  47. Devil Dash

    Devil Dash7 dias atrás

    Once there was a gory scene so my mum shoved a spoon in my eye balls . REALLY MUM , a SPOON!

  48. Yuefeng Lin

    Yuefeng Lin8 dias atrás

    Don’t get it

  49. Emma Da cat

    Emma Da cat8 dias atrás

    I watched game of throne at 9 - 10 Sooooooooo...... I HAVE THE BEST PARRNTS BEST SHOW EVER

  50. •Hxney _ Bear•

    •Hxney _ Bear•8 dias atrás

    Ngl but I still don't get that "Love" Thingy Srry I'm VERY stupid 😅 2:21

  51. Crystal Playz

    Crystal Playz8 dias atrás

    4:45 i can totally relate

  52. I don’t want Subscribers

    I don’t want Subscribers8 dias atrás


  53. Jacqueline Perez

    Jacqueline Perez8 dias atrás

    my parents would cover my eyes lol

  54. Dominique Moore

    Dominique Moore8 dias atrás

    What did the kids spelled

  55. David Jeffries

    David Jeffries9 dias atrás

    You made me sallow a chunk of my gum😐 Thanks🙄

  56. Priya singh

    Priya singh9 dias atrás

    Why do I suck

  57. Warning sign

    Warning sign9 dias atrás

    Once I watched a movie and there was an inappropriate Sene so, we had to fast forward.

  58. Lennie9 MSP

    Lennie9 MSP9 dias atrás

    Just for the people who are clean minded and don’t get the love thing It says cock ;-;

  59. Theresa De Vries

    Theresa De Vries10 dias atrás

    It said cock

  60. Blaze Girl

    Blaze Girl10 dias atrás

    Tommorow is my birthday

  61. The life of Alina

    The life of Alina10 dias atrás

    ur new name should be KAREN

  62. haver javadova

    haver javadova10 dias atrás

    The grandma was like please hurry lol.

  63. Pastel Rose

    Pastel Rose10 dias atrás

    The old woman is russian so i understand😏

  64. Alexa Gil

    Alexa Gil11 dias atrás

    I don't get what the family was spelling please tell me

  65. Caleb Smalley

    Caleb Smalley11 dias atrás

    I don’t get the lock one?

  66. John Fermin

    John Fermin11 dias atrás


  67. Mackenzee Velasco

    Mackenzee Velasco11 dias atrás

    Bro on halloween we were watching a random movie that said rated everyone and they hit it up then my dad was like lalallalalalallal and it was past the part so we kept watching it and my dad didn't know and he heard noises and then he said alright enough of that 😂😆

  68. kk stand for koala keeper

    kk stand for koala keeper11 dias atrás

    4:54 it’s funny bc high school and middle school can ruin ur child hood if the parents or internet doesn’t