Most Satisfying Video Face Skin Care with Calm Music #17


  1. Sherrie Garner

    Sherrie Garner6 dias atrás

    What's black chicken?

  2. Kathy Wilcox

    Kathy Wilcox9 dias atrás


  3. illtellyaowitis

    illtellyaowitis14 dias atrás

    👎You've lost my subscription all stolen videos 😤

  4. Marie McCarter

    Marie McCarter16 dias atrás


  5. Pamela Forney

    Pamela Forney29 dias atrás

    Why do they leave so much crap in the pores?

  6. Hasmik Movsisyan

    Hasmik Movsisyan29 dias atrás


  7. Frank Rasper

    Frank RasperMês atrás


  8. Kay McConnell

    Kay McConnellMês atrás


  9. Lopes Noveli

    Lopes Noveli2 meses atrás

    Quero ver mais outros diferente

  10. Lee Perry

    Lee Perry2 meses atrás

    No borders but still stolen.

  11. Susan Chiano

    Susan Chiano2 meses atrás

    All the complaints, could not make not watch the only video without side panels.

  12. ilona kathy rowbottom

    ilona kathy rowbottom2 meses atrás

    That white string like thing is the sack n your not removing that out of the pores. Great pimple popping videos but might want to clean the pores out better. They will either fill with infection or come back worse. So ya clean clean clean.

  13. Charlyne Williams

    Charlyne Williams2 meses atrás

    This is so sad for the ones who suffer from this!

  14. lisa hayek

    lisa hayek2 meses atrás

    Well, I’ve been suspicious of this channel since watching several videos. One reason is why, having such wonderful subjects, with great pops, would you only keep those videos so short? I know why, just had to be sure, this video sealed it for me as I know for sure this one is NOT yours but one you’ve taken from another channel!! Changing a few things makes no difference either, if you want support try making your own videos.

  15. Linda Pinkney

    Linda Pinkney17 dias atrás


  16. Debora Rodrigues

    Debora Rodrigues2 meses atrás

    Sou viciada , vejo todos os dias. É relaxante!!!

  17. lisa hayek

    lisa hayek2 meses atrás

    This is another stolen video!! Shame on you. Someone else puts in the money and time, then you come along to claim it as yours.

  18. Mary Yancey

    Mary Yancey2 meses atrás

    After awhile the Yuchi’s on the gloves make me sick to my stomach

  19. Lori Stiner

    Lori Stiner5 dias atrás

    I feel the same way. Icky

  20. Cris Barbieri

    Cris Barbieri3 meses atrás

    Procuro um vídeo q não se via pele era só cravo mas procuro e não acho mais e todos me inscrevo ativo o sino dou like e não acho

  21. Janette Roman

    Janette Roman3 meses atrás

    Siper LIKES.


    SAHAR WAHDAN3 meses atrás


  23. Mary Rodriguez

    Mary Rodriguez3 meses atrás

    Too short

  24. Karel Jelinek

    Karel Jelinek3 meses atrás

    I wish your videos were longer!

  25. Cathy Lee

    Cathy Lee3 meses atrás

    Nice work

  26. Anna maria Latona

    Anna maria Latona3 meses atrás

    Io non capisco perché non li fate durate un po' di più, sono meglio di tutti gli altri ma poi durano pochissimo e io non lo metto mi piace,ok!!!!!! Fino che non lo fate durare un po' di più

  27. Елена Елена

    Елена Елена3 meses atrás


  28. Cheryl Butler, Realtor

    Cheryl Butler, Realtor3 meses atrás


  29. Robert Spiker

    Robert Spiker3 meses atrás

    Good video and pops

  30. sjant71

    sjant713 meses atrás

    SOOOO many stolen videos on this channel

  31. Linda Bell

    Linda Bell3 meses atrás


  32. ilona kathy rowbottom

    ilona kathy rowbottom3 meses atrás

    We were taught that if you leave in the tiny sack then the pimples will come back each time n worse. Great videos otherwise

  33. Shir SA Whitely

    Shir SA Whitely3 meses atrás

    There are no sacs with pimples. You ate thinking of cysts.

  34. StukHere 2

    StukHere 23 meses atrás

    Focus! You just lost my subscription

  35. Merry Dee

    Merry Dee3 meses atrás


  36. Toba Farm

    Toba Farm3 meses atrás

    Stolen video, you thief, shame on you

  37. Charlene Carty

    Charlene Carty4 meses atrás

    I really like this video

  38. Megan Kearns

    Megan Kearns3 meses atrás

    Check out the channel this clip was cropped from. It's called "Ga Spa".

  39. Maria Francisca Brum

    Maria Francisca Brum4 meses atrás

    Vejo todo dia o mesmo vidio adoro

  40. Trish Annbell

    Trish Annbell4 meses atrás


  41. Eleanora Givens

    Eleanora Givens4 meses atrás


  42. Aceldama013

    Aceldama0134 meses atrás

    I agree!!!

  43. Richard Kelly

    Richard Kelly4 meses atrás

    Quarnie. Unbelievable.

  44. Emichan

    Emichan4 meses atrás

    Ga Spa original video. 👎for stealing AGAIN

  45. Jason Neal

    Jason Neal4 meses atrás

    Left a lot in the pores

  46. Rhonda Crowe

    Rhonda Crowe23 dias atrás

    That's the way you are supposed to stick them you don't have to go to the Bone

  47. Sheryl Pehr

    Sheryl Pehr4 meses atrás

    Stolen from GA Spa!

  48. Margaret Corns

    Margaret Corns4 meses atrás

    I've seen this video stolen flipped upturned so much tgat I have no idea who did the original which wasn't good in the first place too much left in pores and so many missed

  49. Loli Santamarta

    Loli Santamarta4 meses atrás


  50. Fran Matthews

    Fran Matthews4 meses atrás

    Here's the original video.

  51. Diane Clark

    Diane Clark4 meses atrás

    Second viewing....if only your camera person could focus and offer clarity, always slightly fuzzy.

  52. Emichan

    Emichan4 meses atrás

    Because the videos are always (all that I've seen) stolen. This one belongs to Ga Spa

  53. Charmian Dufrene

    Charmian Dufrene4 meses atrás

    These are the best.. Some surprised me... But video is too short!!!

  54. Emichan

    Emichan4 meses atrás

    Because they're stolen videos. This one belongs to Ga Spa.

  55. Charlotte Johnson

    Charlotte Johnson4 meses atrás

    I would watch this but can’t stand the dirty gloves. Why can,t you use a tissue.

  56. Norma H

    Norma H4 meses atrás

    Very nice video.

  57. evanir Cabral

    evanir Cabral4 meses atrás

    Depois,de retirados ,nascem outro no lugar?

  58. evanir Cabral

    evanir Cabral4 meses atrás

    Ah!!! E não me canso, até repito,Seu eu fosse mais jovem, tentaria uma faculdade de cravologia e acnologia...(risos kk)

  59. evanir Cabral

    evanir Cabral4 meses atrás

    Gentemm!!!...Prq gosto de ficar vendo essas coisas?Eu viajo, nesses cravos...🤔😉

  60. 81959581

    819595812 meses atrás

    Assisto uns de 15 minutos quando estou com insônia e apago em 5 minutos 😀😀😀😀

  61. Carmen Maria Sanchez Cerdas

    Carmen Maria Sanchez Cerdas2 meses atrás

    @Neli Cristina Jorge XT

  62. Neli Cristina Jorge

    Neli Cristina Jorge3 meses atrás

    Sou viciada!kkk

  63. Margo Mazzeo

    Margo Mazzeo4 meses atrás how its done..thanks 4 a nice video with calming music..💝💝🎈😄😘

  64. Asher Rogers

    Asher Rogers4 meses atrás

    Pimple removal from a wax figure.

  65. Mari Ann Shake

    Mari Ann Shake4 meses atrás

    Stolen from Ga Spa.

  66. dannilea regan

    dannilea regan4 meses atrás


  67. Solange Naibert

    Solange Naibert4 meses atrás

    Vídeos muito manjado, repetetivos

  68. Diane Clark

    Diane Clark4 meses atrás

    Pores clean?

  69. Annie Whitehead

    Annie Whitehead4 meses atrás

    You love to steal other people's videos.

  70. De Evolution

    De Evolution4 meses atrás

    Old but good