Mothers vs Daughters: Is Marriage Necessary?


  1. Jubilee

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    Hey everyone - thanks so much for watching this amazing conversation. Thank you to SK-II for making this episode possible! If you enjoyed this piece, be sure to check out SK-II's amazing docu-series #Timelines with Katie Couric ( that addresses pressures women face all around the world. Love you all - thanks for watching and supporting!

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    kind of ironic SKII is one of the MOST over-hyped "all the cool kids are doing it" you too should spend enormous amounts of money on products with slim to no evidence.

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    Aleesha Khan exactly. Jubilee is partnering with a brand that promotes SELF-HATE. Look it up!

  4. mplsridah

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    StupidityStarbucks you would say the same if there were no blacks in the video. I guess you can say inclusion works for some, not so much for other.

  5. Brooklynite C

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    I completely understand if a woman doesn't want to have children. Not everyone wants that lifestyle. But to get your tubes tied?? It makes absolutely no sense to me. There are so many forms of birth control! Getting your tubes tied should be done to prevent fatalities. Not for pure leisure and convenience. Use condoms or the pill, or the patch, or the ring etc. I'll never understand why a woman would want to shut her body down permanently.

  6. Flyer

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    15:00 ... wtf "Get your money", golder digger mentality, how is she entitled to taking some of the paycheck, he works to pay for the food, gas, car, insurance, and house. Smh it doesn't take a 16 hour day to keep a house clean and cook, she can get a job as well, or live free and content. My guess is she just said "that might change" because of all the feminist pure pressure in the room.

  7. Kenzie M

    Kenzie M57 minutos atrás

    "what do you know at 25?" EXCUSE ME. you all literally got married or had children by 25. Why is 25 a good age to decide to have kids, but 25 isn't a good age to decide you DONT want kids????????? Y'all becoming a grandparent isn't the most important thing. and you have other children who could possibly have kids, chill

  8. Something Edgy

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    I've met too many elderly patients who haven't had kids, their spouse has died and they're allllllllllll alone in their houses, noone would know if they died. no thanks x

  9. aattoo hassan

    aattoo hassanHora atrás

    you cant force someone to go on a tradition route but you should educate your children why and how things were done back in the day. Men AND Women!

  10. Its Geneva

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    15:08-15:15 I LOVE!!

  11. M CJ

    M CJ2 horas atrás

    A part of this discussion is really....disappointing. So much "carrying and bring life is so important/special." As a woman with PCOS I can't help thinking of all the people who so desperately want to do this but cannot. Is their life or their life/love less important/special? I think about those who chose to adopt. Is their life/love less important/special because they didn't BIRTH their children? There are so many ways to be a mother/parent that does not involve birthing another human from your body

  12. Elena Williams

    Elena Williams3 horas atrás

    I never wanted children and got pregnant at 30. It shocked me just how much I loved and still love being a Mum. It's so individual, we can't choose or judge other women for their choices. I definitely copped a heap of flack for not wanting children beforehand. Individual choices should be supported.

  13. Homestuck TV

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    Wtf happened to flat earthers vs scientists?

  14. Cr8if1

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    Coming from a small town, the normal thing here is to get married and have kids before 25. You have people scrutinizing you under a microscope if you’re not following the crowd, asking you: when you’re getting married, why aren’t you dating, do you even want kids? It’s funny how you get judged for being single with no kids at 25.

  15. Scotty Zepplin

    Scotty Zepplin4 horas atrás

    The history of marriage demeans women but has been twisted into romantisicm. One should be able to pick wether or not they want to spend their life with someone not because it is a requirement but because they choose to.

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    Annemarie!!! Sweet sweet woman!!💕💕💕

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    Cassandra from Origins? coo coo

  18. sarah

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    Afrika's mom keeps making jokes and everyone but her daughter laughs lmao

  19. Jemimah

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    When the white mum said to experience having a child i was like nooooo

  20. Mr. Negative The Negative Man

    Mr. Negative The Negative Man14 horas atrás

    So women can have goals they just can't include men? Got it

  21. Greg S./ aka: The so called angry black man

    Greg S./ aka: The so called angry black man16 horas atrás

    The daughters sound like typical modern-day females who will waste their youth going from guy to guy while they find themselves or further their career and by the time their ready for a family their post wall with or without kids and no man is going to want them other than for sex. You know a stick of gum when you first start chewing it, it's soft and full of flavor, females today want to wait till their chewed up and all the flavors gone then want to try to tell a man what he must have and must do to get with her........hmmmm baby girl your vagina has over 100,000 miles on it, you're not going to dictate or demand anything from me. There are plenty of simps out there that would be ecstatic to be one of the many guys that have been with you.

  22. Beautifully Kayla

    Beautifully Kayla16 horas atrás

    Can we just talk about how pretty Cassandra is

  23. Greg S./ aka: The so called angry black man

    Greg S./ aka: The so called angry black man16 horas atrás

    Marriage doesn't benefit men so why go into a one way contract.

  24. Luna Moon

    Luna Moon17 horas atrás

    I think people really need to start caring for others instead of saying family is everything. I can't have children, that's not my choice I was born that way. Blood does not mean family, love means family. You don't have to be related to be family.

  25. Delilah Faith

    Delilah Faith20 horas atrás

    This video made me ball my eyes out. Thank you so much for making it.

  26. Claudia Rodriguez

    Claudia Rodriguez23 horas atrás

    That white lady needs some help, we aren’t just incubators

  27. Laila Somani

    Laila SomaniDia atrás

    I was crying omg this video was so sweet and inspiring

  28. Izzy Peters

    Izzy PetersDia atrás

    God Annemarie should stop trying to tell Afrika how to feel about being a woman with the whole tube tying situation

  29. Speed _

    Speed _Dia atrás

    “What do you know at 25?” -*gets married at 23*

  30. Speed _

    Speed _Dia atrás

    Lol afrika’s mom has Africa earrings.

  31. justme cjb

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    this episode is so emotional

  32. Paige

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    Annemarie is annoying. That's all.

  33. Jose Carbajal

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    No one: Afrika's mom: PERIODT

  34. Freeda AK

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    It's ok to get your tubes tied. The reason people are so skeptical is because of the typical maternal instinct that kicks in around your late 20s, early 30s that may make you want to start a family🤷🏾‍♀️. That's why people advise against it

  35. CGC4JereZion

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    I love them all it was such a warm, loving and wholesome conversation 🥺

  36. Grace Rogers

    Grace RogersDia atrás

    These moms over here like "what if when your 40 you want kids?" Like adoption isn't a thing🙄🙄you can have kids and still get your tubes tied sis.

  37. Orange Juice

    Orange JuiceDia atrás

    that white mom honestly annoyed me and i dunno why.

  38. James Waye

    James WayeDia atrás

    Can we do "pro-marijuana vs anti-marijuana"


    AIMAN HUSSAINDia atrás

    If your mom was like u guys...u guys probably not talking here... lmao 😆



    i wanna be the pink sweater lady's friend. :(

  41. Garrett Spillane

    Garrett SpillaneDia atrás

    Notice the pink sweater lady huh Africa’s mom in the background at 9:06 when Africa was talking about how she got her tubes tied

  42. sandraaaolsson

    sandraaaolssonDia atrás

    ”You Need to try that experience at least once” That’s sick?! It’s the rest of your life, first of all 18 years, until the kid becomes an adult. But you still have a child and you still love it. Just cuz u dont want a baby, does not make u a monster. If you got a baby you would love it as much as any other mum. And i want kids, i just se the daughters perspecrives

  43. ll RXNZLO ll

    ll RXNZLO llDia atrás

    Her name is Africa she must of gotten bullied

  44. Kalani W

    Kalani WDia atrás

    NO! Just because they don’t want kids now doesn’t mean they will ‘change their mind’ later. I hate that people think that, I’ve had friends say that to me many times. Even family have said stuff like that to me. I’m just not having a future with kids.

  45. Jose IS HARD TO KILL

    Jose IS HARD TO KILLDia atrás

    i love the way the asian mom looks at her daughter as she walks into the circle every damn time lmaoooo

  46. starzzzy

    starzzzyDia atrás

    No one should be pressured into marriage or kids. Those are serious life decisions and you need to be sure and ready.

  47. 말로우마쉬

    말로우마쉬Dia atrás

    i hate how condescending the moms are with how they kept giggling whenever the daughters went forward for the questions.

  48. Naomi Salazar

    Naomi SalazarDia atrás

    it's weird because some of these moms view children as something that can help them in the future. You old and sick? You kids gonna care for you! They also need to understand that not everyone likes or wants kids, like you can't force someone to like or unlike a certain sport, singer, whatever... so weird

  49. Urvashi Pathak

    Urvashi PathakDia atrás

    Im going to be 27 and I'm happy my parents do not pressure me for marriage and they want me to be financially stable first but unfortunately I won't be able to select my own spouse, due to cultural norms my parents will find me a husband.

  50. SomethingNewAMBW

    SomethingNewAMBWDia atrás

    I'm going to assume she's Chinese, that thought that she REALLY needs a husband is something I've seen and heard from so many here in Beijing, otherwise a lot of times they're thought to be "leftovers".

  51. mashedpotatohead00

    mashedpotatohead00Dia atrás

    Afrika at 9:56 SENT me, that was just the PERFECT facial expression for that moment

  52. Meg Murphy

    Meg MurphyDia atrás

    My mom had the problem where she was married for 25 years then go divorced so she was shocked about doing the finances, you need to be able to do things for yourself

  53. Kat Spratt

    Kat SprattDia atrás

    Can we just appreciate how supportive Afrika's mom was when she knew her daughter wanted to tie her tubes

  54. MissyLillie

    MissyLillieDia atrás

    It’s an asian thing. Imagine if you have no one to take care of you!! I refuse to put my mother in a home or hire help to take care of my mother.

  55. Oceane Yao

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    This episode is soooo sweeeet 🥰🥰🥰

  56. jade de rat

    jade de ratDia atrás

    her husband has not cooked in 28 years!!!!

  57. idc.idc.idc.

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    This episode was so...wholesome and beautiful 🥺

  58. Marcos Ruiz Diaz

    Marcos Ruiz DiazDia atrás

    And that's how America will become a Latino nation

  59. tracy ash

    tracy ash2 dias atrás

    I am 30 have no kids and not married. I am just living life. I am never getting married. the only thing marriage is a piece of paper. you can still love someone and not be married. it's just my opinion.

  60. em me

    em me2 dias atrás

    Men too, not just women ppl expect a man to live a certain way.

  61. TheAlex TAG

    TheAlex TAG2 dias atrás

    What about feminists vs rapists next?

  62. Sao Pooh

    Sao Pooh2 dias atrás

    I am a guy and it's strange that a woman has said and done something (14:21) that I can identify with and very much need to do, but find extremely difficult to see through...

  63. just another music lover

    just another music lover2 dias atrás

    the moms are so great

  64. healingink

    healingink2 dias atrás

    I’m planning on Marrying a beautiful wife (I’m a girl) and adopting some kids. I hope my parents don’t mind.

  65. MAnaShREe

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    Chelsie seemed off