Mothers vs Daughters: Is Marriage Necessary?


  1. Jubilee

    Jubilee5 meses atrás

    Hey everyone - thanks so much for watching this amazing conversation. Thank you to SK-II for making this episode possible! If you enjoyed this piece, be sure to check out SK-II's amazing docu-series #Timelines with Katie Couric ( that addresses pressures women face all around the world. Love you all - thanks for watching and supporting!

  2. Ranise Cunha

    Ranise Cunha5 dias atrás

    Is there father vs son video?

  3. Fernando Galian

    Fernando Galian21 dia atrás

    Do a video about the injustice of marriage towards men... you heard that woman... if you want me married you paid the boss...

  4. mildly_edgy

    mildly_edgy22 dias atrás

    I actually love jewel, she seems like such a supportive, loving, and mature parent❤

  5. Tremoney

    Tremoney24 dias atrás

    Hi, My name is Afrika and I'm incontinent.

  6. Timi W

    Timi WMês atrás

    I would like to see the ages mixed in on each side not just the older women pushing marriage and the younger women pushing single I think the reality is a lot more mixed in with older and younger women on each side.

  7. LyLA NeWmAN

    LyLA NeWmAN8 horas atrás

    “You need to have a child to at least experience it.” lol like children just despawn.

  8. Don Cheeto

    Don Cheeto8 horas atrás

    If Afrika is bi then I'll take her, goddamn ♥️ Also I'm gonna say what someone else said, you do not owe ANYONE a child, but if you have a husband who truly wants a child and you truly dont want a child, dont blame him if he leaves you

  9. Marriage Sofa

    Marriage Sofa13 horas atrás

    Good point!

  10. bean

    bean13 horas atrás

    so uh, since all the moms are talking about having a baby for "experience" to that i say.. sorry parentals but im gay.

  11. Felix Bruyns

    Felix Bruyns16 horas atrás

    If the 3 words "Wait until Marriage" were accepted in letter and spirit, we could avoid broken hearts, broken homes, STD's, "unwanted children", the cycle of poverty, drugs and crime that goes along with broken families... but from Hippies to Millennials, some people are so selfish and so hedonistic that the world could burn so long as they got their "gratification". True love waits.

  12. Ryan Smuda

    Ryan Smuda17 horas atrás

    Why is it saying that woman face pressure to get married, have children etc. These are all problems both genders are pressured by. This would be a great video if it was do PARENTS and CHILDREN think alike. But no, it's sexism, men have it great.

  13. Wild Ador3

    Wild Ador319 horas atrás

    "what do you know at 25?" are you serious??? the lady beside her got married at 25 and she didn't question her choice....just sayin

  14. Reshu Bhattarai

    Reshu Bhattarai23 horas atrás

    That's a 17 year long experience atleast.. naah

  15. Cameron Mcgregor

    Cameron McgregorDia atrás

    It's funny that feminists claim they just want women to do whatever they want but then also belittle a woman for living at home and taking care of her kids which is best for the children to have their mother take care with them

  16. Miccy

    Miccy18 horas atrás

    Who tf says that? Edit: 13:25

  17. Kaviya Ganapathi

    Kaviya GanapathiDia atrás

    I request all Indian parents to learn something from watching this. Thanks for the great video guys.

  18. chris codling

    chris codlingDia atrás

    Kinda sad that the lady in the pink felt bad about her decision to say gender roles are important. Why would she care about disappointing people she doesn't even know

  19. Alexus Ulzzang :D

    Alexus Ulzzang :DDia atrás

    Can we talk about how annemarie was just talking about her “middle child” most of the time and wasn’t talking her daughter that was right in front of her...

  20. Syd V

    Syd VDia atrás

    Alexus Ulzzang :D that wasnt her daughter lol

  21. Ellie Bean

    Ellie BeanDia atrás

    Im so glad people my age and younger and realizing that children, marriage, and so on are a CHOICE and if its not the right one for you thats super ok. You shouldn't have a child out of obligation, thats why so many of us ended up with pretty underprepared and damaging parents.

  22. Jessi J

    Jessi JDia atrás

    Oh I’m cryin

  23. Mikayla Queen

    Mikayla QueenDia atrás

    I feel like some of these mom's forget that adoption exists

  24. Josh Gomez

    Josh GomezDia atrás

    People commenting on "One child to experience it" are taking too seriously or personally

  25. time is money so don't f*** with mine

    time is money so don't f*** with mineDia atrás

    I love Annemarie! So influential.

  26. Just linds

    Just lindsDia atrás

    “ periodttt “😂

  27. Casey Hauck

    Casey HauckDia atrás

    Does Annemarie understand adoption?

  28. lipsohlips97

    lipsohlips97Dia atrás

    I tend to avoid this series from Jubilee because it stresses me out, but this episode felt so calming. Really just loved ones wanting the best for each other and themselves. I obviously dont agree with lot of mom's views and they are bit dated. But we all battle with our parents definition of success and happiness and this show cares that. But they are having open conversation and no one seems mean and that's good! Really nice :)

  29. Samantha Helena

    Samantha HelenaDia atrás

    Love Afrika's vibe

  30. The Answer

    The AnswerDia atrás

    That logic of having a child just because ("have to experience it") is why im no longer with my ex gf... lol her's was probably even worse, totally deluded girl.

  31. JinxiMX

    JinxiMXDia atrás

    I think its revalent to discuss not only if one should get married but also if the idea and benefits of marriage should exist in the way that it does. Like how one woman stated, she doesnt want to live with someone without being married because what if something happened to her significant other and shes stuck with the rent? I feel like that's an issue in our government assigning who is allowed to get benefits, not necessarily marriage as a whole. Just a thought, though.

  32. Blatant Trapdoor

    Blatant Trapdoor2 dias atrás

    The men's episode would just be a 20 minute Lego death star review

  33. WeirdOo

    WeirdOo2 dias atrás

    The reason of "not dying alone" should be enough.

  34. adrian meadows

    adrian meadows2 dias atrás

    I enjoyed this one more than other episodes of Middle Ground, because it seemed like both sides were trying to really hear the other. Also Jewel and Africa are goals

  35. Kathy Savage

    Kathy Savage2 dias atrás

    I fully support them all not having kids, esp the shark who looks late 30s at 27 😂

  36. Latinalethal watchyourself

    Latinalethal watchyourself2 dias atrás

    I love you mom🙌❤😢💗❤ Ely V. Period This made me so emotional😭🙌👏🙌🙌❤❤, they just want best for us. Period.!!!. Different times, and different traditions, but no matter what they will always support us in what we do. periodT

  37. briana

    briana2 dias atrás

    awe i cried :(

  38. MUSLIM like me

    MUSLIM like me3 dias atrás

    the young of today have gathered so much baggage, that they aren't capable of marriage nor marriage......o well.

  39. MUSLIM like me

    MUSLIM like me3 dias atrás

    and the girls are metoo , i'm sure.

  40. Sanchita

    Sanchita3 dias atrás

    wow.. I actually thought Annemarie was was Chelsea's mom till the end..... lmao

  41. Twilight Gandolf TM

    Twilight Gandolf TM3 dias atrás

    Can we do moms and sons so i can prove to my mom shes mean.

  42. Ariana Shannon

    Ariana Shannon3 dias atrás

    Mothers who became parents at a young age vs. at an older age!!

  43. Lalla Li

    Lalla Li3 dias atrás

    I see the daughters' point. You don't need to be a mother to be totally considered a woman, but this is not the idea that these loving mothers are trying to convey. They just feel that raising a child and being a good mother to them is a secure and powerful font of love... As they want to be powerfully secure their children will receive that love in this unpredictable and lonely world once their gone.

  44. jae elle

    jae elle3 dias atrás

    Why is the comment section about having a child when the title is about marriage?

  45. Ryan Smuda

    Ryan Smuda12 horas atrás

    Because the idea is that they are woman being pressured to live a life style.

  46. Anushka Pandey

    Anushka Pandey4 dias atrás

    No, marriage is for old brainwashed people

  47. Africa Hill

    Africa Hill4 dias atrás

    Omg omg my name is Africa toooo lol!!

  48. Mathi Kannan

    Mathi Kannan4 dias atrás

    The absolute state of 21st century woman. Jesus.

  49. Heaven Johnson

    Heaven Johnson4 dias atrás

    I'm sorry that I don't need a child to feel accomplished and complete. Maybe I'm just more at peace with my life than you are.

  50. Francesca Holmes

    Francesca Holmes4 dias atrás

    We’re going to hear Afrika on the radio one day, wait and see.

  51. Kay Winfield

    Kay Winfield4 dias atrás

    Even though they did not agree on some things, I love how supportive they were of each other. 💜

  52. Jennifer Perez

    Jennifer Perez4 dias atrás

    Annemarie is so obsessed with her middle daughter Rachel.

  53. Jane Sigabaro

    Jane Sigabaro4 dias atrás

    Sees subtitles Me: this outta be good.

  54. ohifonlyx33

    ohifonlyx334 dias atrás

    I'm single and I think being single is fine. But I think you better not be dating around if you actively don't want to get married. The point of a boyfriend is to find a husband. And a big reason for having a husband is to start a family.

  55. Monica Schultz

    Monica Schultz4 dias atrás

    As a woman who was sold these ideas of career, money, buying a house, being independent blah blah blah. Now at 47 have a great career, feel so blessed I'm married to a great man and my only regret is not having kids. Now that I'm older money and career do not compare to having your own family.

  56. The Patriarch

    The PatriarchDia atrás

    it seems many women in the same boat as you feel the same way, women are lied to massively.

  57. Cupcakedream

    Cupcakedream4 dias atrás

    To the men in this comment section: how much pressure do you feel to become a father?

  58. thot-patroller jo bro

    thot-patroller jo bro5 dias atrás

    I am a man and my parents tell me to get married

  59. BluFluffyA _

    BluFluffyA _5 dias atrás

    Deciding not to have kids does not make anyone less of a woman and does not automatically diminsh your quality of life

  60. just sailing

    just sailing5 dias atrás

    I've come to terms with me wanting to have a period, period (pun intended), and that includes not being able to have kids. I do want kids, I would just like to adopt instead. I've told my mother and it does sadden her, but she's come to terms with it and we are working through it together.

  61. Sicellia Tsui

    Sicellia Tsui5 dias atrás

    one of my favourite episodessssss

  62. Peyton J

    Peyton J5 dias atrás

    I like, love jewel😂

  63. Jenni Annelieze Mellow

    Jenni Annelieze Mellow5 dias atrás

    Back in the day, having heirs for the rich was important and having legacy for the poor was also important. Having kids was literally a survival tactic for many people. It still is. So yeah, having kids to have someone take care of you in your old age is a real concern and not just a selfish one. We can't just look at it from a developed world perspective. Culture and socioneconomics has a lot to do w it.

  64. Tyrese

    Tyrese6 dias atrás


  65. brandilovesjay _

    brandilovesjay _2 dias atrás

    They're not mother and daughter.

  66. raktor5000

    raktor50006 dias atrás

    I really don't understand how anyone could name their child Africa. It somehow seems a bit racist to me, even though that doesn't make sense

  67. nomnomnugget

    nomnomnugget6 dias atrás

    Wow this video is really telling. I absolutely understand why I can't seem to make female friends. I am traditional, and I am belittled for that.

  68. SkellyAce

    SkellyAce6 dias atrás

    Honestly, you don't need to bear a child to be considered a mother. I might be a teenager, but I feel like motherhood shouldn't be based upon children they birthed. I don't have much opinions in terms of marriage, as long as they compliment each other and get along I don't really care. However, there are thousands of children waiting for their forever family. In my opinion, parenthood is less about the ability to create a child and more about the ability to give a child a good upbringing and set them on the right path for their success. That's just me though.

  69. Annietta Bangura

    Annietta Bangura6 dias atrás

    i love how soft Afrika's voice is

  70. Mr.Alice Wolf

    Mr.Alice Wolf6 dias atrás

    About the kids thing.....why can't they just adopt?