my battle..


  1. clan_elit3_

    clan_elit3_21 hora atrás

    Ya do know lumps on the neck is rarely cancer but stress

  2. rodriguez brothers

    rodriguez brothersDia atrás

    also never got my switch cause amazon......thing is.......i live in usa

  3. Losandro

    Losandro3 dias atrás

    Free guy is going to be the best movie ever

  4. FLaW_DylanLee Skull

    FLaW_DylanLee Skull5 dias atrás

    Ima be looking for you in free guy

  5. Ninja Has baby's

    Ninja Has baby's7 dias atrás

    Who is watching in 2020

  6. Carl Calder

    Carl Calder7 dias atrás

    Like to help lazar

  7. Tom jones

    Tom jones9 dias atrás


  8. Jake Whitley

    Jake Whitley11 dias atrás


  9. Justin LeM

    Justin LeM14 dias atrás

    Your awesome


    IHAVE5SISTERS16 dias atrás

    Your dad reminds me of paul hogan

  11. creepercadenplayz i stream

    creepercadenplayz i stream18 dias atrás


  12. Random YTuber

    Random YTuber20 dias atrás

    Lazarbeam- Wait I gotta be disney channel Comments- You became the very thing you swore to destroy

  13. JohnTDM

    JohnTDM20 dias atrás


  14. JohnTDM

    JohnTDM20 dias atrás


  15. E Oof

    E Oof23 dias atrás

    Lazar it’s ok 👌🏻 I know I am late but I have anxiety too

  16. Crazy Marshme11o

    Crazy Marshme11o24 dias atrás

    everyone that disliked doesn't understand how bad anxiety is.... it is very bad....

  17. Tobb Sven

    Tobb Sven25 dias atrás

    Don’t listen to Greta shes dummb

  18. Alex Jonkers

    Alex Jonkers26 dias atrás

    I know your stressed about anxiety but let me tell you something... I was two scared to go down a water slide for 3 years

  19. DaCraftyBoi

    DaCraftyBoi27 dias atrás

    YEET. - LazarBeam Use Code LAZAR. - LazarBeam

  20. Cameron 15O4O9

    Cameron 15O4O929 dias atrás

    2:15 I’m so inspired right now

  21. Matthew Roche

    Matthew RocheMês atrás

    Weird subbredits 2.0

  22. Xander Wilson

    Xander WilsonMês atrás

    3:44 that’s a mood

  23. Devil CT-5679

    Devil CT-5679Mês atrás

    I have anxiety as well don’t worry Lazerbeam i got u 😉

  24. Eugenie Martinez

    Eugenie MartinezMês atrás

    Shut up and play Fortnite

  25. BeastBrennan 731

    BeastBrennan 731Mês atrás

    We have your back

  26. Commander Edward

    Commander EdwardMês atrás

    Alternate title: Mein Kampf

  27. Kaleb Priest

    Kaleb PriestMês atrás

    2019 “Amazon on rainforest on fire 2020 “Australia on fire” 2021 “The world is on fire

  28. ShajibPlayz

    ShajibPlayz12 dias atrás

    2022 the world is fire

  29. stringycooldude

    stringycooldudeMês atrás

    5:26 lazar: i wanna shoutout endigo, he has been making all of those MINECRAFT bangers also lazar: plays a fortnite song that endigo made about the banana juice peely skin

  30. xUpperShadow xx

    xUpperShadow xxMês atrás


  31. stringycooldude

    stringycooldudeMês atrás

    that first talk about being honest with your anxiety is really good, i have anxiety aswell and you have inspired me to talk to someone about it

  32. Abigail Krecek

    Abigail KrecekMês atrás

    Yay! Lasarbeam got an upgrade to big boi now! :3

  33. The Amazing Austin

    The Amazing AustinMês atrás


  34. Cipherz -_-

    Cipherz -_-Mês atrás

    Lazarbeam brought Minecraft back,brought Minecraft back,yeet,yeet, what’s going on guys,yeet,yeet

  35. Thunder YT

    Thunder YTMês atrás

    5:27 Lazarbeam: Also wanna shoutout Endigo, hes been making those *Minecraft* bangers Also Lazarbeam: *shows fortnite song the Endigo made*

  36. Jack Brown

    Jack BrownMês atrás

    I my god

  37. Irene Panal

    Irene PanalMês atrás

    Struggle is real

  38. TheXGamer

    TheXGamerMês atrás

    *Now we all know where Gloria Borger went...*

  39. fifi fifi

    fifi fifiMês atrás

    dude he copied pewdiepie you got three stricks boi you copy righer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Ben Lombard

    Ben LombardMês atrás

    So close to the 10:00 min mark:(

  41. Orlo 23

    Orlo 23Mês atrás

    Lazar beam is the best BRreporter in my opinion

  42. EpicTurtle LIFE

    EpicTurtle LIFEMês atrás

    I have the same kind of anxiety as you. Like if your fighting with him.

  43. EpicTurtle LIFE

    EpicTurtle LIFEMês atrás

    I have the same kind of anxiety as you. Like if your fighting with him.😀

  44. EpicTurtle LIFE

    EpicTurtle LIFEMês atrás

    I have the same kind of anxiety as you. Like if your fighting with him.😀

  45. Kobra

    KobraMês atrás

    Anxiety a bitch

  46. Khai G

    Khai GMês atrás


  47. Felix Newell

    Felix NewellMês atrás

    Lazar you're doing great keep going man ( :

  48. lol guy

    lol guyMês atrás

    You are lovely

  49. lol guy

    lol guyMês atrás

    You are the best

  50. ChimChims Jams

    ChimChims JamsMês atrás

    *Random time stamp* 8:42

  51. ChimChims Jams

    ChimChims JamsMês atrás

    *random time stamp* 4:12

  52. ChimChims Jams

    ChimChims JamsMês atrás

    *Random time stamp!* 0:15

  53. ChimChims Jams

    ChimChims JamsMês atrás

    *putting random time stamps check!* 3:45

  54. Kaye Charlton

    Kaye CharltonMês atrás


  55. Emily

    EmilyMês atrás

    Amazing outro

  56. lan khuu

    lan khuuMês atrás


  57. Sam Dyker

    Sam DykerMês atrás


  58. Jimmy'sTacos 24

    Jimmy'sTacos 24Mês atrás


  59. Rediash Gamerboy

    Rediash GamerboyMês atrás

    I like all games but not those who play the same games for a long time like in years not like it

  60. Irena Jaskolka

    Irena JaskolkaMês atrás


  61. Ctgammer2051

    Ctgammer2051Mês atrás


  62. Ctgammer2051

    Ctgammer2051Mês atrás

    My name is Christian but that person it not me