My Dogs Eat Pupsicles


  1. Cathrine Holst

    Cathrine Holst10 horas atrás

    Kermit has big crackhead energy

  2. Briana Niedling

    Briana Niedling23 horas atrás


  3. tiff taylor

    tiff taylorDia atrás

    I’m fcking allergic to watermelon

  4. Ariel Chen

    Ariel ChenDia atrás

    i keep going back to 4:28 when peach hopped lol

  5. vossen squad

    vossen squadDia atrás

    Kermit is kinda ugly in a cute way I love kermit he's weird like me

  6. LudwigVanMichael

    LudwigVanMichaelDia atrás

    Kermit eating pupcicles has the same energy as a seagull choking on a french fry.

  7. Kylee Kosanke

    Kylee Kosanke2 dias atrás

    Jenna : Everybody loves watermelon ;) Me: I'm allergic to watermelon ☹️. (No seriously I'm allergic to watermelon TwT )

  8. Kylee Kosanke

    Kylee Kosanke2 dias atrás

    Jenna : everybody loves watermelon :)

  9. Harry Barry

    Harry Barry2 dias atrás

    Jolene: has to stay somewhere Jolene's parent: stay with the neighbor's dogs The neighbor's dogs:

  10. Random Dogface

    Random Dogface2 dias atrás

    Jolene: *gets in Jenna's house* "Please, god. Get me out of here."

  11. Mister Insanity

    Mister Insanity2 dias atrás

    My uncle had few dogs and the neighbors decided to thorough sharp pointy rocks in the backyard of his, and one of the dogs got hit straight in the head Shaggy died that day, the neighbors fully known what they done but they played it off like they didn't and they got away with it, so just be be careful

  12. Madison Rupe

    Madison Rupe2 dias atrás

    When the camera panned down to Bunny’s leg I had a mini heart attack bc I thought the sock was bLOOD

  13. jessica stevie

    jessica stevie2 dias atrás

    my heart melts when the call bunny foof but foofy rae was to much for me

  14. Dexter Films

    Dexter Films2 dias atrás


  15. Jo Stewart

    Jo Stewart2 dias atrás

    *chefs kiss for bunny content*

  16. Bash’s Barn

    Bash’s Barn3 dias atrás

    If you googled the word “fuckery” the link to this video would pop up

  17. Lmao_Etsu

    Lmao_Etsu3 dias atrás

    God, we need more Jolyne content

  18. Spinel The Funniest Gem

    Spinel The Funniest Gem3 dias atrás

    Why all your dog just so skinny???

  19. Gabby s

    Gabby s3 dias atrás

    It's just a children's party

  20. Kodi the Exhausted Cryptid

    Kodi the Exhausted Cryptid4 dias atrás

    Wait who’s dog is Jolene lol shes such a sweet little lady tho

  21. DzieckoKwiatu Wystrój,Dostrój,Odleć.

    DzieckoKwiatu Wystrój,Dostrój,Odleć.4 dias atrás

    Jolene is cute ☺

  22. Patricia Couch

    Patricia Couch4 dias atrás

    Your dogs are ugly damn. You can pick any dog breed you want and you pick ugly ones. The little black one you're babysitting is cute.

  23. Dakota Castro

    Dakota Castro5 dias atrás

    everything in the universe with a mouth loves watermelon except my dog who doesn’t know what to do with it or how to eat it so she carries it in her mouth for a few minutes and spits it out onto the carpet

  24. bagle spelled wrong

    bagle spelled wrong5 dias atrás

    its weird seeing a normal dog around your dogs

  25. burt bees bees burt

    burt bees bees burt6 dias atrás

    Why is vido not bout Schearmet?

  26. phantom2 _

    phantom2 _6 dias atrás


  27. billied17

    billied177 dias atrás


  28. Mossears133

    Mossears1337 dias atrás

    13:56 Top 10 Anime Betrayls

  29. Danganronpa V3

    Danganronpa V37 dias atrás

    Jolene: Big brain The iggys: Penot Brain Marble: Rich Brain Anyone else think kermit is a Leo or Cancer

  30. Natalie Autumnfaye

    Natalie Autumnfaye7 dias atrás

    Kermit: nasty

  31. 5sosxhoney

    5sosxhoney8 dias atrás

    Does anyone know what breed Jolene is?

  32. Kenzie Wilson

    Kenzie Wilson8 dias atrás

    Jolene is the cutest dog ever

  33. King Rat

    King Rat8 dias atrás

    Jolene is that one friend your kids have that remind you how dysfuctional your whole homelife is

  34. Nat

    Nat10 dias atrás

    Why are these dogs literally humans with individual personalities, Jolene being the sweet house guest

  35. Nat

    Nat10 dias atrás

    She loves those dogs so much

  36. Wysteria Campion

    Wysteria Campion11 dias atrás

    Wow marble at the end was the most animated ive ever seen him

  37. Amanda Rivera

    Amanda Rivera11 dias atrás

    Cermitz zaving hiz food for later

  38. TotalRevengeance

    TotalRevengeance11 dias atrás

    “Anything with a mouth in the whole entire universe likes watermelon” guess I don’t have a mouth...

  39. Georgina Bright

    Georgina Bright11 dias atrás

    I wonder how this would go if you froze like puppy milk or something?

  40. Yvette Medina

    Yvette Medina12 dias atrás

    No one else is noticing that jenna is wearing pants or is it just me

  41. katie jaksa

    katie jaksa12 dias atrás

    why did i nearly start crying when kermit stole marbles pupsicle and he started barking at him :-(

  42. MiaDraws Furries

    MiaDraws Furries12 dias atrás

    My heart's breaking for marble and his lost popsicle🥺🥺

  43. Katelyn Gouvas

    Katelyn Gouvas13 dias atrás

    Glad to see the orange scrunchie from the 90’s Claire’s video was put to use 😂

  44. Gabriella Ayala

    Gabriella Ayala13 dias atrás

    Jenna didn't put a warning on this video about kermit's nastiness... I threw up on my laptop.

  45. Tali Sherly

    Tali Sherly14 dias atrás

    Sorry but i don't like water mellon inless it it with somthing

  46. Lindy Vargas

    Lindy Vargas14 dias atrás

    This content is so wholesome but I can’t really watch most of it bc kermits drool makes me gag

  47. Lana Bug

    Lana Bug15 dias atrás

    Jolene: an intellectual

  48. Eleonora 308

    Eleonora 30815 dias atrás

    Kerm: nasty rat boi Peach: cute cat gurl Marbles: smoll old ded boi

  49. Cado

    Cado15 dias atrás

    Kermit truly grasped the meaning of hot girl summer.

  50. Chelsea Myscene

    Chelsea Myscene16 dias atrás

    They’re good dog owners. They’re dogs have a good life

  51. Bella Siffel

    Bella Siffel16 dias atrás


  52. Realtalk Z

    Realtalk Z16 dias atrás

    Jenna is one of the few women on BRreporter I actually find funny I love all the daft stuff she does

  53. dani

    dani16 dias atrás

    i was drinking the broth of my ramen when julien said “this is a shitshow” and it came out of my nose

  54. blzweasel

    blzweasel16 dias atrás

    I don't like watermelon 2:56

  55. Mary Jo Ferguson

    Mary Jo Ferguson17 dias atrás

    That coconut milk looks like semen

  56. Niclas Trahms

    Niclas Trahms17 dias atrás

    Hey is it normal that bunny Looks so extreme thin ?

  57. Vié

    Vié9 dias atrás

    I think she was still gaining weight since, she does look fuller in the video of Jenna bathing her! But greyhounds are also just really thin looking, it's not weird for them to show their ribs

  58. Sad Bear

    Sad Bear17 dias atrás

    "Marbles this is the challenge of your lifetime." Marbles *walks away*

  59. Autumn Rivas

    Autumn Rivas17 dias atrás

    Did anyone else notice that bunny actuly ate th pupsicule

  60. Rachel Boccio

    Rachel Boccio18 dias atrás

    I hope we get to see Jolene again. She is just adorable!!!!

  61. Noel Vulcan

    Noel Vulcan19 dias atrás

    Jolene is legit the prettiest chihuahua I have ever seen