My First Spray Tan at One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Tanning Salons | One Star Reviews


  1. Youtuber DarkSky

    Youtuber DarkSky4 horas atrás

    They were so cute thoo

  2. Alxofied Kxkxk

    Alxofied Kxkxk7 horas atrás

    this mfker does not give a shit how he looks too freaking funny wish i had the balls to do the tings he does

  3. marft 001

    marft 0017 horas atrás

    Why tf this dude looks retarded in everry thumbnail?

  4. Isayah Di Guida

    Isayah Di Guida11 horas atrás

    She fell in love

  5. not an op

    not an op22 horas atrás

    i think they were hiding something

  6. Booker D

    Booker DDia atrás

    Taj new crush

  7. Booker D

    Booker DDia atrás

    Taj look soooo depressed in all of the video

  8. Abbey Smith

    Abbey SmithDia atrás

    8:13 to 8:38 is literally the cringiest part of this video

  9. Itz Scorp1on

    Itz Scorp1onDia atrás

    Rumor has it they fucked after

  10. Ian Miles Chungus

    Ian Miles ChungusDia atrás

    I was ORANGE 😂😂

  11. thenationofcjump

    thenationofcjumpDia atrás

    This guy is hilarious!!!

  12. XC GAMES

    XC GAMESDia atrás

    That goodbye though!! God Cringe!!

  13. Kyle White

    Kyle White2 dias atrás

    You have the worst smile

  14. Lance Maurice

    Lance Maurice2 dias atrás

    I 1 star his face

  15. The_Dank_Potato

    The_Dank_Potato2 dias atrás

    There was hella awkward silence

  16. Johnathon Raygoza

    Johnathon Raygoza2 dias atrás

    This guy be creepin!💀

  17. Hare Gaming

    Hare Gaming3 dias atrás

    I get a h3h3 vibe from him😂😂

  18. nichbuns 37

    nichbuns 373 dias atrás

    He should have asked her out

  19. Lou Maniacci

    Lou Maniacci3 dias atrás

    I'll give that smile a 1 star rating

  20. Lorenzo D

    Lorenzo D3 dias atrás

    Usually you send these awkward simps to like Africa or some shit and it ruins it but with this series I feel like his awkwardness enhances it a bit

  21. Tub Croc

    Tub Croc3 dias atrás


  22. Koii

    Koii3 dias atrás

    Why is he so awkward 🤷‍♂️

  23. beaver rabbit 44

    beaver rabbit 443 dias atrás

    get a new host it’s akward af

  24. fem wynn

    fem wynn3 dias atrás

    .....joe gorga is real housewives.

  25. Malcolm Lukeman

    Malcolm Lukeman3 dias atrás

    why are the nipples censored

  26. CrypZ

    CrypZ3 dias atrás

    For gods sake this mans making me cringe

  27. Xl-_Dre

    Xl-_Dre4 dias atrás

    Next Video I got a date from one of Yelps worst rating site

  28. ShmurdaTime !

    ShmurdaTime !4 dias atrás

    2:11 girl got some nice cheeks

  29. remaining_ scarz

    remaining_ scarz4 dias atrás

    I you can tell he liked her

  30. Ganozer Channel

    Ganozer Channel4 dias atrás

    You Like Spray Girl ...? Dude.?

  31. Evan Lopez

    Evan Lopez4 dias atrás

    This dude is so awkward and cringe but we love it. He deserves his own office or parks and rec esk show.

  32. LinksHopping Golfer

    LinksHopping Golfer4 dias atrás

    This dude is a middle eastern version of Michael Cera!! Hahaha!

  33. Mike Avione

    Mike Avione5 dias atrás

    He’s so weird

  34. Big Boi_69

    Big Boi_695 dias atrás

    You look like Ethan Klein

  35. Jayjay Myers

    Jayjay Myers5 dias atrás


  36. Son Goku

    Son Goku5 dias atrás

    When i saw the thumbnail i thought he looked like the guy from blunt reviews in Amsterdam and it was lmao

  37. Da Boy

    Da Boy6 dias atrás

    I love this dude He‘s sooo sweet and entertaining No Homo bro but u rock

  38. Jessa Landshark

    Jessa Landshark6 dias atrás

    Does everyone get their own lip balm? or do they have to use the same disease ridden lip balm?

  39. over00lord Unknown

    over00lord Unknown6 dias atrás

    8:17 How is he so awkward? XD

  40. Carter Johnson

    Carter Johnson6 dias atrás

    He done got the hots around the girl that sprayed him.

  41. John Encila

    John Encila6 dias atrás

    This guy is a test subject.ahahaha

  42. CLOUD

    CLOUD7 dias atrás

    I fucking hate that blue fire shirt

  43. 123 456

    123 4567 dias atrás

    “I don’t think there’s nuts in our products” you really should know

  44. Seth Gohn

    Seth Gohn7 dias atrás

    Damn bro! That wasn't atall filled with total awkwardness. She wanted deh sausage and yu wanted deht ass! Super tense

  45. Kaffebordet

    Kaffebordet7 dias atrás

    Why mans look like a turtle

  46. Masha Nikulina

    Masha Nikulina7 dias atrás

    I’ll tell u that isn’t a five star tanning experience, but it’s definitely not one or even two stars based on how everything went in front of the cameras.

  47. Lucrative Chaff

    Lucrative Chaff7 dias atrás

    Damn ally was just not interested

  48. Asher Jack

    Asher Jack8 dias atrás

    More videos my bro please do some more fucking videos, this is my new binge as I wallow in depression

  49. Sterling Demons

    Sterling Demons8 dias atrás

    God, this guy is a weirdo hahaha. Lighten up 😆 lol

  50. Dean Moore

    Dean Moore8 dias atrás

    She wants the D my dude

  51. Typakay

    Typakay8 dias atrás

    i thought he was the guy from h3h3. Lmao

  52. Joey F

    Joey F8 dias atrás

    Bro your videos rule your awkwardness is what makes it best!

  53. The Art Yeti

    The Art Yeti8 dias atrás

    No hate or anything but you are really awkward just relax and chill out it’ll make everything easier... especially that smile

  54. Yung Bamboo

    Yung Bamboo9 dias atrás

    He looks like comethazine lol

  55. Ben Hill

    Ben Hill9 dias atrás

    You know darn well this guy is a child molester

  56. Peter Goezinya

    Peter Goezinya9 dias atrás

    Taji was totally vibing on that chick


    TAD FERREIRA9 dias atrás

    there was some sort of bond.... not sure

  58. Jasmin Olvera

    Jasmin Olvera9 dias atrás

    Daddy is that chu?

  59. sSpeedz

    sSpeedz9 dias atrás

    Employee: are you allergic to anything Girl getting spray tan: *IS THERE ANY GLUTEN IN THIS PRODUCT*

  60. Lg Steelo

    Lg Steelo9 dias atrás

    That's the part when you ask for her number. No awkward pauses.

  61. heyman3551

    heyman35519 dias atrás

    Dude his nostrils are are ridiculous

  62. john smith

    john smith9 dias atrás

    Do yelps worst rates drug dealer

  63. Steph An

    Steph An10 dias atrás

    Is it possible to tan a penguin?

  64. Steven Lira

    Steven Lira10 dias atrás

    My boy Straight from jersey shore

  65. OG Mackmizzle323

    OG Mackmizzle32310 dias atrás

    Why does he have a bowling shirt on

  66. RH MB

    RH MB10 dias atrás

    The eternal question of: “Can snapping turtles be cringey?” has finally been answered.

  67. Zachary Moon

    Zachary Moon10 dias atrás

    This was so awkward I loved it.

  68. Chance Bennett

    Chance Bennett10 dias atrás

    Some of the most always stuff

  69. Matthew Tan

    Matthew Tan10 dias atrás

    She seems nice tho tbh

  70. Shona O'Neill

    Shona O'Neill10 dias atrás

    Lol you look so dumb! If I looked like you though, almost anything is an improvement.......but, this spray on tan....NOPE!

  71. Spoopy

    Spoopy11 dias atrás

    Next episode he's gonna get laid by a 1 star prostitute

  72. Den McGrew

    Den McGrew11 dias atrás

    Ethan Klein JR

  73. Jeanae Parry

    Jeanae Parry11 dias atrás

    She reminds me of the girl in Napoleon Dynamite when she is setting up the photoshoot. 😂

  74. Dragan Seidler Krebs

    Dragan Seidler Krebs11 dias atrás

    Whannabe ethan klein

  75. Minhtri Dinh

    Minhtri Dinh11 dias atrás

    ice poseidon was there

  76. Sturdy, Dirty, and Dusty

    Sturdy, Dirty, and Dusty11 dias atrás

    3:32 "I'm cool with nuts"

  77. Tom Brady

    Tom Brady11 dias atrás

    Trying hard to hit on Her

  78. Luka Muren

    Luka Muren12 dias atrás

    Damn he is so awkward that it might be the reason he got this vice gig lol... well done vice going sideways for whatever reason may be:(

  79. Marty Jane

    Marty Jane12 dias atrás

    ".it's a grey area or, i guess, it's an orange area...." :'D

  80. Luka Muren

    Luka Muren12 dias atrás

    Wtf america

  81. sincerely

    sincerely12 dias atrás

    the host is actually attractive in this one

  82. Enrique Sanchez

    Enrique Sanchez12 dias atrás

    4:55 - "At this point I just wanna get sprayed. I am very eager." Bet you wanna get sprayed alright!

  83. Yerr

    Yerr10 dias atrás

    With this glock 9

  84. Boris Bagryanskiy

    Boris Bagryanskiy12 dias atrás

    "I do have the ability to just throw the cup at them" what a nonsensical throwaway response, why not just turn the dial up to ten and say I do have the ability to just kill them.

  85. L0nLeY St0nEr

    L0nLeY St0nEr12 dias atrás

    You fucken wanna be Ethan from H3H3

  86. Borna Arabi

    Borna Arabi12 dias atrás

    You look like Michael imperioli lol 😂

  87. Dr. 0xyc0d0ne

    Dr. 0xyc0d0ne12 dias atrás

    Who is she? Asking for a friend..

  88. Jaime Martinez

    Jaime Martinez12 dias atrás

    Why ,from the side, does he look like josh from drake and josh

  89. cap0gna

    cap0gna12 dias atrás

    damn we need to get taji and that girl togheter

  90. Marsellus Wallace

    Marsellus Wallace12 dias atrás

    My man Taji looks like Oliver Tree

  91. Cameron Brooks

    Cameron Brooks12 dias atrás

    Now that VICE NEWS is cancelled due to it going tooooooo far to the left- this is LITERALLY the best content on vice now days. Congrats man ! Please keep making these videos theyre genius

  92. Parker Hatcher

    Parker Hatcher12 dias atrás

    Taji has a wicked body. And I don't care what anybody has to say about it. Keep it up man! I absolutely love your videos.

  93. Muhammed Akhtar

    Muhammed Akhtar12 dias atrás


  94. Muhammed Akhtar

    Muhammed Akhtar12 dias atrás

    I don’t know who does these 90’s effects, but they look great 👍....surprisingly

  95. Yonxg Ron Official Music

    Yonxg Ron Official Music12 dias atrás

    glowjob thats a good one

  96. PressPause 2Play

    PressPause 2Play12 dias atrás

    How sanitary is it for the feet thingy to be in contact with everyone's bare feet? Yuck

  97. PressPause 2Play

    PressPause 2Play12 dias atrás

    Oh wow he's absolutely some kinda cringey.

  98. Dan Mahoney

    Dan Mahoney12 dias atrás

    Lots of puns in the comment section though none as strong as mine. * *

  99. tripngrim 9

    tripngrim 912 dias atrás

    taj looks like he would hold the door/elevator for you and also wait for your shadow to pass thru with you....and maybe even hold it 4 all your angels/demons/ancestors...your wifi/network signal.......nway he seems like a cool dude

  100. M Zay

    M Zay12 dias atrás

    He lives a very depressing life.. get a girl

  101. Nicholas Mo

    Nicholas Mo12 dias atrás

    absolute legend