My Horrible Nightmare Group Project


  1. espi hd

    espi hd6 horas atrás

    Puré jaiden 😅😅😅

  2. vinetox Z!

    vinetox Z!7 horas atrás


  3. kayden nguyen

    kayden nguyen7 horas atrás

    This is why ima lone wolf. Me: oh there’s a project??? Ima do it alone My Brain: Go get a parter Kayden Me: i don’t trust anybody My brain: you trust you frien- Me: they already have partners *and that’s why I’m alone*

  4. Noah Estrada

    Noah Estrada9 horas atrás

    This is why I DESPISE group projects!🤣

  5. IMD ḔṖḭḉ ḠḀṁḕṙ

    IMD ḔṖḭḉ ḠḀṁḕṙ11 horas atrás

    She should've just speed the audio ×4. Simple.

  6. Angeline Olazaba

    Angeline Olazaba18 horas atrás

    Im not in college cuz im 9

  7. Gabriel lazy Bones

    Gabriel lazy Bones20 horas atrás

    What if bloodrayne and renesmae know about ur channwl amd was teying ti be funny?

  8. Green Z

    Green Z22 horas atrás

    I like how people are saying Jayden is a annoying girl name but it’s a boy name xdd

  9. Ferdi Kellerman

    Ferdi KellermanDia atrás

    Did you put a side note saying you did everything

  10. Rixilia

    RixiliaDia atrás

    Blood Rain

  11. Emma's Music

    Emma's MusicDia atrás

    Jayden I'm sorry I'm sure your wonderful but Google has spoken

  12. Jake Smith

    Jake SmithDia atrás

    Fgjtf I was Horvath

  13. Art Sandalita

    Art SandalitaDia atrás

    Teacher: you have a group project. My friends in my class: yesssssssss! Me: *glares at them* crap

  14. purrfectluck AJPW

    purrfectluck AJPWDia atrás

    Welcome to college where everyone is 10x smarter than you ... except those people in your group project :/

  15. Psy Discovery

    Psy DiscoveryDia atrás

    Omg did anybody see the name Jayden on the list from google lol I’m not trying to hate so pls don’t report me 😭😭😭😭

  16. ThumperTheRabbit

    ThumperTheRabbitDia atrás

    JadenAnimations: Look at this great audio Me overthinking that sentence: I didn't know you can look at audio

  17. jj awesome universe

    jj awesome universeDia atrás

    0:54 lo b u t RUDE

  18. xx MoonLightWolf xx

    xx MoonLightWolf xxDia atrás

    Jayden! I see your name up on there. Why is your name up on there.

  19. ibis miner

    ibis minerDia atrás

    *Continuous internal screaming*

  20. Nevin Abstract

    Nevin AbstractDia atrás

    0:56 Me:Looks at Katniss Everdeen Me again:Looks at Petta Mellark Katniss: *Points her bow at me* Me: Crap

  21. :V •

    :V •Dia atrás

    just be thankful i wasn't in your group

  22. DJ_Glitch

    DJ_GlitchDia atrás

    I’m so sorry 4 u

  23. Amelia Morris

    Amelia MorrisDia atrás

    This'll be me

  24. Cemi Edits

    Cemi EditsDia atrás

    Props to me! I'm Spanish and bilingual.. on English. Obviously.

  25. Sparkle The Cat

    Sparkle The CatDia atrás

    *pain&suffering: Jaiden*

  26. Ender Gaming

    Ender GamingDia atrás

    The cliff of Uhh... (JAIDEN I don’t think you can say that now)

  27. Caelanthe Cool

    Caelanthe CoolDia atrás

    0:53 it said jaiden

  28. Adriana Stache

    Adriana StacheDia atrás

    Jaiden: googles most annoying girl names Google: Jaiden Jaiden: pretends like it never hapened

  29. Kaylee Tang

    Kaylee TangDia atrás

    Bloodrayne is such a cool name tho XD it's like blood rain

  30. tom vr and more

    tom vr and more2 dias atrás


  31. pyro Rogers

    pyro Rogers2 dias atrás

    It turned 11:30 when you said that

  32. gigi_ edits

    gigi_ edits2 dias atrás

    Oof Google has spoken...😬

  33. Myst

    Myst2 dias atrás

    I think the website meant like.. the NAMES themselves are annoying, like how they sound, not necessarily the person :v

  34. I like nougat

    I like nougat2 dias atrás

    God, I respect you so much. I would kill myself before I do an ENTIRE group project with a week, let alone ONE DAY.

  35. Sally Sue

    Sally Sue2 dias atrás

    8:39 Gold 😂 this is just pure gold

  36. Fried Rice

    Fried Rice2 dias atrás

    W H A T T H E F R I G


    DERICK BALLADARES2 dias atrás

    You have a great video

  38. Dylan Walling

    Dylan Walling2 dias atrás

    I was in a group project with this other kid, we had to put together a PowerPoint presentation about who we are, what we like etc. I got my slides done in two days and I relaxed for a bit. The kid that I was working with didn’t do his slides, and we had to rush it right before class because he didn’t tell me that he didn’t do it. I’m just glad I’m not the only one in the world who has had that one kid in my group who didn’t do the work.

  39. Logan

    Logan2 dias atrás

    Props to Jaiden

  40. Ari Chan

    Ari Chan2 dias atrás

    Hi im Ariel and i want to be youtuber what can i do to success m

  41. Bluecatninja

    Bluecatninja2 dias atrás

    At 0:54 for one of the most annoying girl names it was Jayden, I’m sorry but google has spoken

  42. Ninja KI

    Ninja KI2 dias atrás

    Hmm apparently you can finish a pizza at the rate of a Jaden video😞😓

  43. MegaGames

    MegaGames2 dias atrás

    3:38 mispelled "meeting" is making me uncomfortable

  44. Joey Mariani

    Joey Mariani2 dias atrás

    What did u major in

  45. Toad ab

    Toad ab2 dias atrás

    Jaiden:”Sorry girls but, I hope you fail.” Wow.

  46. Amber Young

    Amber Young2 dias atrás

    Life ain’t fun Life ain’t fun Life ain’t fun Life ain’t fun Life ain’t fun

  47. G3HERO :D

    G3HERO :D2 dias atrás

    Probs to biangular? I learn 4 languages in school and i hate it._. save me...

  48. G3HERO :D

    G3HERO :DDia atrás

    @He Zhenni nope.. i have to learn it cuz im in a school focused on languages.. i only found that out 3 years after beeing in that school... they never us that this school is language focused.. i hate it...

  49. He Zhenni

    He ZhenniDia atrás

    Dude rip... I spoke 2 languages since birth and learning a third one is really hard... do you have an asian mom by any chance

  50. SkoPie

    SkoPie3 dias atrás

    I had a reverse experience. I needed to do a group project with someone in my class. I knew this guy, and he was really nice. But, listen my children. I said “Hey man, I will to 5 chapters and you do the other 5 chapters. I will do the editing, and youto the design. Equal right? We said that the first 2 days we will start doing a rough copy of it the whole thing. But do you wanna know what this “goody 2 shoes does?” He does the WHOLE project in 2 days. I didn’t know what I felt. I was kinda mad though. This makes me look like the bad guy because I didn’t do anything because I just completed the ROUGH COPY. And what do you know? WE PLANED THAT WE WOULD BOTH BE DONE OUR ROUGH COPYS BY NOW. BOT THE WHOLE FREAKING PROJECT. I was so mad. The teacher understood, and put me in a different group, and I was happy in this group because I already got some work done. But every once in a while he would say “YOU SHOULD BE THANKFUL” no. Of course I am not. Tell me in replies. Are you on my side?

  51. A Pointless Review

    A Pointless Review3 dias atrás

    You know you’ve flipped Jaiden off the edge when she says the T word.

  52. CrazyComedyKid

    CrazyComedyKid3 dias atrás

    Group projects when you are an absolute nerd suck, especially when the other people in the group know "Hey, this guy in my group is super smart!" and so they fob the work off onto you, no matter how much they know about the topic.

  53. Floofy Booper

    Floofy Booper3 dias atrás

    and this is why I absolutely hate group projects :D

  54. Daniel Fullerton

    Daniel Fullerton3 dias atrás

    0:54 *googles most annoying fuel names, comes up with Jayden* BTW, I have nothing wrong with that name, and anyway, you're jaiden. With an I.

  55. Booga04 Minecraft

    Booga04 Minecraft3 dias atrás

    0:54 at least your name is spelled with an i and not a y xD

  56. superhyper metalsonic

    superhyper metalsonic3 dias atrás

    0:54 I for some reason think that's both dumb and funny how her name was there

  57. Jum-B

    Jum-B3 dias atrás

    I hog all the work when I'm in a group project

  58. lps Harriet

    lps Harriet3 dias atrás

    Omg I searched most annoying boy names and one was Jayden sorry 😐

  59. T.W.F Wrestling

    T.W.F Wrestling3 dias atrás

    cześć jaiden jestem wielkim fanem im z polski, a moim drugim językiem jest angielski Translate: Hi jaiden im a big fan im from poland and my 2nd language is english Ile by to było, gdyby to był uchwyt do drewna Translation: How much would a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

  60. YøShi Na

    YøShi Na3 dias atrás

    0:52 It said Jaiden Welo I guess your annoying.

  61. Mixer Craft

    Mixer Craft3 dias atrás

    And I can speak both with accent.

  62. Mixer Craft

    Mixer Craft3 dias atrás

    I’m bilingual in mandarin and English

  63. Samantha Hull

    Samantha Hull3 dias atrás

    I love your professor

  64. Ava has a life

    Ava has a life3 dias atrás

    Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

  65. horrorkesh

    horrorkesh3 dias atrás

    Ya hockey puck

  66. The magical artist

    The magical artist4 dias atrás

    On the top it said Jayden on 0:54.

  67. T_A_34

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  68. Astro Link

    Astro Link4 dias atrás

    should have just done it and say they died in a fire

  69. Jason Houle

    Jason Houle4 dias atrás

    I forgot what I was going to say.

  70. T_A_34

    T_A_343 dias atrás

    This is sad

  71. Naufahu Fonua

    Naufahu Fonua4 dias atrás


  72. Olivia S

    Olivia S4 dias atrás

    this gave me anxiety.

  73. WeinSim

    WeinSim4 dias atrás

    6:37 well yes, but actually no. ok it really depends. I'm from Germany, and after learning English at school for 5 years (during the last 3 of which I learned nothing) and watching many hours of english yt videos every day, I hardly see English as a foreign language anymore. It's just so incredibly easy. But I guess if you are Japanese and try to learn German - wait actually aren't asians good at everything? anyways, I think learning german is generally like pretty much impossilbe and I feel sorry for anyone out there having a hard time learning German.

  74. kittycupcake lover

    kittycupcake lover4 dias atrás


  75. Skylxr

    Skylxr4 dias atrás

    Neveah was one of the annoying names and i know a neveah and she rlly annoying

  76. Landatron

    Landatron4 dias atrás

    Didn't you kinda take the whole project on yourself

  77. Garrett Metting

    Garrett Metting4 dias atrás

    Is this what I have to look forward to in college

  78. SpiderHeros Jenks

    SpiderHeros Jenks4 dias atrás

    Who else thinks Jaiden should be In life is fun

  79. Gibson Gold

    Gibson Gold4 dias atrás


  80. Iron Kid677

    Iron Kid6774 dias atrás

    I get scared when the teacher picks groups cause I’m not very popular and most people don’t like me so I get scared I’ll get grouped up with one or more of my bullies...

  81. Neve Robinson

    Neve Robinson4 dias atrás

    I don’t do stuff like that cause I’m an 8 year old

  82. JustForFun

    JustForFun4 dias atrás

    6:55 *is that james*

  83. MrDoggie Games

    MrDoggie Games4 dias atrás

    This is why im scared to work in a group

  84. Jocelyn Mcroberts

    Jocelyn Mcroberts4 dias atrás

    I am watching this on the yay.... OKAY I'M STILL HERE