My Parents Tried To Make Me Have Their Baby...


  1. Gabbie Hanna

    Gabbie Hanna7 meses atrás

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  2. Cl0udyyy

    Cl0udyyy19 dias atrás

    Gabbie Hanna that’s not funny joking about incest

  3. its me

    its me2 meses atrás

    Would rather die than keep up with your bullshit

  4. Kirsten Tippit

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    I do this to

  5. Amy Steffens

    Amy Steffens3 meses atrás

    No wonder you are so artistic girl!! Wow

  6. Tristan Tran

    Tristan Tran5 dias atrás

    Your nose...

  7. Samuel Morris

    Samuel Morris6 dias atrás

    *Had a normal dream* Gabbie: I have lucid dreams and can predict what happens next

  8. Ben Travers

    Ben Travers7 dias atrás

    This is the peak of BRreporter. nothing better than this can come from the platform.

  9. Mr Burns

    Mr Burns7 dias atrás

    This bitch crazy

  10. inuyasha smith

    inuyasha smith8 dias atrás

    I love mewtwo

  11. Raiden Kawanaka

    Raiden Kawanaka8 dias atrás

    wtf ur weird asf

  12. Selk

    Selk8 dias atrás

    Did I ask

  13. A J

    A J8 dias atrás

    didn't ask

  14. William Tishgart

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  15. the five vibes gaming channel !

    the five vibes gaming channel !8 dias atrás

    Did she play in San and cat

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    Anthony Fernandez8 dias atrás

    @gabbie Hanna oh

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  18. General Kenobi

    General Kenobi8 dias atrás

    Do me a favor, shut the fuck up.

  19. Sad man yo The

    Sad man yo The8 dias atrás

    You see what you want to see and notice what you want to notice. Think your psychic cause some of your dreams come true. How many don’t? It’s coincidence at best, you ignore anything that doesn’t line up with what you want to be true and take anything that does to be an immediate verification.


    JOE MADDOG9 dias atrás

    I was in love with gabby until I watched this video. 😳she’s a Weirdo.

  21. Rwy801998

    Rwy80199811 dias atrás

    Hey, maybe stop click baiting people for views. Sad

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  23. Itz AJ

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    Who came from @realbakinghours instagram meme

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    god you’re trashy

  25. Rioghna Lyons

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    I KNOW IM SOOO LATE BUT I NEED GABBIE TO HEAR THIS!! IN SHEPHERDSTOWN WEST VIRGINIA THERE IS A SPOT IN FRONT OF A CHURCH WHERE A MOM ELEPHANT DIED, (I'm going to speak regularly now that I've gotten your attention) and there was this circus that this elephant was from and they went through the main street of this little town. This mommy elephant ran from the group and laid down on the grass right in front of the church. she would NOT budge and they finally left her there to die. Way later, her baby came into the same town and sat in the exact same spot refusing to move. It's part of the ghost tours in Shepherdstown if y'all want to check it out! PLEASE LIKE TO HELP GABBIE!!

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    Here because of Instagram

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  28. Penguin-Schlupp Studio

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    I clicked on it thinking WTF?!

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    Who from Insta ⬇️

  30. Pussy Master

    Pussy Master21 dia atrás

    I just came for the memes

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    What the fuck man I ain’t even gonna watch this shit

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  34. Jonathan Mendoza

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    She’s desperate isn’t she

  35. Beanosthepengus

    Beanosthepengus22 dias atrás

    This happens to me all the time 👀

  36. Lowks

    Lowks22 dias atrás

    The baby would come out looking like shit you ugly ass bitch i rather eat shit than look at your face

  37. Sunmoon Oh

    Sunmoon Oh22 dias atrás

    Oh it’s a fucking dream wow epic Jesus no wonder David stopped putting you in his vlogs

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    fucking skeez

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    Who came here for the memes?

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    Attention seeker 🤦🏻‍♀️

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    how do you have 6 million subscribers 😷

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    This shit is littered with ads hell nah

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    they do anything for clout-offset

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    This bitch should just move to an island with no fucking wifi and a bunch of deadly animals

  45. Xx RangoNLevi06 xX

    Xx RangoNLevi06 xX22 dias atrás

    I’m gonna tell u about the time my parents tried to impregnate me with my brother. (Pornhub opening)

  46. Grace Taylor

    Grace Taylor22 dias atrás

    Are you serious 😑

  47. Kriptos Bear

    Kriptos Bear23 dias atrás

    Can you like, delete yourself please.

  48. ian spangler

    ian spangler23 dias atrás

    Gabbie has dream... “I now know what it feels like to be dying and leaving this earth”

  49. Briley Lufsey

    Briley Lufsey23 dias atrás

    This is SaD

  50. ayy lmao

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  51. R0Y H0DGS0N

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  52. Disney

    Disney25 dias atrás

    Any female born after 1993 can't cook all they know is McDonalds charge they phone twerk be bisexual eat hot chip and lie

  53. el ggg214167

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  54. Michelle

    Michelle25 dias atrás

    the intro was so serious then u added that animation thing, i found it very chucklesome.

  55. bellaxo

    bellaxo26 dias atrás

    i think the reason your having nightmares is because your trying to

  56. Alex Friesen

    Alex Friesen26 dias atrás

    This was very alarming and now I’m kind of pissed that I got clickbaited over a fake video that’s titled with such a serious and REAL!! Topic

  57. Sniff Arse

    Sniff Arse26 dias atrás

    Yeah my parents once impregnated me in a dream but when I woke up they had surgically installed a female womb in me and actually literally impregnated me and I gave birth to my grandma

  58. Noa Mazur

    Noa Mazur26 dias atrás

    Who here from an ig meme

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    yo what the fuck

  60. Nick _CIA

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    Wow look at that nose she got there it’s almost bigger than the bullshit she bestowed upon us

  61. Its Mentz

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    be a better human please

  62. All Magnus

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    shut the fuc up you dumb bitch

  63. Ibrahim Kamara

    Ibrahim Kamara27 dias atrás

    if I see my dream they sometime come true but not the way I want it

  64. Jad4n

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    ur a stupid bitch