My Poetry Teacher


  1. Craig Roberts

    Craig Roberts6 minutos atrás

    you:lets see the song:the song ytghuijgvhbgfvbnvgdcghfxdgnmhgbrfgbh:you wow

  2. Craig Roberts

    Craig Roberts14 minutos atrás

    suped kid:My dog did ME:YYYYYY u kill *crys*

  3. Moon Star

    Moon StarHora atrás

    any one saw tabbes there at 3:22?

  4. Eric Laines

    Eric LainesHora atrás

    Am I the only one that noticed tabbes... 3:21 Only me ok I'll go now

  5. _ CJEMM5D _

    _ CJEMM5D _2 horas atrás

    4:41 you think that's only in prep school? Earlier this year we read a book or poem (i don't remember) and we spent 3 DAYS analyzing a SINGLE SENTENCE which was FIVE WORDS LONG!

  6. _ CJEMM5D _

    _ CJEMM5D _2 horas atrás

    I go to a public school

  7. _ CJEMM5D _

    _ CJEMM5D _2 horas atrás

    Our teacher mr.stutz let's us just call him stutz

  8. emma and kyleigh

    emma and kyleigh2 horas atrás

    I went to a privet school most of my life 4 years and I’m 8

  9. John wilfred Noble

    John wilfred Noble3 horas atrás

    It’s Like A Song But Not In 0:38

  10. Nora Consivido

    Nora Consivido4 horas atrás


  11. Kim Lazur

    Kim Lazur5 horas atrás

    Answer is anyone can dig a ditch by take a real land to hide a body

  12. fazegamerboy42

    fazegamerboy425 horas atrás

    good joke

  13. EpicNovel Nick

    EpicNovel Nick6 horas atrás

    Anyone can dig a ditch It takes a real man to Be A B****

  14. Orcas Rule

    Orcas Rule6 horas atrás

    Did anyone else read the paper on 4:45? The fitness gram pacer test is....

  15. FineMan

    FineMan6 horas atrás

    "Poetry was dumb But at least I learned something How to write haikus" I just got that joke

  16. Battle_axe X47

    Battle_axe X476 horas atrás

    "Why am I perfectly nit picking this piece when the poet purposely put poor punctuation in this poem PTERODACTYL" I forgot this saying after listening to this about 43 times

  17. Chayton Jukich

    Chayton Jukich7 horas atrás


  18. cheapo bok

    cheapo bok7 horas atrás

    Anyone can dig a ditch but it takes a real man to sell their Pokémon pants. (Ps.I have to do french

  19. Emily Molina

    Emily Molina7 horas atrás

    OMG at 3:27 it was like ok my poetry teacher blah blah blah... ill name him Mr.... I'm thinking "Poe" and then he is like POE!!! WHat? Ok now im just overeacting.

  20. bonnie the gamer bunny

    bonnie the gamer bunny7 horas atrás

    idk why you ask

  21. Dylan Marshall

    Dylan Marshall8 horas atrás

    4:44 read the paper lol

  22. Al Wu

    Al Wu8 horas atrás

    Any man can dig a ditch but it takes a real men to ....see a unicorn 🦄

  23. Jahsiah Bowie

    Jahsiah Bowie9 horas atrás

    4:26 PENISES!!! Snakes have two penises!! I learned that from Ellen

  24. Charlotte Video's

    Charlotte Video's9 horas atrás

    Am I the only one who paused to see what it said? "THE FITNESSGRAM PACER TEST IS A-" 4:44

  25. Alex Gaming

    Alex Gaming10 horas atrás

    I think its dig?

  26. billie eilish lover

    billie eilish lover10 horas atrás

    *well, **-fRiKiN-*

  27. Andrew Evans

    Andrew Evans11 horas atrás


  28. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe12 horas atrás

    It takes a real man to dig a Grinch

  29. Elie •

    Elie •13 horas atrás

    I didn't know he had a little sister lmao


    OUTLAW GAMING13 horas atrás

    Be a ditch

  31. Ally Isaac

    Ally Isaac13 horas atrás

    0:12 look at the scores 😂

  32. Chris Ridley

    Chris Ridley14 horas atrás

    I completely understand how you feel

  33. Crystals dimond

    Crystals dimond14 horas atrás

    There is a one story house everything's pink beds are pink walls are pink floors are pink but what colors the stairs??? Itsa riddle I want YOU to solve it... It's simple and I will like your comment if you get it right


    COMEDY KING13 horas atrás


  35. Larry fuentes

    Larry fuentes14 horas atrás


  36. Judah Wooden

    Judah Wooden14 horas atrás

    It’s good your not a teacher you would be EVIL

  37. Eli G.

    Eli G.15 horas atrás

    5:15 nice alliteration.

  38. Billy The bob

    Billy The bob15 horas atrás

    Also at 3:49. BeYbLaDe BeYbLaDe LeT iT RiP

  39. Billy The bob

    Billy The bob15 horas atrás

    @ 0:40 there’s a breloom

  40. Luis Limon

    Luis Limon15 horas atrás

    Most Useless Class one can take ? Gender Studies and Philosophy 😂

  41. Andrea Lay

    Andrea Lay16 horas atrás

    Hey james ay like your videos

  42. Fuchi

    Fuchi16 horas atrás


  43. FreddyTheFrog

    FreddyTheFrog16 horas atrás


  44. Yzavela Garzon

    Yzavela Garzon17 horas atrás

    *"You make me feel like a man, Archie.*

  45. Foostinator

    Foostinator17 horas atrás

    0:56 stop it

  46. xxNascar_Fan_18 xx

    xxNascar_Fan_18 xx17 horas atrás

    *My man with the 69 joke in 2017*

  47. Evy Evy

    Evy Evy17 horas atrás

    The odd 1s out is cool in skool

  48. Death Bot_1418

    Death Bot_141817 horas atrás

    I just watched the sooudway video and then I get a sooubway add!

  49. Hossam Hazem

    Hossam Hazem18 horas atrás

    Anyone can dig a ditch , but it takes a real man to fuck a bitch

  50. Š_eÅn•_ŁBR / SeanLBR

    Š_eÅn•_ŁBR / SeanLBR18 horas atrás

    in the philippines a prep school is to prepare yourself for kindergarten

  51. Lover Gacha2536

    Lover Gacha253620 horas atrás


  52. yousef mohamed

    yousef mohamed20 horas atrás

    I dunno maybe it's Anyone can dig a ditch but it takes a man to fill it (I saw someone down in the comments with same answer)

  53. F S

    F S20 horas atrás

    I think it is 'Any man can dig a ditch but it takes a real man to get out of it.'

  54. Robert Groat

    Robert Groat21 hora atrás

    It was many and many a year ago, In a kingdom by the sea, That a maiden there lived whom you may know By the name of Annabel Lee; And this maiden she lived with no other thought Than to love and be loved by me. I was a child and she was a child, In this kingdom by the sea, But we loved with a love that was more than love- I and my Annabel Lee- With a love that the wingèd seraphs of Heaven Coveted her and me. And this was the reason that, long ago, In this kingdom by the sea, A wind blew out of a cloud, chilling My beautiful Annabel Lee; So that her highborn kinsmen came And bore her away from me, To shut her up in a sepulchre In this kingdom by the sea. The angels, not half so happy in Heaven, Went envying her and me- Yes!-that was the reason (as all men know, In this kingdom by the sea) That the wind came out of the cloud by night, Chilling and killing my Annabelle Lee. But our love it was stronger by far than the love Of those who were older than we- Of many far wiser than we- And neither the angels in Heaven above Nor the demons down under the sea Can ever dissever my soul from the soul Of the beautiful Annabel Lee; For the moon never beams, without bringing me dreams Of the beautiful Annabel Lee; And the stars never rise, but I feel the bright eyes Of the beautiful Annabel Lee; And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side Of my darling-my darling- my life and my bride, In her sepulchre there by the sea- In her tomb by the sounding sea.

  55. Callum Wittenbrink

    Callum Wittenbrink22 horas atrás

    5:52 Did anyone else read this???

  56. Callum Wittenbrink

    Callum Wittenbrink22 horas atrás

    In primary school me and my friend always thought that this lady that came into our school for an hour to teach music was on crack or something. Like she was skittish and always had the stoner eyes she was weird.

  57. Paul Borst

    Paul Borst23 horas atrás

    *Anyone can dig a ditch, but it take a real man to climb out of one and build a bridge.*

  58. Dane Reeves

    Dane Reeves23 horas atrás

    My dog actually died this summer ahhhh

  59. Joel Beckwith Gaming

    Joel Beckwith GamingDia atrás

    Anyone notice the poem was what the guy says for the pacer test well played James well played XD

  60. Galactic_Ga

    Galactic_GaDia atrás


  61. Tessa Bak

    Tessa BakDia atrás

    5:52 thats actually pretty horrible

  62. Liudmila Lavrinenkova

    Liudmila LavrinenkovaDia atrás

    Anyone can dig a ditch, but only a real man can dig a cofin

  63. Cade TUCKER

    Cade TUCKERDia atrás

    the odd ones out. its it take a man to dig a ditch but it takes a real man to eat the dirt

  64. Mad-dog Marty

    Mad-dog MartyDia atrás

    Anyone can dig a ditch. Oh shot my spade broke

  65. Jane Hughes

    Jane HughesDia atrás

    I love ur vids ur so funny

  66. AlmondMoose Wmilk

    AlmondMoose WmilkDia atrás


  67. Janice Barlow

    Janice BarlowDia atrás

    The ending was super funny!

  68. faithfulshay82

    faithfulshay82Dia atrás

    Mine was one of the best in the state and my brother's was one of the best is the south

  69. faithfulshay82

    faithfulshay82Dia atrás

    But not to brag but you make it sound like yours was not as amazing as mine

  70. faithfulshay82

    faithfulshay82Dia atrás

    I went to a prep school too

  71. Underground fan09

    Underground fan09Dia atrás

    Anyone can dig a ditch It takes a real man to... Ditch a dig

  72. Noya Playz

    Noya PlayzDia atrás

    R.I.P earphone people

  73. kamixyz

    kamixyzDia atrás

    0:33 that actually happened in class except it was another student that said "yeah they do that"

  74. Madison Heldt

    Madison HeldtDia atrás

    Anyone can dig a ditch But it takes a real man to ... Get them self out Because the ditch is a metaphor for us wasting are time in life and “ digging a ditch” when we could be doing things with are life and it take a real man to try and “ get out of that ditch” and live there life to the fullest

  75. Mia Hinds

    Mia HindsDia atrás

    I used the internet

  76. Mia Hinds

    Mia HindsDia atrás

    The answer is dig his own grave

  77. JXICY Omega/brydoesgames

    JXICY Omega/brydoesgamesDia atrás

    The answer is call it home and a website said it the answer

  78. mrsprather206

    mrsprather206Dia atrás

    anyone can dig a dich but it takes a real man it call it home

  79. Ella Brent

    Ella BrentDia atrás

    Nobody: Literally nobody: James: PTERODACTYL

  80. Landon Adams

    Landon AdamsDia atrás

    To be a b

  81. Nash games

    Nash gamesDia atrás

    my dog is died 😭

  82. Midnight Jewel

    Midnight JewelDia atrás

    A haiku: how much can I fit , into a haiku format , oh no I’m out of.

  83. shadowgamer 1210

    shadowgamer 1210Dia atrás

    I saw a odd ones out shine in the back round 2:21 in the video

  84. Blazing Insane

    Blazing InsaneDia atrás

    5:52 read it thats sad and dark but still read it

  85. Bing Bing Chris

    Bing Bing ChrisDia atrás

    Omg you ised alliteration for the thing about the quotation marks, I just realized that

  86. Samurai studios

    Samurai studiosDia atrás

    Me no man but I still dig ditches

  87. Power Girl Productions

    Power Girl ProductionsDia atrás

    "Snakes have 2...neeeverrr mind" LMAOOO

  88. Benjamin Archer

    Benjamin ArcherDia atrás

    don't Subscribe to me im deleting my channel

  89. Rachael W

    Rachael WDia atrás

    Girl: My dog died Teachers: lol they do that

  90. Geo and Zigs

    Geo and ZigsDia atrás

    There was a plane which had only the pilot and co-pilot. The plane crashed, but 175 bodies where found. How is this possible?

  91. KJ VLOGS

    KJ VLOGSDia atrás

    At my school. Teachers aren't allowed to follow kids on any social media sites

  92. d l

    d lDia atrás

    Vhshshshav wvwgwvwgb3habebs wvs wvah egz ebaywh

  93. Pokémon Quest

    Pokémon QuestDia atrás

    Anyone can dig a ditch But it takes a real man To question yourself why the fuck you are digging the ditch in the first place.

  94. Emily the cat

    Emily the catDia atrás

    I went to a prep school... I'm transferring out this year. I kinda hated it. Drawing made me sane. IT WAS FOR NEARDS!!!!! No offence I was a nerd. QwQ

  95. Drake

    DrakeDia atrás

    Anyone can dig a ditch but it takes a real man to climb out. It’s pretty obvious when you think about it

  96. Marie Sacchitello

    Marie SacchitelloDia atrás

    Who else paused at 5:49 to read it

  97. Your boooy V3

    Your boooy V3Dia atrás

    Mr Poe more like mr hoe

  98. Splash Kids

    Splash KidsDia atrás

    5:16 oh god why

  99. Splash Kids

    Splash KidsDia atrás


  100. The Dank One

    The Dank OneDia atrás

    Anyone can dig a ditch But It takes a real man to Dig Deeper

  101. Fival The sick cat

    Fival The sick catDia atrás

    I have a pet ball python or royal python whatever you call it

  102. Alan Kidd

    Alan KiddDia atrás

    There's a marble skool in north Georgia