My Radiant Glow Foundation Routine | Jaclyn Hill


  1. Rebecca Carraway

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  2. Raquel D

    Raquel D2 dias atrás

    I followed many of these steps today and OMG!!!!!! I love your videos please keep them coming!!

  3. Raquel D

    Raquel D3 dias atrás

    30 seconds in I’m loving it because I can relate to hair breakage 😦

  4. Reagan DeLeon

    Reagan DeLeon5 dias atrás

    Can you film this eyeshadow look ?? I’m in love with it !! 😭❤️

  5. Sanela Bogdanovic

    Sanela Bogdanovic5 dias atrás

    Still my favourite video ever from you!😍❤🔥🎉

  6. Angelique Almanza

    Angelique Almanza8 dias atrás

    what primer did she use??

  7. Bravadas Wigs and Extensions

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    Love this routine! Can't believe I have seen your channel before !?!?

  8. Lara A

    Lara A11 dias atrás

    Such a beautiful and funny girl! :)

  9. Ateefa B

    Ateefa B11 dias atrás

    Why is everyone speaking German😂

  10. lisa schäfer

    lisa schäfer13 dias atrás

    You are so beautiful without make up

  11. Alexis Martinez

    Alexis Martinez18 dias atrás

    What primer did you use? Not sure if I missed you saying it

  12. Ji La

    Ji La19 dias atrás

    Which hair color do you use? Looks gorgeous!

  13. Joselyn Colvin

    Joselyn Colvin20 dias atrás

    Hi Jaclyn can you do an update black Smokey eye look

  14. Gloria Newton

    Gloria Newton20 dias atrás

    Sometimes the ho has GOT to GLOW❣️ 🤣

  15. Lily Tran

    Lily Tran22 dias atrás

    I tried the techniques u used but with different products but OMG MY MAKEUP STAYED FLAWLESS ALLLLLL DAY!! I have dry skin and my makeup usually gets all dried out at the end of the day 😵 but omg the complexion techniques really work. (Spraying setting spray on sponge, setting powder then finishing powder) I never say this but I am SHOOOOOOOK

  16. Christina Rodgers

    Christina Rodgers22 dias atrás

    What bronzer do you use?

  17. Alexaelyse

    Alexaelyse22 dias atrás

    Idk why I’ve never watched your videos. I really don’t have a logical reason. But I just learned sooooo much. And now I can’t find that Lancôme powder

  18. blocboy_ 123 bigley

    blocboy_ 123 bigley23 dias atrás

    Why does my face stay sticky no matter how long i wait? Is that normal?

  19. Hailey Markel

    Hailey Markel29 dias atrás

    Ur so pretty

  20. Esther Majek

    Esther Majek29 dias atrás

    I wish she would blow out her eyeshadow on the bottom lashes more, she always has squinty little eyes because she won’t do that!!!!

  21. Selena Leslie

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  22. Sara Meyer

    Sara MeyerMês atrás

    What color do you use in the Lancôme absolute powder? I am super fair, between 1 and 2 on the Fitzpatrick scale. I am not sure if pearl or peche would be better, so I’m wondering which one you use.

  23. Rachael boo

    Rachael booMês atrás

    hey jaclyn you're probably not going to see this but i'll try to make sure you see this message because i'm just gonna blast it all over your social media and youtube😂😭 i just really want to convey my thoughts and my story to you and hopefully it inspires you because i really do miss you and you're very very important to me okay real life shit i watch your videos every single day not kidding at least more than 7 times i would repeat and repeat all of the watched videos because you just fulfill my happiness i'm just soo in love with your products your personality your videos and most importantly the sillyness of you like no joke i'm so in love with your brush collection i literally rewatch the video where you introduce your new brush collection over 25 times at least no joke i swear you feel like a friend to me and that i'm not alone. alright so i'm going to tell you my story: i moved to Irvine 4 years ago not being able to live with my parents. it's just me my brother and my sister and ofc my mom's side my the family. but my family like my dad my mom my younger sister and most importantly my nanny isn't able to be with me and is literally across the globe because they aren't able to come as my dad isn't US citizen but my mom is but she is still isn't able to come because she has settled there. the reason we're here because my parents want us to have a better education. it was the most depressing time of my life a lot of shit happened to me there was a abusive moment in the fam that occur to me and best friends betraying me and it was just a lot and there was even a moment that i was suicidal but what really got me through is of course my family that lives across the globe but also you. your videos the way you make me laugh the way i feel when i put on makeup inspired by you. and ofc i'm in a good state now and there isn't any abusive issues anymore but i just wanted to let you know that you got me through the toughest time of my life and i just want to thank you for that. i know you're going through your tough times now having so much in your personal life but i just want to let you know that come back to youtube whenever you want and whenever you're fully comfortable and confident don't let youtube or work life stress you out because your mental state is more important than anything also and if you don't settle it now it will always be with you so i just want you to fully heal from wtv your going thru and really take care of yourself as you've taken care of me🖤🖤🖤😘

  24. Mata POLLOZ

    Mata POLLOZMês atrás

    You sucks

  25. Kamaryn Rohlfs

    Kamaryn RohlfsMês atrás

    Hey Jaclyn, can you do an updated skin care routine video ? Including products?

  26. Reejay Facundo

    Reejay FacundoMês atrás

    when I apply my kat von d shade & light contour powder with my damp sponge it gets patchy on my skin, Jaclyn howwww do you do it?

  27. Bitch Rants

    Bitch RantsMês atrás

    There’s no way I’m putting that Lancôme powder. It’ll make me ashy as fuck

  28. Abscess Banana

    Abscess BananaMês atrás

    Your video was decent until you tried to use the word "pounce" incorrectly. 😑😐😒😧


    MYRIAH NIKOLEMês atrás

    I'm probably all 2M views because I love this look so much. 😍

  30. Melanie Munich

    Melanie MunichMês atrás

    The one & only hatice schmidt send all the german viewers to you!😂 #teamhatineverstops❤️ Watch her video about your tutorial! 😆

  31. Maggie Oueik

    Maggie OueikMês atrás

    Need a tutorial on that eye look

  32. Mariam M Rizkalla

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    Is it just me who thinks she looks SO MUCH better without makeup?!

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  34. Alli Reid

    Alli ReidMês atrás

    Would love to see a video on this eye look!

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    Hey everyone! Shamelessly plugging my channel on here, hopefully you can check it out and support me, and if you guys have a channel, comment on my videos so i can check it out. we need to start supporting each other.

  36. Pro hairdressing

    Pro hairdressingMês atrás

    Can you do an updated skin care routine? To show us how you keep your skin clear being a makeup lover? ❤️

  37. günes

    günesMês atrás

    Hureee hauuu abb

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  39. Kayla Smith

    Kayla SmithMês atrás

    you exfoliate 4 days a week... girl

  40. Victoria Dauzat

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    What’s funny is I was going to ask how you do your hair like that because it is beautiful! Lol 😍 but for real

  41. Deanna Bradley

    Deanna BradleyMês atrás

    It looks great on u doll face but I would look like a bag of flour lmaooooo

  42. olfailub

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    I think that you look more beautiful without makeup

  43. Stephanie Adams

    Stephanie AdamsMês atrás

    I neeeed to know what you used for this eye look!!!

  44. S.

    S.Mês atrás

    So much foundation wasted... can‘t watch this my heart

  45. ashley rodriguez

    ashley rodriguezMês atrás

    Name of setting spray ???😭🖤 Delilah b? I didn’t understand her

  46. Cari Coss

    Cari CossMês atrás

    ashley rodriguez Lilah B A Glow Face Mist I think :)

  47. Zuck Me Off

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    She reminds me of Bella Hadid

  48. nephthys

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    Zuck Me Off more like Noah Cyrus

  49. Aph M

    Aph M2 meses atrás

    Which color Lancôme absolue powder did you use?

  50. Kaylee Nicole

    Kaylee NicoleMês atrás

    Aph M it’s the color “Peche” but it’s not on the website anymore💔

  51. Swimmer27

    Swimmer272 meses atrás

    Are you a lefty? I am all my leftys where you at?!

  52. Tamara Howell

    Tamara Howell2 meses atrás

    Hi Jaclyn,Have you ever tried any Youngblood products? I absolutely love their Loose Natural Mineral Foundation and Pressed Mineral Blush I have used it for yearsssss. I'd be very interested to see what your thoughts and opinion is! Cheers Tam :)

  53. Alicia Bitz

    Alicia Bitz2 meses atrás

    ... "I look like weird al" Hahahaah 😂😂

  54. Lucrecia Alcantar

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    Love your bloopers 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  55. Angelique Almanza

    Angelique Almanza2 meses atrás

    what primer did she use?

  56. raghad samy

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    This is basically how to do ur whole face makeup using a beauty sponge 😂 it is brilliant 😍

  57. Amanda Vrtis

    Amanda Vrtis2 meses atrás

    can you do an in depth tutorial on the eye look you are wearing its gorgeous!!!!

  58. Ryle Wilson

    Ryle Wilson2 meses atrás

    i don’t even wear make up and yet i’m soooooo in love with these videos 😍

  59. Brooke

    Brooke2 meses atrás

    can you please do a tutorial on the eye look you wore after your foundation if you haven't already? love it!

  60. heavenfxeyesforsale

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    Your makeup looks so good!

  61. Zeynep Coşman

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    ne çok konuştun aq tr senin yüzünden makyajı bırakır bizim ülkede olsan danlayi geçtin kdowowkdkdowskkd

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    and u talk so fast and so much girl just chill

  63. Linda Powell

    Linda Powell2 meses atrás

    you talk to muvh

  64. lisa lopes

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    love this video!!

  65. Sal D

    Sal D2 meses atrás

    Love your makeup look. Please do a tutorial

  66. Melissa Lindsey

    Melissa Lindsey2 meses atrás

    Can u PLEASE do a tutorial on your eyeshadow. I’m in love with this look and I’ve tried to mimic your look and it’s just not the same.

  67. Jacq Sm

    Jacq Sm2 meses atrás

    Your so pretty ! You look flawless before !

  68. Erika Maria Gonzalez Schemmel

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    Love you Jaclyn... please a video for women over 45😉

  69. MoMo

    MoMo2 meses atrás

    what primer was that?

  70. Joanne Deveau

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    Can you do a tutorial on this eye look? Please :)

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  72. Lilliz91

    Lilliz912 meses atrás

    I have tried the hourglass stuff and it just melts off of my skin. But then again i'm extremely oily.

  73. Angela Party

    Angela Party2 meses atrás

    Do you also wet the beauty blender or do you put a dewy mist on a dry beauty blender?

  74. Angela Ng

    Angela Ng2 meses atrás

    You look beautiful with red matte lipstick, signature

  75. lilly

    lilly3 meses atrás

    wow, your eyes look out of this world!

  76. Tori Newhouse

    Tori Newhouse3 meses atrás

    Can ANYONE tell me what I’m doing wrong with the Tarte Shape Tape?! My skin is dry, but I exfoliate, moisturize, prime, and apply with a damp sponge and it just emphasizes my pores so much and I want to love it so much

  77. Kaylee Nicole

    Kaylee NicoleMês atrás

    Tori Newhouse what primer are you using?

  78. Saul Herrera

    Saul Herrera3 meses atrás

    She's going to end up looking like her mother Lyn May applying to much mke up.😀😁😂

  79. Barbara Camargo

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    I love your videos!!! Brasil

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    Is there a eye tutorial for this? I love this look!!

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    Looove this video, I’ve watched it at last 3 times

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    I'm literally looking at so many different of your videos to write down bc my bdays coming up August 18th an get to spend 200$ for makeup

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    Do an updated skin care routine!


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    You’re beautiful !!

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    Which eyeshadows did you use?

  86. Areefa Singh

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    I dont see the Lancome powder anywhere on sephora...

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    You are so stunning. The pale green eyes and skin paired with the black hair has a very pretty Persian vibe to it.

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    Why is she so beautiful

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    Your entertaining like fr haha and omg you makeup goddess

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    I'm OBSESSED with this look

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    what colours are the hourglass foundations?

  93. Gil Hadad

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    Please watch my first youtube video!

  94. Maddie Heller

    Maddie Heller3 meses atrás

    I know this is an older video but for anyone who is watching and wants a primer that is more natural (and cheaper) I have been using aloe vera for months and it's amazing. It makes your skin so smooth and helps control oils.

  95. Alexandra C.L

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    I just love u and your personality 😄👏🏼😍❤️❤️❤️🤤

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    your gorgeous and your eye look is so good

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    You look so preety

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    How come you didn't put the link to the NARRSS highlighter cuz I want to purchase it lol

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    does anyone know what primer she used?

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    My primer makes me cake 😔

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    Please do some more GRWM videos I love them so much!! You're doing great and you're in my prayers!!