1. Giani Raul

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    Omfg that's so scary

  2. A Tale of 2 Sisters

    A Tale of 2 Sisters9 horas atrás

    Thank you lord, for Mary

  3. Izabella Peacock

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    Did you see Rebecca's face when she looked back at E? It was kinda funny.

  4. Rockstar555

    Rockstar55512 horas atrás

    Normal people: CLICKBAIT! Ohh, damn

  5. Ericka Lingwood

    Ericka Lingwood13 horas atrás

    You remind me of the lady Alice dubuque from the show medium

  6. Lila Ballard

    Lila Ballard14 horas atrás

    My teacher decided to once say you think you so smart but your really not. Now when relate to her I call her the dragon teacher

  7. Victoria Webb

    Victoria Webb16 horas atrás

    Is he called Enoch?

  8. toon animations

    toon animations21 hora atrás

    I had a chemestry/geo phys teacher who was so disorganised he lost EVERY assignment i gave him. He would also go on huge tangents and blame us

  9. akouek3

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  10. Diana F

    Diana FDia atrás

    How did this guy become a college professor?

  11. Lindsey Shoup

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    Ok well I found out who the man was... Eric Engel is this was him bc it had the same story and he was a communication teacher

  12. Just Quinn

    Just QuinnDia atrás

    I think I found the article that she was talking about. The teachers name is Eric (no wonder he's call Mr E)

  13. You did not see me on YouTube

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    I started middle school and I am almost half way done with my first year and in math, there would be this substitute I had for 2 times now but when I have to do a quiz and I turn it in, she writes down things like “Really?! Really?!” And put questions marks and more! And I would be so annoyed because she could have just been nice and said what I have done wrong. -_-

  14. the gaming snitchzel 1255

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    I would have slided that man

  15. TheBaconHair

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    I had a teacher name Mrs. Stark, when her husband Mr. Stark came my friends and I lied down and said *"Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good...."*

  16. Chicken man

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  17. Cati Da Duck

    Cati Da Duck2 dias atrás

    my teacher nearly taped someone an a chair with ductape cuz he where misbehaving. And no joke I was about to laugh out loud :p

  18. Jessica Ash

    Jessica Ash2 dias atrás

    Warning: Sorry this is a long anecdote. It was recently brought up over Thanksgiving. It was my Freshman year of high school I was in the only offered AP Biology class. I was super excited as there were only 2 other students from my 8th grade science teachers class that got into the AP class. Obviously, there were other students in the class from other classes. I loved science. Would do random experiments that annoyed my parents even though they bought the equipment. One of my favorites was a chemistry set that had multiple chemicals and experiments I could do. Anywho, back to the first day of class. The teacher wasn't in the class, everyone was chatting. Teacher walked in and upon thinking back to what this lady looked like makes me think of Umbridge for Harry Potter Order of the Phoniex, book description not the actress from the movie. Side note: the book wasn't even out yet during this time frame. She started taking role, I'm usually one of the 1st students called as my last name starts with an A. I was actually the 4th in this class, odd but nice. She stops before moving on, looks at me then asks if I'm related to so and so. "Yes he's my dad." "I see. Did you know we went to high school and college together?' "I'm sorry, no. Dad doesn't talk much about his time in high school or college."Again she replied with, "I see." It was an odd interruption. I would sometimes get asked if I was related to the dean of boys as we share the same last name but not once had anyone asked me about my dad. (That evening I had asked my dad if he remembered her. He didn't .) Class started with a conversion lesson. While we were working on the assignment she started asking questions about who my 8th grade teacher was and what grade I received as you had to have an A to get the class. As the week progressed it got weirder, bell hadn't even rung when she walked in. Many of the students were chatting. She then proceeds to call me out in front of everyone that I was being disruptive and needed to sit by myself in the front of her desk to learn respect. "WTF?" I remember all students staring at me as I moved up to the front. Some were whispering about what just happened. She didn't say anything go anyone. Mind you this has started before the bell had rung to signal the start of class. We then went over the work where she kept calling on me to answer. She would out right say that I was wrong and didn't understand how I got in this class. Finally another student spoke up saying how can she be wrong, I got the same answers. They can't all be wrong. Then other students started piping in saying they had the same answers and were confused how all the answers were wrong. She said that there must be a mistake and that I was cheating. She then had me go up to the board and show how I did my work. She had me do multiple problems before having me work on a problem that i had no idea how to do as we hadn't gone over It was the freaking 2nd day of class. She proceeded to say I shouldn't be in her class, that I wasn't smart enough. I sat down. I was angry, confused, and sad. I wanted to cry but didn't want to show that she had gotten to me. I didn't understand why she had just a problem with me. This treatment continued for the rest of week until Friday were she pulled me out of the room. The freshman consuleour was waiting. The teacher says that I don't deserve to be in her class. I'm being disrespectful, don't understand the material, and accused me of cheating but didn't have proof. I had no say. The consuleour excpets her story tells me to grab my stuff and bring me to until class where she proceeds to say in front of the students that I needed to be transferred due to behavior issues. Following my transfer for the about the 1st month, she would check in with my new teacher to see how I was doing. Mind you she was doing this in front of the class. No behavior problems but not doing well grade wise. This would be followed by snide comments about how she knew I shouldn't have been in her class and deserved to be in the dumber class. My current teacher finally got fed up with the interupptions and told her that the students in his class were not dumb and that it was not okay that she was in checking on a student she kicked out of her class instead of teaching her students. Every so often she would see me in the hall and give me dirty looks and sometimes say hope your liking the dumb class. She had me hating science. Not even my new teacher could get my love for it back and looking back he was a way better teacher then she ever was. I boxed up all my science things after this and had told my parents what had happened. My mum had talked to the counselor who said it was a personal decison of the teacher and couldn't be discussed. My dad was really annoyed having helped me all week with the conversion homework. As stated above that I asked time if he remembered her, he had been thinking about all week. He tracked down and pulled out his yearbook. He showed me a picture and asked if that was her. He then tells me she had a big crush on him in high school which was evident by the gushy note she wrote him. They were friendly but nothing more as he wasn't interested in dating and that she was 2 years younger. He went off to university. While in school he had enlisted. While he was in school he only went every other weekend. 2 years had passed when she showed up at the same univerisy. She had tracked him down. By this time he was dating my mum. Apparently she didn't handle this news well and threw a fit. Calling him all sort of names and telling him she only went to this school because of him. She thought he felt the same way. Super awkward. I guess she had kept tabs on him. This convo ended with him chuckling saying he had forgotten about it due to his aging years. He was still with friends with a college buddy, who had also enlisted, who remembered this happening. He told me that my dad got a decent amount of ribbing that he had a stalker and that he must be some sort of Romeo to drive a woman crazy. Long story short: my teacher kicked me out because she had a thing for my dad back in the day. An ending thought I wish I hadn't let her destroy my love of science.

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  20. UncurledYeti144 Continues

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    No I had a music teacher and we were doing a concert and I got homesick and she said the next day that I was crying like a baby and when there was a tornado watch she said to my friend “if you don’t stop talking the tornado will suck you up”when I heard her say that I got so mad I told her it’s just a tornado watch not a tornado warning and I was 7 yrs old when that happen

  21. Alejandro Escorza

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    Paul Engel

  22. Owl Power

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    I bet if he was still alive and they knew about him killing someone they would probably still take him as a teacher

  23. Kirsty Wylie

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    P!ssed IS A DARN SWEAR (sorry for shouting I'm just not allowed to listen to swears)

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    Yay u got mouth 😂 (ʘᴗʘ✿)(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

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    You should watch The Beanos meme cuz I I got to go get them done right now today

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    I thought my teachers were bad..

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    Im not sure if this is him but

  28. Ava Lewis

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    I am proud of the evolution of the English language and how people use it - JERKWAD Actually, though, I searched up this teacher, and it happened. He shot dead his student lover after she stopped seeing him, then shot himself. H.O.L.Y . S.H.I.T

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    Knock knock who is it its your your what YOUR NEXT

  30. George Barner

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    You finally got a mouth

  31. A non-posting channel

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    The name is: Eric Paul Engel. He was 43 at that time when he killed a man, fled to florida and.. Shot himself during a police standoff.

  32. fizzyslurpeeTM

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    Here's my bad teacher story: I had a teacher named ummmm let's call him j He would constantly make jokes and embarrass people for every little mistake like when he called my friend an old man for being tired and getting off topic for his crappy jokes. Like if that's your teacher | | | V

  33. isabella graedel

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    Jees that's scary

  34. Minerva Salazar

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    My friend told me that a teacher threw a stapler across the room when she was annoyed at them

  35. Minerva Salazar

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    No MY FRIEND irl

  36. Keturah Jackson

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    The Odd1sOut?

  37. Deacon Laber

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    He is the new joker

  38. A random wolf with pride

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    E = William Afton from Fnaf

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    Can you show me a picture of you show A picture OF E

  40. TwistedTwister

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    3:09 When you give the customer exactly what they wanted and then they say that they don't want it.


    SEANHACKZ6 dias atrás

    pretty sure it was him


    SEANHACKZ6 dias atrás

    article about rebeccas former teacher