My Video Went Viral. Here's Why


  1. Tyler Moore

    Tyler MooreHora atrás

    BRreporter’s CTR on these “surveys” has to be abysmal.. Rebrand that to a “rating” and YelpTube was born?! 👾

  2. Attila Gara

    Attila Gara2 horas atrás

    Few years ago I just bookmarked youtube/feed/subscriptions and there I see all the videos from the channels that I am subscribed to. What do other people do? Just go to home page and that is that?

  3. Patch

    Patch2 horas atrás

    I think everyone's just gotta do what they gotta do.

  4. 4jochen

    4jochen2 horas atrás

    Hello Derek, there is a YT Channel named "Eric Dubay" that is promoting an YT "Alternative" with blockchain ... in his Video ZQuE0wfjzf0 and he is using content and cut-outs from this, your, video and other science channels ! His channel and his rage against YT "blockchain promotion" video looks very suspicious and his video is promoting a Beta-Version of a Video-Scharing-Software .... Please comment with a "answer video" to that, IMHO, fraud. It looks like Bitconnect and another Ponzi Scheme = "Schnenballsystem". Or is there any truth in his rage against YT video ?

  5. Luke Stevenson

    Luke Stevenson4 horas atrás

    please no surveys on youtube

  6. Benjamin Brady

    Benjamin Brady4 horas atrás

    So basically, the only person who can actually predict the BRreporter algorithm is Mr. Beast

  7. Benjamin Brady

    Benjamin Brady4 horas atrás

    Well it makes a lot of sense considering that you will see an ad at the beginning of a video nearly all of the time so a click is already money in the bank

  8. Loni D.

    Loni D.6 horas atrás

    Thanks for explaining. I actually clicked the bell, I don't normally cause wasn't sure what it was doing. But now it makes sense. Hope you tube gets better at matching viewers with content.

  9. R. Schuler

    R. Schuler7 horas atrás

    but it should be forbidden to do thumbnails that are in no way related to the video

  10. Biman H. Saikia

    Biman H. Saikia9 horas atrás

    You missed pewdiepie...

  11. Peter

    Peter9 horas atrás

    This is your livelihood - clickbaity thumbnails and titles WORK, so why would you not take that advantage? I don't understand why clickbaity T&Ts (titles and thumbnails) are looked down upon. The only time they are a negative factor is if you are baiting us into watching 1) a low quality video that 2) doesn't relate to the title/thumbnail (especially if the thumbnail implies sexual content). In both of those cases, the issue is more the VIDEO, and not the T&T, so if your video is high quality and relates to the title and thumbnail, then you are well within the expected social media etiquette.

  12. Hunter

    Hunter9 horas atrás

    You can go to your subscription feed and immediately see everything from your subscriptions.

  13. Ed Cupp

    Ed Cupp9 horas atrás

    I think maybe we're overthinking it a little bit, what icing is the algorithm mimics the law of attraction, whatever someone watches the algorithm will bring more of the same that's all I see

  14. Phantom Driver

    Phantom Driver11 horas atrás

    BRreporter algorithm; 2010: car crash videos 2011:Unboxing stuff 2012:Gagnam Style 2013:Unboxing the PS4 2014: Unboxing the XBOX ONE 2015: Useless crafting/DIY stuff 2016: Oddly Satisfying Videos 2017:Despacito 2018:More Despacito 2019: BRreporterrs trying to explain the youtube algorithm

  15. Bob Watts

    Bob Watts11 horas atrás

    Excellent video! SPOT ON!!! Need to get this out to as many people as possible!

  16. Mighty Coconut

    Mighty Coconut12 horas atrás

    Really helpful! I never even noticed the bell before. I definitely feel like a pigeon in the Skinner box.

  17. Aidan Newman

    Aidan Newman12 horas atrás

    I love the pigeon analogy. Really well thought out.

  18. DCMutE27

    DCMutE2713 horas atrás

    Bell rung

  19. Flacke

    Flacke13 horas atrás

    I can't believe more people don't use the bell. What's the point of subscribing if you don't?

  20. Tim Haigh

    Tim Haigh14 horas atrás

    This was incredible rich content. Thank you for the in-depth look at this topic. Please stay informative. Some of us still want long-form nuanced content.

  21. DrTurtleBee

    DrTurtleBee15 horas atrás

    Often I will specifically search for things, such as "how to make a mini fridge?" or "how does sandblasting work?" I'll then watch 5-6 videos on that topic many of which are very dry and non clickbaity and then find myself drifting towards other videos in the same genre. (Which is how I found your videos. searched for "how to heat your pool with solar" which eventually led to the balls video) So I think non clickbaity content makers still have a place on youtube. I'll be very sad if all I'll be able to see in the future is the click baity stuff and not more serious content.

  22. Pankaj Solanki

    Pankaj Solanki19 horas atrás

    Your Presentation style was awesome.

  23. Tomos Watkins

    Tomos Watkins20 horas atrás

    Literally the most accurate representation of youtube I've seen

  24. Momma Knows Bestest

    Momma Knows Bestest20 horas atrás

    How much are you making from these viral videos?

  25. Percunas

    Percunas20 horas atrás

    great points. not only will the algorithm change but also what "clickable" means. For example, when i do look for new stuff to watch now, i find myself activity avoiding overly clickbaity titles/thumbnails. btw, if YT broke your Sub-Box, you might want to try a RSS Reader, works for me so far.

  26. kukukachu

    kukukachu21 hora atrás

    Dude, you don't need to use any gimmicks. The things you talk about and the things you do are all the reason that you have all the subscribers you do. Just be yourself my dude.

  27. kukukachu

    kukukachu21 hora atrás

    Thank you very much for this video. Also, thank you very much for not monetizing it

  28. vshk

    vshkDia atrás

    It's not "why it went viral" but more like "how I made it so". More clickable topics and clickbait titles? See ya....

  29. Angela Reuss

    Angela ReussDia atrás

    It's not good for any platform to only show people only what they want... because: 1. Sometimes people don't know what they want until they see it 2. People will be closed into their own little naive and delusional world, and never learning the truth- or learning anything new.

  30. Angela Reuss

    Angela ReussDia atrás

    Do what you have to do to keep your channel going. Make your title click baity... just don't lie and people will continue watching you. :)

  31. megadeathx

    megadeathxDia atrás

    I'm 14:10 into this video and this guy says I'm only expected to stay for 7-9 minutes. Like... whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?

  32. SironNFuries

    SironNFuriesDia atrás

    I subscribe to channels that I want to track track of. Some months I'm in a mood for educational videos, some months I just want to see funny cat videos, so the BRreporter algorithm is always completely off for me. I scroll through my suggested videos and normally nothing appeals to me. So I tend to use my list of subscriptions, which is just channel names. I know these names and I'll click over to their page if I want to see what they've recently posted. And then I tend to binge watch their content. I do have somewhere around 80 subscriptions and I forget some of them, so when I see a name I don't remember I also click over to see what content they have and if I am no longer interested - and end up reminding myself why I subscribed in the first place. In this way, I still keep tabs on dormant or infrequent creators. All this to say that the bell does not work for all viewers. I will never always be in the mood to watch every video from a creator. I do wish there was a better way to find new content than searching random phrases.

  33. MrTokitoriki

    MrTokitorikiDia atrás

    I rang the bell... no one answered... :D

  34. Dead Ringer -Cult of Deathrattles

    Dead Ringer -Cult of DeathrattlesDia atrás

    *_Anybody else notice that Veritasium's Element is "Ve42?" Like particularly "42" part. It sounds a lot like "Thoughty2" another educational channel, but that's two people with this suspicious "42" number in thier name_* Am I late?? Do I get whooshed for this? Because I'm jsut bos noticing. ---i know they are quite obviously two different people, I'm jsut commenting on the 42

  35. Reeve Miller

    Reeve MillerDia atrás

    _ _ \_(!!)_/

  36. W. T. O.

    W. T. O.Dia atrás

    I am so sick of BRreporter/Google/Alphabet. They are money grubbing whores destroying quality channels by putting pressure on you to prostitute yourselves to remain relevant, EVEN THOUGH... you already are based on the content you're providing. I am so sorry mate that you have to stoop to BRreporter's pathetic standard in order to keep your channel going or "Relevant". However, don't cheapen yourself chasing clicks with misleading titles. Tie in this channel with your website, offer subscriptions via email, and engage your viewers via this comment section and vlog. You have a story in a different state, go visit that state and pick one of your subscribers to join you. Just rethink your gameplan and leave the cheap crap for the losers. Namaste!

  37. David

    DavidDia atrás

    This just in. The bell doesn't work anymore. BRreporter is dying.

  38. RaineXHero

    RaineXHeroDia atrás

    I feel like I must be the only person who uses the Subscriptions tab.

  39. 10-AHOLIC

    10-AHOLICDia atrás

    Can you ring my bell?


    APTECHTVDia atrás

    another video that I will recommend:


    APTECHTVDia atrás

    and if U R just going to type a REPLY of how smart of We R@APTECH on-TV then don't forget to chick on the notification bell AFTER U Subscribe( Just do it GodDamit )

  42. florex

    florexDia atrás

    I've watched some of your videos way back and I have to admit that for a time I even forgot about your channel ;(. I think that's part of your described problem: with so much content to choose from, as soon as you start not watching something regularly anymore, you start to forget about it until the BRreporter Algorithm serves you one of those videos again... Now I'm watching all of the missed videos hahaha. You're now my only channel, I hit the bell because your videos are damn good! Please keep making them!

  43. Dead Ringer -Cult of Deathrattles

    Dead Ringer -Cult of DeathrattlesDia atrás

    So much honesty. (Cries a single PERFECTLY SHAPED tear)

  44. Dennis Ulijn

    Dennis UlijnDia atrás

    Would be nice if BRreporter gave creators the option to have different titles for different people, like a non-clickbait title for notification squad, interesting titles for subscribers and clickbait titles for non subscribers

  45. Ramix09

    Ramix09Dia atrás

    I always saw the youtube algorithm as the neural net, but it's actually a program tweaking the parameters on another neural net that is the content creators. Great video

  46. Firasat Hussain Chishti

    Firasat Hussain ChishtiDia atrás

    Nice video

  47. 1000 subscribers with no videos challenge

    1000 subscribers with no videos challengeDia atrás

    I rung the bell.

  48. CrazyDualWielder

    CrazyDualWielderDia atrás

    Any one notice the beep at 1:52

  49. Karen Reddy

    Karen ReddyDia atrás

    I'm so thankful for your content!

  50. thePlanetraveler. com

    thePlanetraveler. comDia atrás

    I laughed when you said, "The point of this video is to ring the bell." Because that's exactly what I was thinking. Honestly, I don't care if you have click bait thumbnails as long as the videos are good.

  51. grégoire Denécheau

    grégoire DenécheauDia atrás

    I was honestly impressed by the quality of the video. I enjoyed it. It was realy clearly explained and interesting ! I had seen youtube content before complaining about the new algorithm without really explaining what was wrong, and thanks to you, I finally understood. I won't click the bell because I'm some sort of casual youtube user and don't want to be spammed with notifications, but I'll regularly check your videos, because I am sure some of them will interest me.

  52. As 123

    As 123Dia atrás

    Nice to sweet plese one click icon

  53. Frizzable

    FrizzableDia atrás

    holy crap this video is so accurate. well done.

  54. SURVIVING Julie Silversmyth

    SURVIVING Julie SilversmythDia atrás

    Yeah... and the bell doesn’t even work anymore.

  55. Man Spider

    Man SpiderDia atrás

    Why does your channel not have a bell?

  56. Volbla

    VolblaDia atrás

    There is another way to always get notified of of your subscriptions' uploads, and that is to always go to the subscription tab and never use the youtube main page. Protip free of charge.

  57. Volbla

    VolblaDia atrás

    If you give it more than a moment's thought, isn't it kind of obvious that click through rate only gauges how catchy the title and thumbnail is? And though i guess that is important if your goal is to get people to click on something that they have never seen or heard of before, should that be your biggest goal? I was going to suggest viewer satisfaction as a possible metric, perhaps measured by whether a viewer like, favourite, subscribe or watch more of the uploader's videos, but maybe that is more useful for individual viewer preference rather than what videos get widely promoted.

  58. MathPencil - Mathematical sense

    MathPencil - Mathematical senseDia atrás


  59. Roxanne Morgan

    Roxanne MorganDia atrás

    Very informative,really appreciate all the creativity you put into the presentation. Thank you!

  60. Mattia Spinelli

    Mattia SpinelliDia atrás

    I also thought you stopped making videos and was even sad about it. I even check regularly your page, but somehow the new stuff is not put to the front. I have to really look for it. I miss the time when after subscribing I would get notifications.

  61. Tyler Durden

    Tyler DurdenDia atrás

    I am not gonna lie, I will be stealing that paper board idea some time in future.

  62. nawack1

    nawack1Dia atrás

    We as an audiance have to think more but not let this Algo do it for us...

  63. Hukas01

    Hukas01Dia atrás

    Why hasn't rating been a thing? there's more much to know from a thumbs up and thumbs down. Also, the BRreporter home screen should be more topic driven, I like music, Art and physics/bio stuff, so I never look at the home screen. When I go to say Khan's Academy, it doesn't just give the most popular video's, I choose a topic and it gives me choices in those topics. tl:dr - give users categories.

  64. Christopher Field

    Christopher Field2 dias atrás

    Give us a tracker/vote/request stand alone app.

  65. Virtuoso

    Virtuoso2 dias atrás

    This will go viral for doubt about it:

  66. Francisco Arenas

    Francisco Arenas2 dias atrás

    your videos are great!. i think i've never took the time to really thank you for all your work. clicked the bell instantly! never noticed i haven't ha!

  67. Priya Yasmin x

    Priya Yasmin x2 dias atrás

    Loving this 😍🔥 Any small youtubers want to help each other out by subscribing 🙌🏾💖!!!

  68. Ariel Lorusso

    Ariel Lorusso2 dias atrás

    3:34 I almost died LoL

  69. Daniel A. Friedrich

    Daniel A. Friedrich2 dias atrás

    I unsubscribed some 3 years ago because your videos started feeling too mainstream to me but thanks to your viral video, I noticed your new amazingly original content. IMHO, originality is a big part of the clickbait factor, so I think it's great YT encourages creators to stay creative, reach new audiences and find new potentials.

  70. mickoz84

    mickoz842 dias atrás

    For me, this is the first video about the topic which was really objective and not just blaming BRreporter for making everything worse. Sure, the develop the ranking and recommendation algorithms, but they are interested in making the platform stronger. They don't have any interest in losing all the users to other platforms. And if they grow this is also better for the creators. One interesting point you brought in is that the youtubers got used to these high view counts and every change which reduces these counts is seen as a loss. But consider that there are more youtubers on the planet who maybe just in a prior phase of their potential success. They all fight for the same market and It would be bad if they got no chance because all the big youtubers (and there are a lot of them) taking already the lion-share. Maybe the subscriptions should have a different name. It should be called "liked channels", channels I'm interested in seeing more but not necessarily need to be informed of each new video. If I would get informed about each of the channels I have subscribed, I never would see a video from anybody else (and I have only a few subscriptions).

  71. Zombie Legend146

    Zombie Legend1462 dias atrás

    BRreporter: "Oh No, he's figured us out" "Quick, change the algorithm again."

  72. Saurabh Anand

    Saurabh Anand2 dias atrás

    You are the best!

  73. L C

    L C2 dias atrás

    Is this how our current president got elected?

  74. Bluestone Randomness

    Bluestone Randomness2 dias atrás

    0:54 DJ Nate fans?

  75. Dominik Černý

    Dominik Černý2 dias atrás

    So basically make interesting, fun and catchy videos

  76. Dominik Černý

    Dominik Černý2 dias atrás

    Damn, well done

  77. nady jose villar tavarez

    nady jose villar tavarez2 dias atrás

    I hope this does not make BRreporterrs all that subscribers hunters.

  78. nady jose villar tavarez

    nady jose villar tavarez2 dias atrás

    Why are there 3K thumbs down, makes no sense, you watch this guy cause you like this guy, why go negative on a dude just making his case? Just stop watching.

  79. Martin Allan

    Martin Allan2 dias atrás

    Clickbait titles can be very risky. If the title is technically true but barely related to the video you're fan base will get sick of clicking on basically fake videos. However if its a creative title that is related then yes very much use those titles

  80. TooLit

    TooLit2 dias atrás

    KayZeee sent me

  81. Floyd Piccinin

    Floyd Piccinin2 dias atrás

    CTR is for Crash Team Racing

  82. MazAMaTaz

    MazAMaTaz2 dias atrás

    This is the first time I’ve subscribed to a channel AND clicked the bell... but one thing that interests me is that I got an option for “personalized” notifications and “all.” You would think that a subscriber who’s clicking the bell in the first place would want to get all of the notifications from a BRreporter channel, so why is there a personalized option? It just seems like yet another way to make the subscriber numbers on a channel more meaningless. Anyway, looking forward to getting all the news about your videos! Glad that the BRreporter algorithm introduced me to your channel because I love your work!

  83. supbrotv

    supbrotv2 dias atrás

    10:25 This is way deeper than just youtube algorithm, this also explains how religions came to be.

  84. Jorge Ventura

    Jorge Ventura2 dias atrás

    Hi, why you don't duplicate your channel on Vimeo? You can publish the same content there and publish the link here. The only way to compete against monopoly is competition.

  85. StarkRG

    StarkRG2 dias atrás

    I barely check the youtube suggested videos. I always head to the subscriptions page to find videos.

  86. Mark S

    Mark S2 dias atrás

    Previous video- "Boredom is good for you." This video- "I'm going to be offering more clickbaity titles and thumbnails in order to get your views."

  87. djan959

    djan9592 dias atrás

    Who the f*** cares about this you're an a******

  88. Wikickid

    Wikickid2 dias atrás

    To be honest, I stopped watching you because I was in my final year of college. That was a whole other mess plus two. Then I came back to youtube and deleted my search history and cookies (or whatever it was called on this site) because my baby cousins and my father used my account to watch stuff, and my recommendation got messed up. I used to watch a lot of educational channels but now I just click what's on the front page.

  89. Antony Sutton

    Antony Sutton2 dias atrás

    This is my first video of yours. I came here due to link from a channel i subscribe to and it was really interesting to see how people use BRreporter. Personally, I never have looked at the homepage or whatever it is called as i always use Youtibe as a resource for something specific i am interested in. Maybe more people (professional design engineer and geek) using the resource in our way might affect the algorithm in a positive way - stop the click through! PS i subscribed :)

  90. Umbraglow

    Umbraglow2 dias atrás

    i have a number of content creators that i will specifically search occasionally to be sure to see their content, Veritasium and SmarterEveryDay are 2 examples but the point is that there is loyalty on the platform however the platform itself does not enable that. As Cody' from Cody'slab mentions tho the bell can be unreliable.

  91. BitofBritLife

    BitofBritLife2 dias atrás

    Fascinating. Thank you - that will help me a lot for when I launch.

  92. Surjan singh

    Surjan singh2 dias atrás

    I literally clicked on the bell icon just a minute before you say to do so, as i understood what i wanted.

  93. Jorge Stolfi

    Jorge Stolfi2 dias atrás

    I give up on channels for various reasons. One of them is when I feel that the channel creator is more concerned with increasing his BRreporter points than telling me something interesting or useful. A catchy thumbnail or title may trick me into clicking and watching a mediocre video for a while; but then it will make me less likely to watch the next one from the same channel. That is automatic, unconscious. Another thing that makes me give up on a channel is advertising embedded in the video. Ads are annoying -- especially when the same ad is repeated in every video. Why should I choose to watch such videos? Inserting an ad in a good video is like adding a horse turd top of a fine dish. No matter how good the cooking, that restaurant will quickly lose all its customers.

  94. TessellatedGuy

    TessellatedGuy2 dias atrás

    The algorithm likes black balls

  95. Hlafordlaes

    Hlafordlaes2 dias atrás

    Now I understand _in context_ the parts of this video that were included in a recent alt-right rant about losing viewers that I had the misfortune of watching. Good suggestion about the bell, it's the only way to guarantee seeing the new releases I want to see from my subscribed channels, to which I add turning on browser notifications for YT.

  96. uc_human

    uc_human2 dias atrás

    BRreporter has gone from creative audience to dumb teenagers, Useless and clickbait platform. We meed a 'BRreporter BRAIN' a platform to filter the dumb from the smart and real curious ones. Nobody asked for BRreporter Go or BRreporter Music. Already many services superior to them. We need a BRreporter with dumb audience and another BRreporter for the smarter ones. ASAP

  97. Bhardwaz Chetry

    Bhardwaz Chetry2 dias atrás

    no. 1 technique is to make a video on 'How to go viral'.

  98. A K

    A K2 dias atrás

    While i support you analysis of this method I do not agree with your hypothesis. Subscriptions are everything! If you produce quality content we will watch your videos consistently. Your discussion is about gaining new viewers. I understand your desire to gain more viewers but you must continue to provide what you have provided to your viewers.Clickbait your title and screenshots but keep your good content.

  99. Nicholas Littlejohn

    Nicholas Littlejohn2 dias atrás

    Google rewards quality content.

  100. Theo Rogan

    Theo Rogan2 dias atrás

    I feel like the algorithm changes the more people know about it. Since a lot of channels started to make jokes about how they need to get the thumb nail or how there thumb nail isn’t perfect, I notice a big boom in BS thumbnails and titles(before Mr. beast) so I feel like the audience of BRreporter will also catch onto the BS thumbnails and click though rates on really flashy thumbnails with a lot of obvious photoshop will decrease.

  101. ArchOfWinter

    ArchOfWinter3 dias atrás

    Tip of the ice burg is a bad analogy. What we see on BRreporter is the peak of a mountain sticking out from the top of the clouds. You are on a plane flying above the cloud. You don't see the whole mountain, or the island that it is on, or how deep the ocean the island is on.