Nancy Pelosi: Evidence Is Clear That President Donald Trump Undermined National Security | MSNBC


  1. Physical Grafitti

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  2. Derek Post

    Derek Post3 dias atrás

    Pelosi is the one confused about the facts or lack thereof. She's absolutely lost her mind, i guess she figures she's in so deep now that going down with the ship is the only option! They've wasted 3 years of the taxpayer's money and faith in the system, and they've got bupkiss! Now, if they were to investigate the Obama administration and the link to Russia before trump was even sworn in as well as the Biden Ukraine fiasco while Joe was vice-president, they'd have a plethora of actual factual information that would definitely allow the impeachment proceedings, just not on the guy they're trying to get rid of in the here and now! Trump in 2020!!

  3. Firefly Guitar

    Firefly Guitar5 dias atrás

    I'm only here to say: GIVE BERNIE AND YANG FAIR AIRTIME!! otherwise: #BoycottMSNBC

  4. Nick Machiavelli

    Nick Machiavelli8 dias atrás

    Humph, who used their office for personal gain? According to Ukraine Parliament, Pelosi and Biden, yet MSNBC never reports it. That is, Nancy AND her son pitching Ukrainian Viscoil, in their own words, prior to both US SEC and Ukrainian parliament fraud investigations.

  5. Laurel Ewing

    Laurel Ewing8 dias atrás

    When will Nancy just go home? It’s not like she is doing the work of the people. If that were true California would not be dealing with the homeless. Not only that this impeachment thing is fictional... get a grip and and do your job. Better yet stop 🛑 spending the people’s money on your hate you have for the President!

  6. Mike Hileman

    Mike Hileman9 dias atrás

    Pelosi is full of Schiff. Impeach her old , wrinkled azz!

  7. Yellow Menace

    Yellow Menace9 dias atrás

    Nancy Pelosi... Sooo many face lifts the leftover skin was used to make 12 football's given to her favorite team the San francisco 69'er, and 7 basketballs given to the warriors... A couple more facelifts and she will be sporting a beard. Don't tell me she doesn't give back to the community. She sometimes drives through town and throws gold coins at the homeless just to amuse herself. Her corruption and evil nature is legendary... Once she killed a baby born alive bc the mother wanted an abortion earlier but couldn't afford it at the time. Nancy should've been aborted... Is it too late??? We could classify her as a really really late abortion that her mother wanted but couldn't afford at tie time... GREAT IDEA

  8. Michelle Richhart

    Michelle Richhart9 dias atrás

    Do not speak on my behalf

  9. Elizaphan Niyitegeka

    Elizaphan Niyitegeka9 dias atrás

    Trump 2020

  10. 7th Street Productions

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  11. ping pong

    ping pong9 dias atrás

    You must be blind if you think we the people think this was fair and that you have clear and convincing evidence so sad how you mislead the public. As a Democrat I will not be voting for my party this is a country of fairness no matter how much we dislike this president your wrong do your job 32 years of nonsense we need term limits for all you leaders

  12. Sam La

    Sam La9 dias atrás

    Nancy needs to step down she is incompetent and does serve the American People. She is wasting taxpayers money with her hatred campaign.

  13. john shilling

    john shilling9 dias atrás

    Dems need meds

  14. john shilling

    john shilling9 dias atrás

    Dems all need drugs maybe they might wakeup

  15. Nosfee

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  16. Tony Davila

    Tony Davila10 dias atrás

    If evidence is so clear why is the country divided? And why are they loosing independent votes??? If it's so clear than how come no Republicans voted in favor of the inquiry and 2 Democrats were against it? And how come it's dead on arrival in the Senate? Nope, the president will never be impeached in the Senate and he will go on to win in 2020 by a landslide. And thanks to Pelosi they will take back the house!

  17. Danny Peardon

    Danny Peardon10 dias atrás

    America will never forget the Democrats treason you can bet on that,

  18. Peter Fryer

    Peter Fryer10 dias atrás

    Pelosi is a nutcase

  19. celtic pride

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  20. Q Co

    Q Co10 dias atrás

    How are you

  21. Q Co

    Q Co10 dias atrás

    Alan Alda doesn't like guns. That's it. Black mail

  22. Q Co

    Q Co10 dias atrás

    Americans don't need guns. Do you like Taylor?? Red.

  23. Bob Clark

    Bob Clark10 dias atrás

    Evidence is clear and the facts are that our drunken speaker has dropped a schiff in her depends.

  24. James Venable

    James Venable10 dias atrás

    liberals are lunatics

  25. Zeek M

    Zeek M10 dias atrás

    FAKE NEWS! I got you now MSNBC , You're so far on the left you forgot about the people you stepped on to get there. And all the internet left wing clowns that ran to you when the heat was turned up will not escape. Your nazi style MK Ultra brainwashing doesn't work on everybody.

  26. Kamanda

    Kamanda10 dias atrás

    This grandma is really sick!

  27. M P

    M P10 dias atrás

    Three pieces of advice nasty Pelosi. Take care of the homeless children and the homeless in your state and District. Purchase a tube of Polident and use product. Call the Betty Ford clinic and ask for help immediately!

  28. c.daniel Premkumar

    c.daniel Premkumar10 dias atrás

    What nonsense. Where is it clear and where is it convincing (evidence) ?

  29. Sarah G

    Sarah G10 dias atrás

    Shameless liar. President Trump did NOT ignore Russia 'interference', not only has he kept the sanctions put in place by Obama, he added new ones. As a reminder, Obama was president when Russia invaded Crimea, not President Trump. Obama was president when they tried to 'interfere', not President Trump. Obama was president when ISIS grew in power, not President Trump. And Russia 'interference' was nothing compared to what you and your party are doing to this country. President Trump did nothing wrong. Investigations were never linked to aid, he unequivocally told Sondland that he only wanted Zelensky to do what he ran on, fight corruption. All you traitors have is bureaucrats' presumptions, assumptions, feelings and grievances. This said, Ukraine meddling does need to be investigated. It is also not normal to demand a country fires their prosecutor, who happens to be investigating a company where the Vice President's son is on the board of directors. You have tried to impeach this president since Day one, it's you and your party undermining democracy. P.S. The Obama administration has used the Espionage Act to go after whistleblowers more than all previous administrations combined, but you didn't seem to have a problem with that Pelosi.

  30. c.daniel Premkumar

    c.daniel Premkumar10 dias atrás

    Impeachment is absolutely baseless.

  31. The Toasted Hippies

    The Toasted Hippies9 dias atrás

    Your post is absolutely baseless.

  32. c.daniel Premkumar

    c.daniel Premkumar10 dias atrás

    Fox news is a better channel for getting the truth.

  33. alanshadyvally

    alanshadyvally11 dias atrás

    Trump should have hired Russians to write a dosia.

  34. Thomas Brandt

    Thomas Brandt11 dias atrás

    Accoding to Nancy the American people are in denial along with the republicans. We dont know anything. The democrats know better. We will show the deomcrats how much we know next Nov.

  35. Thomas Brandt

    Thomas Brandt11 dias atrás

    Republicans are in denial Nancy? Why dont you say that the Ameican people are in denial because fewer and fewer Americans are supporting your narratoive Why dont you come out and scold the American people for not going along with with your partisan impeahcment hoax,.

  36. Thomas Brandt

    Thomas Brandt11 dias atrás

    It comes down to showing the democrats the true feelings of the American people next Nov. Democrats will suffer greatly

  37. The Toasted Hippies

    The Toasted Hippies9 dias atrás

    "emocrats will suffer greatly " and so will you 1

  38. George Medzigian

    George Medzigian11 dias atrás

    any body screws pelosi has to put a bag over her head. What is a fleebag.

  39. G Sterling

    G Sterling11 dias atrás

    Pelosi is in an impeachment box. Impeach and it goes to trial in the senate and everything gets exposed. Don’t impeach and the public sees it for what it was an attempted coup. Either way, the Dems lose....out smarted again by President Trump......what fun to watch.

  40. John Smith

    John Smith11 dias atrás

    No one is above the law! Not even this Pelosi Clown with her sour bitter self making nonsense up. I am so glad she has put herself in the corner and there is no way to come back from the brink until she goes over.

  41. WTHell???

    WTHell???11 dias atrás

    Pelosi, stop ducking the USMCA!!! you lost this impeachment!!! Bribery? NO WITNESS who testified used this term in their depositions.

  42. infamous4141

    infamous414111 dias atrás

    From what i gathered is that Biden and his son were doing "corrupt " activities and Trump wanted to know wanted more info. Dems are saying hes using it as leverage to get dirt and Republicans are saying there is no quid pro quo. In hindsight i see the Democrats want to use there power to embarrass the president anyway possible and Trump wants to criticize there efforts anyway possible

  43. family lowe

    family lowe10 dias atrás

    If Hunter hadn't been at Burisma, this wouldn't even be a thing.