Nationals win 1st World Series with Game 7 comeback win! | Astros-Nationals MLB Highlights


  1. Jack Fuller

    Jack Fuller12 horas atrás

    Bryce Harper: Boy, I look like a huge clown Houston: Hold our buzzers

  2. TS Breakout

    TS Breakout14 horas atrás

    There should be a 30 for 30 on this called Home Field Disadvantage.

  3. John Borda

    John BordaDia atrás

    Why is it called “World Series” if all the teams are from the United States? It’s technically not the world if it’s one country

  4. Balroop Singh

    Balroop Singh2 dias atrás

    1917 White Sox Win a World Series 1919 They were caught cheating and banned for life by throwing the series 8 players, including shoeless joe jackson 2017 Astros win world series 2019 Caught stealing signs and get away with it. No players got any type of ban.

  5. Jsolis0210

    Jsolis02102 dias atrás


  6. sauzal city

    sauzal city4 dias atrás

    K A R M A !

  7. Nephtali Gonzalez

    Nephtali Gonzalez4 dias atrás

    Booooooooo nationals

  8. dner75

    dner755 dias atrás

    Quite literally the two fattest fan bases in the MLB facing off against one another. I should have bought pork rind futures before the series. I'm guessing they had a fleet of complimentary Rascal scooters at each ballpark for this one.

  9. Mr.Zombie

    Mr.Zombie7 dias atrás

    If I won as a pitcher in the ws I would throw my glove into the stands

  10. Joe Gervasi

    Joe Gervasi7 dias atrás

    Me and my friend freaked out when we saw the 2 run homer hit the foul pole

  11. QQ Lifestyle

    QQ Lifestyle8 dias atrás

    almost forgot to watch this today

  12. chaosawaits

    chaosawaits8 dias atrás

    10:13 Altuve not so good when he's not stealing signs


    FALUKYOURMOM3 dias atrás

    1-5 lol

  14. Daniel Chavez

    Daniel Chavez9 dias atrás

    So sweet to watch these cheaters choke

  15. TheAireaidLord

    TheAireaidLord9 dias atrás

    REMEMBER WHERE YOU ARE! I kind of forget now. Oops


    DTM 89 VOCALOID STUDIOS9 dias atrás

    this happens when you usually celebrate in advance and that is what happened to the Huston Astros they thought they were already champions by having to face a low level team (according to their perspective) , And honestly it is not the first time that happens in baseball but nevertheless this will serve as a lesson so that they never underestimate their rival regardless of their quality of play, economic budget and especially their history . That was what happened to them that night and, in fact, I had the opportunity to see on many occasions signs where they said "world champions 2019" good, but good, that's life, especially when you cheat to win (2017)

  17. ryan fafaa

    ryan fafaa9 dias atrás

    Scherzer's a stud

  18. R0ckst4rJ0shy

    R0ckst4rJ0shy10 dias atrás

    They beat a team that not only was cheating but way better than them, and they were on the road

  19. R0ckst4rJ0shy

    R0ckst4rJ0shy9 dias atrás

    FALUKYOURMOM they had the best record in the mlb the Nats were the underdogs. They were playing against cheaters


    FALUKYOURMOM10 dias atrás

    way better? dont know bout that

  21. gospos1

    gospos111 dias atrás

    Altuve didn’t feel the buzz in the bottom of the ninth at bat...3 pitches and out!!

  22. pavelow235

    pavelow23511 dias atrás

    I watched this video after hearing of the Altuve and Bergman wearing buzzers rumor.

  23. John McGarity

    John McGarity12 dias atrás

    DC will always remember this season! Its not just that we won but how we did it, may not ever be duplicated, go Nat's!!!

  24. latinsizer

    latinsizer12 dias atrás

    0:04 I agree with that Astros fan, MLB should take the title back.

  25. Mark Dollard

    Mark Dollard12 dias atrás

    If you don't count the teams that cheated, (Astros and Red Sox) we've had some amazing World Series games this past decade.

  26. 권율비

    권율비12 dias atrás

    정의구현 보소

  27. RememberTheMaine

    RememberTheMaine12 dias atrás

    Fact that Astros cheated made this video even more satisfying

  28. Ryan

    Ryan12 dias atrás

    I was in my bed hoping for the Nats to win the rest is history

  29. Ryan

    Ryan12 dias atrás

    You can here the garbage throbbing from the astros cheating

  30. leroy jenkins

    leroy jenkins14 dias atrás


  31. LifeIsGood

    LifeIsGood14 dias atrás

    im gonna miss rendon in DC....damn


    FALUKYOURMOM13 dias atrás

    ya , he was important during their run.

  33. sirdorkster

    sirdorkster14 dias atrás

    It still feels gratifying that we beat a blatant cheating team. The punishments should be harsher, imo.

  34. R0ckst4rJ0shy

    R0ckst4rJ0shy10 dias atrás

    sirdorkster thanks for doing what the Yankees, Dodgers, and Rays couldn’t do

  35. Mark Clements

    Mark Clements15 dias atrás

    Anyone who thinks sign stealing is cheating obviously has never set foot inside a baseball diamond lol

  36. Mark Clements

    Mark Clements8 dias atrás

    Chet get better signs lmao

  37. Chet

    Chet8 dias atrás

    Using a video camera into see the signs is clearly cheating.

  38. Greg Rubin

    Greg Rubin21 dia atrás

    Houston Asterisks

  39. Yusbert Avila

    Yusbert Avila24 dias atrás

    Bryce Harper omg they won the World Series with out me

  40. Yusbert Avila

    Yusbert Avila24 dias atrás

    Umpire: turner you are out Anthony rendon: hold my beard Astros: omg Anthony rendon is on stoppable Me: why the astros celebrate to early Nationals: omg we just won the World Series how we beat them. Will Harris: kendrick u stink Howie Kendrick says: hold my beard Nationals: we won the World Series Astros: how they beat us

  41. Kオレオ

    Kオレオ25 dias atrás

    nothing in the world makes me happier than seeing that wife beating scumbag osuna get lit up

  42. Douglas Pole

    Douglas Pole25 dias atrás

    I'm so happy Houston's great postseason runs mean nothing no more... Go Yankees!!!!!

  43. Clint Often

    Clint Often27 dias atrás

    Anyone else notice where Chirinos stands while Correa strikes out? I guess just a misdemeanor among their charges...

  44. Edwin Beltran

    Edwin Beltran27 dias atrás

    7:25 I will never forget how the announcer sounded

  45. Braydenn

    Braydenn27 dias atrás

    You guys know that every team cheats like come on but Astros just did it electronically you can’t hate on them this much

  46. JoMama123451234

    JoMama12345123412 dias atrás

    Haha your logic is hillarious. "Everyone cheats so its ok" All I have to say to you is Houston Asterisks ****** 0 championships Cheaters

  47. Richard Marinelli

    Richard Marinelli29 dias atrás

    Who here hates the Astros like comment if you do

  48. Rogers Family

    Rogers FamilyMês atrás

    Go! Nationals

  49. Jae Kwak

    Jae KwakMês atrás

    dirty tonto

  50. Bradley Taylor

    Bradley TaylorMês atrás

    As a Nationals fan, I was thinking we’d lose, after game 5, down 3-2. Weirdly, both teams lost in the home games. Home field advantage doesn’t exist in this World Series. The only thing that does is away field advantage.

  51. Itz MickeyMouse

    Itz MickeyMouseMês atrás

    Not gonna lie this game was close


    DCBARNONE89Mês atrás

    Excellent, thank you Nationals! Good times and Merry Christmas guys!

  53. madgameradam

    madgameradamMês atrás

    Cheaters justice.

  54. gospos1

    gospos1Mês atrás

    Those guys waving flags to distract Nats pitchers...worked like a charm!

  55. spacerazer

    spacerazerMês atrás

    MLB FINALS ALL 7 GAMES WON BY VISITORS. NBA Finals 5 out of 6 games won by visiting team (Toronto Vs Golden State).NHL Finals 5 of 7 won by visiting team.(Boston Vs St. Louis) No more home advantage. This seems to have spread to the NFL wild card games. 3 of four of the games won by the visiting team.

  56. Bradley Taylor

    Bradley TaylorMês atrás

    spacerazer there’s only away field advantage.

  57. Eric Lopez

    Eric LopezMês atrás

    95 years of waiting has finally come to an end.

  58. Xavier Espinoza

    Xavier EspinozaMês atrás

    Worst world series of all time

  59. Trevor The Inkling

    Trevor The InklingMês atrás

    Says the salty fan it's your fault for liking a bad team. And nope, this world series was one of the best any series with 7 games is good.

  60. Harry Johnson

    Harry JohnsonMês atrás

    Bryce Harper must be so pissed off right now.



    🙏🙏 1:55 💟💟🔥 19 december? 👇 👇 👇 👇💜

  62. Bison4Life

    Bison4LifeMês atrás

    Will never forget this day. Thank you Nats for a magical run for us fans.

  63. Fall

    FallMês atrás

    Howie Kendrick's dinger is at 7:17 for those interested.

  64. Manuel Fana

    Manuel FanaMês atrás

    the asstros use the cheat codes and still lose to the last boss 🖕😁😁

  65. Jules Badguy

    Jules BadguyMês atrás


  66. jose martinez

    jose martinezMês atrás

    Baby shark baby shark baby shark baby shark baby shark the Washington Nationals is my baseball team I'm officially a fan I finalized it today

  67. Trevor The Inkling

    Trevor The InklingMês atrás

    Final out always makes me smile and sometimes tear up. ;)

  68. Jojopuffs

    JojopuffsMês atrás

    I didn’t like the Astros at all and now I got a reason to dislike em even more 🗑😂

  69. Vador Sport

    Vador SportMês atrás

    Well I would call the Nats the Cardiac Kids of 2019!!! The NC State team did the same back in 1983 in the NCAA basketball tournament with Jimmy V, they came from behind in every game...WOW

  70. Adam Fleming

    Adam Fleming2 meses atrás

    bryce harper probably wants to retire now

  71. Adam Fleming

    Adam FlemingMês atrás

    for sure

  72. Damian D'Orsaneo

    Damian D'OrsaneoMês atrás

    He'd rather have his old team win then cheaters.

  73. Evan Haskel

    Evan Haskel2 meses atrás

    When the Nats pulled ahead, I remembered something that John Walton said when the Caps took the lead in Game 5 of the Cup Final. “That clock cannot hit zero fast enough.”