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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Drawing Symbols (Official Video)


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  3. Krystal the DoubleAmputee

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    @AJ DaFlair im a big fan and i care. But I get what you mean& all that but people dont care because he's talking about killing himself or something! People don't wanna see himself talking about killing himself. That's just.....crazy! He's depressed over/about something and fans don't know what over! This song threw me off and probably three a lot of other people off too and it scared me because when people are that depressed and singing about killing their-self then thst makes you think it ask your self " are they (he/she) gonna kill their-self?" !!! You see what I mean?! Or does anyone see what I mean??!!??!!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?! It's crazy, insane, depressing, and scary and makes you wonder if they will end up killing them selves! You know???!!!???!!!??!!??!!?!?! I'm just glad he didnt kill himself! I just wanna know what he was extremely depressed over or about!

  4. Krystal the DoubleAmputee

    Krystal the DoubleAmputee2 horas atrás

    I cant see how that aint his baby boy!! They look alike and has the same attitude and everything. If that aint his kid then idk how it ain't his baby boy!!!

  5. jo h

    jo h2 horas atrás

    👀raising canes

  6. Tyi Cole

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    I love him so much ❤️


    TERRENCE BARKUS15 horas atrás

    This nigga is the new Tupac

  8. Justin Fletcher

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    this song yo

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    NBA 38 baby💚😘💚🎶Young boy

  10. marie sims

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    Yes ✅ 💙💜💋

  11. marie sims

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    I L💙ve young songs 🎶 🎶🎶😘😘😘💙💚💚

  12. Jadasia moore

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    Love Anna young boy😍😍

  13. BeautIful Godess

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    Ily baby boy u doing your thing..God knows everything your heart deire. Just pray and ask what ever u want I promise he will deliver

  14. Jordan Dozier

    Jordan Dozier18 horas atrás

    on my background and my room is filled with pictures of you and the two boys

  15. Jordan Dozier

    Jordan Dozier18 horas atrás

    Nba youngboy you are the best rapper in the world i've been listening to you since your very first song without you i would not be able to make it through the day i'm so sorry about your grandma and your dad i am going without a dad he has been gone since i was born and my grandma died last year with cancer when i listen to you it makes me cry to know that i have you to get through the day with i love you and i am going to see if i can see you live on dec 14, 15 , 13

  16. Javaris Smith

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    He so fine😍🥰

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    Nbayoungboy you is tit

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    NBA young Young boy can do better with them shoes that he got on

  20. Onlymybrothers Whynott

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    He talking about me in this one and thats fucked up 😩...So I guess I can relate

  21. Deejay Adams

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    Wassup youngboy

  22. ThatWeardFranklinBro

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    "They say that girl not on his side because he gave her herpes" ;"(

  23. Alba Baez

    Alba BaezDia atrás

    Why tf am i crying?

  24. Queen Sparkle In Texas

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    This is my go to song when I feel defeated cry alone. Then snap back go to events Smile for pics. Yet, others are clueless I just make it look easy. Painful. Damn, before you beg ask me how are you Sparkle🤦🏽‍♀️

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    this is a pan song

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    young boy gang

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    Klk wawawa

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    My brother shot he's self😭😭😭😭

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    Dat ugly mf be Makin hits 💯💯🤙🏾

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    NBA young boy you is good but x too

  31. tsm badsmoke badsmoke

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    If you like x like this

  32. Keke Farrow

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    He always gone go hard in my eyes he not the first an want b the last hell it's life

  33. Garry Kernell

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    Man he say the same stuff over and over

  34. Lil 318 Kashy

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    Stfu dum fuck🤣🤣

  35. Lil 318 Kashy

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    Its called da chorus dummy🤣🤣

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    53millon views😭😭🔥

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    He was finna die but David g saved his life❤️❤️💯😍🤞🏽

  39. Trent Jackson

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    He a good raper he got haters if I’m right comment or like

  40. Gaming bros Brothers

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    I love this song

  41. Melanie Arratia

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    birthday in 6 days one like one wish

  42. Jimmie Lee

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    I feel your. Pain nba youg boy📱😢😭👼

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    It’s getting close to Christmas, I hope he not for reals . 💯🤞🏻

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    This shit go off the chain and this shit go hard

  46. Sharon Smith

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    Who his fan

  47. Sharon Smith

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    I am

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    like if youngboy the best

  50. Terria Williams

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    Do you still like gemy

  51. Bored Gaming

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    I know this while song word for wors

  52. Ira Mccant

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    Soulja creep will eat dis beat @ Soulja creep

  53. daddy martin

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    by far young boy deepest song

  54. Antwan harris

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    that guy is the dad with the piink shirt

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    My baby

  56. Kim Ransom

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    Don't do anything to yourself plz real fan

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    Is anyone doing like this

  58. Elaine Pascal

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    Youngboy made this song about himself

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    NBA youg are good in hot

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    He can rap what is yall doing like if. You agree.✌

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    Blood sign

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    Another brother lost to the devil, Make sure ya family strate lil bra

  63. Shadow XHeavy

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    This nigga just did a cryp shake. Let the real niggas find where.

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    i love this song

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    Man his son is so adorable 😍 the cuter version of him

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    You gone get yours #inthenameofgee

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    You are my fan nba

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    Like it

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    This song go hard

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    who here before 52,830,322 views

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    Shining teeth

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    #Canes Really Live Tho

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    he okay

  75. Lashonda Manuel

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    You can't get mad cuz he a go raepr

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    This song will forever be a mood

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  78. McKenzie Spivey

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    I love NBA music and his personality but I can say when I saw that note at the beginning I started crying I couldn’t even watch the full video please don’t take him away if he dies I couldn’t live with myself he is the only thing that kept me going when I felt alone😢😢😢😢😢

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    NBA youngboy you is my favorite rapper I love you

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  82. Kaliyah Peal

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    NBA youngboy a little boy was singing one of your old songs

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    Shit go hard👌🏾💪🏾💪🏾

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    big bro u not heading to the land

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    Who takes youngboy over qoudo rondo

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  88. Ice c t

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    Hehehehehe herps

  89. Life Before CJ

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    I need to do a song with young boy

  90. My Kids

    My Kids3 dias atrás

    Young boy i love him

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    Mark e money NBA

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    Like if this shit only the right NBA fans

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    it raw love the song

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    i can not stop listening to this song till this day

  97. mike hill

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    the fastest rapper ever like all your videos like all your music cuz he's cool your business report on this Earth nobody can stop you ever again I like this song

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    If he die i will go stupid on everybody

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    I feel u bro

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    Can't wait 38 pt2

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    Wassup XD

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    I don’t have what I want it is to me stop Talking this is what you want to

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    Love this song listen to it every day

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    Just living

  107. Charkayla Boos love

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    He sweet and hard on my momma he is can’t nobody beet him u know what I’m shay in like this if your a real nba fan