Need for Speed™ Heat Official Reveal Trailer


  1. izzat 9988

    izzat 9988Hora atrás

    no one: Lifeline: Mozambique ‘ere

  2. HYDRA V12

    HYDRA V122 horas atrás

    Will it be story trailer NFS Heat

  3. Fladio that Grinding Derg

    Fladio that Grinding Derg4 horas atrás

    Nigga just remake NFSMW2005

  4. MetroidMan64

    MetroidMan644 horas atrás

    EA: Pre-order Need for Speed Heat, right now! Me: I rather stay with Forz- EA: I SAID RIGHT NOW!!! 0:21

  5. AMFT gans

    AMFT gans5 horas atrás

    You know if you please you get plEAse

  6. Project GFX

    Project GFX5 horas atrás

    sooooooooo.... just out of curiosity, whens underground 3 coming out? i mean its kinda the game everyones been waiting for since underground 2

  7. Alena Fomenko TV

    Alena Fomenko TV7 horas atrás

    Лайк если ждёшь игру

  8. Ovidijus kneizys

    Ovidijus kneizys9 horas atrás

    looks good i hope so it will be like this

  9. Kevin M plug

    Kevin M plug11 horas atrás

    NFS: *releases nfs heat* R.I.P my PC

  10. فباهقل تلاخفا

    فباهقل تلاخفا18 horas atrás

    منين شريتو الملابس

  11. Will Watson

    Will Watson20 horas atrás

    It's impossible to find a version like this that has a Mexican guitar, boy!!!!!

  12. Fidel Hernandez rivas

    Fidel Hernandez rivas21 hora atrás

    Need for speed please is the game for wii u too?

  13. TheCarSpec

    TheCarSpec7 horas atrás

    No it's only for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

  14. Pioneer Leo

    Pioneer LeoDia atrás

    Я один пытаюсь найти русские комменты?

  15. Art Of Games

    Art Of GamesDia atrás

    Me : I don't to shutdown Pc My mom: 0:21

  16. Shun Kurosaki

    Shun KurosakiDia atrás

    GTA 5 Need for Speed Version



    Saçma sapan oyunlar yapacağınıza hikayeli güzel oyunlar yapın. Bu grafik motoru nedir allah aşkına. Underground serisindeki sürüş zevki bile daha iyi. Ve birde Sgt. CROSS Geri gelsin.

  18. Junior Jaw

    Junior JawDia atrás

    small little fast fact : The time on the cop camera is the same as BRreporter at 1:07

  19. Jokers Demieyn

    Jokers DemieynDia atrás

    Kann das bitte für die switsch raus kommen plese

  20. Youtube Pills

    Youtube PillsDia atrás

    Have to ask how ghost games really could put nfs payback out. Ok graphics, boring map, i dont even know right now what happening in strory lines that supposed to be like action film. no police in free roam. and i dont wanna this new game.

  21. Finesmokey 78

    Finesmokey 78Dia atrás

    Back 2 the drawing board EA!!!! Take it back to the roots!! You been slipping EA !!!#Hotpursuit

  22. 56M views

    56M viewsDia atrás

    Disliked by cops 😂

  23. Manuel Ramirez

    Manuel RamirezDia atrás

    Haven’t played a nfs since most wanted, just got back into gaming a yr ago so since the last ones were few years old I passed in hopes thier would be a new one, hoping this ones as cool as I reamber nfs on ps1 and most wanted and because I’m passing up grid for this

  24. DOOMSDAY is here

    DOOMSDAY is hereDia atrás

    All I want is the 2fast 2furious sound in the R34

  25. Oscar Pozo

    Oscar PozoDia atrás

    The Deluxe Edition will be physic format?

  26. Jaziel Mireles

    Jaziel MirelesDia atrás


  27. omar Morcy

    omar Morcy2 dias atrás

    I already pre ordered the game's deluxe edition

  28. omar Morcy

    omar MorcyDia atrás

    @KingofGames I know it's not worth it but I hope this game will be than payback

  29. KingOfGames

    KingOfGames2 dias atrás

    With deluxe edition you only get 4 characters and money / rep boost not even worth it

  30. AlterableBat 10

    AlterableBat 102 dias atrás

    Officer : do you know how fast you were going. Me : no because my speedometer is broke from when I ran from the cops last night.

  31. julian duarte

    julian duarte2 dias atrás

    Cuando va a salir el juego ?

  32. Raihan Rahadyan

    Raihan Rahadyan2 dias atrás

    i hope there would be so many jdm cars, cant wait, but i hope there is no microtransaction

  33. Fabo

    Fabo2 dias atrás

    I just want to drive Supra :(

  34. Superior Legends

    Superior Legends2 dias atrás


  35. ZEU_Adriiann755

    ZEU_Adriiann7552 dias atrás

    Ea:NFS Payback Forza:Forza horizon 4 Ea:Trailer NFS Heat Forza: ........... Ea: :)))

  36. Skull

    Skull2 dias atrás

    Toyota Supra MK5 is disappointing Oh and the Day races look (FROM THE TRAILER ) like Pro Streets (big fan)

  37. Oz Sweeney Gaming Logic

    Oz Sweeney Gaming Logic2 dias atrás

    Can't wait just pre ordered the game

  38. Jacob VanMeter

    Jacob VanMeter2 dias atrás

    Just imagine a NFS collaboration with GTA.

  39. Алоэ Лёха

    Алоэ Лёха2 dias atrás

    Где-то я это уже видел

  40. Stalkuru

    Stalkuru3 dias atrás

    Remember the day when we can drive a Supra 98 and Toyota ain't a such a pus?

  41. Stalkuru

    Stalkuru3 dias atrás

    NFSMW Veterans : *_EVERYONE!!!_*

  42. l4k GGHF

    l4k GGHF3 dias atrás

    за 4к можете пойти на х*й

  43. K Tarun

    K Tarun3 dias atrás

    They are turning themselves into a more than racing game. Future of NFS be like...GTA VI feat. NFS

  44. MGM MS

    MGM MS3 dias atrás

    It’s bad. I thought it would be like most wanted 2012 or hot pursuit 👎😭😭😭 I hate you EA 🤢


    SHUNTEDDia atrás

    You mean Burnout 2012?

  46. a random boi

    a random boi3 dias atrás

    MGM MS no it's not, unlike payback

  47. Z Radwan

    Z Radwan3 dias atrás

    Mozambique Hiaaa!!!!!

  48. Forzee Rain

    Forzee Rain3 dias atrás

    I hope the players will accept this part.

  49. Vu Bao Lam PHAN

    Vu Bao Lam PHAN3 dias atrás

    More big wangs

  50. Wolverton

    Wolverton3 dias atrás

    now thats WOOAH

  51. Costa Skl

    Costa Skl3 dias atrás


  52. Costa Skl

    Costa Skl3 dias atrás


  53. RMA KING

    RMA KING4 dias atrás

    Need for Speed never change ..the same gameplay pls change gameplay next time

  54. ハガヌHaganu

    ハガヌHaganu2 dias atrás

    i hope the next need for speed is an fps too

  55. Vasko

    Vasko4 dias atrás

    PLEASE, I want a good NFS finally. Since Carbon.... Please...

  56. Alex

    Alex4 dias atrás


  57. MSquared Music

    MSquared Music4 dias atrás

    Goosebumps typa trailer

  58. TYPHOON!

    TYPHOON!4 dias atrás

    *E B R I D E I* 😂

  59. Angel Robledo

    Angel Robledo4 dias atrás

    If you catch fire... Stop, drop, and roll!

  60. Tron Legacy

    Tron Legacy4 dias atrás

    Dude let it be own right now the cops are not gonna even touch me anymore 😈👑

  61. Владимир Евдокимов

    Владимир Евдокимов4 dias atrás

    Выглядит сексуально, пиздец....

  62. Alejandro Alanis

    Alejandro Alanis4 dias atrás

    Does anybody knows about any playlist or songs to play NFS? something like the 0:55 song

  63. Shyips

    Shyips3 dias atrás


  64. женя хафизов

    женя хафизов4 dias atrás

    ясно хуита

  65. KENT

    KENT4 dias atrás

    Графика кончил

  66. Сударь

    СударьDia atrás

    ага, мыло везде, хреновая дальность прорисовки. сразу видно, что трейлер сделан на Ps4.

  67. Parmesh Chidral

    Parmesh Chidral5 dias atrás

    Forget the game, this is by far my favourite NFS trailer with dope BGM and cool transitions!😍🔥🔥🔥

  68. Kelvin Reynoso

    Kelvin Reynoso5 dias atrás

    A port for switch !!!