NEW 10+ Minutes of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot E3 GAMEPLAY


  1. Goken Games

    Goken Games50 minutos atrás

    It's for Xbox one too?

  2. Brad Dolphilis

    Brad Dolphilis2 horas atrás

    Playing video games is like voodoo dolls makes since.. But video games players are good at controlling people... Postive videogames make you better at manipulating.. Negative its witch craft just like going to church a lot that witch shit , the bible is basically a spell book.

  3. Brad Dolphilis

    Brad Dolphilis2 horas atrás

    Sometimes my videogames act different like goku in my dragonball xenoverse game he was acting like goku the night i saved the world from kid buu.. GOKU IS EVIL. My sister seen it too.. I always have witnesses.

  4. Lukinhas gameplays

    Lukinhas gameplays14 horas atrás


  5. X-RaY

    X-RaY14 horas atrás

    why wont they just make budoaki tenkaichi 4, that shit would pop

  6. William Riley

    William Riley17 horas atrás

    I'm trying very hard to reserve skepticism but this seems like a weak BT3 fighting system and the same story I've played through in a ton of earlier games. Not worried about open world. More worried about it Not being a xenoverse rip off, actual beam struggles/clashes, TRULY destructive environment(not just denting the scenery and it fades back to new) and environment transitions. Looks wise, I'd give it an S, but I've had my hopes up about a dbz game before. A lot.

  7. drumd00d

    drumd00d17 horas atrás

    As long as the game has more content than the latest One Piece game I'm sold on this

  8. Gibran Rodriguez

    Gibran Rodriguez21 hora atrás

    I don't know why, but to me it seems a mix of legacy of goku/ some budokai3/ & dbz Sagas. Lit that tail 😅👌🔥🔥🐉🐒

  9. TravionMusic

    TravionMusic21 hora atrás

    About time! Been waiting for another open world DBZ game since the success of Rise Of A Ninja. Fighting games every other year becomes way too repetitive. This looks amazing, cannot wait to play

  10. ps4 Gamer

    ps4 Gamer22 horas atrás

    It's on December 31 2019 release date.

  11. ps4 Gamer

    ps4 Gamer22 horas atrás

    I hope they start off with kid goku -_-

  12. stefano rovati

    stefano rovatiDia atrás

    Why the f**k it s lagging during the fight! It's rediculus

  13. IraqUpBeaches

    IraqUpBeachesDia atrás

    Personally, Fighterz was the worst game and had the worst art style. Hated that it was a retro arcade fighting game, dont give 2 shits about those types of videogames. And the art style looked like those games that used single drawings as "animations" and shaking camera as am effect. I just did not like it at all. This game on the other hand, leaps and bounds better. And this better go up to Buu or I'll be pissed.

  14. Brawlhado

    BrawlhadoDia atrás

    Dude u saw the characters menu? when he pressed start ? Maybe u can play with any chacaracter that u unlocked throughout the story at any time!, Dude that's so sick

  15. Do u know da wae My brudda

    Do u know da wae My bruddaDia atrás

    Woo i just got my 2nd copy of S. Vegito on the 20cc daily summon.

  16. talonoftheblueflame

    talonoftheblueflameDia atrás

    Legacy of goku remake pretty much

  17. Rikitango

    RikitangoDia atrás

    broly isn't canon till super.

  18. Adrilennon de Araujo Carvalho

    Adrilennon de Araujo CarvalhoDia atrás

    cara doido, preferiria que fosse um jogo desde ele criança até pelo menos ate o frieza!

  19. YellMadMan

    YellMadManDia atrás

    Yoooo I'm here for this game I love games like this and it's Dragon Ball yooo where that's pre-order 😂

  20. Rainy Day

    Rainy DayDia atrás

    Looks like trash

  21. Kipplee

    KippleeDia atrás

    I feel like this is was Jump force should've looked like.

  22. Compositor RX game

    Compositor RX gameDia atrás

    I loved a lot of style of the game reminds a lot dragon ball z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 will make the game come dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese.

  23. Compositor RX game

    Compositor RX game2 horas atrás

    @Luis Gustavo Mello kkkkk fala ai mano que jogão em

  24. Luis Gustavo Mello

    Luis Gustavo Mello10 horas atrás


  25. Boogie City

    Boogie CityDia atrás

    Gt series !!!!!

  26. Biafran Beast

    Biafran BeastDia atrás

    i might get a ps4 again just to play this omg

  27. Youssef Bouazza

    Youssef BouazzaDia atrás

    What is the name of the OST music playing from 14.11 till the end? Thanks in forward.

  28. MARKFA 91

    MARKFA 91Dia atrás

    Is harder to make tenkaichi 4? Fuck Bandai

  29. Kevin Rosiello

    Kevin RosielloDia atrás

    Holy Fu€#&# Shit ist das Mega geil definitive flichtkauf 👌

  30. André

    AndréDia atrás

    This game won't go beyond frieza, the title is KAKAROT, which means telling the story from where goku discovers he is a saiyan until he becomes the super saiyan...

  31. Dank Budd

    Dank BuddDia atrás

    André dont count out DLC into the cell buu saga

  32. The galaxy Of game

    The galaxy Of gameDia atrás

    Is it me are playing this would bring back good memories of the best anime ever 😢💯if you love dragon ball z like this ❤️💯

  33. Saixophone

    SaixophoneDia atrás

    Its like xenoverse but with fishing mode

  34. Sir Plata

    Sir PlataDia atrás

    The boost flying animation looks boring & stiff af compared to the regular flying.

  35. FhawPlays

    FhawPlaysDia atrás

    Android 8 is from og dragon ball. When he said easter eggs he meant throwbacks to the og dragon ball series lol. So all the generals from red ribbon army, arale, Nam, gieran, stuff like that probably

  36. Cavan Cox

    Cavan CoxDia atrás

    I heard this is going just to cell saga hoping that isn’t true 😢

  37. Logan Wolf

    Logan Wolf2 dias atrás

    Play on the channel

  38. We Play

    We Play2 dias atrás

    Game looks so fantastic I'm getting goosebumps been a fan since a kid looks gorgeous this can beat budokai teknkachi

  39. fabian mason

    fabian mason2 dias atrás

    Seems empty and bland

  40. fabian mason

    fabian mason2 dias atrás

    It looks good but doesnt look fun

  41. Ryan Sartin

    Ryan Sartin2 dias atrás

    So is this game gonna be dbz saiyan story line only or is it gonna go all the way through

  42. Terrence Macon

    Terrence Macon2 dias atrás

    Is this gana be on the Nintendo switch?

  43. Carlo Hoey burger

    Carlo Hoey burger2 dias atrás

    Dragon ball ultimate budikai storm

  44. Luigi Supa

    Luigi Supa2 dias atrás

    Oh my gash

  45. Kyung Nim

    Kyung Nim2 dias atrás

    Why are DB games always ass

  46. Dooker

    Dooker2 dias atrás

    Hope u can play it in vR

  47. Ej Gonzalez

    Ej Gonzalez2 dias atrás

    It's basically xenoverse + fighter z , luvit

  48. Raoni Queiroz

    Raoni Queiroz2 dias atrás

    Kame-hame-ha still does less Damage than a punch. Thats what kills me on dbz games..

  49. Prehistoryczny Dinozaur

    Prehistoryczny Dinozaur2 dias atrás

    Every dragon ball games = copy /ctr+v. So sad and boring.

  50. SOTG FeaTure

    SOTG FeaTure2 dias atrás

    Reminds me of dragonball legends on IOS

  51. Marcus Cromwell

    Marcus Cromwell2 dias atrás

    it looks just like all the other DBZ games... cartoonish. And why does Goku fly so slow... i mean they added an Super Sonic effect but ...look around like he's just running. All dragon ball games are almost the same.... no graphic improvement, same story all over again in each new game. I hope this will be better

  52. keroroslayer

    keroroslayer2 dias atrás

    Lame UNREAL DB copy

  53. keroroslayer

    keroroslayer2 dias atrás

    Looks ultra xbox throwback, flying around big empty world for missions. Ugh

  54. Torti Lee

    Torti Lee2 dias atrás

    I will a full kid goku story with crossing to Z and super!!!

  55. fin james

    fin james2 dias atrás

    Online multiplayer?

  56. c Lok

    c Lok2 dias atrás

    Early z only like burst limit. Watch.

  57. Gregorius Andhika

    Gregorius Andhika2 dias atrás

    Project Z. Kakarot. Kakarot Part II. Trunks. Gohan. Vegeta. Kid Goku. Kid Goku Part II. Goku Part IV (Super) Damn, this is some insane project.

  58. Jonni Liquid

    Jonni Liquid2 dias atrás

    Same shit different toilet paper

  59. MAIK W. The gaming man

    MAIK W. The gaming man2 dias atrás

    I love the new game and the open world is amazing 😍

  60. TM

    TM2 dias atrás

    I wish you could fly faster

  61. Rumuel Nathanael

    Rumuel Nathanael2 dias atrás

    But the huge world feels too damn empty! Needs more ppl or cars on the road or whatever, or maybe more wild animals.

  62. Minecraft PE Live

    Minecraft PE Live2 dias atrás

    Is it kind of open world-rpg?

  63. Lionel Edouard

    Lionel Edouard2 dias atrás

    Look like GTA: Goku

  64. Terrell Mack

    Terrell Mack2 dias atrás

    So it's going to be like naruto ultimate ninja storm story

  65. Kid Flvsh

    Kid Flvsh2 dias atrás

    They gotta have a multiplayer mode in here

  66. Dino Vigador

    Dino Vigador2 dias atrás

    Queremos Dragón Ball Z: Budokai 3 remake no esa mierda de juego

  67. MrGrapevine101

    MrGrapevine1012 dias atrás

    If this shit stops at buu saga it will be a waste how many times must be keep playing through the same saga over and over in a super polished game it should start at dragon ball since we never got to really experience and play as him during that time and end at dragon ball super all we get is the same saga polished and animated a different way

  68. Jay Mo

    Jay Mo2 dias atrás

    So far honestly this looks way better than xenoverse only thing xeno got over it is it’s variety of characters

  69. Phoenix1224 Twitch Streams

    Phoenix1224 Twitch Streams2 dias atrás

    you sir have a new subscriber

  70. Raheem Culbreth

    Raheem Culbreth2 dias atrás

    Soooo this is a Goku story mode ONE PLAYER game???

  71. Luis Peralta

    Luis Peralta2 dias atrás

    broly was canonized for super so i doubt they will have him here but i would love to see him in it especially the version before super

  72. The Son of the BattleCry

    The Son of the BattleCry2 dias atrás

    Yes original broly was 10x better

  73. RevivedSoul

    RevivedSoul2 dias atrás

    This was siiick. Like anitmation and layout wow. Gameplay fresh and neat jeezus. Its like they own it and its orginal replica of its show. Only con i see is that they didnt show raditz attack back after so long lol.

  74. kotraro fuma

    kotraro fuma2 dias atrás

    The problem is the story. We all knew how this will end.

  75. amen rocky

    amen rocky2 dias atrás

    Its a great game for any one who would want to learn dbz from gokus point of view but i do hope for the fans who really love super that they give a game kinda like we had infinite warfare then we had moderan warfare remastered

  76. John Fields

    John Fields3 dias atrás

    Looks very good but it may seem a bit repetitive

  77. iTs LyonA or Anthony

    iTs LyonA or Anthony3 dias atrás

    Just found out bout this, as a long time DB die hard fan..I'm super excited, but they need to stop doing the same thing. This would be worth a buy if it wasn't DBz and was like DBs or maybe like a what if..maybe would be epic if Goku never went to earth. Then became just Kakarot..that would be something epic to play. I'm disappointed in game development when comes to DB. DBZBT3 was the only great game to ever exist in the DB series. Don't get me wrong I love all of the games, but just repetitive with new features. DBxv is great bc of the CAC feature which you get to put yourself in to the game in a sense. Now just imagine if this game was a CAC game and you are the one flying around the world and doing whatever..that would be insane!! Ok, my rant is done lol

  78. MasserGX

    MasserGX3 dias atrás

    This game looks like budokai tenkaichi 3 but with better graphics.

  79. shotsstar

    shotsstar3 dias atrás

    TBH the game doesn't look that great. Looks just like xenoverse

  80. Joe Yabuki

    Joe Yabuki3 dias atrás

    The environments and character animations look pretty ugly 😑 But it's the best fishing mode ever

  81. Andrzej Łysy

    Andrzej Łysy3 dias atrás

    i want this game awsome

  82. Naxion DustKeeper

    Naxion DustKeeper3 dias atrás

    Kakarot why u fishing with your tail

  83. Akira Fudô

    Akira Fudô3 dias atrás

    can they fix goku's face a little bit, he looks like hes off coke

  84. Vegan Life Change

    Vegan Life Change3 dias atrás

    Needs alternate stories so it's less predictable. Same sagas, just twists and paths. Also I'd like that charged flying to be faster. I wanna literally jet around like a beast 😁

  85. Mr Portillo

    Mr Portillo3 dias atrás

    Only for Xbox ? NoPlayStation 4 ??

  86. Isaiah Bell

    Isaiah Bell3 dias atrás

    Hopefully it’ll go up to sum super events...

  87. Bowen De Marc

    Bowen De Marc3 dias atrás

    Ohhhh man! I hope they did the full story!

  88. A R

    A R3 dias atrás

    Probably further content probably surpassed the z series like new dlc

  89. Xlmnti X

    Xlmnti X3 dias atrás

    I hope they holds up to their word and give us the whole story of Kakarot up to the Tournament of Power era, better yet Broly Movie with Ultra Instinct Goku and Gogeta then this game would be divine right just look how epic that z-fluidity is

  90. Harlo J

    Harlo J3 dias atrás

    They need this type of game but for My Hero!!

  91. Brian Ofori

    Brian Ofori3 dias atrás

    Dragon ball needs a full reboot

  92. Robert Caldwell

    Robert Caldwell3 dias atrás

    Kan we fly as ssj n transform in mid free roam/ Also Jan we choose different Z fighters to have as a main

  93. Ben D.

    Ben D.3 dias atrás

    Xenoverse but cell shaded. whats all the fuss about.

  94. Gin daVinci

    Gin daVinci3 dias atrás

    If it aint better than Budokai Ten 3 this game is garbage... like every other serie after it

  95. Jaden Bushay

    Jaden Bushay3 dias atrás

    See now we see the wild Goku beating up robots before saving his kidnapped son

  96. Marley Hendrixxx

    Marley Hendrixxx3 dias atrás

    Super came out what, 4 years ago? Why dont we have a game for that come on man

  97. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker3 dias atrás


  98. Bab Zee

    Bab Zee3 dias atrás

    Haven't bought a DBZ game since Tenkaichi 3, looks like I'll be buying this!

  99. Bab Zee

    Bab Zee2 dias atrás

    Jesús García yeah I know!

  100. Jesús García

    Jesús García3 dias atrás

    You missed the best DBZ game to date: DB Fighterz

  101. Kayden Petroff

    Kayden Petroff3 dias atrás

    I remember when I thought dbz was weak and I was so wrong this is the best I want this game super bad🔥

  102. Uglymachete 03

    Uglymachete 033 dias atrás

    I hope they have online

  103. Skar800

    Skar8003 dias atrás

    It looks beautiful, I always wanted an RPG game of DB to explore it's universe and meet the characters.

  104. Shin Chan

    Shin Chan16 horas atrás

    I would love to say that the game will be good... but i cant because i saw the gameplay^^

  105. zapidante

    zapidante3 dias atrás

    Thanks ciberconect


    BAAZOOKAH3 dias atrás

    will this be available on switch?

  107. Shais

    Shais3 dias atrás

    This is a must have for any true fan of the series.