1. 2HYPE

    2HYPE4 meses atrás

    When we hit 200,000 Subscribers we will drop the hide and seek right away! Or we will drop it next saturday

  2. Coach Coochie

    Coach CoochieMês atrás

    U boys live in the most lavish places the next house finna be the white house

  3. berserkmarii

    berserkmarii3 meses atrás

    I like mopi and jessers room more than the rest. Idk why

  4. rushfanatik1

    rushfanatik13 meses atrás


  5. Dresean Nation

    Dresean Nation3 meses atrás

    Let T jass join 2hype

  6. Beast Boy

    Beast Boy21 hora atrás

    Y,all fav you tubers awesome house

  7. Beast Boy

    Beast Boy21 hora atrás

    My birthday wish has all ways been to hang out with 2hype (jesser) mainly

  8. Uzu

    Uzu22 horas atrás

    While y’all have lions in the front I have a mailbox.... slight flex

  9. PBGaming

    PBGaming23 horas atrás

    Gotta love 2Hype man 💪🏼

  10. ArthurLeonard Malijan

    ArthurLeonard Malijan2 dias atrás

    Jesser didnt know that it was Jesus on that statue

  11. David Marshall

    David Marshall2 dias atrás

    What’s the thing behind the court

  12. Herbier Parmar

    Herbier Parmar3 dias atrás

    Is James room connected to the main house?

  13. Jeremy Corona

    Jeremy Corona6 dias atrás

    Do another chopped video

  14. Ayden Bishop

    Ayden Bishop6 dias atrás

    75 Thousand likes for Mopi to attic tour

  15. Ryan Wright

    Ryan Wright7 dias atrás

    Dude perfect

  16. Twitch_streamerBTW

    Twitch_streamerBTW8 dias atrás

    What was that Steve Irwin accent

  17. Drop Top25

    Drop Top258 dias atrás

    Jesser is the biggest youtuber in the house but doesn’t have the biggest room lol


    JOKECITY10 dias atrás

    16:33 podcast room?

  19. Auzi Ahmed

    Auzi Ahmed12 dias atrás

    The part in the theater room had me dead 💀

  20. Julius

    Julius12 dias atrás

    i laughed so hard when Jesse didn't know that the statue was Jesus

  21. Leonardo Moraes

    Leonardo Moraes14 dias atrás

    I am New.... How they have ALL of this? They are BRreporterrs only ? They study ? Whats their history?

  22. Noel Jolet

    Noel Jolet14 dias atrás

    I need an XBox guys or PS4

  23. Jax Nosotti

    Jax Nosotti17 dias atrás

    Cash should live there over Mitchell I’m just sayin

  24. 1 RTV_JOESIF

    1 RTV_JOESIF17 dias atrás


  25. Jack Sharkey-Burns

    Jack Sharkey-Burns17 dias atrás

    You guys made this on my birthday please respond

  26. The Joker

    The Joker20 dias atrás

    It not crikey an alligator it’s crikey a crocodile

  27. Deacon Versteeg

    Deacon Versteeg21 dia atrás

    I fill like it was Kris’s tour the Jesse went gimme dat

  28. Ellison Sanchez

    Ellison Sanchez25 dias atrás

    The fan look the same as my fan 2:31🤯

  29. Jeremy Corona

    Jeremy Corona26 dias atrás

    Make a chopped 4 vid

  30. James William

    James William26 dias atrás

    Is this next to DDG’s crib?

  31. Quincey Hona

    Quincey Hona27 dias atrás

    Kris closest is bigger than my bedroom

  32. Royboii19

    Royboii19Mês atrás

    Kris at 14:09 thinks he’s cool

  33. Augusta Ren!s Marcella

    Augusta Ren!s MarcellaMês atrás

    @jiedel: "this is our newest addition named cookie" Frenchie: "I know this ho ***** aint named me cookie?! He could have named me Trey, Duece, or somethin'......"

  34. Stacey Williams

    Stacey WilliamsMês atrás

    Hey there 😊

  35. Mikky Rang

    Mikky RangMês atrás

    why doesnt cash live there

  36. Charlie Earthrowl

    Charlie EarthrowlMês atrás

    My Mom doesn’t let me like or subscribe but I like you guys so much that I just did it

  37. Prince Ahlo

    Prince AhloMês atrás

    You should challenge bravado’s squad 5v5

  38. Luis Loera

    Luis LoeraMês atrás

    Kris really likes white

  39. AsC Skilled

    AsC SkilledMês atrás

    Where is jeidels custom made shoes he said at the end of the vid

  40. Brody Fairman

    Brody FairmanMês atrás


  41. Jett Perelmutter

    Jett PerelmutterMês atrás


  42. Jett Perelmutter

    Jett PerelmutterMês atrás

    You are my favorite BRreporterR

  43. teawapuni hadfield

    teawapuni hadfieldMês atrás

    Challenge the professor and T Jass for a 2 on 2 basketball game

  44. Stephen Curry

    Stephen CurryMês atrás

    im a huge fan of 2hype shutout to jesser

  45. The Beyblade empire

    The Beyblade empireMês atrás

    Flight vs jesser please

  46. JJ Vincent Goncena

    JJ Vincent GoncenaMês atrás

    2hype vs FaZe

  47. Nathan Lin

    Nathan LinMês atrás

    I would rather live and film here than clout house

  48. Milo

    MiloMês atrás

    Is this the house y’all got for the gambling promotion? Damn nice! You guys are so fucking smart ;)

  49. Matt Blaxk

    Matt BlaxkMês atrás

    who even does the edits

  50. Alan Qi

    Alan QiMês atrás

    Need the car reveal

  51. Alan Qi

    Alan QiMês atrás

    Yo kris’ room is goals

  52. Jeremy Estrella

    Jeremy EstrellaMês atrás

    damn youtube must be paying good

  53. Luke Gorman

    Luke GormanMês atrás

    Jesser kept saying OD or overdosed instead of OP😂😂

  54. Get the karma Kid

    Get the karma KidMês atrás

    Team 10

  55. Shmuel Mayer

    Shmuel MayerMês atrás

    Josh horton and caleb nash feemster

  56. Alec Lindenberg

    Alec LindenbergMês atrás

    Humphries bar and club 😂

  57. OPS Breezy

    OPS BreezyMês atrás

    Why Mitchell not in 2Hype

  58. Matthew Lares Hernandez

    Matthew Lares HernandezMês atrás

    Bruh LSK is underrated on G he lives better than Jesser buh Jesser gets all the credit for 2hype

  59. Robert Ryan

    Robert RyanMês atrás

    Matthew Lares Hernandez you don’t know the story. Kris was small when him and Jesse moved together. Kris told Jesse he would make it back for him. Jesse literally helped him grow his channel.

  60. Young Sock1500

    Young Sock1500Mês atrás

    Gimme sink king please

  61. funnykhai

    funnykhaiMês atrás

    What y’all do in that shower

  62. Young Putin

    Young PutinMês atrás

    Face lnu

  63. Craig Mizell Jr.

    Craig Mizell Jr.Mês atrás

    My name is Craig

  64. Jamie Alcaparras

    Jamie AlcaparrasMês atrás

    I have the same shoe as you

  65. Anush Jugulum

    Anush JugulumMês atrás

    I have 4 ovens