1. S/V North Star

    S/V North Star2 dias atrás

    Note the Deep Stste language to "make sure this never happens again." We are to believe this is a higher purpose than punishment of the conspiritors,. Criminal prosecution of high profile people is just "too hard." As if punishment were not a deterrent WORTH THE EFFORT TO BRING!

  2. T robertson

    T robertson2 dias atrás

    How dare them call us terrorists we are the NRA we're not terrorists ,we are Freedom fighters will fight you to the end, for our second amendment rights.

  3. Ted Pert

    Ted Pert2 dias atrás

    Corrupt to the core killery should pay!

  4. Kim Gowers

    Kim Gowers2 dias atrás

    It was reported in 2016 that John McCain admitted he was the one to gave it to FBI.

  5. jimmy jimmy

    jimmy jimmy2 dias atrás

    Traitor mcstain

  6. Franklin Archambault

    Franklin Archambault4 dias atrás

    need to change the appointment system to limited time of bench time

  7. Wm. Harris

    Wm. Harris4 dias atrás

    How do we let one criminal exhonorate another criminal baffled and bamboozled

  8. Timothy Lindsey

    Timothy Lindsey5 dias atrás

    McCain was complicit with so much of the deep state shenanigans thats been going on for decades. TRUMP WAS ON POINT AS FAR AS I COULD SEE..

  9. Cathy Bair

    Cathy Bair5 dias atrás

    I've always thought of John Mccain and Lindsey Graham as Democrat spies in the Republican party. Excellent informative video! Thank you for sharing ♡

  10. Sandra Sandra

    Sandra Sandra6 dias atrás

    BCP it might be at a snail's pace but I think we're going to see Justice! Hallelujah!!

  11. k c

    k c6 dias atrás

    Birds of a feather flock together! I liked Lindsey Graham but if he's dirty then he's dirty! No one is above the law, except the dead!

  12. jordyn mccoy

    jordyn mccoy6 dias atrás

    We will learn obama was not born in america soo.nnnnnn

  13. jordyn mccoy

    jordyn mccoy6 dias atrás

    Love ya bcp

  14. Frank Elizalde

    Frank Elizalde6 dias atrás

    Most intriguing revelation regarding that former AZ senator. Frankly , most disappointing ! Gracious gratitude to BCP expose’.

  15. Swampy Douglas OBannon

    Swampy Douglas OBannon6 dias atrás


  16. Robin Driggers

    Robin Driggers6 dias atrás

    IF I were a shooter do you think I would go to the store that does not allow open carry or the store who does? By not allowing open carry you are creating a soft target and have enticed a shooter to come to YOUR store. How many mass shootings happen where they allow open carry compared to not allowing open carry? RIGHT! The shooter does not give a damn about your sign. I think you should have an assigned armed security person for any customer requesting one, since you have put their life in danger. Look at the church who had a shooter and someone was open carrying and stopped the shooter, or many more would have died. Do you want to stand there helplessly and watch your loved one being gunned down, or do you hope a person who is an open carrier is near the shooter? It may not stop the shooter but it damn sure would lessen the casualties. Thought so! And no I do not have a gun but I do have common sense!! And I did shop at Walmart for just about everything. People just think about it. Walmart you caved. You have alienated over half of your customers and let them know their lives mean nothing to you. Businesses' should stay out of politics and avoid being BULLIED. Your customers provide your profit. So you should stay neutral. Yes BULLIED!

  17. Susan Degner

    Susan Degner6 dias atrás

    Can't these judges be disbarred?

  18. SOS DD

    SOS DD7 dias atrás

    ? BCP I have a question. Why are so many Republican's retiring? It like they are being driven out. Come on we need loyal Conservative, Rep. To represent the All American People.

  19. scott leachman

    scott leachman7 dias atrás

    9th District Judges have more power than President? They only have power w/in their District. Why they allowed to do this?...because Demorats raise too much of a stink? Shame! Throw them in jail.after stripping them of judgeship!

  20. Bobbie Harper

    Bobbie Harper7 dias atrás

    If I find out now, in 2019, that Senator Lindsey Graham is part of the deep state It will set be back 60 years mentally, and being that I'm 64 years now this would set me back being 4 yrs old mentally, not knowing anything. In Short I would be so shocked, so emotionally in distressed, I wouldn't want to see my next birthday!

  21. Phil Luna

    Phil Luna7 dias atrás

    Bcp brother we love you can you research the land of Israel to see what's happening with the PEACE treaty. With djtrump!! Thumps up!

  22. Don Barr

    Don Barr7 dias atrás

    They need to take a big broom to the judicial system. And make it a new one, while you’re at it.

  23. Phil Luna

    Phil Luna7 dias atrás

    Some one sat lyndsey. Down because he was way to the left )and military tribunals he was treasonous and you know what happens to them!

  24. Phil Luna

    Phil Luna7 dias atrás


  25. Phil Luna

    Phil Luna7 dias atrás

    No name Mccain

  26. James Edmister

    James Edmister8 dias atrás

    I am sure noname is feeling the heat of Hell!

  27. George Nelson

    George Nelson8 dias atrás

    Allen Keys is a straight shooter.

  28. George Nelson

    George Nelson8 dias atrás

    Are you talking about Shit Stain McCain?

  29. George Nelson

    George Nelson8 dias atrás

    Do you mean McStain?

  30. lee morrison

    lee morrison8 dias atrás

    McCain was a traitor and a thug. I respected him until he sold out for power and money! Now I loath his name and will forever blaspheme it for as long as I live, including his descendants like his daughter that is jacked up in the head.

  31. Cm Sisk

    Cm Sisk8 dias atrás

    guess that Judge will be going down with the Corrupt rats in the swamp, got to laugh at all these stupid people that stick together thinking they are going to come out smelling like a rose, but they all come out like hell fire shit.

  32. Truth Hunter

    Truth Hunter8 dias atrás

    Work on our candidate for 2024. We must keep power out of the hands of socialist scum rats party Keep America great 👍

  33. Janice Foundas

    Janice Foundas9 dias atrás

    Wasnt the navy replaced at the pentagon by the army after a assassination plan was planned against Trump!

  34. Janice Foundas

    Janice Foundas9 dias atrás

    Hes been a support since Bushes funeral? Coincidence? McCain and no name ran guns to isis! They were both involved with Killary and bummer! They move went to libya after benghazi- to do cover up for killary?

  35. Janice Foundas

    Janice Foundas9 dias atrás

    No Name was a traitor all his days! He was sitting in a republican seat but was no Republican! He did dirty deeds for Obummer and killery!

  36. Janice Foundas

    Janice Foundas9 dias atrás

    Criminal treasonous judges!

  37. Janice Foundas

    Janice Foundas9 dias atrás

    This is such BS that killary isnt held accountable for Benghazi!

  38. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson10 dias atrás

    Makes me wonder what Congress had accomplished while fighting Trump. I have noticed absolutely nothing had been done. Congress should have a 2 term max.

  39. Anh Cunningham

    Anh Cunningham10 dias atrás

    John McCain was a traitors of US. Military while he comes to Viet Nam war he signal for Russian & China killed American soldiers & South Vietnamese soldiers he is the HaNoi sings bird !! This bastards back to USA the traitors he was money laundering for ISIS & Iran with John Kerry and Barrack hussein Obama!!

  40. Curtis Turner

    Curtis Turner12 dias atrás

    John McCain should be tried posthumously and his evil deeds exposed for all to see. He was a subversive . . . just as foul and just as guilty as Comey, Strzok, McCabe, Clinton and the rest of the cabal.

  41. mollie smithson

    mollie smithson9 dias atrás

    John McCain was tried bt military style tribunals, found guilty and was executed by the state. So was daddy Bush. That's why they hate Trump. And now the Elite are shaking in their boots cause they know they are next!!

  42. Mark Foundas

    Mark Foundas13 dias atrás

    I’m very happy Songbird was EXECUTED.

  43. Alana Adams

    Alana Adams13 dias atrás

    McCain was never a Republican he was always a Rino

  44. Mark Stuut

    Mark Stuut14 dias atrás

    How about a military tribunal

  45. Nick Tiganus

    Nick Tiganus14 dias atrás

    I believe Mccaine was one of the big corrupt Republican

  46. doug723

    doug72315 dias atrás

    how is judicial watch's law suit to clean up the cali voting fraud situation? if all of the illegals and dead are prevented from voting I would bet the Donald would have a chance!

  47. J P

    J P16 dias atrás

    McCain was a Zionist traitor.

  48. Wanda Roderick

    Wanda Roderick18 dias atrás

    These Benghazi Heroes that was murdered in Cold Blood by Clinton and Obama deserve justice and they will get Justice come hell or high water

  49. ruby leuty

    ruby leuty18 dias atrás

    I saw a clip on this before the election that said McCain had the dossier before Trump was elected in November of 2016 and he was the one that gave it to James Comey. I never saw anything else on it after that one clip. I don’t understand how it was swept under the rug. I don’t know of Graham was told or saw it while McCain had it but it is likely. It was only after McCain died that Graham stepped up to help Trump.

  50. Wak Allen-Bowring

    Wak Allen-Bowring18 dias atrás

    These judges need to be thrown out they and their ilk is what's wrong with America today. Crook's the lot of them.

  51. Barbara Supkow

    Barbara Supkow19 dias atrás

    Get the evidence against the judge for breaking the laws and get her out!!

  52. Bobby Martin

    Bobby Martin20 dias atrás

    "BLATANT" and "SHAMELESS" are perfect words used in this video...Great Video....This highlights one of the major American issues: the corruption of the judiciary due to forum shopping, a clearly unethical practice....These LEFTist judges do not care about the established laws....

  53. T G

    T G20 dias atrás

    Q is over. Nothings gona happen. We got played by trump. He’s a gun grabbing rino.



    Tru talk brother

  55. Jane

    Jane20 dias atrás

    I voted for Alan Keyes in the 1996 primaries OVER George Bush!!!

  56. mollie smithson

    mollie smithson21 dia atrás

    McCain died not by brain tumor. That was just the excuse.

  57. Helen Hadix

    Helen Hadix21 dia atrás

    Amen. Keyes is a great American!

  58. John Doe

    John Doe21 dia atrás

    McCain was given the shot and his estate wasn't confiscated and his "legacy" wasn't touched or promoted. The McCain/Bush alliance will put J M in the operations of PEDOPHILIA and HUMAN TRAFFICKING

  59. MLLG49

    MLLG4921 dia atrás

    Bh Obama illegal immigrant proof out of his own mouth

  60. eathealthier4u

    eathealthier4u22 dias atrás

    The crumbs don't fall far from the cookie...

  61. Brenda

    Brenda22 dias atrás