New iPad Pro review: can it replace your laptop?


  1. Bronze Brett

    Bronze Brett8 horas atrás

    Brutally honest, I love this guy!

  2. DonVirgiValle

    DonVirgiValle9 horas atrás

    My 2012 Macbook Pro Retina is quickly starting to age. I want to replace it with an iPad, but not being able to use external hard drives is the deal breaker for me. Not to mention how expensive iPads are.

  3. YYC

    YYCDia atrás

    Apple should start listening to it's customers as they've wanted a full blown macos version of the iPad for quite some time now. While the Surface Pro isn't perfect either, you can do everything and anything (aside from high end gaming and CAD work) with it.

  4. WhosIbrahim YT

    WhosIbrahim YTDia atrás

    No headphone jacks... 🙄 I’ll stick with my normal iPad Pro...

  5. Liam Dale

    Liam DaleDia atrás

    It's nice the iPad Pro includes USB C, but it's way too limited to replace a computer. Although it is nice you can charge other devices from it such as your phone.


    CRISPY CHRISO'S2 dias atrás

    "Huge camera bump" *holds Moto Z* YOU THINK THAT'S A BIG CAMERA BUMP?

  7. Frank Ragetti

    Frank Ragetti2 dias atrás

    Yes. It can. If you consume more than you produce.

  8. Kenneth Torres II

    Kenneth Torres II3 dias atrás

    Creating a perfect product is no the main focus of their brand. Their main focus is to -continue- creating >supporting the future world “peace” scenario, by ‘hanging-in-their’ and accepting what their able to create, because they want to be the future-look (aesthetic) that we use as a reference for how we want the world to look and feel by being the other option and not the only option, staying relevant and making things look like how we want them to look. It’s their brand “apple” that makes our world look more closely at what we want. Giving us the option to support ourselves with a newer more refreshing concept and feel, because apparently we/people/humans don’t normally know what we want (based-off what Jobs has stated) and so challenging folks on levels that most don’t realize right away even their product names shape our reality and effects how we decide in our ever changing polarity to continue. In a sense pushing us, poking at us, forcing us to decide, here or there, left or right, forward or back, theirs no wrong way just a way and ultimately maybe an easier way. If they changed their phones name to another name think about the affect it would have on their brand.....................

  9. Adam Shah

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  10. Kyla Unicorn

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  11. Ray

    Ray4 dias atrás

    iPad Mini from 2018. 🤔

  12. Kingsley Zissou

    Kingsley Zissou5 dias atrás

    Audio is a mess...recorded too hot

  13. MoonPlayz

    MoonPlayz5 dias atrás

    I have a iPad Pro in my hands

  14. DonBergas

    DonBergas5 dias atrás

    This is a max out iPad. That sums up to me everything and nope, it won't replace your laptop.

  15. Tips & Tricks

    Tips & Tricks5 dias atrás

    Lol I’m watching this on my new iPad Pro

  16. Carlos Anaya

    Carlos Anaya6 dias atrás

    Too god damn expensive. But I still want it.

  17. wildcheekymonkey

    wildcheekymonkey6 dias atrás


  18. Parichay Bhowmik

    Parichay Bhowmik6 dias atrás

    let me make it simple- "Its a big iphone with usb C which doesn't support hard drives"

  19. TheBolt45

    TheBolt458 dias atrás

    Me : well guess who's watching this on a Amoled display on Samsung's tab s4

  20. tears

    tears8 dias atrás

    But can It game?

  21. G.B.O.M .&.T.F

    G.B.O.M .&.T.F8 dias atrás

    very nice iPad walk through. man I like your video

  22. Sahil Sawalkar

    Sahil Sawalkar8 dias atrás

    Brutal :)

  23. Dee Pak

    Dee Pak8 dias atrás

    why he looks so tensed

  24. P Patel

    P Patel9 dias atrás

    Fantastic Review! You covered all the important points and questions I wanted to learn about. Thank you.

  25. f96

    f969 dias atrás

    I use the iPhone X gestures in an iPad 6th gen, so getting used to the gestures are a snap. *just like thanos*

  26. Clifford Henson

    Clifford Henson9 dias atrás

    Just put MacOS on the damn thing already and name it something stupid like "MacPadPro" so we can all go buy it and stop complaining.

  27. dan di

    dan di10 dias atrás

    Dont buy gllas very week if is brokin apple say to you buy new we do not fix

  28. Erick Cisneros

    Erick Cisneros10 dias atrás

    Money all those accessories should be for free! And it should work as well as a laptop,,..... I have a question, Is the iPad Pro smaller one worth the money and can you edit videos pretty well on it? I think it’s the 11 inch

  29. Erick Cisneros

    Erick Cisneros10 dias atrás

    Got the 2018 iPad Pro 10.5 it’s expensive I paid 700 bucks for it. So basically the 12.9 inch one is way too much money and it is super luxury item! Everybody should have an iPad though but they are two times way too much meaning they are twice as much as they should be if they were half as much I would buy it


    LEROY LEROO10 dias atrás

    6:57 RoBlOx

  31. Charlie Nucera

    Charlie Nucera11 dias atrás

    Love this ipad

  32. roppoqi

    roppoqi11 dias atrás

    the thing is i have a laptop that i'm going to sell because it's outdated and worn out, i might consider this because i don't need to setup wacom everytime i need to draw, but this cost 3 times my old laptop lol

  33. harry smyth

    harry smyth11 dias atrás

    What is liquid crystal;will it leak like a battery

  34. Jan Griffiths

    Jan Griffiths12 dias atrás

    If they weren't so expensive more people could enjoy one

  35. Cameron Lazzari

    Cameron Lazzari12 dias atrás

    I hope Apple hears this. They need to change the iPad Pro to use mojave or use desktop apps like FXP, Logic, all of the Adobe CS apps. This is the biggest issue. Steve Jobs would have jumped on this along time ago to be the first to do it. Apple is so scared of cannibalizing there macbook pro's when they could make something so much better. Apple will suffer as the result of there greed. It is happening as we speak. Be the company Steve Jobs created instead some money green machine!!!

  36. Jen QT

    Jen QT12 dias atrás

    Def one of the best reviews I've watched

  37. GamingMan247

    GamingMan24712 dias atrás

    I’m thinking of upgrading from my 9.7 inch iPad pro to either the 11 inch or the 12.9 inch. Which would be more recommendable?

  38. Bob Jacobson

    Bob Jacobson13 dias atrás

    My wife bought me the 11” iPad Pro. I already have a built up MBP - mid-2012, but it wails! - so I have my basic productivity platform. Maybe I’ll replace it with w a new MBP for the next OS after Mojave. For me, the IPP is basically an entertainment platform. The graphics and sound are incomparable in such a small package. And it’s easy to get around with simple gestures or the pencil, which I declined to purchase, liking much better for my writing profession the flip cover keyboard, which in my experience is a whole lot faster to work with, despite its small form factor, than any Mac keyboard before it. While waiting for more applications to arrive or Apple to totally replace the foolish iPhone interface with one that’s better for all the things we do with mobile devices and computers besides making phone calls - about 95% of how most of us use them - I’m considering this a learning experience. Perhaps by the time I tire of the current iPad Pro, or consign it to travel use, there will be some new hybrid computer/tablet/VR-engine that will in a way amortize my wife’s fiscal and my temporal investments. Besides, we’re having fun!

  39. Bob Jacobson

    Bob Jacobson13 dias atrás

    PS I recommend Blue Mail as an alternative to Apple Mail. Even on my MBP, I prefer Blue Mail, especially as it morphs to acquire Apple Mail’s capabilities, only better, and new ones of its own.

  40. Cameron Schmit

    Cameron Schmit13 dias atrás

    Can you move that dock to a different side?

  41. C. Patrick Sadowski

    C. Patrick Sadowski13 dias atrás

    Why would you ever buy the 1TB just for a review? Review over review have said this is NOT an iPad replacement. Like others, I too would like this iPad to be “more”, but alas, it’s IOS 12. When Apple gets serious about creating an IOS/Mac OS hybrid to run this machine, then it will be in contention as an laptop replacement. Apple’s resistance to move into this system, while still building a machine that runs an A12X bionic chip is crazy. The marketing hype gets people to purchase this 1TB model, which you will probably never use, unless you run it to import raw pics/movies, etc. Time will tell.

  42. M Y

    M Y13 dias atrás

    That iPad is literally just the old one with a new design.

  43. Vasanthan Nalinasegrem

    Vasanthan Nalinasegrem13 dias atrás

    Pretty sure the Pencil was not meant to be used as a mouse substitute like all these ppl are doing when editing videos. Looks painful. It's quite possible that Apple has designed a product that people are just not capable of adapting to.

  44. Ems

    Ems13 dias atrás

    What else can we use that overwhelming power? Kinda useless.

  45. Тор Один

    Тор Один14 dias atrás

    The iPad is the best on the market, but it’s erroneous in the operating system and constant updates that try to make it worse over time. Apple did not think anything, it stupidly squeezes money from technologies that have long been used on all devices. It is like trying to return eggs to a castrated cat, it seems that they were sewn, but what to do with them is unclear.

  46. Hung Nguyen

    Hung Nguyen14 dias atrás

    What I really wish apple would do is to create a new hybrid system where it combines a MacBook with a iPad. This idea comes from using the Duet App. In the app it allows the iPad to act like a external monitor to the attached device all the while still have it full functionality of the iPad and it also adds touch support to the attached device. So what I would LOVE to see is apple to create a MacBook based keyboard base similar to the surface book. This would house the processor, storage, eGPU and all the ports basically the bottom part of a regular MacBook. The screen is where the iPad comes in. The iPad would attach via a dock on the base . Once connected you can use the iPad to to view the OSX operating system but you would also have full functionality of iOS apps that are installed on the iPad. Essentially meshing the two operating system. That really would be a better solution then trying to port iOS apps to OSX. You can access both iOS and OSX via SplitScreen or even have the apps hover like you can do now on iOS.

  47. Hugo Nobre

    Hugo Nobre14 dias atrás

    Pencil for 100$ lel

  48. Tianmin Lau

    Tianmin Lau15 dias atrás

    I think the apple will add new features from iOS 13 case of iPad software are not adapted for this times

  49. Grant Vergottini

    Grant Vergottini16 dias atrás

    You lost all credibility when you grumbled that you can't set Google Mail to be the default. What are you talking about? I set Google Mail as my default mail tool on iOS years ago. I literally haven't seen Apple Mail on my iPhone of iPad in several years.

  50. Qhay May

    Qhay May16 dias atrás

    $2200 damn

  51. bbenjers

    bbenjers16 dias atrás

    Good review; The new iPad isn't so bad when you realize that it's more a suped-up tablet, rather than a desktop replacement. Even if the USB C connection is handicapped, I'd still rather have it for the uniformity, durability, & faster transfer/charge speeds.

  52. Hoopty Boontain

    Hoopty Boontain16 dias atrás

    Wow usbc apple wakes up

  53. vanMrMann

    vanMrMann16 dias atrás

    This would be an instant buy for me if it would support desktop apps…

  54. Robert Hernandez

    Robert Hernandez14 dias atrás

    Just need Logic and I'd buy, the thought of music creation with an LTE enabled device is godly.

  55. Abdul Rahman Sabbagh

    Abdul Rahman Sabbagh16 dias atrás

    Tablets can never replace laptops

  56. Allan Florida

    Allan Florida16 dias atrás

    LOL this guy was really feeling himself with that face recognition bit

  57. G Terracciano

    G Terracciano16 dias atrás

    very informative

  58. David Mormino

    David Mormino17 dias atrás

    You can bend it in half

  59. barcitaa

    barcitaa17 dias atrás

    It did replace my laptop

  60. xd Willelliott19

    xd Willelliott1917 dias atrás

    I’m really thinking about buying this iPad Like if I should Comment if I shouldn’t

  61. Dude

    Dude13 dias atrás

    People say you should get a Surface pro 6 idk

  62. Вероника Заглотова

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  63. chitsb

    chitsb14 dias atrás


  64. sama kami

    sama kami15 dias atrás

    xd Willelliott19 buy a MacBook

  65. OnlyH202

    OnlyH20217 dias atrás


  66. FzN_ AngeL

    FzN_ AngeL17 dias atrás

    It can break easily

  67. Docota brokenarrow Runningwolf

    Docota brokenarrow Runningwolf17 dias atrás

    Apple is a joke over charging for their low quality Junk everything is extra not included another Joke .

  68. SmilyLily1996

    SmilyLily199617 dias atrás

    I specifically want a tablet for drawing. Now I've been back and forth so much on the options that my brain hurts. Options are mostly: Windows surface(Pro, other specifications are open) or an iPad pro, big or small. Problems: I need to be able to use it efficiently in situations where I don't have access to wifi and I have a limited budget of an absolute max of 900-1000€ Now, to have enough power on the surface to do what I want it seems that I'd have to spend more money than I have. I use photoshop and illustrator everyday and if that doesn't work smoothly, it isn't even a question. I tried both tablets roughly in shops and love the feels of the iPads, but it would be the only Apple product I use. I have a Windows Laptop, Android phone and use a windows desktop computer at work(I am a trainee graphic designer, employee). Storage is a big problem because Cloud storage is downright impossible if I spend roughly 3 hours a day in trains without wifi and spend 1-3 days a week at a design school with no access to wifi either(don't ask me why). If I could get a windows tablet with the windows typical options(USB port, option to easily use external storage etc) but with the power and feel of an iPad, there would be no question what I'd get.

  69. David Adro

    David Adro18 dias atrás

    Great review thx!

  70. halodis ciple

    halodis ciple18 dias atrás

    Nobody else cares about tablets. It's a dying product.

  71. brennon mitchell

    brennon mitchell18 dias atrás

    I love this iPad more than my boyfriend😂😂

  72. surya pyla

    surya pyla19 dias atrás

    please make the video of Microsoft working on that iPad pro

  73. Jamie Hooker

    Jamie Hooker19 dias atrás

    I found this super helpful. Thank you for explaining specifics of why you don’t think it’s a real replacement. I’ve heard both sides of the argument, but this one review really sealed my decision for me.

  74. TankSpek TankSpek

    TankSpek TankSpek19 dias atrás

    All of the love you have for this, and still you can't perform advanced word processing on it.

  75. mylemon blue

    mylemon blue19 dias atrás

    One thing I need changed. The tip of that iPencil needs to be narrowed to be useful to me in art. Other than that, nice Apple commercial.

  76. unrepeatable raddish

    unrepeatable raddish19 dias atrás

    give me a surface pro any day of the have gone so far downhill its not even funny

  77. MunSu Kwon

    MunSu Kwon19 dias atrás

    Too many iPad reviewers focus too much on Photo editing capabilities, but I don't think it is fair for most viewers who don't live with video editing most days. In my case, I handle documentations with Microsoft word daily. I watch netflex and BRreporter. I do the required work from certain documentation program from online. I want to know if ipad pro will satisfy my needs, so I can do my work as fast as I can. Also, I want to find practical review to find the way as microsoft replacement on iPad.

  78. daentastic

    daentastic19 dias atrás

    its shots like 2:29 that make tablets look so freaking futuristic. Anytime you see it on a table in any review out there it just looks trash. But in a real life scenario it looks really futuristic

  79. DrMario Pepper

    DrMario Pepper19 dias atrás

    But the negatives can get better with iOS upgrades correct? Maybe Apple should create a PrOS for the IPad Pros.

  80. DrMario Pepper

    DrMario Pepper19 dias atrás

    Everyone caught up on the can it replace a laptop deal?!

  81. Manish Kumar

    Manish Kumar20 dias atrás

    Good review......helped me a lot. I was over hyped by other reviews and advertisements, but I know what I want. Good news is that surface pro 6 with keyboard is available for 800 bucks.

  82. marshall branin

    marshall branin20 dias atrás

    You can use the new iPad as a wireless display for the Mac mini. Best solution for a touch screen Mac

  83. LeaderOfTheStarrySky

    LeaderOfTheStarrySky20 dias atrás

    Crazy. For that amount of money, you could get a 27” iMac, and a bottom of the range iPad... Well, if you shopped around or got educational discount, anyway.

  84. eli parker

    eli parker20 dias atrás

    I really wish this guy never reviewed for The Verge. He just doesn’t cut it for me.

  85. Jerry Bluhm

    Jerry Bluhm20 dias atrás

    My comment re your UPDATE on the new iPad pro is thank you! I am on the verge on buying one and have been doing tons of research on iPad Pro vs laptop. This update has given me a totally new perspective on why I should purchase an iPad Pro. Good job! Thank you

  86. Exotic wood collection

    Exotic wood collection20 dias atrás

    Finally a review worth watching. Thank you for your honesty and useful information as opposed to people just being excited that they can afford a new iPad and think it’s cool.

  87. amimusica

    amimusica20 dias atrás

    Where or how can I buy the desk "mat" seen on the video?

  88. Ben Kaba

    Ben Kaba20 dias atrás

    Maybe apple does not want the ipad to replace the the mac.

  89. Robert Christopulos

    Robert Christopulos20 dias atrás

    I could be excited about the new IPad Pro, however, after listening to your review/rant, I find that with the exception of the newer hardware, my 4 year old Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 has almost all of the features that you've complained about the 2018 IPad Pro still lacking! Using the cloud, and an SDcard, my tablet still screams with near bleeding edge performance and still gives me incredible performance capabilities as a prosumer device. Thanks so much for your honest review/rant of the IPad Pro.

  90. T. Wills

    T. Wills20 dias atrás

    Great review! Many of the limitations Apple has in place are to force you to adapt to their proprietary eco system. Buy more and spend more. I have always liked their innovation but I am done with their limitations. Arrogance and greed have taken over. When my iphone 6 or my first gen ipad pro die, I’m gone.

  91. MrZiffos

    MrZiffos20 dias atrás

    Excellent review - thank you. I have now cancelled my order for an iPad Pro.

  92. AV8R Tom

    AV8R Tom21 dia atrás

    One of the biggest downsides for me is apples iOS continues to limit the usability of the hardware. Their constant refusal to support external drives and various 4K video codecs is infuriating. I can import and edit a 4K GoPro video, but not a 4K DJI drone video. This is stupid. Why go nuts on hardware specs when the software is intentionally designed to choke the life out of it?

  93. Carlos Vega

    Carlos Vega21 dia atrás

    Muscle car. Benchmarks faster than God. $2,200!!! Can you open 3 word documents at the same time? No. 🤣 BTW, you know they were taking a giant piss when they told you Liquid Retina meant "rounded corners". They're now openly making fun of their customers. I love it 🤣

  94. Poet Guide

    Poet Guide21 dia atrás

    Another pro, the iPad keyboard is nicer then the MacBook Pros butterfly keyboard.

  95. Me rovinb

    Me rovinb21 dia atrás

    Should i buy this ipad or any other laptop ?

  96. Rafael Nunez

    Rafael Nunez21 dia atrás

    How can apple say it can replace a laptop you can’t plug a mouse you can’t put a external hard drive. It’s more for watching video and movies so apple need to stop talking smack and stop saying this could replace your computer

  97. bep

    bep21 dia atrás

    Do NOT use anything other than Nintendo official chargers to charge the Switch. The Switch doesn't use the common USB-C regulations. So theirs a chance anything that isn't Nintendo sanctioned may brick your switch or the charging port.

  98. Raj Dhuri

    Raj Dhuri21 dia atrás

    8:12 true dat

  99. Terra Shot

    Terra Shot21 dia atrás

    Whats up with you and apple? Did ur relationship got stronger

  100. Mohan Sasanka Muthyala

    Mohan Sasanka Muthyala21 dia atrás

    Only shittiest thing with iPad pro 2018 is face ID which causes even MKBHD also frustrated. Coming to this video, hatsoff, it is an unbiased review.. you did a good job man

  101. Murad Talibov

    Murad Talibov22 dias atrás

    Absolutely useless - for any purpose you have a better alternative

  102. Lollee Sparklez

    Lollee Sparklez22 dias atrás

    Absolutely this iPad is Amazing 🍏🥰

  103. Rex

    Rex22 dias atrás

    seems like a great drawing tablet

  104. Narciso Ottis

    Narciso Ottis22 dias atrás

    Fantastic review, i'm an Apple fan, but i always prefered neutral reviews

  105. Nicola Sammarco

    Nicola Sammarco22 dias atrás

    This new generation of iPad Pro I so damn powerful that they can think to use OSX on it. Why don't they use it?

  106. Chris Dornan

    Chris Dornan22 dias atrás

    Genius at wprk. The end.