New Orleans Pelicans vs Utah Jazz - Full Game Highlights | October 11, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason


  1. Bape Hokage

    Bape Hokage19 dias atrás

    The Pelicans is the new Sacramento kings

  2. Mittie boi Mitty boy ent.

    Mittie boi Mitty boy ent.20 dias atrás

    Gotta keep Zion in at the 4 quarter other then that game was 🔥 🔥

  3. Rick Pascual

    Rick Pascual23 dias atrás

    The end of the Pelicans is already happening with Zion’s injury. NO fans better get used to dialing 911.

  4. Boosh Comix

    Boosh Comix24 dias atrás

    i wouldn't be surprised if this Commentator pumps off at night to pictures of Zion.

  5. Madness With A Twist

    Madness With A Twist24 dias atrás

    bruh the f-ing editor is so bad

  6. Nicholas Carver

    Nicholas Carver24 dias atrás

    Lonzo played well zion went crazy this team has so much potential

  7. WalterV

    WalterV24 dias atrás

    I did not watch it. How did lonzo do?

  8. audriunna elzie

    audriunna elzie24 dias atrás

    Zion ain’t gone hold up w LeBron and them are FACTS !!

  9. aa888zz

    aa888zz24 dias atrás

    >be laker fan >get Lebron >lose the young squad >now a low key Pels fan First world problems, I guess.

  10. Anonymous Ent.

    Anonymous Ent.25 dias atrás

    Zion and ingrim best duo 🤬

  11. K Kyle

    K Kyle25 dias atrás

    I haven't seen a player such as Zion since Sir Charles came into the league. What a way to stay relevant. You lose a "Brow" and gain a Zion. I can't wait to see the Lakers vs Pelicans. So many players with much to prove. It's going to be lit 🔥

  12. Jermaine J

    Jermaine J25 dias atrás

    Man located in DC and was trying to go to a game but they play the Wizards in early April.

  13. Rene Chang

    Rene Chang25 dias atrás

    Zion is a beast.

  14. Jose Antonio Pagan

    Jose Antonio Pagan25 dias atrás

    LeBron fix the draft so that Anthony Davis can easily leave the Pelicans , therefore replaces Davis with Zion...Making both Everyone is happy.

  15. trent noble

    trent noble26 dias atrás

    Miss Kevin Calabro and the Seattle SuperSonics!!

  16. Elijah Scarboro

    Elijah Scarboro26 dias atrás

    I know it’s just pre season but Rudy go is top defender and Zion isn’t even close to bothered

  17. Mike Loopy

    Mike Loopy26 dias atrás

    Lonzo and Zion ! A Good combo deal ... Love it .

  18. skyline

    skyline26 dias atrás

    crazy how Lonzo fixed his shot

  19. wolfybezurkydonk

    wolfybezurkydonk26 dias atrás

    Die hard warriors fan, born and raised in the Bay. I literally hate every player in the NBA unless they're on my team, but I cannot hate Zion. He seems really down to earth and just having fun with that crazy ability and it's fun af to watch as well. Plus I'm liking Lonzo more and more. Always knew he was a talent, but I think I always liked him because he was nowhere as douchey and arrogant as his dad lmfao. He just is calm and plays hard.

  20. Rob Sanders

    Rob Sanders26 dias atrás

    Just wait till Durant recover, this team will be unstoppable!!!

  21. Recordeer Chrispo

    Recordeer Chrispo26 dias atrás


  22. ray whorton

    ray whorton27 dias atrás

    All these young men have to do is get better. This team can make the playoffs if they play the right way and work hard.

  23. Dreamcast2000

    Dreamcast200027 dias atrás

    as a laker fan ima love watching the pels this year with stu lantz commentating lets go zo bi hart

  24. matt vt

    matt vt27 dias atrás

    Zion just doesn't acknowledge contact. He's a beast.


    PIFF TRIPP27 dias atrás

    Bruh Utah So Nasty This Year sheeesh

  26. thrashingjustin

    thrashingjustin27 dias atrás

    Watch out before you guys injure lonzo lol

  27. DankTaco77

    DankTaco7727 dias atrás

    Lonzo Ass why does he act like he the shit and he been the mvp already

  28. King Pharaoh

    King Pharaoh27 dias atrás


  29. spliter227

    spliter22727 dias atrás

    Laker fan but man Pels are looking good, can't wait until they meet

  30. Devon Kaufman

    Devon Kaufman27 dias atrás

    goodbye brantley what in the actual hell

  31. ThatGuyThatDoesStuff

    ThatGuyThatDoesStuff28 dias atrás

    I hope Zion stays healthy. I think he needs to go the Charles Barkley Phoenix Suns route. His style of play at his weight, I hold my breath every time he goes up.

  32. Mi Ka

    Mi Ka28 dias atrás

    Go Lak......I mean Pelicans!!!!

  33. Jesse Alexander

    Jesse Alexander28 dias atrás

    These refs calling the right fouls for the pels... but not calling the same fouls for the Jazz smh

  34. blazon1982

    blazon198228 dias atrás

    That step back 3 by Lonzo might be one of the ugliest things I've ever seen in 25 years of watching the game.

  35. anime world Mubarak

    anime world Mubarak28 dias atrás

    "U know wht this looks like joe a preseason game"well duhh

  36. Farhan Siddiqui

    Farhan Siddiqui28 dias atrás

    Pels offense is beautiful but they need to work on their defense more but I’m really excited for this team

  37. Sergio Verduzco

    Sergio Verduzco28 dias atrás

    CHECK OUT @nfhsociety on insta for streetwear they are gonna be big 🔥🔥🔥

  38. Geometric Temples

    Geometric Temples28 dias atrás


  39. Geometric Temples

    Geometric Temples28 dias atrás


  40. Dj Jazz

    Dj Jazz28 dias atrás

    Loving the season so far

  41. Sav iTar

    Sav iTar28 dias atrás

    pelicans lookin good not gon lie that transition offense is deadly n zion in da post n dem playin off of him works great so far

  42. SuperDerezzed

    SuperDerezzed28 dias atrás

    Pelicans keeping in starters in while Jazz use a preseason game for what a preseason game is for: try outs for last few roster spots.

  43. Steven Mugavero

    Steven Mugavero28 dias atrás

    Ima say it again! The Announcer blew Zion after the game under the bleachers..

  44. John Martin

    John Martin28 dias atrás

    Make Zion shoot from the outside

  45. Mike Jones

    Mike Jones28 dias atrás

    How many points did Zion have this game is plays like barkley

  46. Mike Jones

    Mike Jones28 dias atrás

    Damn its a love hate thing with Ingram. Im happy he has a team where he can become his own superstar cus i know he gonna rival Kevin Durant. But i loved seeing him in a L.A. uniform dammitt lol

  47. E46325mod

    E46325mod28 dias atrás

    I feel like lonzo ball might become one of the greatest players in the league by the end if this season he'll have gone from maybe top 100 to a top 20 player and maybe even better than that if he can consistently get his 3's down and keep getting 20 or 30 pts per game. Zion is a complete freak of nature and is so good right away its amazing hes probably going to be one the the best nba players ever of all time if he doesn't get injured hes going to be the absolute best. These 2 guys together can pull a major upset an win a nba championship like lonzos dad promised and lonzo did say the lakers would regret it it would be quite amazing if the pelicans beat the lakers in the west and the win it all

  48. J ROSS

    J ROSS28 dias atrás

    Noooo waaaayyyy💀. Josh hart really gets no love when it comes to High-Fives 7:11 😂😂

  49. J.J Pitre

    J.J Pitre28 dias atrás

    Josh Hart still getting left hanging with the handshakes! Zion looked right pass him 😭😭

  50. Otho Williams Jr.

    Otho Williams Jr.28 dias atrás

    What Zion "Thy Second Coming" Williamson going to do AGAINST NBA Big Men❓❗ Ask Rudy Gobert🔨💪 If YOUR still HATING on Zion, YOUR just a Jealous BEING!

  51. Sauna Mad Man

    Sauna Mad Man28 dias atrás

    We know who lader is!!!

  52. Pour Baby

    Pour Baby28 dias atrás

    Zion: IIIIII Lift lol

  53. 1988

    198828 dias atrás

    @6:35-6:55 Why’d yall use an extra clip of Zions and 1??

  54. arca9

    arca929 dias atrás

    i saw the future @ 8:24

  55. Alvaro Fraire

    Alvaro Fraire29 dias atrás

    Zion will never be an all star he's a bust

  56. Robb Noble

    Robb Noble29 dias atrás

    Gonna laugh seeing this core in the playoffs with Zion when they missed it with LeBron

  57. T C

    T C29 dias atrás

    What a game!

  58. 318Armon·17 years ago·edited·

    318Armon·17 years ago·edited·29 dias atrás

    New big 3 Lonzo , Ingram , Williamson

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    Positive vibes only TV29 dias atrás

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  60. Matt Salon

    Matt Salon29 dias atrás

    NBA is pro slavery and genocide. Anyone watching is too.