New Rule: Oprah 2020 | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)


  1. Elaine King

    Elaine King16 horas atrás


  2. McDouche77

    McDouche7720 horas atrás

    Trump got elected because the DNC robbed Sanders and ran Hillary...

  3. Valentin Voroshilov

    Valentin VoroshilovDia atrás

    In this editorial New rule, Bill argues wrong - BUT - there is a fix for that: What CAN Oprah do?

  4. Liz Johnson

    Liz Johnson2 dias atrás

    Please no more TV personalities for our highest office, we have been the laughing stock of the world for over two years, let's get a little credibility back if we can.

  5. judah darwin

    judah darwin2 dias atrás

    Kamala Harris is a sure thing. I'm a republican from CA, don't like her. But man, she's persuasive, posed, charismatic, dominating, and very, very strong.

  6. David MacLeod

    David MacLeod3 dias atrás

    Oprah?!!!! Are you mad? She doesn’t give a shit either! Money! Money! Money!

  7. James C

    James C3 dias atrás

    Hey Bill, these are my opinions: Where were you in July 2013? Did you really visit J. Epstein on his island? Is that where you came up with the Boy Scout Jamboree joke for your July 13' show? Hearing boys screaming???!. What about your Red Shoes, what are they made of Bill? Is it really human leather? Interesting shoe color for your group photo with the Pedo Podesta. Gosh Bill are you feeling the law closing in? Ask your father Baal, Rev. 2:9/3:9 ya better go ask Baal Molech, he'll give you the answers, ya Talmudic POS. Truth is finding you Bill, so no need to wonder if......only when?

  8. frank fernandes

    frank fernandes4 dias atrás

    Pete 2020 u ass hole .... better then the moron in the white...

  9. David Williams

    David Williams4 dias atrás

    This is what happens when you are smoking more weed than snoop

  10. Fixed Cross

    Fixed Cross5 dias atrás

    Why was Tulsi Gabbard, who clearly won the first debate, completely ignored afterwards? Is she too smart?

  11. dragolax90210

    dragolax90210Dia atrás

    She stepped down from her DNC position in 2016 so she could endorse Bernie. She sealed her 2020 hopes away 3 years ago

  12. Phil

    Phil5 dias atrás

    Shes a fat greecy entitled pig!

  13. dealmaven123

    dealmaven1235 dias atrás

    This might be the dumbest idea I’ve heard during the entire Trump Administration - that’s saying a lot.

  14. Linkacide

    Linkacide6 dias atrás

    She probably heard about this and said "yeah fuck all that fucking shit I don't want my street cred ruined by making decisions that could tank my show I'll have to go back to". Lol

  15. Chris Pfarner

    Chris Pfarner6 dias atrás

    Please not Oprah. I personally like gabbard, hickenlooper, and Ryan.

  16. Laura Collier

    Laura Collier7 dias atrás

    So much rage in the comments section.... this is satire people

  17. Shawn Young

    Shawn Young7 dias atrás

    Yes. It would be the smart and wise thing to let a man who ran 2 casinos in the ground to determine your future. His phoney daughter and her omem3 husband will take over for daddy. Solve middle East problem. Restructer a new govt. Get all opiod led solved. What else? FUCK YOU!! I will not be around that much longer. If it does not change in 2020. I have nothing to lose. No Trump tucking supporters will enjoy my wrath!!!!!

  18. Dib C

    Dib C7 dias atrás

    You made a new rules segment a while back about getting back to normal where you legit said celebrities wont make good presidents.

  19. Allen Acosta Twowolves

    Allen Acosta Twowolves7 dias atrás


  20. Suvir Sinha

    Suvir Sinha7 dias atrás

    Bill Maher: Celebrities in government is a bad idea and we shouldn’t be ageist. Also Bill Maher: Bernie and Biden are too old; let’s nominate Oprah!

  21. strwbry11

    strwbry117 dias atrás

    There’s an agenda going on

  22. Anesthesia Awareness

    Anesthesia Awareness8 dias atrás

    How can she check all the boxes when she has never said anything about policy. Oh that's right it doesn't matter to millionaires.

  23. John Ruggiero

    John Ruggiero8 dias atrás

    Joe is a sure thing. Liz is a sure loser, & no one else is even in the discussion.

  24. Dominic Tirl

    Dominic Tirl8 dias atrás

    #BillMaher should run for president , why not. Then he can talk so much more

  25. Dominic Tirl

    Dominic Tirl8 dias atrás

    #BillMaher does not know what zie is talking about. Im from Sweden and Scandinavian countries had to wrestle out of a deep welfare state- NEVER was socialist. They have MARKET economies and sadly, they have the highest suicide rates- not so happy. Please willy, get your facts straight before opening your cockholster

  26. s jacob

    s jacob9 dias atrás

    Only Bernie

  27. s jacob

    s jacob9 dias atrás

    Oprah Winfrey ??? 😄😄😄😄😄 ...are u fucking crazy ....

  28. Not Me

    Not Me9 dias atrás

    A wealthy west coast liberal...What's her motto gonna be "a whole foods store within walking distance of every homeless tent city in America?

  29. easy deism

    easy deism9 dias atrás

    Guess it's going to be another four years of Trump.

  30. Allan Hegyes

    Allan Hegyes9 dias atrás

    We've already had a TV celebrity, can we get a LEADER? Please, enough celebrity worship.

  31. Everyday Linguistics

    Everyday Linguistics9 dias atrás

    this is flat-out retarded

  32. Richard Richardson

    Richard Richardson10 dias atrás

    I can't believe this moron is pushing a billionaire celeb who doesn't know what she's doing. What is so wrong with Bernie ...has the right poison our brains so much you don't think it's possible to make this nation work?

  33. AndrewDangerously

    AndrewDangerously10 dias atrás

    Some really dumb arguments based on identity and not a ideas. That's why liberals will lose the next election to Trump. I'm not a Trump supporter, I'm just being realistic.

  34. Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson10 dias atrás

    What about Sen. Kamala Harris? She ticks most of your boxes Bill.

  35. S A

    S A10 dias atrás

    To anyone who thinks Bill is being serious:- you are confirming what everyone in the world knows: Americans have absolutely no sense of irony

  36. Cory Edwards

    Cory Edwards10 dias atrás

    It's kind of a "traditional bad guy" thing to choose someone simply for their ability to win; a form of manipulation towards domination.

  37. SnowBoomer

    SnowBoomer10 dias atrás

    Not one reason is mentioned why she would be a good president. Just that she'd win...

  38. jaysper

    jaysper11 dias atrás

    So no proof of Trump collusion, but won't stop banging on about it. Hilary cheated in the primaries and you don't even seem to remember it. Get a grip Bill.

  39. Ahad Chowdhury

    Ahad Chowdhury11 dias atrás

    That's a huge shif from this:

  40. M R

    M R12 dias atrás

    Got an Asian girl on the panel o_0

  41. George Solano

    George Solano12 dias atrás

    Mayor Pete = Mr.Bean

  42. Alangara Abishek

    Alangara Abishek12 dias atrás

    Andrew Yang anyone?

  43. Push 2 Plop

    Push 2 Plop12 dias atrás

    wtf type of stupid fuckshit is this? fuckin oprah fuckin winfrey? are you some type of fuckin idiot or just high? were high? but youre not high now, so wtf? fuckin kidding me? fuck's the matter with you? that shit really pissed me off BIGTIME

  44. John Nations

    John Nations13 dias atrás

    Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders Bernie SandersBernie SandersBernie SandersBERNIESANDERS!! he is the only non-corrupt person with a perfectly number-crunched plan!

  45. James Wall

    James Wall13 dias atrás

    Camacho 2020

  46. James Bishop

    James Bishop13 dias atrás

    Ah, the Left. Home is where you can make fun of a gay war veteran. Full-circle woke y'all.

  47. Home of the Mad

    Home of the Mad9 dias atrás

    @James Bishop Obama had way more relevant experience. And no one is going to call Buttigieg out for being gay. To do so would be openly homophobic which would lead you to being called out.

  48. James Bishop

    James Bishop9 dias atrás

    @Home of the Mad B/c I see mostly positive reports of him talking about how strong he is. Most of the negatives I read are this, (WAPO) "For many Democrats - gay and straight - Buttigieg’s biggest liability is not his sexuality, but that he is too young, too inexperienced or not liberal enough." Or, in this case, "Are we ready for a gay teenager..." We just elected a total non-politician. The guy before that was young and inexperienced too. Not that he's perfect by any means, but see how it plays out and let him get beat if he isn't worthy, that's all.

  49. Home of the Mad

    Home of the Mad12 dias atrás

    @James Bishop No, and I am curious as to why you think Pete is being unfairly treated.

  50. James Bishop

    James Bishop12 dias atrás

    @Home of the Mad goddamn, do you work for Bill Maher or something?

  51. Home of the Mad

    Home of the Mad13 dias atrás

    @James Bishop "He says he does, but he also seems to flip flop on just about anything based on how the audience is reacting. I've watched him for a long time. He's better than most, I'll give him that. PC culture picks and chooses who can make jokes, and Bill is apparently one of them and is obviously a liberal. " Can you give me an example? To me he always seems to give his audience the finger. "Unorthodox is exactly what they need and a major reason why the American people voted for Trump. Whether you agree with her or not is one thing, but the media and her party have continually boxed her out just like they're currently doing with Bernie Sanders and like the Republicans did to Ron Paul. Tulsi was the most searched candidate after the debate." I completely agree, I am not really a big Tulsi fan anymore, I definitely take issue with a lot of the things she says but also go crazy over some of the important stuff she said. With all of that out there, I don't see how Mayor Pete is the same way at all. The Press seems to be googly-eyed on him and he doesn't really have much to offer in terms of a Presidency.

  52. Nietzsches Muse

    Nietzsches Muse13 dias atrás

    Billl Maher you are well groomed well read super sharp and deliciously funny, I love you!

  53. TheFeichtner

    TheFeichtner14 dias atrás

    Wtf. Obviously the selfmedication finally destroyed his brain

  54. AliRadicali

    AliRadicali14 dias atrás

    What a monumental misreading of US politics. Trump wasn't elected because he was a comfort pick or a celebrity, and if anything, his election was a repudiation of identity politics. To assume that you can shoehorn in a celebrity that ticks the correct identity boxes is to fractally miss the point on why Trump was elected to begin with. Sure, it must be comforting to believe that he can easily be displaced by having the correct celeb run against him, but it's exactly this complacent and condescending view of the electorate that drives voters toward Trump. If you want another 4 years of Darth Vader, by all means continue to delude yourself into thinking people voted for him because he was a celebrity game show host, and not because he positioned himself as a foil to the DC establishment, which Maher is channelling in this clip.

  55. Geo Emmanuel

    Geo Emmanuel14 dias atrás

    What bill Maher is saying is African Americans are so stupid that only a black reality star can energize them. The next prez has to be a Washington outsider but also been in Washington long enough to understand it. The only real answer is Bernie and Warren.

  56. Talima MaChi

    Talima MaChi14 dias atrás

    You can't get Oprah. But we can have Kamala, and she's awesome.