NEW Things Added in Minecraft 1.14 Update


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    *Another new 1.14 snapshot is here! Leave a "LIKE" Rating if you want to see more 1.14 update videos! ^_^*

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    iDeactivateMC is the codes still going

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    iDeactivateMC #Meincraft

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    How is it a tiger village without tigers 😅😅😅

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    iDeactivateMC thanks for your videos they help me know what will be added in the next update to Minecraft.

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    iDeactivateMC Has

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    I need to stop subscribing on August 21 2019 okay I love your videos I will subscribe on July 1st I love you and your videos and I love you


    YASSER MR MIGHTY GAMING14 dias atrás

    In Minecraft pocket edition ores cannot be smelt by blast furnace

  9. yohan gaming

    yohan gaming15 dias atrás

    Can you subcribe me

  10. Drfrog JZ

    Drfrog JZ27 dias atrás

    I’ll never see these villagers the same way I saw them as a kid

  11. akaSoul Singleton

    akaSoul SingletonMês atrás

    All I have to say to this video... furnace was OG and now... useless :(

  12. Sezer Bozkurt

    Sezer BozkurtMês atrás

    Its not useless you can craft smooth stone,bricks,things like that

  13. just eddie

    just eddieMês atrás

    0:18 how did that nitwit villager kill the other one

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    I’m only subscribing because your voice is soothing to listen t

  15. bru bk

    bru bkMês atrás

    There's a Minecraft seed called 454545

  16. Horacio Ruiz

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    5:55 wild fire in the back

  17. Chris Williams

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    Aaaaaaa aa aaa. Aa a aaaaaaaaaaa a aaaaa aaa a aaa

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  19. Luis Jankowski

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    Stone and Netherrack can’t be smelted in a blast furnace

  20. fOrtnItE sUcks mInEcrAft Is bEttEr

    fOrtnItE sUcks mInEcrAft Is bEttErMês atrás

    Luis Jankowski they are not ores

  21. Toga Himiko13

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    4:38 Dammit carl! You moved! 😂 Sorry...i had to

  22. ItzCrystal Here

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    So uh... *Whats the purpose of the furnace when you can have a blast furnace and a smoker?* *pOoR fUrNaCe*

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    !!! I am so happy for the village and pillage update btw I liked and subscribed

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    Love ❤️ it

  25. Hannah Friedman

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    Love it

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    You’re asome

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    I just subscribe

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    I found a smoker in a village

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    U forgot about bamboo forest

  30. Carlos Aguero Lee

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    Please tell me how to download your Minecraft version please please please

  31. Elden Vedetta

    Elden Vedetta2 meses atrás

    I'm honestly REALLY glad the witches are Neutral mobs now as that is more true to ACTUAL witches:) Witches are real, as they're simply people who believe in the religion of Wicca, which is a very positive Spiritual belief filled with many great things. And so while some would use energy for bad things, it's not actually common for witches to be bad, as that was prejudice and propaganda used by people back in the day who didn't like other beliefs that weren't theirs. So I'm VERY happy with that change!:D

  32. JoeyBlendsWell

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    i swear he went through puberty- i haven't watched him in a while, still is doing gifts (yey) and UHHH his voice sounds deeper?????

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    3:52 he hit the camara


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    IdetectiveMC can u please sub me, then I will give u 💎Diamond

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    I have no account😔

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  38. Istiak Ahammed

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    I'm mad at u for killing villagers

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    iDeactivateMC you sound like stampylongnose

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    Antony is my name as well

  42. everything wrong with coment edtion

    everything wrong with coment edtion3 meses atrás

    If the blast furnace is quicker why is there 2 ingots to 12 for funace

  43. iJessiKitty xox

    iJessiKitty xox3 meses atrás

    *omg these are bootiful* *im a console player and I play pocket edition on my Xbox one*

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    I'm a pc player and I play console edition on my windows xp

  45. Brayden Smith

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    Comments section summary "U so lukky u hav vilaj n pilaj updat" "Hytale better" "Fortnite sux"

  46. Daisy Buunk

    Daisy BuunkMês atrás

    Pillager you dumb

  47. Marcel P.

    Marcel P.3 meses atrás

    Witches become neutral... Why this game is named as minecraft?

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  49. i love kitty cats kitty

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    Why havent some of these got on Xbox I WANT FOXE

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    What Console

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    bocsi nálam nics karácsony

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    Lets agree Mcpe anf Mc is similar

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    Sees a ghast advert no no no

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    I have those blocks: smoker smiting table iligal banner and everything else Minecraft Version:1.12.0

  55. Brayden Smith

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  56. Christopher De Guzman

    Christopher De Guzman3 meses atrás

    thats why do the blast furnace is slower than furnace because u gave da frnece frs

  57. Brayden Smith

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  58. Ace Herobrine Archive System

    Ace Herobrine Archive System3 meses atrás

    in the past at minecraft pe, there is a stonecutter then removed, then added again...

  59. Ryn kaZ

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    0:17 Villager Death Glare

  60. JayGamer16

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    He reminds me of stampy

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    I’m new to java edition how do I quick move stuff?

  62. Stephan Wassenaar

    Stephan Wassenaar3 meses atrás

    blast furnace is quicker, normal furnace is ahead with 6 blocks but they are almost same time afded

  63. Melissa Moore

    Melissa Moore4 meses atrás

    What's the point of a furnace any more then?

  64. RoastinTheAnimater729

    RoastinTheAnimater7294 meses atrás

    I really think they should add a new Minecraft Mob in the next Minecraft update.

  65. RoastinTheAnimater729

    RoastinTheAnimater7294 meses atrás

    There making Minecraft a lot easier now, it used to be harder in the older days.

  66. Fox Gaming

    Fox Gaming4 meses atrás

    Im only hyped for the foxes

  67. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Sonic The Hedgehog4 meses atrás

    The village looks different! :D

  68. Camila Liranzo

    Camila Liranzo4 meses atrás

    I don’t play fortnite because it’s just building and killing

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    This vid could be 3 mints long, but still thanks :)

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    Curse whomever doesn’t know your real name

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    0:18 useless villager killed a useful villager. rest in peace 1-2018

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    u got r/woooosh

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    Earth Ness he died to the bush

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    RIP minecraft. 2011-2017 😥

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    They need to add this update for console

  76. Derpy Chicken

    Derpy Chicken4 meses atrás

    Is this in ps4?

  77. Ha? Hatdog 25

    Ha? Hatdog 254 meses atrás

    Furnace and chests will be unused and forgotten afterwards , but still cool features though.

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    I have that update yesterday

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    I’m also friends with tfue

  81. Jodie

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    I’m friends with ninja

  82. Jodie

    Jodie4 meses atrás

    Along with smithing fletching cartography tables camp fires smokers and blast furnaces

  83. Jodie

    Jodie4 meses atrás

    Plus barrels don’t work in pe

  84. Jac_b

    Jac_b4 meses atrás

    Given that the smoker is easy to craft in the beginning of the game, does this make furnaces almost useless now?

  85. 2005 PCGamer

    2005 PCGamer4 meses atrás

    I love 1.14 so much!!!

  86. Davil dave

    Davil dave4 meses atrás

    4:39 Villager:Dude what's taking so long 4:45 Villager:Is he recording? Other Villager:*nod*

  87. Dark TRUTH

    Dark TRUTH4 meses atrás

    be nice can add in more ore types and resources

  88. Smol Octoling Dreemurr

    Smol Octoling Dreemurr4 meses atrás

    Barrel: An anti cat stopper *Now your dumb cats won’t stop you from opening your chest*

  89. Noa Norden

    Noa Norden4 meses atrás

    Has there been a change to how you change the name of name tags? Because it doesn't work for me to change it in the anvil


    ENZO PRIME4 meses atrás

    thank god the village dont generate like before they retarded they generate underground in the sea omg now they look peaceful and they look seek

  91. vIRUs

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  92. SlateAlloy 582

    SlateAlloy 5824 meses atrás

    They should add smoked salmon and cod only obtainable from the smoker

  93. saleem abdelhai

    saleem abdelhai4 meses atrás

    hey i have an idea. ENDER BARRELS! Ender barrels are same to Ender chest

  94. Brayden Smith

    Brayden Smith3 meses atrás

    Why add them if they are the same

  95. BU GG

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