NFL Week 13 Mic'd Up, "I run scared so I'm fast enough!"


  1. Bernard Johnson

    Bernard Johnson2 dias atrás

    "Dont tell em where we live!!" 😂😂

  2. Storm Lally

    Storm Lally17 dias atrás

    Did you just lick your gloves? Im deadd

  3. Darion Hale

    Darion HaleMês atrás

    Everyone hopped on my Texans bandwagon after that game

  4. Nathan Daniel

    Nathan DanielMês atrás

    Jaylon smith: lets be thankful for the ass whooping the are bout to get. On thanksgiving


    SOULSEEKER 123Mês atrás

    2:01 Russ shrugs it off, but it pissed me off😤

  6. gzomby

    gzombyMês atrás

    Cardinals fan here, Wilson is a GREAT leader. Wished all teams had a leader like him


    DEEE BOSSMês atrás

    2:03 wtf was that vikings smh....

  8. moregarlicbread

    moregarlicbreadMês atrás

    Russ is such a fake hype man lol

  9. Jacob Hauglin

    Jacob HauglinMês atrás

    2:00 8:23 9:08

  10. Beau Man

    Beau ManMês atrás

    Why does 17:40 sound like minecraft music in the background. He’s all alone and sad lol

  11. Beau Man

    Beau ManMês atrás

    Brandon Williams: THIS MY NEIGHBOR THIS MY NEIGHBOR Justin Tucker:Dont tell em where we live. 😂😂😂

  12. Fizard

    FizardMês atrás

    I love that guy who liked his gloves

  13. king kevin

    king kevinMês atrás


  14. 504Diva

    504DivaMês atrás

    @8:12 BILLS trolled the hell outta the Cowboys "Americas' team my axx" haaaaaa

  15. YaBum Xx

    YaBum XxMês atrás

    Did he say SHAWTY

  16. Logan Praz

    Logan PrazMês atrás

    No one: Russel: That’s beautiful baby

  17. Jakob Womack

    Jakob WomackMês atrás

    Glad to see my Texans best the pats 👌🏻.#dallasisass 😂

  18. Pink Starburst

    Pink StarburstMês atrás

    Russel is rollin off that addy

  19. Z.Z Shirer

    Z.Z ShirerMês atrás

    This why we love Russell

  20. William Speyer

    William SpeyerMês atrás

    Let’s be thankful for the ass whoppin there gonna get tight now lol

  21. Corey Gilmore

    Corey GilmoreMês atrás

    Bobby Wagner shorter than I thought.

  22. WaflRoflCopter

    WaflRoflCopterMês atrás

    "They don't wanna be here for 2 reasons, No one wants to come to Baltimore And no one wants to play us" That's just a badass line

  23. Flame Game

    Flame GameMês atrás

    2:01 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. prettyboiJustin

    prettyboiJustinMês atrás

    It's so much funnier when you can hear what the players are saying

  25. D7_TrashBag

    D7_TrashBagMês atrás

    “The first time in 350 days Cincinnati are winners” 😭😭

  26. XTRATEL ProType

    XTRATEL ProTypeMês atrás

    Ima saints fan

  27. XTRATEL ProType

    XTRATEL ProTypeMês atrás

    Hey NFL, make sure the refs don’t make the saints lose on pass interference like they did last year

  28. JM

    JMMês atrás

    6:20 lmaoooooo

  29. JM

    JMMês atrás

    Cowboys fan, but i respect the Seattle fans, beautiful... magnificent 🥵

  30. Mr. McGoo

    Mr. McGooMês atrás

    "Goli, man" haha you gotta love Russell!

  31. downshall

    downshallMês atrás


  32. Isaac Carter

    Isaac CarterMês atrás

    Oh now they run it at the 1

  33. Damien Daes

    Damien DaesMês atrás

    It’s sad to say but Lamar ain’t gonna last he’s to good and they’re gonna start getting mad and head hunting just to try and injure him . Hope not

  34. Carlos Lopez

    Carlos LopezMês atrás

    Here cus we the Rams didn’t let them score a touchdown 😂

  35. Gdog 04

    Gdog 04Mês atrás

    Y’all just gon skip the saints vs falcons like dat

  36. TyrinCooperTV

    TyrinCooperTVMês atrás

    0:00 Seattle vs Minnesota 6:12 Buffalo vs Dallas 🤍

  37. 15k subscribers with No videos

    15k subscribers with No videosMês atrás

    DJ Chark is the type of guy to just sit there and comment on everything that’s happening

  38. 1-800-Wavy

    1-800-WavyMês atrás

    We played Monday and wonder we lost last night. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  39. B

    BMês atrás

    1-800-Wavy who

  40. josh colbert

    josh colbertMês atrás

    I've have been following this dude @t he's got my ass out of the hole since i cant pick a winner to save my life lol.

  41. Tyler Wilson

    Tyler WilsonMês atrás

    4:47 how he fumble

  42. Mark A

    Mark AMês atrás

    Love the dude, but that moment at the beginning where he's trying to quote his dad... it's like a friend who had something so inspirational to say in the moment, but kinda messed it up. Lol.

  43. TenMic _sz

    TenMic _szMês atrás

    It wasn’t a late hit on russel the guy wasn’t looking and ran into him

  44. Jared Powell

    Jared PowellMês atrás

    Last play Chargers vs. Bronco’s, refs cheated the hell out of the chargers with that penalty smh

  45. the king of utub e

    the king of utub eMês atrás

    Rg3 I love Baltimore

  46. Thekingerplays2

    Thekingerplays2Mês atrás

    I bleed Steelers but Ben isnt half the leader russ is

  47. S and M

    S and MMês atrás

    Imagine Texans beat patriots in playoffs and some how beat the ravens

  48. Jagsnation_Austria

    Jagsnation_AustriaMês atrás

    Folgt alle Deutscher Madden und Nfl Kanal

  49. Gary Hawkins

    Gary HawkinsMês atrás

    21:58 Had to bleep a word, that's why you're 7-5. Class works, you're playing for the innocent little kid in everyone

  50. B

    BMês atrás

    Gary Hawkins lol so a grown man ain’t allowed to curse?

  51. Gary Hawkins

    Gary HawkinsMês atrás

    12:39 Dolphins trick formation TD

  52. Gary Hawkins

    Gary HawkinsMês atrás

    NFL using teams' own announcer voices, works well, love that

  53. Gary Hawkins

    Gary HawkinsMês atrás

    Stadium, production, lights, audio, all this in the grand scheme of things to please the cheerleaders

  54. B

    BMês atrás

    Gary Hawkins ...

  55. Tampatec

    TampatecMês atrás

    wow that's low, insult to injury 1:55

  56. Ruben Pulido Jr

    Ruben Pulido JrMês atrás

    He’s a true leader for sure goooo Seahawks

  57. Michael

    MichaelMês atrás

    Russell Wilson elevates that Hawks team.

  58. H&SAnimations

    H&SAnimationsMês atrás

    no doubt this man will be in the super bowl a few more times before his career ends, just not this year, its brady year, then when he retires wilson can win everything xD


    UNCLE RICOMês atrás


  60. Joshua Ommen

    Joshua OmmenMês atrás

    Rams will win superbowl

  61. Jetfire97

    Jetfire97Mês atrás

    Seahawks Superbowl 0:37

  62. Victor Lott

    Victor LottMês atrás

    “Let’s be thankful for the ass whoopin they bout to get rn”😂😂😂 That aged well

  63. votic monster

    votic monsterMês atrás

    "That's my neighbor"