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Nicki Minaj & Little Mix "Good Form / Woman Like Me" Live | MTV EMAs 2018


  1. MTV International

    MTV International13 dias atrás

    IT'S HERE!

  2. Miguel Ramirez

    Miguel Ramirez3 dias atrás


  3. CrisAndGreen Show

    CrisAndGreen Show4 dias atrás

    +Sebastian Carreño < ¡NUEVO VÍDEO #MTV EMA 2018 (A QUE TE RIES) :*

  4. CrisAndGreen Show

    CrisAndGreen Show4 dias atrás

    +Italo Sasso < ¡NUEVO VÍDEO #MTV EMA 2018 (A QUE TE RIES) :*

  5. rafael ascacibar

    rafael ascacibar5 dias atrás

    Los amo

  6. Kaylee Reeder

    Kaylee ReederHora atrás

    Okay, I'm sorry, but LITTLE MIX ARE ALSO THE QUEENS

  7. IceCreamAndMe -

    IceCreamAndMe -2 horas atrás

    Gurl... Nicki is fucking out of breath. She is not really the greatest when we are talking about live performances and (not to be mean) but, the suit she got right there with her body shape just- Make things a little bit more complicated.

  8. Isabel Ximena Flores

    Isabel Ximena Flores2 horas atrás


  9. Eduardo Sanchez

    Eduardo Sanchez3 horas atrás

    Why everytime I see Nicki Minaj i get hard as a rock

  10. Chelsey Mathis

    Chelsey Mathis4 horas atrás

    They sound even better live!

  11. Gabryel Arianator Br

    Gabryel Arianator Br5 horas atrás

    Rola rola rola quem quer rola kkkkk os brss aí kkkk

  12. aehrohn Villacentino

    aehrohn Villacentino5 horas atrás

    1:52 did she just touch the d*ck of the one dancer?


    GRASSFED CHARLIE6 horas atrás

    1:41 POSE 💄 her dancing in that little gazebo was the best, she looks cute af, like a doll

  14. Chris PM

    Chris PM6 horas atrás

    The crowd went wild when Nicki came in shit

  15. Ruby Harris

    Ruby Harris6 horas atrás

    Who’s better Comment:Nicki minaj Like:little mix

  16. Ruby Harris

    Ruby Harris6 horas atrás

    I love both

  17. Jermaine Lee

    Jermaine Lee9 horas atrás

    I love nicki minaj and her rap on this but singing a song about women empowerment while having her ass caressed on stage is sending a really mixed message

  18. Katherine Pimentel

    Katherine Pimentel10 horas atrás

    This was really good

  19. Emang  Machola

    Emang Machola11 horas atrás

    Nicki has gotten better in live performances😍😍her stage presence , her breathing, voice audibility, dancing...Like yaaaaasss I felt this performance . S/O to little mix for still being a girl group and making it this far too❤

  20. Picel Parera

    Picel Parera11 horas atrás

    God always bless u guys

  21. Picel Parera

    Picel Parera11 horas atrás

    God always beside u nicki

  22. Kynn Aaron

    Kynn Aaron14 horas atrás

    What's the name of the girl who sang this part " And everytime we touch boy u make me feel weak i can tell your shy and i think its so sweet"?

  23. Kynn Aaron

    Kynn AaronHora atrás

    Yup the blonde one

  24. Yasmin Warsame

    Yasmin Warsame7 horas atrás

    Kynn Aaron Perrie ?? The blonde one right ??

  25. CLAN H

    CLAN H14 horas atrás

    3:44 eeeey💖

  26. dida hatim abdelhak

    dida hatim abdelhak14 horas atrás

    They are so good together omg best performance ever

  27. Na Oj

    Na Oj17 horas atrás

    OMG!!! Little Mix and Nicki!!!! OMG!!!😍😍😍

  28. \\Max//

    \\Max//18 horas atrás

    Jade is so fucking please fuck me

  29. Lisa Brown

    Lisa Brown18 horas atrás


  30. Jane A

    Jane A19 horas atrás

    Fierce!!!!!!!!love all of them!!!!

  31. João Neto Menezes

    João Neto Menezes20 horas atrás

    Alô Brasil

  32. Leotin Fairris

    Leotin Fairris21 hora atrás

    Queen Nicki!!!!👑❤️🦄 It’s always gonna be somebody hating and it’s always the broke bitches hating my bitch is still winning while they mad 🗣💯

  33. Ingrid Tinney

    Ingrid Tinney21 hora atrás

    Oh look. Another dancing prostitute

  34. Sia Junio

    Sia Junio21 hora atrás


  35. Quim Juliet Aballe

    Quim Juliet Aballe22 horas atrás

    I love the performance to be honest, it's a lit!

  36. Samantha Strick

    Samantha Strick22 horas atrás


  37. Anny Dias

    Anny DiasDia atrás

    "Rola rola rola quem quer rola?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. brownie

    brownieDia atrás

    nicki minaj and little mix is like peanut butter and jelly

  39. AJ Muraira

    AJ MurairaDia atrás

    Can she not finish one line without losing breath or forgetting the words?? Cardi just gave birth and can perform better than this

  40. Fatoma T

    Fatoma TDia atrás


  41. insta: fernandesricardo_

    insta: fernandesricardo_Dia atrás

    Wow, what a perfect hot bitch Nicki minaj Queen 👸🏽🙏🏽💖

  42. Oscar Santiago

    Oscar SantiagoDia atrás

    Am suprised no one has made a illuminati video about the beginning

  43. Thomas Gems

    Thomas GemsDia atrás

    If you look at nick she forgets what she going to say

  44. Chiara Lorenci

    Chiara LorenciDia atrás

    When i do my power point presentation

  45. The AnimeEnderGirl

    The AnimeEnderGirlDia atrás


  46. Jorge Araujo

    Jorge AraujoDia atrás

    Está muy gorda, like si crees que deban ponerla a dieta para su siguiente era...

  47. Matt rs

    Matt rs5 horas atrás

    Morto ksksks

  48. Ana Mota

    Ana MotaDia atrás


  49. Ashley Carter

    Ashley CarterDia atrás

    Niki's skin looks like Barbie doll skin no hate its true

  50. Phaedra Schreiner

    Phaedra SchreinerDia atrás

    Love that

  51. Amal Krishna

    Amal KrishnaDia atrás

    5:19 YASSS NICKIII🔥❤️

  52. Ika Bero

    Ika BeroDia atrás

    when Nicki will drop new single????

  53. imdavidarturo

    imdavidarturoDia atrás

    What is the name of the song that Minaj sings?

  54. imdavidarturo

    imdavidarturo21 hora atrás

    +Rushil D thanks

  55. Rushil D

    Rushil DDia atrás

    Good Form

  56. Samina Azam

    Samina AzamDia atrás

    *Zayn ft Nicki is out now*

  57. Dragon KITTY

    Dragon KITTYDia atrás

    When jade sing her high note, nicki minaj face *wow* :o

  58. Tornam Beauty

    Tornam BeautyDia atrás

    nice performance from the Queen and little Mix😍😍cant stop watching... love you soo much Queen💖

  59. Denise Nunes

    Denise NunesDia atrás


  60. MeowMeow 4Ever

    MeowMeow 4EverDia atrás

    I wish I went to that

  61. Bryan David

    Bryan DavidDia atrás

    This some demonic shit but it’s entertaining lol

  62. Queen Dally

    Queen DallyDia atrás


  63. Camille Pinnock

    Camille PinnockDia atrás

    You kill shyt

  64. madasyn rodgers

    madasyn rodgersDia atrás

    Is it bad I'm jealous of Perrie? She got to lay on Nickis ass and feel her up! 😡😂😍 5:20

  65. Marisol Jiménez

    Marisol Jiménez2 dias atrás

    Ella es fenomenal

  66. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach2 dias atrás


  67. ZS 15

    ZS 152 dias atrás

    Nicki has the capability to grind that guy into the chair like paste. She's a unit.

  68. Ruby Harris

    Ruby Harris2 dias atrás

    Who’s better Comment=one direction Like=little mix

  69. Yasmin Warsame

    Yasmin Warsame7 horas atrás

    Both are great 1d king of boy groups little mix queen of girl groups

  70. Prakriti Singh

    Prakriti Singh9 horas atrás

    One direction ♥️♥️

  71. Ruby Harris

    Ruby Harris2 dias atrás


  72. Katy Mejenes

    Katy Mejenes2 dias atrás


  73. Ndiphiwe knowkueLungar busane

    Ndiphiwe knowkueLungar busane2 dias atrás

    Hot Hot super Hot

  74. Umi Hutenzuki

    Umi Hutenzuki2 dias atrás

    Nicki slays my world

  75. ItzPrill Playz

    ItzPrill Playz2 dias atrás

    I always wonder how long it takes for them to keep dying their hair and all the changes of cloths for music vids like u obvi just HAVE to appreciate

  76. Mz. Cree

    Mz. Cree2 dias atrás

    Its time for Nicki to lay off the ass shots. She can barely move around. Its hard to watch..

  77. Mz. Cree

    Mz. Cree2 dias atrás

    Is it me or does it seem like its hard for Nicki to move her body?? Looks so forced. She's naturally a stiff person and it shows bad!!

  78. Unicorn_ Star

    Unicorn_ StarDia atrás

    Mz. Cree I like her but true

  79. no name

    no nameDia atrás

    Her fake ass makes it harder lol I love her btw..she is a rapper so she doesn't need to dance hard too

  80. Betsy Mills

    Betsy Mills2 dias atrás

    Oh my god I can only imagine how scary this must be, they did amazinggggg

  81. awsome girl

    awsome girl2 dias atrás

    Is it just me or can I here nickis part in the back during her turn??

  82. ray

    ray2 dias atrás

    I LOVE IT 😍

  83. florencia kapanda

    florencia kapanda2 dias atrás

    love from +255💞💞

  84. Ainun Fauziyah Bahary

    Ainun Fauziyah Bahary2 dias atrás

    They really have power in their voice 👏👏 keep it up LM

  85. Audra Momsen

    Audra Momsen2 dias atrás

    Jesy got so much better I'm blown away...Actually ALL OF THEM are so much better now. I fr have no words my gosh

  86. Luiz

    Luiz2 dias atrás

    Não supero o "rola rola rola" kkkkk

  87. King Hernandez

    King Hernandez2 dias atrás

    Why she didn't performed Ganja Burn damn

  88. Juliano Alves

    Juliano Alves2 dias atrás

    Rola rola rola 👯👯💃

  89. Astrit Kingi

    Astrit Kingi2 dias atrás


  90. Aurora BTS

    Aurora BTS2 dias atrás

    This is GOLD!

  91. Beyo God Child

    Beyo God Child2 dias atrás

    Perrie is so lucky😂😂😂

  92. Eca Ruiz

    Eca Ruiz2 dias atrás

    Forever queens 💋💖

  93. little mixer 4ever

    little mixer 4ever2 dias atrás

    The queen of rap and the best girl group in the world collab is so amazing

  94. Marielle Manansala

    Marielle Manansala2 dias atrás

    nicki is a bit fat thair

  95. MarcosVm

    MarcosVm2 dias atrás

    Amazing my LittleMix / Minhas misturinhas😍😘😚

  96. Renzo Aquino

    Renzo Aquino2 dias atrás

    it was So amazing...😍😍

  97. Emma Journagan

    Emma Journagan2 dias atrás

    Wow 😍😍😍

  98. Quis Jams

    Quis Jams2 dias atrás

    Nicki Minaj was trying to say something into the mic on she walked to little mix but failed so she started dancing

  99. psychiatric patient manic depressive

    psychiatric patient manic depressive2 dias atrás

    Little Mix are a bunch of manufactured pop sluts so desperate 2 keep thier fan base with a explicit album OMG these whores don't even write or produce thier own bullshit I wouldn't even consider calling them real musicians 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  100. Karin Sj

    Karin Sj17 horas atrás

    who hurt you...

  101. psychiatric patient manic depressive

    psychiatric patient manic depressiveDia atrás

    +MarcosVm Tooshay

  102. MarcosVm

    MarcosVm2 dias atrás

    +psychiatric patient manic depressive If you don't like it, I think you should have looking for something better. 😊

  103. psychiatric patient manic depressive

    psychiatric patient manic depressive2 dias atrás

    +MarcosVm Manufactured pop groups suck Real musicians do the real intense exhausting work these pussys dont & never will cause it's all done for them

  104. MarcosVm

    MarcosVm2 dias atrás

    I just saw only one person desperate for atention here... you. You need to study more...

  105. AlanaUnicorn8 Alana

    AlanaUnicorn8 Alana2 dias atrás

    That entrance nicki was iconic

  106. yo yu

    yo yu2 dias atrás


  107. Leno 22

    Leno 223 dias atrás

    Gente a Nicki Minaj é tão humilde cara simplesmente a melhor apresentação q eu já vi que sincronia que elas tiveram uma olhando pra outra, Nicki caras e bocas ali com Jade, a Perrie ali brincando com o popozão da QUEEN, e o fato de que a Jesy minha boneca junto com Leigh-Anne meu nenê dançou uma penca o passinho ROBÓTICO, SENHOR vai ficar marcado aqui no meu coração, LITTLE MIX merece muito o reconhecimento pelo seu talento e o tanto que elas se esforçaram por esse FEAT incrivelmente incrível OMG... VEM LOGO PRO BRASIL E TRÁS A NICKI KKKK quelaaa sonhei #LM5 😍😍👑😍😍❤❤👑❤❤

  108. Ayelen Benitez

    Ayelen Benitez3 dias atrás


  109. Gängschtasis 22

    Gängschtasis 223 dias atrás

    I just adore how Nicki raps live 😍

  110. MartKazami

    MartKazami3 dias atrás

    Nicki is fire

  111. sofi Orobio

    sofi Orobio3 dias atrás

    Nicki hermosa

  112. Rayane Limma

    Rayane Limma3 dias atrás

    1:08 Rola, rola, rola, rola, rola Tu quer rola? KKKKKKKKKKKK CHOCADA ESTOU!

  113. Serba-serbi Ilmu pengetahuan

    Serba-serbi Ilmu pengetahuan3 dias atrás

    Nice song

  114. G V

    G V3 dias atrás

    That badass intro 2:33. I’m so happy for Little Mix. They deserve to be on the same stage as Queen Nicki. ♥️🌹

  115. Jimmy Henstock

    Jimmy Henstock3 dias atrás

    why do i think nicki’s part is funny?

  116. oh daddy

    oh daddy3 dias atrás

    I meen they got the vocals but the rapper should sound more like a rapper if im getting something wrong im sorry i dont know this group ggdthbogd

  117. Neha R

    Neha R3 dias atrás

    such an amazing performance 🔥

  118. bumkibumk

    bumkibumk3 dias atrás

    ngl i teared little bit when i saw them with nicki on the stage :')

  119. Roni

    Roni3 dias atrás

    Idk, it's not that nicki is a bad artist/ performer but I can't help the feeling that something is missing, like there's the need for something more from her, something, elevated, a stronger performance that shows her maturity as a woman and artist. Idk, if someone knows where I'm coming from help me put this into words, because Idk what it is :-/

  120. Jonathan Alexander

    Jonathan Alexander3 dias atrás

    Leigh Anne looks sooo good