Nicki Minaj Performs 'Majesty', 'Barbie Dreams' & More (Live Performance) | 2018 MTV VMAs


  1. Justin V

    Justin V56 minutos atrás

    Omg she’s so fat now. I bet she lets out a fart every time she moves! Eeeewww

  2. Jordan Johnson

    Jordan Johnson56 minutos atrás


  3. nkyryry

    nkyryry57 minutos atrás

    This was her best.

  4. Pretty Face

    Pretty Face57 minutos atrás

    Bitch you thought

  5. Isaac Lorenzo

    Isaac Lorenzo57 minutos atrás

    Nicki Queen ✌😘👑

  6. AshleyMonique16

    AshleyMonique1657 minutos atrás

    The Queen is back 🔥🔥

  7. Nigel Nelson

    Nigel Nelson57 minutos atrás

    Ya'll watch these wack Award shows! I'm just kidding 😅

  8. DarkSkinnedBooty

    DarkSkinnedBooty57 minutos atrás

    Number one on trending yaaaaaaas queen💖🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

  9. jamyaamos2000

    jamyaamos200057 minutos atrás

    Jerk chicken is lhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyfee #theend

  10. Mitch Angel

    Mitch Angel58 minutos atrás


  11. Luis Martin

    Luis Martin58 minutos atrás

    For some reason this performance made me feel like a 90s kid again. Am I the only who thinks the 2nd song has that 90s vibe?

  12. Nigel Nelson

    Nigel Nelson59 minutos atrás

    Ya'll watch these wack Award shows! I'm just kidding 😅

  13. Trojan Hell

    Trojan Hell59 minutos atrás

    Lmao garbage

  14. Nigel Nelson

    Nigel Nelson59 minutos atrás

    Ya'll watch these wack Award shows! I'm just kidding 😅

  15. Fariwill Artistry

    Fariwill Artistry59 minutos atrás

    God bless the queen

  16. Nigel Nelson

    Nigel Nelson59 minutos atrás

    Ya'll watch these wack Award shows! I'm just kidding 😅

  17. Akash Chauhan

    Akash Chauhan59 minutos atrás

    Queen is #trending1

  18. Savvy Spending

    Savvy Spending59 minutos atrás

    My baby!💗

  19. Hope Catcher

    Hope Catcher59 minutos atrás

    She Did That My Queen Did That ..

  20. Nisse’s Life

    Nisse’s Life59 minutos atrás

    Nicki really killed that performance

  21. Shahjahan Khán Achakzái

    Shahjahan Khán AchakzáiHora atrás

    She is the mother of all big bottomed Sheeps

  22. lucky charms

    lucky charmsHora atrás

    majesty is lowkey a bop

  23. Kelly Lynn

    Kelly LynnHora atrás

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  24. _ Vicky_

    _ Vicky_Hora atrás

    I love nicki❤

  25. Ivan Saul

    Ivan SaulHora atrás

    Bitch youuuuuuuuu thought

  26. Ratkilla Rilla

    Ratkilla RillaHora atrás


  27. edgar wakaba

    edgar wakabaHora atrás

    Wish it was travis

  28. Junn Wook

    Junn WookHora atrás


  29. Bitter Sweet

    Bitter SweetHora atrás

    Knocked ring to #2 QUEEN

  30. Fabian Ruiz

    Fabian RuizHora atrás

    La puta Queen!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👑!!

  31. Tomas Costa Pinho

    Tomas Costa PinhoHora atrás


  32. Michael R

    Michael RHora atrás

    You waste your money for this sh!t

  33. Bianca Marcellous

    Bianca MarcellousHora atrás

    Smoke em like hippies lol

  34. D Gwal

    D GwalHora atrás

    I like Nicki but how is she trending at #1 when Cardi at #2 has a lot more views?

  35. Aek Yu

    Aek YuHora atrás


  36. Maria Capra

    Maria CapraHora atrás

    I’m gonna watch this for the rest of my existence thanks

  37. Blake Watkins

    Blake WatkinsHora atrás

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  38. Ana Brown

    Ana BrownHora atrás

    Best performance yet!

  39. Ratkilla Rilla

    Ratkilla RillaHora atrás

    Haha ...golden shower outfit 😂😂😂

  40. jaebum wang

    jaebum wangHora atrás

    Is this the vmas did she ditch or sumn I don't see the celebs

  41. London Mccray

    London MccrayHora atrás

    GARBAGE 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  42. I Am Shakeel

    I Am ShakeelHora atrás

    There is only one Queen and that is Nicki! Other will be Duchess....

  43. hmeadb

    hmeadbHora atrás

    That crowd looks fucking rank 🤢 Nicki got some ghetto fans.. ew

  44. destiny branche

    destiny brancheHora atrás

    Is it wrong that the only thing I can really focus on from this performance is Nicki’s anklets changing color at the end?


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  46. Aek Yu

    Aek YuHora atrás


  47. Annika Andersson

    Annika AnderssonHora atrás

    She went off!🔥🔥👑

  48. LJ Jordan

    LJ JordanHora atrás

    Shes a beast!!!

  49. não interessa pra você

    não interessa pra vocêHora atrás

    Gosto mais dela semi nua, gostosa demais !!!!

  50. Mikalah James

    Mikalah JamesHora atrás

    When she said "Calm down" I was checking to see if my wig was still on my head 😭 Go queen ! ❤️

  51. Mizz Chook

    Mizz ChookHora atrás

    What was the point of this when she wasn't even allowed to sing/rap most of the words?

  52. Khadija Mohd

    Khadija MohdHora atrás

    real Queen yesss Onika

  53. indy boo

    indy booHora atrás

    Nikki did her thang,good job babe,nobody does it better

  54. Kaweeb

    KaweebHora atrás


  55. athul pc

    athul pcHora atrás

    Who sang it

  56. ThatsStraight UpBullshit

    ThatsStraight UpBullshitHora atrás

    the moment you realize even mtv can't effort eminem xD

  57. hanna dahir

    hanna dahirHora atrás

    Best hiphop performance

  58. Geo Gomes

    Geo GomesHora atrás

    Lembrei-me de Darke Horse - Katy Perry

  59. Chelsea Bella. Gallo

    Chelsea Bella. GalloHora atrás

    I’ve never watched the VMAs nor have I ever watched or listened to Nikki’s music before. But I did last night! Her performance was awesome 🔥 The audience knew all the words to her songs. Her fans were living for the barbs tho👍🏾 Respect!

  60. iitian

    iitianHora atrás

    She sung worst parts of the song.

  61. Jovke ツ

    Jovke ツHora atrás


  62. Tha Last Laugh

    Tha Last LaughHora atrás

    They only gave it to her cause she was crying about it lol 😂....and real shit Tiffany bout that life

  63. Raylyn Ocasio

    Raylyn OcasioHora atrás


  64. Gene Spight

    Gene SpightHora atrás


  65. moontakeen whitaker

    moontakeen whitakerHora atrás

    Cardi maaaaaaad.....lmao

  66. azuu ST

    azuu STHora atrás


  67. Nathalie Sanchez

    Nathalie SanchezHora atrás

    Ummm, it’s okay. :c I need to feel the love for her music again , like I once did

  68. lisa Hutchings

    lisa HutchingsHora atrás

    Nicki was by far the best performance of the night. Ppl need stop comparing her to Cardi. 💜💜💜💜 She is a true queen period 😍😍

  69. Ariesbest 21

    Ariesbest 21Hora atrás

    Nicki trending #1

  70. Ang

    AngHora atrás


  71. Lais Lacerda

    Lais LacerdaHora atrás

    funny how her album is #2 but this performance is #1. fiiiiire respect the queen bitch

  72. Sta High

    Sta HighHora atrás

    This shit was terrible..she needs to Rap on the treadmill so her Barbs don’t have to finish her lyrics...Out of breath and tryna rap cause all y’all ass and thighs are too heavy..whack sauce

  73. glory queen

    glory queenHora atrás

    Why you here, you clearly wanna see her performance

  74. King Kari

    King KariHora atrás

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  75. gotta get that

    gotta get thatHora atrás


  76. damaris

    damarisHora atrás


  77. glory queen

    glory queenHora atrás

    She didnt steal nothing so stop with the fued

  78. Bunny Jungkook

    Bunny JungkookHora atrás


  79. The 3rd Option

    The 3rd OptionHora atrás

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  80. mizbounceuponit

    mizbounceuponitHora atrás

    Ok ms did that shit🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  81. 2chainz Datruff

    2chainz DatruffHora atrás

    Ghost writer is lyrically sound.

  82. Jimmy Walker

    Jimmy WalkerHora atrás

    Nicki should've wore this on stage...

  83. Khadija Mohd

    Khadija MohdHora atrás


  84. Lulu Daniels

    Lulu DanielsHora atrás


  85. SAS15G

    SAS15GHora atrás

    Wow.😑smh... Now everybody started to love Nicki Now?.. and left Cardi hanging... so called fans you are...smh🤣

  86. glory queen

    glory queenHora atrás

    Right, then they gonna hate again

  87. Mannie Briggs

    Mannie BriggsHora atrás

    blogs: cardi the queen of rap the Kingdom: 4:41

  88. HIGH LYFE600

    HIGH LYFE600Hora atrás

    Never Doubted who’s #1

  89. Meeka Williams

    Meeka WilliamsHora atrás

    Nicki the queen of that 3 second "let me stop" twerk

  90. Foghorn Leghorn

    Foghorn LeghornHora atrás

    Why is this garbage trending.

  91. glory queen

    glory queenHora atrás

    Umm lemme think... maybe cuz its not garbage 👋🏾

  92. Claudete Barbosa

    Claudete BarbosaHora atrás

    You is garbage

  93. viddy228

    viddy228Hora atrás

    She sounds like the Old Lil Kim!!! Same type of beats too..Her body is all un-proportional..Looks crazy!!

  94. glory queen

    glory queenHora atrás

    She gained so much weight, even on her face

  95. T B

    T BHora atrás

    I have to give credit when credit is due . And ms.Minaj you killed this performance and was flawless

  96. Blazèblaze Only

    Blazèblaze OnlyHora atrás

    Queen 👑

  97. XxJagiXx XxTaeXx

    XxJagiXx XxTaeXxHora atrás





  99. Salud Rodriguez

    Salud RodriguezHora atrás


  100. Ariesbest 21

    Ariesbest 21Hora atrás


  101. Lorain Mukuyu

    Lorain MukuyuHora atrás

    This ❤❤

  102. nashidah thomas

    nashidah thomasHora atrás

    Yoooo 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄She's The Goaty/QUEEN 💃💃🙌🏾🦄❤️😍

  103. Severe Fedner

    Severe FednerHora atrás


  104. Mihkel Kaseorg

    Mihkel KaseorgHora atrás

    Nicki Minaj is a singer who sounds good even without Autotune

  105. Hello Kitty Vegeta

    Hello Kitty VegetaHora atrás

    #1 on trending😍😍

  106. Shaheed nabid

    Shaheed nabidHora atrás

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