NINE LIVES Trailer # 2 (Starring Kevin Spacey as A CAT)


  1. Angwyn Cassandra

    Angwyn Cassandra3 anos atrás

    like "click" but the remote replace with cat

  2. Nintendogs Lyla

    Nintendogs Lyla3 anos atrás


  3. Gyorkland

    Gyorkland3 anos atrás

    Did Spacey lost a bet or something? what the hell is going on!

  4. Jonseon

    Jonseon3 anos atrás

    A Talking Cat!?!

  5. Griffin

    Griffin3 anos atrás

    oooh. Oh thank you TFS for showing me this

  6. ComradCommodore

    ComradCommodore3 anos atrás

    this remind anyone of that south park episode with rob Schneider? lol

  7. ComradCommodore

    ComradCommodore3 anos atrás

    Glad I was not alone lol, i lost my shit when i thought of it and this trailer

  8. Geminisign123

    Geminisign1233 anos atrás


  9. Corey Armstrong

    Corey Armstrong3 anos atrás

    I can't believe that the one and only horrible boss has turned into a freaking cat!

  10. Durango Savage

    Durango Savage3 anos atrás

    LOL I love how the title is "Starring Kevin Spacey as A CAT." It sounds a parody of some Disney channel original movie.

  11. Joey Ortega

    Joey Ortega3 anos atrás

    This reminds me of that movie Jontron reviewed. A talking cat.

  12. jigsawzoubir

    jigsawzoubir3 anos atrás

    Kevin is pulling a De Niro here (means "fuck it, I can make lame movies now"), stop it man !


    MICK O'RAWE3 anos atrás


  14. Ad N

    Ad N3 anos atrás

    Frank underwood has lost his mind

  15. Juan kingsly

    Juan kingsly3 anos atrás

    This looks pish

  16. OliverTittyTwist

    OliverTittyTwist3 anos atrás

    i made it to :25 secs. Beat that

  17. Gshift

    Gshift3 anos atrás

    This is some late April Fool's joke isn't it?

  18. ESHKER

    ESHKER3 anos atrás

    This is so fucking cheesy

  19. CzarPeppers

    CzarPeppers3 anos atrás

    This is like one of those bits from the episode of Rick and Morty where they watched the tv from alternate dimensions. Shit... who is the President of the United States?

  20. Mateo Alvarez

    Mateo Alvarez3 anos atrás

    Donald Trump

  21. Gshift

    Gshift3 anos atrás

    Barbra Streisand.

  22. Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes3 anos atrás

    Oh wow, -it totally is!


    LIE LUNAR3 anos atrás

    Kevin Spacey, one of the greatest actors living today. with house of cards, unusual suspects, Seven and many more fame... doing a film like this. i think every actor has his or hers bad performance, i think this is his. i just hope this doesn't harm his extremely impressive and nearly completely perfect career

  24. twistedmetalplayer21

    twistedmetalplayer213 anos atrás

    So basically "The Shaggy Dog" Cat version.

  25. Lunasent

    Lunasent3 anos atrás

    OH YES!

  26. cyrus maycock

    cyrus maycock3 anos atrás

    The new garfield looks sick

  27. 11jfitzpatrick

    11jfitzpatrick3 anos atrás

    This looks... It just looks... I don't know it's really... It's just terrible. Spacey will regret this like Murray regrets Garfield...

  28. ana sophia Kostallas

    ana sophia Kostallas3 anos atrás

    fuck this fuck whoever chose the actor to make this awful movie

  29. Gulagwithahumanface

    Gulagwithahumanface3 anos atrás

    Spacey's gonna regret this one. When was the last time you saw a great actor do a film about a talking cat which he later deeply regretted? Oh yeah, Garfield.

  30. Corvo

    Corvo3 anos atrás

    Is this real. its looks to stupid to be real

  31. TheSmartAssess

    TheSmartAssess3 anos atrás

    Shaggy dog rip off

  32. halffox102

    halffox1023 anos atrás

    this cannot be fucking real

  33. Chris Thomas

    Chris Thomas3 anos atrás

    What a waste of 2 great actors talents!... yeh, Jennifer.. You're not one of the two...

  34. Smark Shillington, DFCO

    Smark Shillington, DFCO3 anos atrás

    I hope the cat monologues. "I killed them both, the rat and the rabbit. That's right. I don't submit to terror. I make the terror."

  35. F.u.c.k Allah

    F.u.c.k Allah3 anos atrás

    Great it is a reboot of shaggy dog.

  36. David McDonald

    David McDonald3 anos atrás

    Kevin spacey is ... THE CAT! rated pg-13

  37. Daniel Hatcher

    Daniel Hatcher3 anos atrás

    +Master Giga Drill rob schneider is a stapler

  38. Randy Decker

    Randy Decker3 anos atrás

    Oh Barry Sonnefeld, what happened? Darkest time line.

  39. CTPhenom

    CTPhenom3 anos atrás

    100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, 90s babys?

  40. Chinchilla Fuzz

    Chinchilla Fuzz3 anos atrás

    I'm totally in love with Kevin Spacey's acting skills. I feel like he's doing this film for his younger relatives because everything he's in is always rated R lol #FRANKUNDERWOOD2016

  41. Kadeem The Dream

    Kadeem The Dream3 anos atrás


  42. caveman Versace

    caveman Versace3 anos atrás

    Either Spacey was inebriated in some way when he chose to do this. This just looks terrible.

  43. David L

    David L3 anos atrás

    Kevin Spacey.................what the hell are you doing!!!

  44. فواز الشريف

    فواز الشريف3 anos atrás

    OMG! not you kevin spacey.

  45. LuCet21

    LuCet213 anos atrás

    Spacey is the F***ing president... he should not be doing movies like this...

  46. John Cusick

    John Cusick3 anos atrás

    i adore cats, i admire spacey, i admire walken.. but wtf! this looks atrocious and like a catastrophe

  47. Rowan

    Rowan3 anos atrás

    +John Cusick CATastrophe HAHAHAHAHAHAHA