Nintendo at E3 2019 Day 1


  1. Reub Hurd

    Reub Hurd9 dias atrás

    1:08:49here it comes

  2. A Regular Guy

    A Regular Guy19 dias atrás

    Sakurai: *adds The Hero in Smash for the Japanese* Also Sakurai: I'm gonna do what's called a western excitement move.

  3. Jacob Lopez

    Jacob Lopez20 dias atrás

    2019’s our year bois

  4. Anthony Canty

    Anthony Canty22 dias atrás

    Did he just say Nintindo? lol

  5. Dwayne

    Dwayne22 dias atrás

    Um...Nintendo? Where is our 3DS successor and don't tell me it's the Switch, I'm not buying a freaking switch lite! I want a new handheld!

  6. A Parrot

    A Parrot24 dias atrás

    Ya know, I just realized, the direct shows more than four moves for The Hero’s little RPG move menu. Yet the move menu looks like it only has four spots, so either, you can scroll down, or you can set up your own set of four moves, honestly the selection idea would be hype.

  7. Reub Hurd

    Reub Hurd26 dias atrás

    1:08:49 here it comes

  8. Ai Mii

    Ai MiiMês atrás

    When the jiggy bounced... History was made.

  9. TheGodKirbo

    TheGodKirboMês atrás

    1:15:22 Top 10 Moments Before Disaster

  10. Anita Ferguson

    Anita FergusonMês atrás

    If only they showed off the switch lite at E3

  11. Animating Gamer

    Animating GamerMês atrás

    Please someone tell me why when I searched up theodd1sout the first thing that popped up was E3 2019

  12. 5000 subscribers because I’m a gamer

    5000 subscribers because I’m a gamerMês atrás

    1:15:46 masudas kicks tho 😮

  13. irma perez

    irma perezMês atrás

    Screw these onions;)

  14. irma perez

    irma perezMês atrás

    I love banjo and while I don’t play dragon quest I’m still excited

  15. irma perez

    irma perez20 dias atrás

    @Ryaphloshion HOLY FRIG HES COMING ON THE 31st!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ryaphloshion

    RyaphloshionMês atrás

    sameeeeee im so impatient for hero

  17. Russian Bot Ulf

    Russian Bot UlfMês atrás

    seiken densetsu3 remake ?

  18. Manan Singh

    Manan SinghMês atrás


  19. Abdulaziz Ali

    Abdulaziz AliMês atrás

    Why shadow is not in smash ultimate really sad

  20. Abdulaziz Ali

    Abdulaziz AliMês atrás

    Shadow the hedgehog

  21. Abdulaziz Ali

    Abdulaziz AliMês atrás

    Shadow the hedgehog

  22. herbal ursa

    herbal ursaMês atrás

    Guess i should be thankful to Nintendo and Gamefreak for making pokemon unappealing. I do have other things in life that need my attention. I'll hopefully see you all when the Diamond and Pearl remakes announce.

  23. Peeled Apple

    Peeled AppleMês atrás

    Breath of the wild: Tokyo drift

  24. NATE- XPerience

    NATE- XPerienceMês atrás

    I really get why they did Banjo's reveal trailer the same as King K. Rool's: Logically, both came from the project of Nintendo and Rare, in their own games. That is 100% logic. I didn't even think of that, until now. Also, for Mario Kart 9 rumors: Isn't Mario Kart 8 Deluxe the technical ninth installment? I mean, I know that it's a port, but nonetheless, it's a separated game, on 2 different consoles, even if it has the same features. Heck, updates were put on the game, like BOTW Link, that isn't seen on the Wii U version. So as I like to call the 10th installment, it has to be Mario Kart Ultimate. Nintendo, it is the perfect time for Mario Kart Ultimate!

  25. Goku vs Sonic 4968

    Goku vs Sonic 4968Mês atrás

    1:08:06 The best part of the whole direct.

  26. Goku vs Sonic 4968

    Goku vs Sonic 4968Mês atrás


  27. Terra Mosley

    Terra MosleyMês atrás

    We need sans in smash bros


    TYGURSTYLEMês atrás

    This is great!👍 This inspire me on my new vids on my channel!💪

  29. johnmeila86

    johnmeila86Mês atrás

    Please Nintendo put goldeneye an goldeneye reloaded on switch please how can you not have this come on people.

  30. Jordan Chatmon

    Jordan ChatmonMês atrás

    Will there be a demo for luigi's mansion 3 on the switch?

  31. Jordan Chatmon

    Jordan ChatmonMês atrás

    Is there a way to play on E3 on your switch?

  32. Madly Fwipp

    Madly FwippMês atrás

    Perfectly constructed sentence. tOp NOtCh 100/100

  33. XxFrostDragonxX

    XxFrostDragonxXMês atrás

    R.I.P My Piggy Bank F To Pay Respects

  34. Heather Lenson

    Heather LensonMês atrás


  35. Joe Fang

    Joe FangMês atrás

    Rest in peace etika

  36. The Challenge Bunch

    The Challenge BunchMês atrás

    1:07:50 Banjo

  37. XxFrostDragonxX

    XxFrostDragonxXMês atrás

    Its Official Nintendo Wins E3

  38. Guilherme peres

    Guilherme peresMês atrás

    splatoon 3

  39. MarioAndSonic Fan2008

    MarioAndSonic Fan2008Mês atrás


  40. dkjsbiavrubdhd

    dkjsbiavrubdhdMês atrás

    Wouldint it be cool if clemitime from the walking dead was in smash?

  41. Madly Fwipp

    Madly FwippMês atrás

    Maybe in the far far future buddy.

  42. dkjsbiavrubdhd

    dkjsbiavrubdhdMês atrás

    For all the people who are complaining about Pokemon sword and shield, I honestly dont care about the flaws, it's just a game, don't attack it for 1 feature being removed

  43. Corey Tube

    Corey TubeMês atrás

    FINALLY! Animal Crossing Switch. But I Still Don't Have A Switch. :'(

  44. irma perez

    irma perezMês atrás

    Corey Tube oof

  45. Mango _

    Mango _Mês atrás

    A Netflix game wtf..

  46. Smlfan jeffy 357

    Smlfan jeffy 357Mês atrás

    Can't wait for super Mario marker 2

  47. Preston Animates

    Preston AnimatesMês atrás


  48. GamePayne

    GamePayneMês atrás

    I need a lot of money quick. Time for me to go to Vegas & count cards. lol

  49. foxysfoxyy

    foxysfoxyyMês atrás

    my pp got hard when steve got announced for smash

  50. murad.l

    murad.lMês atrás

    Yeah thanks that was so..... Japanese

  51. Samuel Gomez

    Samuel GomezMês atrás


  52. Liam Sheridan

    Liam SheridanMês atrás

    Hey nintindo can you plz put dk jr in nintindo games

  53. Israel R

    Israel RMês atrás

    I Just wanted to say I won 5 battles straight with Link in smash ultimate and got no points at all for it. People need to quit being salty and stop quitting their matches over pathetic egotistical reasons, my damn fingers are soar with no points gained when winning, but when I loose I get large portions of points taken off, this is ridiculous. Please fix this at least give us half the points for trying, I'm just saying it's not fair for those like me who struggle and give it their all to win & get no points at all and then lose points when in defeat. Not being salty over loosing just want a fair game change. Overall the trailers all look great. But if this isn't changed I quit it's too much already.

  54. Harpow

    HarpowMês atrás


  55. TTG PowerHydraYT

    TTG PowerHydraYTMês atrás

    30:46 God dang it Banjo Kazooie won't be in Smash. 😭 1:08:51 OMG ITS BANJO KAZOOIE!!! 🤩

  56. Shane

    ShaneMês atrás

    So, no Pikmin 4

  57. Sebaslukas2 xd

    Sebaslukas2 xdMês atrás

    Rule34:a pornografíar personajes femeninos

  58. An A

    An AMês atrás

    Hey nindento please Waluigi in smash Waluigi is Best ever

  59. Worst Producer

    Worst ProducerMês atrás

    3:05:20 Nintendo always rocking the 10 years behind graphics

  60. trisenpai

    trisenpaiMês atrás

    04:09:48 she drops the switch lol

  61. Lightning Chan

    Lightning ChanMês atrás

    Nogami’s AC villager is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen 😭😭😭

  62. TRC / The Real Catherine

    TRC / The Real CatherineMês atrás


  63. Bricky River

    Bricky River2 meses atrás

    I just want papers please on switch. :(

  64. Roy Sedeno

    Roy Sedeno2 meses atrás

    nintendo please make shadow the hedgehog and goku from dragon ball super in super smash bros ultimate

  65. thesegajorn

    thesegajornMês atrás

    The characters have already been selected


    THALES URBANO2 meses atrás

    Can we expect pokemon in the Portuguese language? We in Brazil and Portugal expect this for a long time

  67. Goldie the Cat

    Goldie the Cat2 meses atrás

    Guh huh

  68. K DH

    K DH2 meses atrás


  69. Leonardo Olivera Perez

    Leonardo Olivera Perez2 meses atrás

    everybody gangsta until banjo showed up

  70. Franco Chan

    Franco Chan2 meses atrás

    That jazz song that plays over the interlude between “Animal Crossing” & “Link’s Awakening” is so fire 🔥. Who’s playing and is it a cover of a game song?

  71. TyTheSoundGuy

    TyTheSoundGuyMês atrás

    @Franco Chan That's the one! The video you linked is a live acoustic version, the one on the stream is the instrumental from the album version :)

  72. Franco Chan

    Franco ChanMês atrás

    TyTheSoundGuy Oh cool! Wait, are you sure? As in, this song?>

  73. TyTheSoundGuy

    TyTheSoundGuyMês atrás

    Hi Franco! Sorry to disappoint, but it's not a cover of a game song, the song is called "Until I See You Again" by Sarah Lightman and it's going to released soon! Her other songs can be found on iTunes and Spotify :)

  74. chris diaz

    chris diaz2 meses atrás

    hey Nintendo pls make Pikmin 4 pls

  75. gogosegaga

    gogosegaga2 meses atrás

    Open world pokemon yes!!! I love the direction sword and shield is going in, I haven’t played Pokemon since x and y

  76. Link Z.

    Link Z.2 meses atrás

    Omg the BOTW 2 trailer was freaky

  77. Ryan the super kid Lazo

    Ryan the super kid Lazo2 meses atrás

    H yy

  78. 7th AngelAD

    7th AngelAD2 meses atrás

    Nintendo, when will you make the Switch accessible to physically handicapped/impaired gamers?? I grew up with you in the 80’s like so many people did; I was left behind in 2015 after an unfortunate accident, and I wish your newer consoles were better equipped to allow every gamer access to what I had in my childhood and would love to experience again. Please work toward bridging the gap between those who can and those who want to want to enjoy your products.

  79. MidnightGaxlaxy

    MidnightGaxlaxy2 meses atrás

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons looks AMAZING! I’m SO Excited! I’m DEFINITELY gonna Pre-order it on my Switch! I CAN’T WAIT! IM SO HYPED! But are there bee hives? ;-; Small Edit: I don’t know which game company is better!!! Microsoft bc of MineCraft or Nintendo bc of all the great games they make that I love!

  80. Kermit Trivago

    Kermit Trivago2 meses atrás

    1 game is better than about 600, judging by your derpy profile pic and the fact that you don't know how to spell "Galaxy"

  81. SlimeBucket64

    SlimeBucket642 meses atrás

    All these highlight comments keep leaving out one important thing. Banjo & Kazooie’s Smash reveal at 1:07:49.

  82. its legoman

    its legoman2 meses atrás

    Sora (kh) and shovel night in smash plz

  83. Atlas P-Body

    Atlas P-Body2 meses atrás

    NINTENDO!!! MY WALLET!!! It hurts SO good!!!

  84. Tim Lunn

    Tim Lunn2 meses atrás

    awesome.. psychedelic ;)

  85. Over Watch

    Over Watch2 meses atrás

    52:21 Contra Collection YAY!!!!!!

  86. Over Watch

    Over Watch2 meses atrás

    50:13 did he say the f word


    SMASHFANX2 meses atrás

    Th Only Think I Want To See Is If Mario Maker 2 Is Retrased

  88. Chad Jones

    Chad Jones2 meses atrás

    my name jefff

  89. Ryo Manga

    Ryo Manga2 meses atrás

    They snapped, half of the universe died!

  90. Tycho der Kommentator

    Tycho der Kommentator2 meses atrás


  91. Mario Freak

    Mario Freak2 meses atrás

    4:50:50 WTF?

  92. GrilledRedBox

    GrilledRedBox2 meses atrás

    25 year old game: *exists* Nintendo Treehouse: "I don't want to spoil this for everyone"