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  1. Donut Media

    Donut MediaMês atrás

    How many of you are looking up B13s on Graigslist right now?

  2. Uuuu Ssss

    Uuuu Ssss11 dias atrás

    Donut Media I had one all this time and I though it’s was a trashy car,now I have a different point of you on that car thank you❤️

  3. burrito GS

    burrito GS14 dias atrás

    Soo, i live in Mexico, then no

  4. Jonathan Gloria

    Jonathan Gloria19 dias atrás

    I got a B15 Spec-V after this video 😆

  5. Jonathan Bumbarger

    Jonathan Bumbarger22 dias atrás

    Should do a review on the Chrysler 300m Special

  6. Carlos Alvarez

    Carlos Alvarez25 dias atrás

    Donut Media Nissan Maxima

  7. Fqeiz_

    Fqeiz_Dia atrás

    US Sentra is different than Asia Sentra

  8. Lila

    LilaDia atrás

    My car is a 09 Sentra 2.0 She is a beast!

  9. gonzalo G Vaquez

    gonzalo G VaquezDia atrás

    I have a 03 Nissan Sentra SE R Spec V QR25.

  10. Angel Figueroa

    Angel FigueroaDia atrás

    Dude you skipped the 200SX That was a 2DR Nissan Sentra SE-R Equipped with the Same SR20 engine Sold in Mexico & Japan as the Nissan Lucino Also Nissan made the tsuru in mexico Till 2017 but the Tsuru GSR2000 (SE-R) was only available in the 90's

  11. E.S.G The Eighth Ball

    E.S.G The Eighth BallDia atrás

    Im from Mexico and both my mom and I used to own tsurus...that was my first car :')

  12. Nick Palmer19

    Nick Palmer192 dias atrás

    how u actually pronounce Nissan?

  13. Anthony Pena

    Anthony Pena2 dias atrás

    Can you guys do a bumper 2 bumper on the Nissan Sentra Nismo please.

  14. Will Brown

    Will Brown2 dias atrás

    You forgot the Nissan Sentra SE made in 2000 that sported the same SR20DE engine as the original B13.

  15. Brandon Bell

    Brandon Bell2 dias atrás

    I drive an SR, and I test drove a Z28 and a mustang GT that day.

  16. lillocster951

    lillocster9512 dias atrás

    Those things are still slow

  17. Ragerius The Overlord

    Ragerius The Overlord2 dias atrás

    Why you no like b14, i have one and honestly love it

  18. Mario Manboarde

    Mario Manboarde2 dias atrás

    the Japanese version was the sunny. they destroyed a lot of corollas and camrys back in the day

  19. Sergio Garcia

    Sergio Garcia3 dias atrás

    Nissan SE-R’s are the most underrated sports cars of all time

  20. Angel Figueroa

    Angel FigueroaDia atrás

    Sergio Garcia sports cars are Rear wheel drive cars 2 seaters or 2+2 coupes Such as S2000 Miata 240sx Supra 300sx 3000gt 350z Rx7 Corvette Porsche Not sports , compact cars Corolla Civic Sentra Muscle cars Chevelle Gto Torino Gtx Charger Etc.. Pony cars( light weight muscle cars) Mustang Camaro Challenger Cougar Firebird trans am

  21. Sergio Garcia

    Sergio GarciaDia atrás

    Angel Figueroa still a sports edition car

  22. Angel Figueroa

    Angel FigueroaDia atrás

    Sergio Garcia NOT a Sports Car sub-compact car

  23. D 2

    D 23 dias atrás

    He can't even say the car brands name right!! NISSSSSIIIIIIIIIN

  24. alejandropk0

    alejandropk03 dias atrás

    In Mexico BASURA means trash . We call it BA-TSURU . 💩

  25. Daft Raw

    Daft Raw3 dias atrás

    The B14 "sentra" was a 200sx se-r.... Your fuckin slacking Donut, smh...

  26. Jonathan Baker

    Jonathan Baker3 dias atrás

    I have an 06 best car I've ever owned. So reliable I can't always get parts easily but wouldn't trade it for anything. Looks like the one in the background of the video.

  27. Mileena Nicolas Koontz

    Mileena Nicolas Koontz3 dias atrás

    I definitely wish i could trade my van for one cuz they r better at gas

  28. Engie:D

    Engie:D4 dias atrás

    PLS episode about Datsun 100a/Nissan Cherry/Satsuma From My Summer Car :D

  29. David Vera

    David Vera4 dias atrás

    What about the Nissan Altima SE-R

  30. Luke Woessner

    Luke Woessner5 dias atrás

    I love my 2018 NISMO edition. I feel it's a little underpowered and needs dual exhaust but other than that it's such a fun car to drive and love the way it looks.

  31. Luke Woessner

    Luke Woessner5 dias atrás

    Matt Campbell i was on the fence, but i just kept getting drawn to the black

  32. Matt Campbell

    Matt Campbell5 dias atrás

    Yup I love my Nismo .. got it in white

  33. HM Car Reviews

    HM Car Reviews5 dias atrás

    Interesting car we don't have over here in the UK.

  34. kitzback

    kitzback6 dias atrás

    Can you do one on the IS300?

  35. Justin Ortega-carney

    Justin Ortega-carney6 dias atrás

    I have the 03 Nissan Sentra Ser spev V

  36. Raceman

    Raceman6 dias atrás

    Men those Tsurus are dead traps, crash at 20 mph and you are dead

  37. Lil Uri

    Lil Uri4 dias atrás

    Raceman not the ones made in America

  38. nutriacubica

    nutriacubica6 dias atrás

    My dad owns a 1994 B13 Mexican Tsuru with the silver top, he used to get me to school early morning hauling ass, this video made me extremely happy and it will make him too, thanks a lot.

  39. VeggiePopper

    VeggiePopper6 dias atrás

    Was about to comment on the irony that you started the video stating that this little car is being forgotten when I see tons of B13s on the streets on a daily basis... Then BAM! You showed your research and closed the video with the fact that we Mexicans kept it in production until 2017. Quick correction: the Tsuru wasn't outlawed in Mexico due to safety regulations (airbags just became mandatory in this 2019), but because of emissions/anti-polution regulations. Trivia: VW México kept selling the Mk 4 Jetta until 2014, and the original Beetle until 2003; while GM kept the Gen I Aveo until 2018, the Corsa B intil 2012, and the previous generation Chevy Spark is still on sale among its younger brother. We Mexicans love our outdated cars.

  40. AKS

    AKS7 dias atrás

    I love my 2010 SER Spec-V..........I am 6'3" and the mid-sized body is waaayyy better for me. Even with the sunroof I have tons of headroom. The B16 spec-V is the fastest SER they ever made....even quicker than the new Nismo ones. Revs to 7000 and with Pilot Sports she handles.

  41. Corey Adkins

    Corey Adkins7 dias atrás

    Had an 04 ser spec V black with red lava, six speed. Fun car.

  42. Kid Refugee

    Kid Refugee8 dias atrás

    Finally someone took the time to do an awesome mashup of the Sentra story. Thank you! 7yr owner here, of an ‘02 B15 Spec V. I was really looking forward to the redemption of the Sentra. Instead we got the B16 NISMO👎. Oh well, at least I can still look forward to the past to find one of the coolest Sentras, the B13 SE-R. Fun fact kids. The B15 SE-R was factory tuned specifically for autocross. Which dominated the scene before the Oompa Loompa Miata invasion. It even had faster slalom times than WRX, MR-2, and pretty much everything in its class and some. How about that for an underdog!

  43. Thom Stoops

    Thom Stoops8 dias atrás

    Whoa there buddy, Nissan and Datsun have always been two separate brands, and Nissan bought/acquired the Datsun marque sometime in the 60's as it was near failure and Nissan wanted a piece of the Japanese roadster market that Datsun had been gradually growing over time. Both companies were started independently of each other, but because most people's knowledge of Datsun only goes back to the early 70's with the early Z cars, the perception is that Nissan used to be Datsun because the Z switched badges in the early 80's with the 300ZX Mk.2. Datsun used to race competitively in the late 50's-early 60's and a few private teams entered their cars in the Mille Miglia, Dakar Rally, and a handful of other prolific racing events in history.

  44. VeggiePopper

    VeggiePopper6 dias atrás

    Actually, Nissan purchased Datsun as early as the 1940's or something like that. In fact, Nissan entered the car business when they purchased Datsun; beforehand, they were some sort of finances company, then invested in Datsun and the rest was history. They marketed their products under different names (hence the two separate brands) first depending on the country, then depending on status - entry cars were branded Datsun while upmarket products were sold as Nissan. When things got rough in the 70's, they decided to no longer brand under different names to avoid cannibalism and to benefit from brand recognition and unified their products under the Nissan name, discontinuing the Datsun brand. But you got it right in that they started as separate companies, though.

  45. Jared Brown

    Jared Brown9 dias atrás

    I love my white 02 Spec-v, it has been a fun car. Fairly peppy and pretty damn reliable except for it is only a matter of when you'll have to replace the head gasket (mine @ ~155k). Love these videos, keep them coming...!

  46. austin wilbert

    austin wilbert9 dias atrás


  47. austin wilbert

    austin wilbert9 dias atrás

    Do a video on c 230 kompressor

  48. Chris Estrada

    Chris Estrada9 dias atrás

    I too am proud of my Spec V

  49. Hilary Gosnell

    Hilary Gosnell9 dias atrás

    I own the 2012 SE-R. I love her. But I've never driven the B-13.

  50. Lil Uri

    Lil Uri4 dias atrás

    Hilary Gosnell I got a b13

  51. mr.potato head

    mr.potato head9 dias atrás

    Tsuru in Mexico are legendary for getting jacked. That thing will be stripped and sold in less then 24hrs. Also a death trap in a accident. I think even the Mitsubishi Mirage offers better safety for cheaper

  52. Aaron Tucker

    Aaron Tucker10 dias atrás

    This video so nostalgic. I be dying for an AE86 Corolla...

  53. Gerald San Agustin

    Gerald San Agustin10 dias atrás

    Nissin makes noodles, Nissan makes cars

  54. aileen hernandez

    aileen hernandez10 dias atrás

    Make a up to speed Toyota hiace

  55. Normal Guy

    Normal Guy10 dias atrás

    Talk about the Nissan Altima SER could be a great idea

  56. TheDjMoogle

    TheDjMoogle10 dias atrás

    Damn I have a Sentra like this

  57. Joe Milton

    Joe Milton10 dias atrás


  58. Joshua Merino

    Joshua Merino11 dias atrás

    This video make my day, my father bought a Mexican 1999 b13 back on 2003 and was his very first car, then he gave it to me so was my first car as well, I sold it just one year ago and I loved that car. It was extremely reliable and very cheap to fix and top of that the chassis it was very light and the engine it is a twin can plus manual transmission.

  59. Joey L

    Joey L11 dias atrás

    I recently bought an 03 SE R Spec V, and i love it! Great video

  60. McFarland Fabrication

    McFarland Fabrication11 dias atrás

    I have an 03. Bought it for 1300$. Is inches away from beating my buddies 09 civic si. Great car for the price

  61. OOF Gaming

    OOF Gaming11 dias atrás

    Nissan Sunny’s were popular in Singapore(and my dad owned one)

  62. the real seneca

    the real seneca11 dias atrás

    This was one of my favorite cars in high school. I adore them

  63. Dominique Sanchez

    Dominique Sanchez11 dias atrás

    Didnt mention the b15 had a bbk too and the b17 nismo/sr turbo have 190whp 🤗

  64. Charles Wolf

    Charles Wolf11 dias atrás

    Why are y’all talking about my car??

  65. Sean Bowen

    Sean Bowen12 dias atrás

    I hate the CVT in the B17 ughhh

  66. Kadeeyah R

    Kadeeyah R12 dias atrás

    I have one🙂it’s my first car

  67. 350z_ Brayden

    350z_ Brayden13 dias atrás

    Its time to kick gum and chew ass And im all out of ass 😭😂

  68. Ikua Muita

    Ikua Muita13 dias atrás

    James you split my plate of fried chicken with that air slice. :(

  69. Juan The 2nd

    Juan The 2nd13 dias atrás

    The Nissan Tsuru (B13 Sentra), is seen here in Mexico as a coffin with wheels.

  70. Lon Brooklyn

    Lon Brooklyn13 dias atrás

    Your grown man 34 years old!?

  71. Angus King

    Angus King13 dias atrás

    Love my specV lots of fun!

  72. Thandokuhle Sibanyoni

    Thandokuhle Sibanyoni14 dias atrás


  73. lincs 4life

    lincs 4life15 dias atrás

    The was he says Nissan sound like he's says Niss in instead of Niss an.

  74. Danny Wilson

    Danny Wilson15 dias atrás

    I'm not being racist but I think the sentra was set back because of the Mexican tsuru

  75. And raé

    And raé15 dias atrás

    I got one. And I soo need a sexy body kit. Can anyone give me some links. Also I want some protector headlights for it. Also mine has this wired S or lighting for the logo anyone know why is that

  76. Smooth Style

    Smooth Style15 dias atrás

    I need a good, cheap and fun toyota or nissan. got any ideas?

  77. Hashvind Sivakumar

    Hashvind Sivakumar16 dias atrás

    Proud owner of a Sentra N16

  78. kev mar

    kev mar16 dias atrás

    I owned both the b15 and b16 and I can tell you stock for stock the si at that time would be crushed. I know I destroyed enough of them. Even took out older mustang gts with it.

  79. 90's Works

    90's Works17 dias atrás


  80. Jim Husselman

    Jim Husselman17 dias atrás

    Great and informative video however even with the Nissan commercial guy pronouncing it for you , you still kept screwing it up!!!! NISSAN KNEE-SONE NISSAN LOL I own a 2011 Sentra sr and a 2011 Nissan titan heavy metal chrome version. Great vehicles. God bless

  81. Kurt

    Kurt17 dias atrás

    I just got me a 03 spec v 😎 but I'm having to pull the head because the hg is blown, bought it like that so I did get a great deal, even so it does or did run and drive (before I started the tear down)

  82. Michael Jennings

    Michael Jennings18 dias atrás

    No more cvt for me no way

  83. Michael Jennings

    Michael Jennings18 dias atrás

    So ibought the 2015 sentra and what a let down cvt is slow

  84. Michael Jennings

    Michael Jennings18 dias atrás

    My 2006 i had was the fasted car i ever had i never lost a light to light race she beat a lot of big money cars it was total lost

  85. Michael Jennings

    Michael Jennings18 dias atrás

    My 2015 is a well built car there cvt hold it back especialy at high speed

  86. The Quarlok13

    The Quarlok1318 dias atrás

    I own one of these bad boys. 1992 SE-R, U12 Bluebird swapped in though. Makes a few more horses now. Great car.

  87. Luke Adam Hanafey

    Luke Adam Hanafey19 dias atrás

    1 part of nissan sentras you missed Part of South africas versions and probably one of the most rad. With a sr20ve Sr20de Or the very rare sr16ve motors Sold as the Nissan sentra sti or Sabre gxi.

  88. Carlos Calderon

    Carlos Calderon19 dias atrás

    Tsuru FUCKING LEGEND !!!!!

  89. The Tom Memes

    The Tom Memes19 dias atrás

    In 🇨🇱 and 🇦🇷 this car is called Nissan V16

  90. travis bowen

    travis bowen20 dias atrás

    Thought about getting a b13 and dropping a sr20det motor in it 💪👍

  91. dripzzz 200

    dripzzz 20020 dias atrás

    Do Volkswagen Jetta

  92. Eric Mendoza

    Eric Mendoza20 dias atrás

    My mom has this car😂

  93. David Mihalko

    David Mihalko20 dias atrás

    Got a 2005 SE-R for sale in San Diego. Red with Nismo wheels, recent smog check. It was my daughter's car in high school and college. It is a fast little car...just one hook: it's an automatic.


    JDMMOHAKI21 dia atrás

    I was soo close to buying a Tsuru se-r in mexico 😭 i want one

  95. yellofury

    yellofury21 dia atrás

    Had a b13 XE coupe with a 5 spd in college. Got rear ended in my MAxima 3 weeks ago and I needed a beater with the insurance check. ended up with a B15 GXE. Not too shabby. Simple and honest car

  96. Sugin14 DB

    Sugin14 DB21 dia atrás

    So I literally picked one of these up for 400 from a friends junkyard. Gotta nice.

  97. Stephaan Jacques

    Stephaan Jacques22 dias atrás

    love the #unknownvariable

  98. Alex Cintas

    Alex Cintas22 dias atrás

    Had a 2001 Sentra gxe that was actually a great little car. Bought it used with 30k and drive it to 240,000k with little issue.

  99. Andre Ren

    Andre Ren22 dias atrás

    I used to have a B17 Sentra Nismo and I loved that car, I had it tuned and modded and it was so fun to drive

  100. Adam Harrington

    Adam Harrington23 dias atrás

    The b13 Sentra is called Tsuru in México wich by the way is the unsafest car you can buy there but only 2017 versions not newer because, again, unsafest car massively sold there. And the 1991 looks exactly the same as the 2017 Tsuru in Mexico.

  101. Daniel Carmona

    Daniel Carmona23 dias atrás

    1:24 you´re welcome

  102. Niraj Shukla

    Niraj Shukla24 dias atrás

    Is Derek D looking for work?

  103. Alpha Wërks

    Alpha Wërks24 dias atrás

    One of the worst engines ever made.....

  104. Soary24

    Soary2425 dias atrás

    Still owned my 2004 ser spec v since 12 years. Perfect condition.

  105. eny margaretha

    eny margaretha25 dias atrás

    7:34 you spell the car brand how i call it

  106. GrifWithOneF

    GrifWithOneF25 dias atrás

    Sentra S U C C

  107. Jax Carter

    Jax Carter25 dias atrás

    I drive a 2002 sentra gxe

  108. Derrick Mitchell

    Derrick Mitchell26 dias atrás

    Owner a b15 with the qd18de and added a turbo. Fun little motor, fun little car!!!

  109. Challenger RC

    Challenger RC26 dias atrás

    I want a Sentra but I want a dodge dart video more

  110. Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness

    Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness26 dias atrás

    so, after nissan got owned by honda, it decided to unleash the nismo?

  111. Saule Karavirs

    Saule Karavirs27 dias atrás

    I'm lovin my B-15 Spec-V So much fun to drive on the streets. 180 ft/lb is super noticeable. and it feels like a real driver's car, not one of these high tech does all the work for you things they make now. It's mechanical nature means it does all the work with you.

  112. GTiRnissan

    GTiRnissan27 dias atrás

    not even a mention of gti-r swaps?

  113. MYHATY

    MYHATY27 dias atrás

    So they’ll do this but not the g35 :(