No Bad Energy


  1. fkelly2015

    fkelly2015Dia atrás

    Hello everybody! I’d gratefully appreciate it if you would check out my beats and leave some honest feedback. Have a blessed lovely day!!!

  2. Stephen Donatelli

    Stephen Donatelli2 dias atrás

    Omg, Nas is the Hip-Hop GOAT!

  3. Suh Paul

    Suh Paul3 dias atrás


  4. Mr. Randy Watson

    Mr. Randy Watson3 dias atrás

    🔥 one word.

  5. Maroan Ouadi

    Maroan Ouadi5 dias atrás

    Am I the only one who listens DMX saying "WHAT" in the instrumental ?

  6. Cornell Richards

    Cornell Richards7 dias atrás

    "Chase demons outdoors. Force them to hear the message." Epic.

  7. Dave N

    Dave N9 dias atrás

    #Biggie #Jay-Z #Nas 👑👑👑

  8. Ramone  Findley

    Ramone Findley9 dias atrás

    Shit make you wanna hustle hard motivation music

  9. 24K InfO

    24K InfO9 dias atrás

    Really Nice.

  10. Body's World Productions

    Body's World Productions11 dias atrás

    Nas the G.O.A.T. This song is so real & the beat is so fire. Good job Swiss!

  11. Toryon Davis

    Toryon Davis11 dias atrás

    Okay Nas, that's the Araab music beat dope.

  12. jon orlando

    jon orlando12 dias atrás

    Any body peep when Nas went into broken language mode at the end of the 2nd verse?

  13. Ty niddy y.t.b

    Ty niddy y.t.b14 dias atrás

    Same here I feel the soul of this thing call the counsel

  14. Eunice D

    Eunice D14 dias atrás

    Listen to real hip hip hop

  15. Nico Hamilton

    Nico Hamilton14 dias atrás

    True pioneer in Hip Hop... Only Nasir Jones can produce great musical energy like this. GODSON..

  16. donald jones

    donald jones14 dias atrás

    Nas remind me of battle rappers you know they got talent but suck at making albums no bad energy e for effort

  17. shonha1

    shonha110 dias atrás

    donald jones You should’ve kept that shitty ass opinion to yourself then, because it’s chalk full of ignorance.

  18. donald jones

    donald jones11 dias atrás

    @Naughty Nature giving an opinion isn't trolling dumb ass

  19. Naughty Nature

    Naughty Nature11 dias atrás

    @donald jones, go troll somewhere else

  20. Naughty Nature

    Naughty Nature11 dias atrás

    Kaneda Shotaro lol

  21. DOUTCH (b2b)

    DOUTCH (b2b)14 dias atrás

    Good Gift 🎁 Coppa Still Miss Big Poppa

  22. DOUTCH (b2b)

    DOUTCH (b2b)14 dias atrás

    The Fucking Greatest 🎵🎤 Alive

  23. Kael Keough

    Kael Keough15 dias atrás

    Like when it finally starts raining after being lost at sea on a life raft dying of thirst under the scorching sun for days.

  24. PURGE 2[u]NITE

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  25. Timothy Bullard

    Timothy Bullard15 dias atrás

    I'm silk shirts, summer time sunny, sun chaser Pretty girl tongue taster, southern girl luster City girl love maker The matinee watcher The good weather on a Saturday afternoon shopper Good gift copper Still miss Big Poppa [Chorus] No bad energy, please, no bad energy No bad energy, please, no bad energy Song is Dope, Grown man type Music. Young bulls don't understand.

  26. lONE 7 KING

    lONE 7 KING16 dias atrás

    Anyone know what they say in the beginning?? Sounds like they say THEY TAKE A LOSS

  27. lou you

    lou you16 dias atrás

    I FIND IT! !!!

  28. Zabieru McCloud

    Zabieru McCloud16 dias atrás

    This shits wack.

  29. Kaneda Shotaro

    Kaneda Shotaro13 dias atrás

    Yeah stick to mario games

  30. Montellis Watson

    Montellis Watson16 dias atrás

    Keep all that over there man

  31. low money millionaire

    low money millionaire16 dias atrás

    Who better?

  32. Kaneda Shotaro

    Kaneda Shotaro13 dias atrás

    Im still looking for but seems like nobody

  33. ReMiDi Beatz

    ReMiDi Beatz16 dias atrás

    Swizz killed that!!💯🔥🔥🔥

  34. Hard Times

    Hard Times17 dias atrás

    Currently incarcerated due to be released in 2020 need female texting buddy hit me up at 4042681055 cash app me at $zaliwamfalme 24 years down on a 25 year mandatory sentence

  35. low money millionaire

    low money millionaire17 dias atrás

    No bad energy please.

  36. Hip-Hop Universe

    Hip-Hop Universe17 dias atrás

    Glad to have you back, Nas 🔥🔥🔥

  37. Yusef Ali

    Yusef Ali17 dias atrás

    Dear Nas, your subject matter is still the same, saying it a different way on a different drum doesn’t change shit...OneLove Brudda I hear them cheering for you, maybe it works for them...

  38. Yusef Ali

    Yusef Ali14 dias atrás

    jerome simz.....First of all it’s not even about me...secondly, I was hoping that the first sentence would help u realize that your question is out of context with what I’m saying....

  39. jerome simz

    jerome simz14 dias atrás

    You expect me to understand what you want Nas to be rapping about by reading your first sentence? 😫😪

  40. Yusef Ali

    Yusef Ali14 dias atrás

    jerome simz.....Re-Read the first sentence, If u still don’t get it, Oh Well....

  41. jerome simz

    jerome simz14 dias atrás

    What do you want him to be rapping about?

  42. iLOVE LiFE

    iLOVE LiFE17 dias atrás

    I'm oblivious to you skeptics What you hear you ain't ever hear 'til I repped it Iridescent heroes essence, please clear the exits I chase demons outdoors, force 'em to hear the message, air 'em out Heard some people discussing my whereabouts Yeah, it's been a few sightings of me, a fair amount Never seen much, but yet I'm never in the house Move in style, wild, exciting when I do step out Y'all been rhyming for years and Jungle made a hit "Oochie Wally" I did Sold a million records Had 'em embarrassed Signed to Columbia Blew a check, he was laughing While y'all in the studio bragging about your past and Thinking back on trips on Manhattan Dad was rolling hotels like The Plaza Black bellhops holding Rich people bags, tip their hats to old men coming out of cabs Limousine holding doors for them We all got a job to do, go for it [Chorus] No bad energy, please, no bad energy (Just try to be the best you, man That's all I can say, man) No bad energy, please, no bad energy (Don't light over here, man Put that away, man, put that away) No bad energy, please, no bad energy (Tryna tell 'em, know what I'm saying? Big Apple my Hennessy, please) No bad energy, please, no bad energy (On the rocks, yeah) [Verse 2] To rappers who never sold crack, telling other people's lives Never shot nobody but be shooting people in their rhymes Never robbed nobody or re-upped with coke in they ride I'm probably who they talking about when they're writing most of their lines And I ain't notice it Trapping was what was happening with bolder cliques Around me I'm surrounded by the most devoted clique We saw the smokers get rowdy for all the potentness And still ain't know how sick it was in that ocean abyss What doesn't come out in the wash comes out in the rinse You suckers ain't had no say so Whoever put you in the position to have a say so should be questioned theyself I'm silk shirts, summer time sunny, sun chaser Pretty girl tongue taster, southern girl luster City girl love maker The matinee watcher The good weather on a Saturday afternoon shopper Good gift copper Still miss Big Poppa [Chorus]

  43. Ty P

    Ty P18 dias atrás

    Bad energy is the hip hop today.. Facts!! Nas laid back flow make u wana go nyc an cop some tims!!

  44. Pavle Smith

    Pavle Smith18 dias atrás


  45. George Dennis

    George Dennis18 dias atrás

    We, The Real Hip Hop Delegates would like to Thank... *Nas*

  46. Aartie Perez

    Aartie Perez19 dias atrás

    Incredible 🔥🔥🔥

  47. Shabho Carter

    Shabho Carter19 dias atrás

    Lebron brought me here

  48. Anthony Devaughn JR

    Anthony Devaughn JR19 dias atrás

    It feels like I already know the words thanks we needed that

  49. P Camp

    P Camp19 dias atrás


  50. King Montre

    King Montre20 dias atrás

    Keeping it a buck this man failed to progress still shitty beats and these bars are not 🤯. Y’all are being fanboys acting like this is gold or something. #staylosttape

  51. Doubleday4lifeWorld

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  52. Anubeing Philosophy

    Anubeing Philosophy20 dias atrás

    Stfu goofy

  53. C brigante

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  54. Calvin Leashore

    Calvin Leashore21 dia atrás

    Nasir the Goat

  55. Nick Nickels

    Nick Nickels21 dia atrás

    Timeless Timeless Timeless !!🐐 #TheGreatestLyricalGenius

  56. Robert  Money

    Robert Money21 dia atrás

    Best rapper

  57. X

    X21 dia atrás

    Dopest Nas song since Bye Baby

  58. SulMonee

    SulMonee21 dia atrás

    Nas's voice over this beat...Just SICK!!! Some things just go together.

  59. Doubleday4lifeWorld

    Doubleday4lifeWorld21 dia atrás

    Dedicated to my brother Mike Spike C. 18st Latin Counts

  60. Manuel Delacruz

    Manuel Delacruz21 dia atrás

    He should release this as a radio single

  61. K Tas

    K Tas22 dias atrás

    Nas of my hood K-Tas Topic/BRreporter

  62. Juvens Dieujuste

    Juvens Dieujuste22 dias atrás

    My favorite mixtape of all time!!!!! No bad energy please no bad ENERGY!!!!! #FACTS

  63. Eunice D

    Eunice D22 dias atrás

    No bad image please 🌞

  64. Derrick Gentle

    Derrick Gentle22 dias atrás

    After listening to Lebron bumping this, I had to come check it out for myself 🔥🔥🔥🔥 NAS always relevant

  65. pajaro vago sx60

    pajaro vago sx6022 dias atrás

    Blessings all the way from El Salvador 🇸🇻

  66. Stephen Coursey

    Stephen Coursey22 dias atrás

    Nas is the formula to our time culture. Thank you my brother.

  67. Zenobie Ruff

    Zenobie Ruff22 dias atrás

    grew up on nas and I must say while none of this is ah matic this here gives me the thrills like real magic

  68. Clickomatic What up!

    Clickomatic What up!23 dias atrás

    Thank you Nas.....

  69. Sublime

    Sublime23 dias atrás

    This man doesn’t age physically only spiritually and mentally. No Bad Energy is needed in the game.

  70. Niger Mcgauley

    Niger Mcgauley23 dias atrás

    You can't keep a good man down. Hat off to you bro....

  71. Angelo

    Angelo23 dias atrás

    DMX in the background

  72. Jay Johnson

    Jay Johnson23 dias atrás

    The Nastorious one is the the 🐐

  73. Naughty Nature

    Naughty Nature24 dias atrás

    And, we will excuse you on your last album. Keep Kanye away from you 🐐

  74. Withdreday

    Withdreday24 dias atrás

    Kudos to Nas for putting this on YT

  75. solomon12

    solomon1224 dias atrás

    Nas fell off after the first album. It was all corny and downhill from there. The production really fell off after the first album. Track masters is not better then large or Pete

  76. Diogo Elias

    Diogo Elias24 dias atrás

    So many years listening those lost tapes! Not like eminem but you great bro :D

  77. Diogo Elias

    Diogo Elias23 dias atrás

    @mistahmst No t's not a troll account... This is my real name and the logo it's just because i'm a huge fan of harry potter...

  78. mistahmst

    mistahmst23 dias atrás

    I'm not white and this looks like a troll account, so I'm just gonna leave...

  79. Diogo Elias

    Diogo Elias23 dias atrás

    @mistahmst No way bruh.... Kamizake it's a diss track not like the others albuns... Eminem it's a proud for white guys! And if your white, you should defend your race against everything !

  80. mistahmst

    mistahmst24 dias atrás

    Diogo Elias Nas is way better than Eminem. This song is better than anything Eminem has put out in the last 15 years. Yes, that includes anything on Kamikaze.

  81. Jake Green

    Jake Green24 dias atrás

    Fire he's done it again, made a bannger since ill matic.

  82. Johnnie Murray

    Johnnie Murray24 dias atrás

    The fact i still can blast illmatic and get the same reaction as i did in 94 shows Not everyone can do this. On drink champs he said he has enough for lost tapes 3 and 4 please we need those.

  83. R.I.C !!

    R.I.C !!24 dias atrás

    That second verse

  84. Nick White

    Nick White24 dias atrás

    Fire 🔥 Nas, thanks for another classic

  85. Devon  Sims

    Devon Sims24 dias atrás

    This intro is everything, this shit hit me in the soul

  86. Garland Garrison

    Garland Garrison24 dias atrás

    Going hard since 1994🔥🔥🔥🔥

  87. Mardoche Laine

    Mardoche Laine25 dias atrás

    Yea nas rite bout that dont surround yourself round bad energy people in life.

  88. Marinos Pittali

    Marinos Pittali25 dias atrás

    Nas don't snitch on yourself :(

  89. Money

    Money25 dias atrás

    This the vibe i look for in Hip hop word up b

  90. S1L4S T

    S1L4S T26 dias atrás nas check me out man

  91. Andrew S

    Andrew S26 dias atrás

    Put the top down, burn one and float to this.

  92. Cliff Daniels

    Cliff Daniels26 dias atrás

    Swizz, you did it again.

  93. Rick Monroe

    Rick Monroe26 dias atrás

    Ladies and Gentlemen... Swiss Beats on the track...🔥🔥🔥 Nas delivering the Eulogy☠☠☠

  94. Escapaid

    Escapaid26 dias atrás

    To me the greatest rapper of all time with countless powerful lyrics and timeless classics

  95. Merly Moreira

    Merly Moreira26 dias atrás

    Queens Bridge Politics is ok 👍

  96. D Chamberlain

    D Chamberlain26 dias atrás

    Damn , this is dope.