1. 6K JAY

    6K JAY6 horas atrás

    James bond is back with another banger

  2. DoctorWeeTodd

    DoctorWeeTodd6 horas atrás

    Will we ever see Blofeld bald again?

  3. sr . trilulica presendente em 2022

    sr . trilulica presendente em 20226 horas atrás

    Seria bom 007 no brasil

  4. Dorian Belic

    Dorian Belic6 horas atrás

    pause at 2:27That guy survived thousand rounds from a minigun

  5. John Stands and Looks Back

    John Stands and Looks Back6 horas atrás

    Nice to see the old school Aston Martin 😇

  6. D Villines

    D Villines6 horas atrás

    dunno if this will be good, but Rami Malek as a Bond villain is absolutely inspired casting, hope they let him be really weird

  7. 9mm Bear

    9mm Bear6 horas atrás

    Woke nonsense...

  8. Denise Battle

    Denise Battle6 horas atrás

    Oh yeah!

  9. Roger Mans

    Roger Mans6 horas atrás


  10. JeanMopis

    JeanMopis6 horas atrás

    Insert random black actor because 2019.

  11. Allen Linnen, Jr.

    Allen Linnen, Jr.6 horas atrás

    no time to watch this, we all know it will be woke garbage

  12. Golden Gun Films

    Golden Gun Films6 horas atrás

    If anybody is interested in watching and supporting 007 content made by actual bond fans. Head over to

  13. It's Ya Boi Patrickk

    It's Ya Boi Patrickk6 horas atrás

    Me : i really don't want to watch james bond movies And also me : (sees Rami Malek) And another me : Hey that's pretty good.

  14. mr Thug CJ

    mr Thug CJ6 horas atrás

    Forget about black widow.... 007 is Back

  15. crossxfuse

    crossxfuse6 horas atrás

    1:34 she's Fragile, but not that fragile.

  16. Jevangood

    Jevangood6 horas atrás

    No matter what Bond does he cant outcool Christoph Waltz.

  17. Sam Porter Bridges

    Sam Porter Bridges6 horas atrás

    The whole month of April will be 420, great time to release this film!!!

  18. bamlin52

    bamlin526 horas atrás

    I will leave this film to a new generation. You enjoy. I liked Roger Moore's sense of humour.

  19. Madcodez

    Madcodez6 horas atrás

    My boy Elliot, look like he became a member of deus group. Playing God

  20. Peter M

    Peter M6 horas atrás

    Here are some alternative titles: Never die forever Always live to die Die to Live Live to Die Never Live to Die Forever Forever Live to Never Die... No need to thank me!, Hollywood!

  21. chetna shama

    chetna shama6 horas atrás

    Well guys,we did it. Rami Malek is now officially a bond villain.

  22. MaHaZ Media

    MaHaZ Media6 horas atrás

    james bond great videos

  23. Lwink

    Lwink6 horas atrás

    007 Time to Woke

  24. Mike Williams

    Mike Williams6 horas atrás

    "You gave up everything for her" But she wouldn't even give up her last name. "Stay in your lane" This film has been wiped with feminism's ass, and I can't wait for the whole franchise to burn, so that we can point at the ashes and say, "THIS is why we NEVER let feminists infect popular culture again."

  25. Darius Moses

    Darius Moses6 horas atrás

    Next 007 should be Nicholas Holt, Jude Law, Henry Cavill, or James McAvoy

  26. numuves

    numuves6 horas atrás

    Can't wait to watch this... in China! I make vlogs and videos from there.

  27. ななさん

    ななさん6 horas atrás

    Cool and strong

  28. AL C

    AL C6 horas atrás

    Looks good and not “over feminist-y”, i endorse!

  29. vinny rasky

    vinny rasky6 horas atrás

    the cities are Matera and Gravina di Puglia in Apulia, sud of Italy!!!!


    AEC VIDEOS6 horas atrás

    This looks very good. Kinda reminds me of skyfall

  31. EfrainQuezada

    EfrainQuezada6 horas atrás

    I feel like I just watched the plot, but still have no idea what's going on.

  32. sam sun

    sam sun6 horas atrás

    James Bond meet Wick.... John Wick. 1 day it'll be a great collaboration.

  33. Munden

    Munden6 horas atrás

    Feel like I just watched the best parts of the whole movie

  34. State Of Palestine # Jerusalem Capital of Palestine

    State Of Palestine # Jerusalem Capital of Palestine6 horas atrás

    It's really amazing >>>

  35. Benita S A

    Benita S A6 horas atrás


  36. Sylly World

    Sylly World6 horas atrás

    Bond: “History isn’t kind to men who play God.” Me: 🤯

  37. Manuel Bencomo

    Manuel Bencomo6 horas atrás

    Sylly World same

  38. Ariel fangirl Mendez

    Ariel fangirl Mendez6 horas atrás

    Goodbye my bad boy

  39. Paras Bhatt

    Paras Bhatt6 horas atrás

    Black widow is long gone


    VALAR MORGHULIS6 horas atrás

  41. Lance Hoch FlyInAdventures

    Lance Hoch FlyInAdventures6 horas atrás

    Trend setter, steal the #1 spot you deserve it 007