Nome, Alaska


  1. Jayme Lima

    Jayme Lima5 meses atrás

    Esse lugar deve ser bem triste e solitário!

  2. Patricia Matsui

    Patricia Matsui8 meses atrás

    Love Alaska

  3. Андрей Кабин

    Андрей КабинAnos atrás

    Люблю Америку!!!

  4. SoundCloud Users

    SoundCloud Users2 anos atrás

    Love it I'm from Nome

  5. Everything Tech

    Everything Tech2 anos atrás

    Looks to me a terrible place to live. The town looks all junky, there is much garbage lying around, it's obviously very cold and desolated and it shows not any form of hospitality.

  6. SoundCloud Users

    SoundCloud Users2 anos atrás

    Snowwie88 FUCK YOU

  7. Bruno Díaz

    Bruno Díaz2 anos atrás

    I was looking for ovni's information, but I found this beautiful video, let me tell you one thing... i really want to visit Nome.

  8. chep68

    chep683 anos atrás

    А ещё Ном во время второй мировой войны был незаменим как аэродром жизни.Когда Россия и США были единым кулаком. И город суровый и добрый и люди там достойные. НОМ!

  9. Benito Mussolini

    Benito MussoliniAnos atrás

    chep68 Живу в Северной Каролине, снега зимой практически нет. Ном выглядит таким домашним...

  10. Shadow Show

    Shadow Show3 anos atrás

    Is it just me or does the horizon seem too close and the sky too low or something? I dont know, but just seems like from some angles and directions, the sky looks weird to me

  11. Traditionalist Doomer

    Traditionalist Doomer3 anos atrás

    Wow it even looks as beautiful as in the pictures...I'd honestly love to visit this place.

  12. Bradford1332

    Bradford13323 anos atrás

    What an amazing video!! Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Геннадий Сизов

    Геннадий Сизов3 anos atrás

    Прекрасное видео! Спасибо!

  14. Marco  Martinez

    Marco Martinez3 anos atrás

    I Would líke to meet this beautiful place...

  15. lopezm boncho

    lopezm boncho3 anos atrás

    Me gustaría conocer Nome, Alaska soy de Guayaquil-Ecuador

  16. Carlos P

    Carlos P3 anos atrás

    Dan, Video Approved!! Awesome music, nice views....Thanks!

  17. entschlossen

    entschlossen3 anos atrás

    stayed at the polaris one time.

  18. Most Optimal Person IN HISTORY

    Most Optimal Person IN HISTORY3 anos atrás

    This place is remote as hell!!! How do people not want to move away and come closer to civilisation and make the most of life

  19. Miranda Musich

    Miranda Musich3 anos atrás

    Some of us think that NOT being closer to civilization means we are making the most of life.

  20. wombatzzzz

    wombatzzzz3 anos atrás

    @Big Dwag it would be like a cool place to get away from things

  21. Most Optimal Person IN HISTORY

    Most Optimal Person IN HISTORY3 anos atrás

    +wombatzzzz true but only so much thinking u can do

  22. wombatzzzz

    wombatzzzz3 anos atrás

    Maybe they like u know, a little peace a quiet. Lets u think alot more about the planet u live on

  23. Lucia Tilyard

    Lucia Tilyard4 anos atrás

    There's no place like Nome.

  24. JANY xx

    JANY xxAnos atrás


  25. Jeremiah Zipperer

    Jeremiah Zipperer2 anos atrás

    That's also what I said!!!!

  26. john smith

    john smith4 anos atrás

    nome is my hometown, man this video is awesome, thanks for making it

  27. HokuZ PokuZ

    HokuZ PokuZ3 anos atrás

    Grüß dich Würde mich mal interessieren, was du über die ganzen "Alien Geschichten" ,welche Nome betreffen, denkst.

  28. Dan Perez

    Dan Perez4 anos atrás

    @chris Ivan Glad you enjoyed it - was a very interesting place to visit :-)

  29. Coder

    Coder4 anos atrás

    Nom nom nom ))

  30. The system

    The system5 anos atrás

    In the movie the 4th kind they filmed on location in Port Alberni British Columbia Canada. PA is on the west coast of Vancouver island and is very beautiful. Kind of a slap in the face for the real Alaskan people I think, a story about your town and they found it to boring to actually film there. Well nothing lost my friends as the entire movie was fiction and a really bad one any way.

  31. jack M

    jack MAnos atrás

    zgoncougar your kidding me all was faked!??? Wow

  32. Dan Perez

    Dan Perez3 anos atrás

    +Lucia Tilyard Thank you, Lucia :-)

  33. Lucia Tilyard

    Lucia Tilyard4 anos atrás

    @zgoncougar This short film shows far more talent.

  34. Dan Perez

    Dan Perez6 anos atrás

    Late October. Glad you enjoyed it :-)

  35. Kate Chattiya

    Kate Chattiya6 anos atrás

    Inspiring VDO!!! What time of the year? Is it in Winter? Thanks a lot

  36. veela lynne

    veela lynne6 anos atrás

    To live in a place like this one is a form of "Extreme living" and it fascinates me.

  37. Jaime Soto

    Jaime Soto6 anos atrás

    In the movie the four contact, nomes is a town in a forest, many trees, mountain,trees, in this video the town is ugly no trees, no forest, no mountain

  38. rast nin

    rast nin6 anos atrás

    Alien town?

  39. G M

    G M6 anos atrás


  40. grace marie villanueva

    grace marie villanueva6 anos atrás


  41. tpenguin2

    tpenguin26 anos atrás


  42. iGoWest

    iGoWest6 anos atrás

    As your intelligence increases, this music will cease to trigger sad emotions, but rather it will trigger inspirational emotions. In other words, you're a fucking idiot.

  43. Evilmike42

    Evilmike426 anos atrás

    Jesus wept. Wow, a 40+ year period where 24 people got lost and a place that is unforgiving and very dangerous. Yep, obviously 'aliens'. *rolls eyes*

  44. meekeedutska

    meekeedutska6 anos atrás

    Good vid, but not the sad music

  45. TheRtoF

    TheRtoF6 anos atrás

    simply madly beautifully!

  46. TheRtoF

    TheRtoF6 anos atrás

    tremendous video, thanks author!

  47. Istnbool

    Istnbool7 anos atrás

    Check your facts, mintkendishin - Mt McKinley is 1,000 miles to the east and south of Nome. It is nowhere near Nome and is not north of Nome. As for the disappearances, the locals I met there attribute them to people getting too drunk and wandering off into the tundra or the Bering Sea.

  48. MegaTriumph1

    MegaTriumph17 anos atrás

    Its True. It might be more like an undergound base like Dulce. Infested with the unknown. I've tried to get more information and every time my efforts have been throttled. Nothing to see here and your wasting your time kinda thing. There is a very good reason for the missing people that the powers to be don't want you knowing or talking about. I can understand the point being made that people live and work there. So I will not look any further.

  49. srevisn3ts

    srevisn3ts7 anos atrás

    i heard theres a pyramid bigger than the one in Egypt underground somewhere there...........

  50. mintkendishin

    mintkendishin7 anos atrás

    Interesting fact about Nome Alaska and this is true.......if you look at prospecting maps from the year 1992 you will see that there is a whited out area on those maps Just south of mt Mckinley around the nome area......and it says that those areas havent been surveyed when the entire world has been surveyed long before this year.......There was something going on in that area.....I heard that there was some type of archaeological dig That they where trying to cover up.....

  51. alaskanassasin

    alaskanassasin7 anos atrás

    Alien's abducting people? No. People that imbibe a little too much and have bad things happen to them. Yup. Nome has, and will be, my home for the rest of my life. No alien activity here, just a small community trying to keep alive in bush Alaska.

  52. Thunderbolt15

    Thunderbolt157 anos atrás

    I wish i could live Nome, AK instead living in Brooklyn, NY

  53. Steele1925

    Steele19257 anos atrás

    You may have had some sort of experience, I won't deny that... however ask anyone who currently lives in, or has lived in Nome Alaska, such as myself, and they will tell you that there are NO strange occurances there.

  54. MegaTriumph1

    MegaTriumph17 anos atrás

    I watched the movie,"The Fourth Kind". It seems the thinking is Aliens and ufo's in that movie. I'm interested in Nome Alaska because of the high strangness. I myself was lost in Alaska rescued by the Coast Gaurd. I myself had a supernatural type experience. So what ever is going on Aliens Ufo's or somthing else. I for a fact know that somthing out side of normal is happing. Just because it is not in plain view of other's don't think its not there. You to say it's the safest me no think so.

  55. Steele1925

    Steele19257 anos atrás

    Well the director made it look loney, but it's actually very..... happy. Sure once in a while some itdiot gets too drunk or something and annoys everyone. But nothing bad ever really happens there. Great place to live. But that's only because not many people live there. If the number continues to grow, it will become a shit hole like the rest of the Country.

  56. Steele1925

    Steele19257 anos atrás

    The FBI was called in because they thought that a serial killer was on the loose. There are NO aliens or UFO's in Nome Alaska. As a matter of fact, it's one of the safest and nicest places in the entire U.S.A. It's still very small town.

  57. MegaTriumph1

    MegaTriumph17 anos atrás

    I have a question for you on the missing people. Even the FBI has been called in to investigate. Is that all Bull also.

  58. CydneyJune

    CydneyJune7 anos atrás

    No, I've lived there all my life and not once have I seen any "aliens". Its all a bunch of bull.

  59. Vz Pinky

    Vz Pinky7 anos atrás

    i have a question for you its true all that things about Ufo´s

  60. CydneyJune

    CydneyJune7 anos atrás

    I live there-3 it's an absolutely beautiful place to be raised.

  61. officereagle

    officereagle7 anos atrás

    I am not sure what to think of such places. It looks so very lonely...and yet peaceful.