Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer Wimbledon 2019 final highlights


  1. Alessio Galetti

    Alessio Galetti10 horas atrás

    Messi=Federer --> Leadership 0


    SRINIVAS VANGALA23 horas atrás

    Djoker vs Choker

  3. Mach Dach

    Mach DachDia atrás

    Niemand ist wie du. Du hast alles und bist du nie langweilig. Hvala ti za svaki trenutak uzivanja.

  4. vaga rak

    vaga rakDia atrás

    i n a t

  5. Katie Lastname

    Katie LastnameDia atrás

    Federer with 2 championship points on his serve and couldn't pull thru. Old age catching up he must've forgot how. He will be retiring soon he has nothing else 2 prove. He should've won. That will be his last Wimbledon final.

  6. Kvitova4ever

    Kvitova4ever2 dias atrás

    Take that, all u crazy Fed-tards

  7. Sory

    Sory2 dias atrás

    I love this smile Novac ! 10:47

  8. Raul Silva

    Raul Silva2 dias atrás

    Amazing. Even with both of them older than 32 we got peak Federer vs peak Djokovic. Absolutely breathtaking

  9. AJ Malfoy

    AJ MalfoyDia atrás

    Not peak Novak

  10. Andrew Dong

    Andrew Dong2 dias atrás

    This official highlight is very very unprofessional, it didn't show two match points at all.Now I understand why and how those British crowd reacted during the match. very very disgraceful.

  11. nicolas gomez allendes

    nicolas gomez allendes3 dias atrás

    Roger :c

  12. Prakash Rajamohan

    Prakash Rajamohan3 dias atrás

    One and only champion Novak👍😀

  13. Matteo G.

    Matteo G.4 dias atrás

    I really didn't like the behavior of federer at the end of match. He didn't show djokovic the repsect he deserves. From a nadal fan

  14. Luka Vuckovich

    Luka Vuckovich4 dias atrás

    I wonder what Kyrgios had to tweet about Nole’s Wimbledon Final 😂😂😂

  15. Martin Günzel

    Martin Günzel4 dias atrás

    One month later I still don´t know how this was possible and I still refuse to accept it. If later someone asks me who won the tournament in 2019 I would answer "Roger Federer."

  16. Alan Ford

    Alan Ford5 dias atrás

    IMO, they both deserved to lose. Federer-because he played much better, but couldn't win. Djokovic-because Federer played much better.

  17. Kedar Kulkarni

    Kedar Kulkarni5 dias atrás

    Incredible how many people dislike the crowd. Federer has earned their love over the years, and if Djokovic’s style of play doesn’t cause the same enthusiasm, so be it.

  18. alandom

    alandom5 dias atrás

    seriously joker won this Wimbledon because he had a better draw, Federer had to beat nadull in the semi-final

  19. Is Ka

    Is Ka5 dias atrás

    I feel bad for Federer but Djokovic absolutely deserved it. Can’t believe the crowd at Wimbledon is so mannerless when the Brits consider themselves to be polite. Well deserved win for Djokovic and enjoyed seeing the rude crowd getting disappointed.

  20. Dee Rossii

    Dee Rossii6 dias atrás

    10:41 Home run lol

  21. Carl Eady

    Carl Eady6 dias atrás

    Two incredible players - probably the best final of all time. Shame the crowd let England down - we are good sports really. Novak is the greatest player I've ever seen - a mental strength way beyond any other player!

  22. Viraj Sinha

    Viraj Sinha7 dias atrás

    this game proves that.... there is only one GOAT in this sport.. THE ROGER FEDERER

  23. Viraj Sinha

    Viraj Sinha7 dias atrás

    despite playing the spectacular tennis... Roger has lost the game... lucky day for novak

  24. Fredo Cuomo

    Fredo Cuomo8 dias atrás

    I’m here at the Cincinnati Masters and about to watch Novak vs. Pablo Carreno Busta. I don’t care who wins but I will root for Pablo because he’s such a Major Underdog be like the Cincinnati Bengals playing the New England Patriots. 😂

  25. MrA16 Music

    MrA16 Music8 dias atrás

    Federer plays gracefully, Djokovic plays like a king. Even though Federer was the king years ago lol

  26. Nicolas Antinir

    Nicolas Antinir8 dias atrás

    Mcenroe vs Borg or Nadal vs Djoković

  27. Фармин Юсупов

    Фармин Юсупов8 dias atrás


  28. Goran Kostic

    Goran Kostic8 dias atrás

    totally legit that crowd cheers for Federer. We Serbs are fine with being disrespected, just don't bomb us again, or else...

  29. Sander E

    Sander E8 dias atrás

    Already 3,3 million views for this upload and just 1 month old. This has to be one of the best matches ever, or defenitely since long time ago.

  30. Jilly Wu

    Jilly Wu8 dias atrás

    Novak could be GOAT but i don't think he could be the favorite of tennis fans now and later!

  31. coolgamergirl233

    coolgamergirl2339 dias atrás

    i was there to watch and i had to take lots of trains

  32. GIO SAI

    GIO SAI10 dias atrás

    Arrogant cuckold British

  33. Ayodele Palmer

    Ayodele Palmer11 dias atrás

    Haters wont mention this all they kept crying about is how NOVAK is arrogant, rude, selfish and bad looser,but I cant think of any other Tennis Player than can pull this off after playing against virtually all the crowd

  34. Robert Anderson

    Robert Anderson11 dias atrás

    Surly bugger djokovic is will probably more majors than anyone but won't be loved like fed and nadal

  35. Saad Dilmohamud

    Saad Dilmohamud11 dias atrás

    He should keep that celebration! Not that cringe-worthy, stupid giving-his-heart-motion he does.....It just looks like he is craving for love from the fans....I say that he should never again care about the fans and focus entirely on his tennis...

  36. SOYCD99

    SOYCD9911 dias atrás

    Federer needs to pretend it's Hewitt on the other side of net on these match points == easy ace.

  37. Kishore Babu

    Kishore Babu11 dias atrás

    The Greatest disappointment in Federer's entire career..


    MAYANK KUMAR SHARMA12 dias atrás

    I am here to check whether it is played on grass court or clay Court

  39. Marek

    Marek12 dias atrás

    OMG, that Nole's facial expression when he sees off breakpoint at 11:11 and when he converts his matchpoint ... as badass as possible. 😎😎😎 LOL

  40. Huzynhazn Hadhan

    Huzynhazn Hadhan13 dias atrás

    Nd shou play Wawrinka in every final, amazing check the record

  41. Truth Reigns Forever

    Truth Reigns Forever13 dias atrás

    That was one of the most “tooth and nail” Wimbledon finals ever! ☝️😎

  42. Vincent Tran

    Vincent Tran14 dias atrás

    the crowd didn't cheer for djokovic...that makes them arrogant and selfish....? what?!

  43. Alex Shah

    Alex Shah14 dias atrás

    Insane match. Tennis is so cruel!!

  44. Ernesto Jr. Acosta

    Ernesto Jr. Acosta14 dias atrás

    How sweet it is 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 and counting

  45. John Man

    John Man14 dias atrás

    So that is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object...

  46. A Mnatsakanyan

    A Mnatsakanyan15 dias atrás

    I didnt watch the match but by highlights the crowd cheered every time Novak won a point idk what yall talking about

  47. zlaja zlaja

    zlaja zlaja15 dias atrás

    Svi su protiv tog malog Srbina🤔AL kad Srbska krv proradi nemoze vas cijela tribina nista... To je zivotna skola kojom Srbi odrastaju Nole Svi Srbi cijelog Svijeta su uz tebe mnogo zdravlja srece ljubavi ti zelim Care samo napred pozzzz

  48. Ivan Dimitrijevic

    Ivan Dimitrijevic15 dias atrás

    novak je kralj tenisa.ljudi moze da ga mrze ili vole ali on je jedan jedini.sto je i pokazao svima.

  49. Goku Son

    Goku Son16 dias atrás

    Federer ima vise gemova,a Djokovic pobedio :) kakav CAR!!!! Federed 24 Gemova Djokovic 19 gemova Ukupni skor: Federer 36 Gemova Djokovic 32 Gema ukupno,to ponovo dokazuje da je Djokovic perfektan igrac! :)

  50. Crooked Nose

    Crooked Nose16 dias atrás

    I wonder if there is a secret competition between french and british who is the most disrespecful crowd?

  51. Emiliano Sosa

    Emiliano Sosa18 dias atrás

    Djokovic is my only Idol in all sports.

  52. Nikola Nisic

    Nikola Nisic18 dias atrás

    propaganda VIDEO. federer has best points but gupisies winns!impossobld

  53. Casey

    Casey18 dias atrás


  54. Enterfly

    Enterfly18 dias atrás

    Here's an updated list of records and their owners ranked according to their importance. #1 No of slams - Federer (20) / tough slams -Djokovic (15) #1.1 four slams in a row - Djokovic; #1.2 slam variety - Nadal (at least 2 slam titles on all three surfaces); #1.3 the most single slam titles - Nadal (12) #2 H2H against main rivals - Djokovic / H2H against main rivals in slams - Nadal #3 No of Masters - Nadal (34) / Golden Masters - Djokovic #4 In no particular order - longest winning streak - Djokovic (43 wins in 2011) / consecutive GS F/SF/QF - Federer / the most dominant season - Djokovic (2015 - according to elo) / No of GS finals - Federer (31) / Davis Cup titles - Nadal (4 titles) / weeks at No1 - Federer (310 weeks) / longevity - Federer (ATP player for 23 years) / career winning percentage - Nadal (79.5%) / most titles - Federer (102) / Olympics - Nadal (Gold) / most victories - Federer (1222) etc.

  55. BrightBlue FierceFlame

    BrightBlue FierceFlame18 dias atrás

    Federer needs to fix his running forehand's problems. Djokovic is faster, more agile, and younger. If Fed wanna beat Djoko, he needs a time machine,

  56. Tennis19999

    Tennis1999919 dias atrás

    Not Noles best match, but unbelieveable mental skills. Now he will break Rogers records.

  57. Rudy Bayoumy

    Rudy Bayoumy19 dias atrás

    R Federer was playing better, he's effectively more talented that Djoko, however, Federer lost because of his scrupulous unforced errors...English fans love Federer, it's difficult to dislike him, he's an icon of class & talent....

  58. Mr Grine Landry

    Mr Grine Landry15 dias atrás

    Federer is not more talented than Djokovic...let's see at the end of the respective career theirs records to compare.

  59. Robbie Agnew

    Robbie Agnew19 dias atrás

    He had it!!!! This hurts...mental block

  60. Vimal karthik045s

    Vimal karthik045s19 dias atrás

    7:44 if federer makes drop shot he will be the winner !!federer do many mistakes in championship point

  61. Slobodan Petrovic

    Slobodan Petrovic20 dias atrás

    Smile on the end saying all...... probably Nole was thinking "Jebo Sam vam kevu, i vama i ovome"😂😂😂

  62. Luka Mitrovic

    Luka Mitrovic15 dias atrás

    Slobodan Petrovic hahaha tako je ali zasluzio je

  63. svinjazadrigla

    svinjazadrigla20 dias atrás

    Wimbledon should disable comments

  64. Shohoku Channel

    Shohoku Channel20 dias atrás

    Qual è il più grande match della storia del tennis? Ditemi cosa ne pensate! Ciao

  65. Ebl4d0n ready

    Ebl4d0n ready21 dia atrás

    Да уж, Новак крутыш) вспомнилась игра с Федей на юс оупен в году 10 или 11. Тоже с матчболов Феди отыгрался и выиграл матч. На фединых матчболах улыбался всё помню. Потом был матч с Надалем, который Новак выиграл и они на награждении стоять не могли от усталости. Им ещё стулья принесли. Эх Новак!

  66. Luis Alonso

    Luis Alonso21 dia atrás

    2017 till now is prime Federer, 2005-06 was very good, but not the best Federer. he had to handle the other beasts of the big 3 to improve and perfectionate even more his game. Unfortunately for him, he started in the game much before nadal and djoko and he lost considerable time of competitivity of this golden era to reach his current level with less age and with better shape. But reality is what it is and, in my opinion, its pretty difficult to choose a goat, specially when this era hasnt ended yet. The real goat here guys is us, cuz in every match we have witnessed, the only sure winner has been us. Constant shining glints of greatness.

  67. hendrasdrtube

    hendrasdrtube21 dia atrás

    Roger just couldnt execute it on big points.

  68. Vladan Marinkovic

    Vladan Marinkovic21 dia atrás

    Djokovic in the Best on history💪💪🇷🇸🇷🇸

  69. subhajit basu

    subhajit basu21 dia atrás

    Novak won the trophy. Roger won The Wimbledon.

  70. Hari Uzun

    Hari Uzun21 dia atrás

    Feels bad for roger

  71. Daniel Freitas

    Daniel Freitas21 dia atrás

    This is the first time I've heard an umpire calling game-set-match with the ball still in the air.. and in a majors championship point!

  72. natoskull2

    natoskull219 dias atrás

    He probably saw where it was headed... and if it was out of range (as it most probably was), then he just did the obvious thing to do. Unless a wind directed from heaven had crossed the court, it wasn't going IN by any means.

  73. Sethu Pathy

    Sethu Pathy21 dia atrás

    Federer is unlucky

  74. lukijan bugarski

    lukijan bugarski21 dia atrás

    Yeah 3 times ... luck folows the brave Fed wasn't and Novak was

  75. Volodja Jovanovic

    Volodja Jovanovic21 dia atrás


  76. Luchon20082010

    Luchon2008201022 dias atrás

    Did djokovic actually hit any winners??? Never saw such a demolition from roger(100 winners lol). He choked bad in the tiebreakers

  77. Volodja Jovanovic

    Volodja Jovanovic21 dia atrás


  78. L -

    L -22 dias atrás

    British crowd is so gross and cringe

  79. Славјанска Шара

    Славјанска Шара22 dias atrás

    That silence and that smile on 10:45...Love it.

  80. Keyser Sose

    Keyser Sose22 dias atrás

    Roger lost it, Novak did not win it

  81. Mr Grine Landry

    Mr Grine Landry15 dias atrás

    Actually he did

  82. Carlos Alfredo Zelaya

    Carlos Alfredo Zelaya18 dias atrás

    Now say it without crying

  83. Nhan Trinh

    Nhan Trinh22 dias atrás

    Djokovic very good!

  84. Vincent t

    Vincent t22 dias atrás

    love Roger, but congrats for Novak

  85. whtever im u

    whtever im u22 dias atrás

    Federer should have won this match ! 18 more points win than djoko...played better...deserved it but well djoko kept strong as always

  86. Mike Jones

    Mike Jones22 dias atrás

    both ESPN and Wimbledon left out the lost championship points lol

  87. connorism69

    connorism6922 dias atrás

    This was Federer at his best and Djokovic won... Incredible!

  88. NicolasRF BEL18EVE

    NicolasRF BEL18EVE23 dias atrás

    I'm Federer Fan. 100%. But. Djokovic is the mental Man. Congratulations for the serbian.