Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer Wimbledon 2019 final highlights


  1. Tluanga Infimate

    Tluanga Infimate8 horas atrás

    My inspiration Djoko😎

  2. mufc18782000

    mufc1878200014 horas atrás

    What everyone is forgetting is how old Roger was. A bit like Lionel Messi in football in that his greatness is taken for granted. As good as Djokovic is (and he is very very good), Federer in his prime would’ve dealt with him with ease.

  3. Marek

    Marek4 dias atrás

    Isn't this the greatest Wimbledon final?

  4. Milos Pavlicevic

    Milos Pavlicevic5 dias atrás

    Just come here to see if Nadal complaining against the crowd like he did in Sydney at ATP Cup

  5. Peter Petrov

    Peter Petrov8 dias atrás

    Holy sh!t. Energizer bunnies?? What a treat for sports fans! How are these guys still in such a good form? Kale! Is it the kale? Anyway, always thought that Federer is out of this world; (because, talent?) but Djokovic seems to be only getting better with age too! Hope they both keep going like Agassi and endure the sadness of their bodies failing them slowly, lol! Can't understand players who quit after they turn 30 and win everything for the 10th time in a row and then, they, just, quit. The joke's on me, but damn! Djokovich has grown bigger, better, faster, smarter despite his everyday, every man's regular face, right? If it wasn't for tennis, his wife would be bugging him to get more olives for dinner, right? What a character... from Serbia! Wawawiwa, very nice!

  6. Aditya Singh

    Aditya Singh9 dias atrás

    13-6 in the finals says it all. #joker

  7. Vishruth Shandilya

    Vishruth Shandilya9 dias atrás

    So much stamina.great play to both of them

  8. Paul Winter

    Paul Winter11 dias atrás

    That last shot from Roger was such a mess dude

  9. Jediel Nunes

    Jediel Nunes12 dias atrás

    Is there one Federer fan in these comments ? Geez

  10. goofydog2

    goofydog212 dias atrás

    Watching Fed is like watching a tennis clinic. He never goes too far out of those basics unless required, and then, he can kill it. If my game is missing I watch Fed and learn. Novak is an animal that plays as well as he has too. He wins...

  11. renu4s Renuka

    renu4s Renuka15 dias atrás

    That wry smile to the crowd

  12. hiwayman981

    hiwayman9818 dias atrás

    Yet I truly believe, when Novak is in another Wimbledon final after Roger's gone (unless there's another Andy or Tim against him), he will have the adoration, cheer, and will of that English crowd. I don't think anyone in the stands that day hated Djokovic, they simply liked Federer more, and wanted for him what could have been his last big crown...

  13. Ranga Bernanduge

    Ranga Bernanduge15 dias atrás

    Can we call it match of the tennis history?

  14. Travis Bickle

    Travis Bickle15 dias atrás


  15. Ronan cruizt

    Ronan cruizt18 dias atrás

    Federer sin duda un atleta único lástima por Nadal hace lo suyo pero no logrará lo que Federer es!

  16. BigLebowski2000

    BigLebowski200019 dias atrás

    8-7 40-15 :-(

  17. Uda Maleh

    Uda Maleh19 dias atrás

    Thanks God for this Nole's win.... I hope the woman that give sign 👆 for one more point of fed to win get nightmare for the rest of her life... Very disrespect thing....

  18. 3minigamerpro

    3minigamerpro19 dias atrás

    7:42 thanks me later

  19. Anand G

    Anand G20 dias atrás

    This match shows why Djokovic although a phenomenal player is not the GOAT. He couldn't win this match against grandpa Federer on his own accord and basically got lucky as Federer failed to produce aces on match points.

  20. Anand G

    Anand G8 dias atrás

    @Travis Bickle Ok

  21. Anand G

    Anand G8 dias atrás

    @Paul Allen’s card Maybe in those areas but not overall

  22. Travis Bickle

    Travis Bickle15 dias atrás

    novak could also beat young federer....WIN IS WIN.....there is a reason that novak beat federer in the last 11grandslam matches 9 times....

  23. Candice Kundelius

    Candice Kundelius20 dias atrás

    Great tennis match

  24. Vinay E.

    Vinay E.21 dia atrás

    I removed clutch in my car and replaced it with Djoker.

  25. Vito Lofranco

    Vito Lofranco21 dia atrás

    Ecco come fare a perdere una partita dominando

  26. Daisy Buchanan

    Daisy Buchanan22 dias atrás

    That was a hell of a championship match !

  27. Roding Entandem

    Roding Entandem22 dias atrás

    This reminds of the Superbowl match between Seattle Seahawks & New England Patriots. Where the Seahawks are just a yard away to clinch the championship. But for some arrogant reason the Seahawks coach Pete Carroll instead of handing the ball to Lynch for a sure touchdown, called the most stupid play in the history of Superbowl. Whenever I play tennis & serving for the set, I get uneasy remembering what happened to Federer. Im a big fan of Roger Federer, but Novak Djokovic never gave up & fought hard. He deserved to be the Champion.

  28. Lucius Sulla

    Lucius Sulla23 dias atrás

    Makes me remember the Roddick final. Gave Fed everything he had that day but Fed knew he just has to keep making him play and stand his ground. Djoker gave Fed his own medicine that day. That said Fed is a legend. So are Rafa and Novak.

  29. Gamerzzz On

    Gamerzzz On24 dias atrás

    I am a Djokovic fan but i think Federer was better than Djokovic in this match..


    ESWAR RAO25 dias atrás

    Worst highlights ever! It's just a matter of time before Djokovic puzzle gets solved.. Djokovic plays mentally but Federer plays from heart.... War is won by heart only.... And the saying goes like this....What u loose is not big but what u r going to win is bigger!!!

  31. Dam Mad

    Dam Mad25 dias atrás

    For me that match finishes in 7 44 ....

  32. Belly Button

    Belly Button25 dias atrás

    So one has to wonder if one's deaf. Because everyone here's pumped about how Nole beat a crowd that was wholly against him, yet here I am hearing cheering on his winners too. I mean congrats and all, but chill out.

  33. Arcadian Luna

    Arcadian Luna18 dias atrás

    Oh really ?did u watch the whole match?

  34. KingslayerSrb

    KingslayerSrb26 dias atrás

    Crowd was awful. This is no way to participate in a tennis match, it's not football. Shameful

  35. fast nole

    fast noleMês atrás

    my god incredible.

  36. Богдан Антохов

    Богдан АнтоховMês atrás

    What a behaviour! To my mind, Nole is tolerant and of course one of the Best player nowadays.

  37. Gaming VIP

    Gaming VIPMês atrás

    great highlights

  38. Amari Zinou

    Amari ZinouMês atrás


  39. Peter Stanev

    Peter StanevMês atrás

    Federer beated himself several times this match. Djokovic is nothing but a returner, who waits the other to make a mistake. And yes, that wasn't federer's day. Still federer will remain the GOAT of all time.

  40. Peter Stanev

    Peter Stanev18 dias atrás

    @Arcadian Luna Haha. I fully understand it. It is more effective. But federer plays more effective and beautiful at the same time. That's why noone can match him.

  41. Arcadian Luna

    Arcadian Luna18 dias atrás

    @Peter Stanev no u don't understand it

  42. Peter Stanev

    Peter Stanev20 dias atrás

    @Paul Allen’s card I fully understand the sport. I have been playing it for 20 years. ;)

  43. Paul Allen’s card

    Paul Allen’s card20 dias atrás

    Yes this is how amateurs see Djokovic. They just don't understand the sport yet.

  44. hamed BOUKHARI

    hamed BOUKHARIMês atrás

    Is thé best match tennis in History

  45. Ashley Thomas

    Ashley Thomas12 dias atrás

    I don't think it is because the better player on the day lost.

  46. Paul Johnson

    Paul JohnsonMês atrás

    This will go down as the most epic choke in tennis history, at Wimbledon, in the finals, not since 1922 or something has any player lost from 40-15!

  47. R GV

    R GVMês atrás

    This match was pure luck .... Not to take credit from both They both played equally hard and gave their best. But djokovic won... Federer wud have won too.... Its one of the very few matches that ended at last in djokovic favour where federer literelly dominated more.... People says djokovic is the goat bcz of his comeback, His mental strength and hunger to win. Same is with nadal who soon or less will outpace fedex slams tally of 20. People said that most of his slams he won was against weak candidates. But let me ask one thing Like sachin in india And federer as a sportsperson on and off field is too likeble,admired and a generation of many wants to be like him. Every single point,set, match he won, Every creative shot he played Its like we r playing on the tennis arena. Thats is his fan following His aura. No matter who will be THE GOAT at the end of their tennis career But like me and his loyal audience He is was and will the greatest of all time.

  48. magash77 pushpadass

    magash77 pushpadassMês atrás

    Roger is 38 Djokovik is 32 Still roger is showing firing game.. And nadal is the best enemy for roger not djokovik

  49. vivahernando1

    vivahernando1Mês atrás

    magash77 pushpadass Nadal is each of their biggest rival.

  50. Mario Cepo

    Mario CepoMês atrás

    Nole didn't just win this epic and historical final, he also won the fight against this rude and unfair crowd. I never saw so much hate for a player like in this match!

  51. 無限に深い井戸型プリン

    無限に深い井戸型プリンMês atrás


  52. A egzea

    A egzeaMês atrás


  53. Giuseppe Russo

    Giuseppe RussoMês atrás

    Impossible to forget 😍🤩

  54. Doug Perry

    Doug PerryMês atrás

    Why does federer look like, after their handshake, that he just got off the practice courts: no energy expenditure whatsoever.

  55. Paul Johnson

    Paul JohnsonMês atrás

    He just lost a heart breaker, he looked glum, so you'd expect, I'm sure he was crying buckets of tears inside.

  56. Dentist Za

    Dentist ZaMês atrás

    If the joker keep that stunning performance he will left a print inthe history of grass court specially , maybe the king of grass as well as rafa clay king

  57. srednji pomfrit

    srednji pomfritMês atrás

    Federer and nadal. I know, is so hard to admit that ĐOKOVIĆ IS BETTER THEN BOTH OF U TOGETHER. One year he had more points then federer nadal and 4th player on atp together.

  58. Nick Roth

    Nick RothMês atrás

    The crowd should of gave roger some strawberry’s and cream.

  59. 11 NEYMAR

    11 NEYMARMês atrás

    7:30 my best

  60. Romério Augusto Lima Luz

    Romério Augusto Lima LuzMês atrás

    Nele o maior da história

  61. WorldPeaceMaker2000

    WorldPeaceMaker2000Mês atrás

    Tennis’s Greatest Players 1) Roger Federer 2) Nadal 3) Bjorn Borg 4) Djokovic

  62. Arcadian Luna

    Arcadian Luna18 dias atrás


  63. Bogdan Jocović

    Bogdan JocovićMês atrás

    In this highlights - 80% of Roger's points. So, short message to the video editor: Djokovic won this one.

  64. Nebojša Nikolajev

    Nebojša NikolajevMês atrás

    5 months after AND STILL alone against them all !!

  65. amrit raj

    amrit rajMês atrás

    Djoko beats a 38 years old in 5 gruelling sets.

  66. Mr Grine Landry

    Mr Grine LandryMês atrás

    Wimbledon 2014, 2015 and 2019, accept the L

  67. natoskull2

    natoskull2Mês atrás

    Against a whole bunch of 14k-15k fedtards.

  68. Game Ovais

    Game OvaisMês atrás

    Djokovic himself is 32, no spring chicken.

  69. Mickael Landry Seri

    Mickael Landry SeriMês atrás

    Tsar of Belgrade : No1e Djokovic

  70. Hugo Elias Chaves

    Hugo Elias ChavesMês atrás

    The crowd prefers federer because he plays beautiful, it's different, not a repetitive and physical game like everybody

  71. Arcadian Luna

    Arcadian Luna18 dias atrás

    @vivahernando1 lol

  72. vivahernando1

    vivahernando1Mês atrás

    Hugo Elias Chaves this is the truth. Even Nadal’s game is more “creative” than Novak’s. People did not love Pete Sampras because his game was so mechanical same with Lendl. While Novak has more on court personality than them, his game is too methodical to be “loved”. He’s still an all time great and no disrespect to him or his fans.

  73. Thomas Spanos

    Thomas SpanosMês atrás

    A lot of salty Novak fans complaining about the crowd. LOL bunch of babies . Federer is a better player and more popular. Deal with it !

  74. Mr Grine Landry

    Mr Grine LandryMês atrás

    He is absolutely not a better player...

  75. Roland Supersaw

    Roland SupersawMês atrás

    "deal with it" We can deal just fine with outcome of this match ROTFLMAO

  76. Game Ovais

    Game OvaisMês atrás

    Federer is a better player? He wasn't a better player in this match. If losing means better then sure.

  77. maa dawg

    maa dawgMês atrás

    2:00 f-word

  78. King Of The World

    King Of The WorldMês atrás

    One of the best wimbledon finals ever! Love them

  79. King Of The World

    King Of The World2 meses atrás

    Winning more points than the opponent but still loosing the final must really suck

  80. Jack Li

    Jack LiMês atrás

    Most of the winning point were in set 2, but for the key points, Djokovic did better. It reflected on tie-break

  81. Game Ovais

    Game OvaisMês atrás

    The beauty of this sport is the best player is the one who wins the important points, not the one who wins the most points.

  82. Bowiththeflow !!

    Bowiththeflow !!2 meses atrás

    How did Djokovic win? He played so bad😂

  83. Arcadian Luna

    Arcadian Luna18 dias atrás

    Yeah he played so bad and still won .... Mental strength

  84. Mickael Landry Seri

    Mickael Landry SeriMês atrás

    Mental strengh

  85. Sibling cat

    Sibling cat2 meses atrás

    This Wimbledon should be shutdown here. Bec this crowd doesn't deserved to witness this kind of big sport. I really think that they don't understand what actually sport is.

  86. Nikola Ramic

    Nikola Ramic2 meses atrás

    Djokovic Fan: Djokovic quick Federer has got match points Djokovic: hold my beer

  87. Eric Kuandykov

    Eric Kuandykov2 meses atrás

    Djokovic is maniac

  88. S T E F Y

    S T E F Y2 meses atrás

    Djokovic vs 36000 Federer

  89. Roland Supersaw

    Roland SupersawMês atrás

    And still won. Unforgetable, one of best days in tennis, possibly ever

  90. Playing Violin

    Playing Violin2 meses atrás

    Brits are rude!! Federer and Djokovic are heros!!