O.T. Genasis - Bae (Remix) [feat. G-Eazy, Rich The Kid & E 40] (Official Video)


  1. ڤانونوني

    ڤانونوني20 horas atrás

    صف صفاء

  2. Jayden Bridges

    Jayden BridgesDia atrás

    Rick the kid wit the auto tune no But he good tho

  3. Erik Sana

    Erik Sana3 dias atrás

    G eazy is Killing

  4. John Berry

    John Berry3 dias atrás

    Wtf is bea😂😂😂😂

  5. Kenny420

    Kenny4204 dias atrás

    Rich The Kid ruined the soung


    BLVD BULLY7 dias atrás

    Ot's confidence in every video is amazing I like it

  7. itscryptonly

    itscryptonly8 dias atrás

    Great i have a confidence *overdose* now

  8. Frankie Aguilar

    Frankie Aguilar10 dias atrás


  9. Melissa

    Melissa10 dias atrás

    E-40 verse killed this song. Eazy and Rich was garbage

  10. Brainz Rooney

    Brainz Rooney11 dias atrás

    At this point O.T a hitter

  11. Efren Diaz

    Efren Diaz11 dias atrás

    Devours remix is better 🚫🧢

  12. Jake spaceman

    Jake spaceman12 dias atrás

    Ace Ventura got BARS LOL

  13. oktavia coachman

    oktavia coachman14 dias atrás

    Money talks let's find out what this cash say

  14. Chris Jackson

    Chris Jackson19 dias atrás

    another g eazy e40 banger

  15. Lauren Olivia

    Lauren Olivia19 dias atrás

    These comments yall

  16. Danny Badillo

    Danny Badillo19 dias atrás

    Woke up in 2020.

  17. BabyBackCultureNews ,

    BabyBackCultureNews ,21 dia atrás

    This white rapper is the goat

  18. Parveen Kaur

    Parveen Kaur24 dias atrás

    i m fresh 👯i m hood i look good👰 i look like bae 👰🐧 i m rich💎💸💶💵 i m smooth... i...m lit like bic i look like bae thats what they all say... 😌🌍☝......... the holes👸👸 are short term like old folks mermory😂😂😂 ...g eazy😍....i look better then your bitch 👸 even on my 👰bad day


    MWARINGA MWARINGA24 dias atrás


  20. brandon marshall

    brandon marshall24 dias atrás


  21. Donte Mclaurin

    Donte Mclaurin24 dias atrás

    E-40....bay area G.O.A.T

  22. bobby munyavi

    bobby munyavi24 dias atrás

    GEazy ft The Owner Of This Song

  23. HunyRey MoraLopez

    HunyRey MoraLopez25 dias atrás

    G eazy is the God 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Akshay Dangi

    Akshay Dangi27 dias atrás

    I lave this man

  25. Shantrell Tullis

    Shantrell Tullis27 dias atrás

    E40 ripped that verse 🥵🔥

  26. Candee Cabezas

    Candee Cabezas27 dias atrás

    You can ring ring me. Ha ha

  27. paul1293

    paul129328 dias atrás

    I think the last 500k views are from me

  28. Antonina Bruno

    Antonina BrunoMês atrás

    This is every boy when they get a fresh haircut

  29. Nikolas grigoriadis

    Nikolas grigoriadisMês atrás

    Maaan e40 suits every fucking era of hip hop

  30. kyle gill

    kyle gillMês atrás

    Eazy e would have killed this if he was alive can see it🔥👀

  31. Mohamed bouich

    Mohamed bouichMês atrás

    Who's here cause of a meme ?

  32. Donald Lee

    Donald LeeMês atrás

    This my Vegas anthem!

  33. Lee Yosefov

    Lee YosefovMês atrás

    1:48 im lee

  34. Khoi Duong

    Khoi DuongMês atrás

    E40 saved the song

  35. Jana Koscova

    Jana KoscovaMês atrás

    This one is danging😅😅😅😅😂👏👏👏

  36. Ray Arellano

    Ray ArellanoMês atrás

    Handsome ?? Form where haha

  37. John Jacksonn

    John JacksonnMês atrás

    This song, most of the lyrics, and the beat are trash. There is nothing said and no substance. Elevate your selves. This is like eating a steak from Denny’s. Yeah it’s there but damn it’s trash.

  38. Moneygirl IE

    Moneygirl IEMês atrás

    Okkkkk 40 🗣🤩

  39. Bozhidar Bozhinov

    Bozhidar BozhinovMês atrás

    Damm why'd you ruin the song with rappers like RICH THE KID .. god damn..

  40. Javis 90

    Javis 90Mês atrás

    Rick the kid verse was trash🗑

  41. Robert Wilkins

    Robert WilkinsMês atrás

    Song a little suspect.

  42. M U S T A F A M A H M O U D

    M U S T A F A M A H M O U DMês atrás


  43. PrinceKuro

    PrinceKuroMês atrás

    O.T got that Too Short flow

  44. Sofia gaming CTF

    Sofia gaming CTFMês atrás

    Who here from lebron Instagram with Tristan Thompson 😂😂😂

  45. Wanda Mitchell-Moses

    Wanda Mitchell-MosesMês atrás

    Issa bop 💋💋💋

  46. Wanda Mitchell-Moses

    Wanda Mitchell-MosesMês atrás

    Marry me damn it 😅😅😅. I just wanna laugh all day and learn to crip walk 😝😝😝🤣🤣🤣🤣😘😘😘😘

  47. Nelson Guevara

    Nelson GuevaraMês atrás

    Im here for The G fuckin Eazy

  48. Briana D

    Briana DMês atrás

    The girl at 1:58 is a fashion nova model I think lol

  49. Sweetie Pie

    Sweetie PieMês atrás

    Prolly bought all the outfits from fashion nova

  50. Yadira Avina

    Yadira AvinaMês atrás

    Who's tha dj girl?anybody know her

  51. deondrae mcknight

    deondrae mcknightMês atrás

    Ok I can get with this song

  52. fr fr

    fr frMês atrás

    Who the white boy 🤷🏼

  53. Christopher Cabrera

    Christopher CabreraMês atrás

    this shit bang!!!!!

  54. Josing Compass

    Josing CompassMês atrás

    If you could keep up with me LATERbtw whatever

  55. the eci

    the eciMês atrás

    That beat is hard as fu100000900

  56. mikehTHEbikeh

    mikehTHEbikehMês atrás

    Does anyone have the name of the girl that starts walking on the catwalk at 0:05?

  57. XxAyla SkixX

    XxAyla SkixXMês atrás

    *I'm Fresh* *I'm Hood* *I* *LOOK* *GOOD*

  58. Native Level

    Native LevelMês atrás


  59. Roger Diking

    Roger DikingMês atrás

    E40 came in like a BOSS

  60. Dang Trung

    Dang TrungMês atrás

    ayy ayyy

  61. mohannd abdalekarim

    mohannd abdalekarimMês atrás

    Big like i realy love that