Octavian - Bet (Official Video) ft. Skepta, Michael Phantom


  1. Humza Uddin

    Humza Uddin7 horas atrás

    If you have two chicken in your song, you know its lit.

  2. Over Overs

    Over Overs4 horas atrás

    🐣 🐓

  3. Neurotic Sos

    Neurotic Sos10 horas atrás

    lol supreme

  4. Cires angel

    Cires angel11 horas atrás

    Who else things Octavian is unbelievably gorgeous

  5. Wulf_Senft

    Wulf_Senft13 horas atrás


  6. Scynthor

    Scynthor14 horas atrás

    Phantom cracks me TF up

  7. Aidan Jolly

    Aidan Jolly2 dias atrás

    Octavian the UK Travis

  8. Smelly Nelly

    Smelly Nelly2 dias atrás

    wtf is this

  9. raized_TJ2waveyy 15

    raized_TJ2waveyy 153 dias atrás

    Who listening to this in 2020❤️❤️

  10. No Energy

    No Energy3 dias atrás

    Uk rappers are underrated

  11. No Energy

    No Energy3 dias atrás

    The music vid matched the vibe perfectly

  12. death by pesticides

    death by pesticides3 dias atrás

    Bop my head to the meds

  13. Forte' Da Assassin

    Forte' Da Assassin4 dias atrás

    this braazy



    UK niggas > US niggas

  15. journalsfromdavid

    journalsfromdavid5 dias atrás

    After skepta’s part this song turned trash

  16. Raid ben achoure

    Raid ben achoure6 dias atrás

    what happened to rap??

  17. Raid ben achoure

    Raid ben achoure4 horas atrás

    @Over Overs it's doll bro it's all bunch of trap beats with no meaning.. all about a catchy dumb hook and that's it, and the fucking more lyrically focused rappers have no swagger about them, apart from J.Cole i can't fuck with any of the other artists, rap is inferior to other genres of music anyway

  18. Over Overs

    Over Overs4 horas atrás

    Explain further the issue you have and I can direct you to Good modern rap

  19. valon

    valon6 dias atrás

    very cool

  20. Craig Taylor

    Craig Taylor6 dias atrás

    Couldn't bang out a wank. And ain't that Asian kid got homework to do.

  21. xMoTiVz

    xMoTiVz7 dias atrás

    My Boy Martial!

  22. fatpatMC

    fatpatMC7 dias atrás

    this shit is fuckin trash how does this have 15m views

  23. Over Overs

    Over Overs4 horas atrás


  24. Eluv NYC

    Eluv NYC8 dias atrás


  25. Gorish Sadana

    Gorish Sadana9 dias atrás

    Jacket in the beginning?????

  26. Yaya Robin

    Yaya Robin9 dias atrás

    Did Octavian just steal Young Pablo's beat??

  27. Setlow Gaming

    Setlow Gaming9 dias atrás

    The Asian guy sucks

  28. Whisky Whims

    Whisky Whims10 dias atrás


  29. in10tions gaming

    in10tions gaming11 dias atrás

    Love the payday 2 sound clips

  30. Solace

    Solace11 dias atrás

    Before I seen the video I was just bopping my head to this lolll

  31. ethnicAlbert

    ethnicAlbert12 dias atrás

    The little asian kid needs adopting. Adorable

  32. LoJke

    LoJke12 dias atrás

    oooohhhh eaaaahh its cool

  33. Marriss RZ

    Marriss RZ13 dias atrás

    Puta mierda

  34. Amy Louise

    Amy Louise14 dias atrás

    Sex in a song

  35. Qota(Official)

    Qota(Official)15 dias atrás

    Me when I see a dog: 2:02

  36. Coffee Arts

    Coffee Arts15 dias atrás

    Love that PAYDAY 2 sample, fits fucking perfect 🔥

  37. can koluman

    can koluman15 dias atrás

    Came from Ezhel 👌

  38. Андрей Чернявский

    Андрей Чернявский15 dias atrás

    For stupid losers

  39. Hannah Elliott

    Hannah Elliott15 dias atrás

    Octavion you’re gorgeous

  40. Shawna Laim

    Shawna Laim16 dias atrás

    Yeah you can crack my neck bbe 😂

  41. Wesley’z World

    Wesley’z World14 dias atrás

    Shawna Laim SUB ME! 🔑 FIRST RELEASE FEB 🔥🔥🔥 #letsmakehistory #tellafriendtotellafriend

  42. african music tv

    african music tv16 dias atrás

    Dave Chappell your song is a bomb

  43. TheLittleluci

    TheLittleluci17 dias atrás

    The real G

  44. Adeolu Odu-Onikosi

    Adeolu Odu-Onikosi17 dias atrás

    where'd the chickens come from?????

  45. Halo gaming

    Halo gaming18 dias atrás

    1:24 me and my friends waiting to get lit

  46. im Nat

    im Nat20 dias atrás

    i lov u mati

  47. alfieandrewben Stevenson

    alfieandrewben Stevenson21 dia atrás

    I actually use to hate this song it's now one of my favourites

  48. Quallat

    Quallat21 dia atrás

    For TikTokers: Maybe it's a good challenge to nod your head to the beat 🤔

  49. Quallat

    Quallat21 dia atrás

    @choppainsteadofpeen yeah

  50. choppainsteadofpeen

    choppainsteadofpeen21 dia atrás

    Quallat bruh, don’t let em ruin great song like they always do(I mean not every song on tiktok is good, but they still ruin good ones)

  51. ChinChillin

    ChinChillin21 dia atrás

    Swear skepta sounds the same in everysong

  52. SHINOBI łøæßż

    SHINOBI łøæßż20 dias atrás

    ChinChillin Everyone has a sound and flow unique to them

  53. Факин Ганнер

    Факин Ганнер21 dia atrás

    јебене наркоманчине воли вас брат!

  54. cμmgeeko

    cμmgeeko21 dia atrás

    Michael phantom destroyed this song holy shit

  55. WANNTEDD135

    WANNTEDD13522 dias atrás

    The editing is dope

  56. Finno 110

    Finno 11023 dias atrás

    Please don't use your teeth, it really hurts ..... when i have to leave


    SUGATOMAY23 dias atrás


  58. judgejudyisbestanime

    judgejudyisbestanime24 dias atrás

    "Please don't use your teeth... 𝐈𝐓 𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐘 𝐇𝐔𝐑𝐓𝐒 "

  59. Anderson Aldo

    Anderson Aldo24 dias atrás

    Good flow shit lyrics

  60. Adixio

    Adixio24 dias atrás

    How have I only heard it now wtf

  61. Chill tv

    Chill tv25 dias atrás

    They need to add this in GTA5 it would be so good on ifruit radio

  62. Daniel IGOA

    Daniel IGOA25 dias atrás

    Hola putosssssas

  63. weezgawdtv

    weezgawdtv26 dias atrás

    This shit stupid fire, much lov from bk fam.

  64. Lisa Angel Edunsin

    Lisa Angel Edunsin26 dias atrás

    Nearly a year on...Still a banger.

  65. ItzCold

    ItzCold26 dias atrás

    why does octavian remind me of the black version of chandler of mrbeast

  66. Kuba

    Kuba23 dias atrás


  67. Alpha OG skrilla

    Alpha OG skrilla27 dias atrás

    Phantoms' jacked them, Ghosts y who post them? Coolio so spark a spliff, Jump off a cliff, Want to live? Den let's get it shht we lit, Lose ur head, Bruh I'm hit

  68. Rui Pedro

    Rui Pedro24 dias atrás

    What the flipping fuck

  69. Alpha OG skrilla

    Alpha OG skrilla27 dias atrás

    Houses on a river yo' That my house on a river, Tot n take yo liver homie So shht so get lil lonely Rosey on a mara homie That mare hoes on a mirror only,

  70. Swyco Ramon

    Swyco Ramon27 dias atrás