Oddly Satisfying Video | Heart-shaped Snow Looks Cool


  1. Mr. Floof

    Mr. Floof4 dias atrás

    suggestion: could you make the music a little more calming? i was trying to fall asleep and the part where it starts talking in a low voice kinda freaked me out...

  2. Oddly Satisfying

    Oddly Satisfying4 dias atrás

    Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll do that.

  3. JustJaguar

    JustJaguar10 dias atrás

    Will you someday do a pure *powerwashingporn* video?

  4. Frankie

    Frankie13 dias atrás

    Does anybody else watch these videos and feel sad that you can’t buy the gadgets that are on here?

  5. Brooke Hymes

    Brooke Hymes14 dias atrás

    Why does everything have to be dirty🤢

  6. Yanakotik1

    Yanakotik115 dias atrás

    Супер. Лайк кто русский

  7. HappyHappy JoyJoy

    HappyHappy JoyJoy16 dias atrás

    These people are so good at what they are doing..

  8. Helen Chen

    Helen Chen18 dias atrás

    9:08 can somebody tell me what light is that?

  9. LOVE Fukase

    LOVE Fukase20 dias atrás


  10. 진주 공주 'Princess Pearl'

    진주 공주 'Princess Pearl'20 dias atrás

    What is that steamer thing at 0:33 and where can I get it? I feel like that could even clean my soul!

  11. HappyHappy JoyJoy

    HappyHappy JoyJoy16 dias atrás

    No doubt..my entire home and well anything .

  12. Keyla Jones

    Keyla Jones21 dia atrás

    For people like me who just came here for the snow shaped heart 1:16 ❤️

  13. Lorena Geineder

    Lorena Geineder21 dia atrás

    0:23 In love with that one

  14. Alejandro Aldave

    Alejandro Aldave21 dia atrás


  15. طيور حالمه

    طيور حالمه22 dias atrás

    يعجز لساني الكلام واااااوووو

  16. طيور حالمه

    طيور حالمه22 dias atrás

    يعجز لساني عن الكلام

  17. Just 1Girl

    Just 1Girl22 dias atrás

    Yall could have named it somethin else but NO

  18. marvin matos do nascimento

    marvin matos do nascimento22 dias atrás

    2 :13 i really wanna know wath is this.

  19. HedgeBall

    HedgeBall22 dias atrás

    Woooooooahhhhh 6:46

  20. ꧁VINIXIN꧂

    ꧁VINIXIN꧂23 dias atrás

    Eu sou o único que assiste esses vídeos para dormir?

  21. Ms. Relaxing

    Ms. Relaxing23 dias atrás

    hii i like the videos a I'm sharing videos like this. If you visit my channel you will not regret

  22. Christine Lozan

    Christine Lozan23 dias atrás

    Someone please tell me about the song that starts around 8:00 th minute

  23. Christine Lozan

    Christine Lozan21 dia atrás

    @Maksim R thanks dude

  24. Maksim R

    Maksim R23 dias atrás

    roudeep & zuzu-я странная

  25. Tenderly Beckelhymer

    Tenderly Beckelhymer23 dias atrás

    2:32 me trying hard to get my grades up so I can have phone privileges back

  26. Janis Le Mailloux

    Janis Le Mailloux23 dias atrás

    6.15 i Know that !!

  27. Mortada Alhilo

    Mortada Alhilo23 dias atrás

    الفيديو ده

  28. Weston Hart guitar

    Weston Hart guitar23 dias atrás

    1:31 that speaker is now ruined

  29. 김치Kimchi

    김치Kimchi23 dias atrás

    Wait what's that ? 10:36 .. something food ! What's that

  30. ZhamtixrRBLX

    ZhamtixrRBLX23 dias atrás

    I hope Malaysia my country has snow 😭😭😭😭😭

  31. Данил

    Данил23 dias atrás

    10:26 где купить такой тесак?


    RPP CHANNELS23 dias atrás

    Satisfyng Updatee Nya Di Jam 18:30WIB Pleasee

  33. ashhh riri.

    ashhh riri.23 dias atrás

    Nice china pero amin paren philippine sea

  34. I love holodets

    I love holodets23 dias atrás

    I was scared when girl start talking in russian) But anyway nice vid

  35. Dino Gaming 129

    Dino Gaming 12923 dias atrás

    2:36 .. Superman 😂😂 👇👍👍

  36. Afiq .a.k

    Afiq .a.k23 dias atrás


  37. Shania Lisa ann

    Shania Lisa ann23 dias atrás

    Is not satisfying😡

  38. 姫宮三尾兎

    姫宮三尾兎23 dias atrás


  39. emptyindorill

    emptyindorill23 dias atrás

    strange) nonrussian video, but russian song)

  40. Nidya Yusra

    Nidya Yusra23 dias atrás

    2:26 thoooo


    INFERNO23 dias atrás

    omg that kid's hAIR-

  42. natuon arscon

    natuon arscon23 dias atrás

    i audibly moaned at 3:43

  43. alejandro garcia

    alejandro garcia24 dias atrás

    Hi i like it this videos

  44. F Mohammed Ibrahim

    F Mohammed Ibrahim24 dias atrás


  45. ttannnii

    ttannnii24 dias atrás

    9:08 what is this!? I want this

  46. Uhx._. Rxlxy

    Uhx._. Rxlxy23 dias atrás

    It's for ghost hunting mainly but it's a laser pointer you point at the wall and video if you want to see a ghost in the room its shape would cover the dots

  47. Mzu Gamer

    Mzu Gamer23 dias atrás

    Its a laser pointer

  48. Michelle Liu

    Michelle Liu24 dias atrás