Ohio State University Marching Band Ramp Entry, Script Ohio & Pre-game OSU vs IU. 11 5 2011


  1. Eric da' MAJ

    Eric da' MAJ14 horas atrás

    "This one time, in band camp..." *"I learned how to be a BOSS!"*

  2. Obvious Schism

    Obvious Schism17 horas atrás

    Looks like North Korea Celebrations?

  3. Kommunity Konnected

    Kommunity Konnected4 dias atrás

    Damn thats entertainment..looks like a Mc Hammer concert!!😂

  4. Kommunity Konnected

    Kommunity Konnected4 dias atrás

    Got damn they are good ..i never seen such a synchronized mass of people!!

  5. Sophia McKenzie

    Sophia McKenzie4 dias atrás

    this was satisfying to watch

  6. Richard C

    Richard C5 dias atrás

    Such an odd activity, yet so wonderful. That drum major is fantastic. Where does OS find them?

  7. Christopher Fisher

    Christopher Fisher5 dias atrás

    Love it!!! .. Love it!!! Hard. Hard. Work and commitment!!! Keep any one. Out of trouble!!! Well done!!!😀😀😀😀😀

  8. Kevin Green

    Kevin Green6 dias atrás

    They walk like I do when I'm about to Sh*T myself.

  9. stanibol

    stanibol6 dias atrás

    I might be from Middle Earth. Totally gobsmacked.

  10. Michalezyczyn Philippe

    Michalezyczyn Philippe6 dias atrás

    Je n'aime pas; J'ADORE ...!!!

  11. robin traina

    robin traina7 dias atrás

    that's a lot of practice, good job

  12. Yogi Haughton

    Yogi Haughton7 dias atrás

    They all walk like they have constipation. It’s so OTT, that goose step too, I don’t get it lol. Looks ridiculous!

  13. duncancallum

    duncancallum7 dias atrás

    Fuck me dead this beats the Edinburgh Military Tattoo by a Mile .Just kidding folks .

  14. MDR. COM

    MDR. COM7 dias atrás

    Wow! Amazing

  15. Maritza Rodriguez

    Maritza Rodriguez7 dias atrás

    wao very nice excellent. god bless you

  16. Maria Lupe Melendez

    Maria Lupe Melendez8 dias atrás

    Very enjoyable and talented!!I miss midgame bands.!!

  17. Megan B

    Megan B9 dias atrás

    So impressive. They must work as hard as the players, or harder, to produce such magnificence.

  18. happy joe

    happy joe10 dias atrás

    Nobody in Ohio is gay...NOBODY!!!

  19. pbruc brooks

    pbruc brooks10 dias atrás

    One helluva lot of practice and precision. One of the Nation's best.

  20. Camper Peter

    Camper Peter12 dias atrás

    horny people you have better skills than hitler or putin or stalin or musolini

  21. Yodasstuff

    Yodasstuff12 dias atrás

    They look like they're coming down in an escalator when they march down the ramp.

  22. John Maryn

    John Maryn13 dias atrás

    Great video that brings up a great memory for me...and a story. Marching band entrance & Script Ohio. I actually went to both Indiana University (masters) and The Ohio State University (doctoral music student, not completed). A girlfriend I had said, “We have to get football season tickets.” Me: “What, they have a football team?” Same question at IU, “What, they have a basketball team?” Actually, Bobby Knight was the basketball coach in my first IU year, and Woody Hayes was the football coach at OSU (his last year, I believe.) We got the tickets. What is my amazing flashback and memory? The very first time the OSU Marching Band made their entrance, followed by the Script Ohio, I was truly shocked. “They’re wearing our uniforms. The belts, the gloves, the spats. They’re marching like we do (with the hand cross.)” In my senior year in Passaic High School (NJ), our beloved band teacher of many years retired and we had a new band teacher. First thing in marching band season. He bought us new uniforms. He made us march, much more professionally, in a new manner. Of course, as high school seniors, we complained. We did it, but why? Why did we have to learn new things?” We didn’t understand but listened and did it. And YES, our new band teacher was from OSU. I only learned this about a decade later at my first OSU football game. If only we knew. We would have kissed his feet. If only we could see a video like this. Our new band teacher was great and we had a good relationship as we learned new things. A belated thank you to all my band teachers. Mr. Spurr (elem/middle school); Doctor Riggin (high school); Mr. Groom (OSU high school). Names might be slightly off (old memories).

  23. jim52

    jim5214 dias atrás


  24. Robert Hilburn

    Robert Hilburn14 dias atrás

    It does not get any better. Tradition rules at the Ohio State University. Go Bucks!

  25. BADGUY 1

    BADGUY 115 dias atrás

    This is GOTTA be CGI!

  26. Julie Lambert

    Julie Lambert17 dias atrás

    Oh, this band gives me chills!

  27. Bee Bee

    Bee Bee17 dias atrás

    i want to be their part

  28. Kanon Lee

    Kanon Lee18 dias atrás


  29. Elba Saltos

    Elba Saltos18 dias atrás


  30. 선봉

    선봉19 dias atrás


  31. JP C

    JP C19 dias atrás

    It's incredible that they chose a famous french military march... a bit accelerated even. Sambre et Meuse. I never thought I could have seen and heard that french patriotic song played by an American band... Especially for a typical american sport game ! But bravo, the rendition was good.

  32. George Bagnall

    George Bagnall20 dias atrás

    im in there

  33. Gunthré William

    Gunthré William20 dias atrás

    Vive La France! et Le régiment de Sambre et Meuse !


    LESTER KNIGHT21 dia atrás


  35. Kourtney

    Kourtney21 dia atrás

    Do they not have to be in step

  36. Arakan

    Arakan19 dias atrás

    They do

  37. Gwen Rutherford

    Gwen Rutherford22 dias atrás

    Wow, two dozen Sousaphones!

  38. Arakan

    Arakan19 dias atrás

    Gwen Rutherford How many!?

  39. first&eldest

    first&eldest22 dias atrás


  40. mark s

    mark s23 dias atrás

    i am canadian too...very good tight entrance and after! ( i am also a white guy african drummer)

  41. Marcus Purua

    Marcus Purua23 dias atrás

    That was honestly the coolest thing I’ve watvhed

  42. Małgorzata Mila

    Małgorzata Mila23 dias atrás


  43. Yogi Bear

    Yogi Bear24 dias atrás

    How crazy is this shit man

  44. Volk Serij

    Volk Serij24 dias atrás

    Очень пондравился парад

  45. John Wills

    John Wills24 dias atrás

    From a former collegiate bandsman, this is just simply outstanding work. Good job.

  46. Frank

    Frank25 dias atrás

    Average band. Video is poor quality.

  47. nora sea

    nora sea25 dias atrás

    OSU:TX ,,how's Ur Mind

  48. Calmer573

    Calmer57325 dias atrás

    they need more band members.

  49. Christel Bastiaens

    Christel Bastiaens26 dias atrás

    Prachtig !

  50. Maiptitfleur Kewpie

    Maiptitfleur Kewpie26 dias atrás

    Extra !!!!

  51. Cristina Curty

    Cristina Curty26 dias atrás

    What a beautiful show!!!!!!!! I love love love it

  52. Cyndi Anderson

    Cyndi Anderson27 dias atrás

    I love my Buckeyes! Tbdbitl is amazing. ❤

  53. Cegal Lee

    Cegal Lee27 dias atrás

    Inget game ular tangga di hp nokia 😆

  54. KampfGruppeLehr88

    KampfGruppeLehr8827 dias atrás

    I love how overly American this is.

  55. neil Barrington

    neil Barrington28 dias atrás

    im in uk wtf is that guy doin in the red

  56. Richard Lawson

    Richard Lawson29 dias atrás

    I was in a university marching band in the 60s, but we NEVER did anything like THAT! Amazing!!

  57. snipper1ie

    snipper1ie29 dias atrás

    Not many black folks in Ohio

  58. Judith Schüler

    Judith Schüler29 dias atrás

    OMG... da trifft kein Ton den anderen. Das ist kein Verzerrungseffekt, das ist nur falsch gespielt! Ihr könnt mich gern nieder machen, aber musikalisch ist das ein Verbrechen! Also haut ruhig drauf, das ändert ja nichts! ;-) Jaa, in Bewegung ist das schieriger.. aber es ist eine rhythmische Bewegung, das sollte man das ausgleichen können... Das ist aber nicht passiert... Die Musik ist ein bisschen trivialer als "deutsche Karnevalsmusik" (ich ahnte nicht dass, das geht...) aber die Umsetzung... ist eine Kakophonie... In Europa würde man sagen: "Viel Lärm um nichts...".... und wäre damit sehr höflich... ;-) Wenn ich einen Rat geben müsste: Die Zeichen des Dirigenten gelten nicht nur für denjenigen, der direkt vor ihm steht! Damit wäre schon viel(en) geholfen... ;-)

  59. Mumbai Brock

    Mumbai BrockMês atrás

    Mostly like to goofs ...

  60. Jenney Knudsen

    Jenney KnudsenMês atrás


  61. Edward Morton

    Edward MortonMês atrás

    Very impressive indeed. Such precision and remarkable sense of timing. Obvious to see that lots of hard work and dedication goes in to producing a show like this. I wish we had bands like this in my country. The amount of time and practice required to attain this level are both well beyond the youth and the adult population of my country. I wish it wasn't. Maybe it's the bad weather we get all the time or the constant obsession with celebrities that does it. Who knows?

  62. saya islam KTP jangan panggil saya kafir

    saya islam KTP jangan panggil saya kafirMês atrás

    Sudah pasti bukan anak nusantara.. Indonesia.🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂