[ONE DREAM.TXT] (ENG SUB) Reality Ep.04 - Part.1


  1. Unicorn Butterfly

    Unicorn ButterflyHora atrás

    TXT I can so relate I’d be freaking out if I’d be meeting BTS irl😂😂

  2. thighkooks

    thighkooks3 horas atrás

    and jungkook is so omg:(

  3. thighkooks

    thighkooks3 horas atrás

    this is so cute because it's just so nice to see how bts is so experienced in the company as seniors and stuff like that, and then txt is learning so many things:(

  4. Chasing Rover

    Chasing Rover4 horas atrás

    what's the name of the song while Beomyu start writing letters in the hotel room?

  5. Moon Light

    Moon Light5 horas atrás

    BTS will never let Bang PD forget his iconic "rap, sing, dance" line. 😂

  6. Namjoon's ignored handshake

    Namjoon's ignored handshake6 horas atrás

    I love how they are having fun teasingTXT but the innocent babies can't figure out the inside jokes and are just looking at their sunbaes .... Well that's what big brothers do...

  7. Hamburger&Sprite &Kookies&Jimin's jams

    Hamburger&Sprite &Kookies&Jimin's jams6 horas atrás

    19:10 I did laughing some one pls make a loop

  8. Simply nicole

    Simply nicole7 horas atrás

    I love it when TxT and BTS combined ,it makes my heart boom boom♥️♥️♥️

  9. Mini_ Kookie Chan

    Mini_ Kookie Chan8 horas atrás

    Jungkook's Mind while talking to Txt: *U ARE STILL A MAKNAE, YOU ARE STILL A MAKNAE... BE A HYUNG, Jungkook!*

  10. N P

    N P8 horas atrás

    Fckin crackhead actually used bang pd’s old vid as their chants😂😂😂 bangtann stop haunting bangpd with thattt

  11. better than gucci

    better than gucci9 horas atrás

    yoongi cringing and feeling embarassed but still tries his best paying attention is too much too handle

  12. Hoho Hiho

    Hoho Hiho10 horas atrás


  13. Martha Ysabelle

    Martha Ysabelle11 horas atrás

    The fact that this episode got more views the the others just because bts was here is sad

  14. Jeon Cooky

    Jeon Cooky12 horas atrás

    conclusion : for the whole video, jimin completely being illegal

  15. lins

    lins12 horas atrás

    Lee Hyun Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin Min Yoongi Jung Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jung Jungkook Choi Soobin Choi Yeonjun Choi Beomgyu Kang Taehyun Huining Kai Rap, dance, noraero sangdaebangui giseoneul jeaphae~ BANG PD I Guess that’ll be the fanchant for BigHit family x’D

  16. JiminXbathtub iswhatilivefor

    JiminXbathtub iswhatilivefor13 horas atrás

    *now bts teaching txt to be chaotic af*

  17. jeongguk as google translate

    jeongguk as google translate16 horas atrás

    what if...one of them.... covered begin😳... unless...?

  18. Nancy Santizo

    Nancy Santizo17 horas atrás

    Parang bts lang eh ang kukulit rin nila... They're just being themselves... Aygooo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘


    AGUST D GENIUSUGA18 horas atrás

    That's why they NEED to be healthy, if they want to be like their Sunbae-nims. Lotte Duty Free Concert they didn't perform due to 2 members have ailing problems. Also when they received their 2nd rookie of the year, 1 of their members also isn't present. Fighting TXT!

  20. my euphoria

    my euphoria22 horas atrás


  21. jimi Shi

    jimi Shi23 horas atrás

    They are THEIR BABIES

  22. nunun hidayah

    nunun hidayahDia atrás

    Omg!!! Their interaction are so cute. I love them so much.

  23. giimint

    giimintDia atrás

    PD-nim joined the group chat.

  24. • j i m i n i e •

    • j i m i n i e •Dia atrás

    my bias’ bias is my bias- (yeonjun-jimin)

  25. Schloggo

    SchloggoDia atrás

    8:13 Omg i love love actually

  26. EX IST

    EX ISTDia atrás

    I rlly like the senior-junior relationship there..

  27. What I Like

    What I LikeDia atrás

    At 9:38 Beomgyu: That was Jhope sunbaenim(confident) Me: No my baby that could also be your Jin sunbaenim too as no one can escape his windshield wiper laugh(confident) Well ya Jin is my bias😍😍 And I love Bts and txt😍😍

  28. Lauryn Brianna

    Lauryn BriannaDia atrás

    Tae is SO cute when he's answering their "How have you been?" He just looks like such a proud big brother.

  29. Stephani Rodriguez

    Stephani RodriguezDia atrás

    Bighit knows what they cooking 👌🏻🤧

  30. Minsugabun_ kitty

    Minsugabun_ kittyDia atrás

    Ayo hit man bang introduces hit it the second audition rap dance sing~noraero sangdaebang-ui giseon eul jeaphae. srry

  31. Stephani Rodriguez

    Stephani RodriguezDia atrás

    When Jin entered I died

  32. Jocelyn Garcia

    Jocelyn GarciaDia atrás

    I’m so happy for both the groups and how well they think of bts as advice to do work harder in the future

  33. Crystal Lyrisch

    Crystal LyrischDia atrás

    Coz of BTS dragged me here..

  34. Lexa xjk

    Lexa xjkDia atrás

    I love how in incredibly supportive TXT is towards BTS and always looks up to them and get inspires:< its so cutee bts+txt+army !!!

  35. Yimin Sugin

    Yimin SuginDia atrás

    12:09 OMG my Heart JIMINNN u such an angel LOVE U and LOVE BTS♥

  36. Xx Meadow xX

    Xx Meadow xXDia atrás

    Me and my mom in the same room and she was given the task of placing them in the right group and she could only look at a picture of txt and bts oooooooooof

  37. Fría y distante• Dolor tristesa

    Fría y distante• Dolor tristesaDia atrás

    The reaction to taeyung of the fanchat 😂😂😂

  38. vkook 4ever

    vkook 4everDia atrás

    Moral: Dont keep BTS and TXT in same room;)

  39. hasna osman

    hasna osmanDia atrás

    I never really thought of how much bts have grown because because as theh grow we grow it's unreal txt have the best role models to help them💜💜💜💜💜

  40. EsosE123 Solieo

    EsosE123 SolieoDia atrás

    19:09 i love the last one

  41. XxHelp MexX

    XxHelp MexXDia atrás

    Love the absolute lack of colour from BTS versus the rainbow TXT

  42. Marielle Azelav

    Marielle AzelavDia atrás

    Can I ask what's the title of the song Beomgyu played? Thaaanks.

  43. SFPMadisonTV

    SFPMadisonTVDia atrás

    LMFAO THE MOMENT THEY ALL ENTERED IM- jin: yOooO namjoon: *dances everywhere*

  44. pusheen is godly

    pusheen is godlyDia atrás

    BTS and TXT in group chat: Tae: "JIMIN IS SPANKING ME AGAIN" Jimin: "MMMM, I LIKE DEM BUNS" Beomgyu: "so how's the weather today kai?" Jin: how does a evil cow laugh Yoongi: istg if u- hobi: what the actual- Jin: MOOHAHAHAHA Yeonjun: I made some tea taehyun, come to my room. Jin: *windseild wiper laugh* rm: *some how breaks the table?* Jungkook: jimin is so short for no reason (: Jimin: fuck u *yeonjun left the groupchat* *taehyun left the groupchat* *soobin left the groupchat* *beomgyu left the groupchat* *heuningkai left the groupchat* Yoongi and Hobi: omfg look what you dumbasses did

  45. Jorge Correa

    Jorge CorreaDia atrás

    That'll be them performing one day

  46. k a r m a

    k a r m aDia atrás

    So awkward 😂😂😂

  47. Queen and kpop Trash

    Queen and kpop TrashDia atrás

    They really did go to the concert I went to in Chicago....Wow... wow....WOW

  48. Derialys Aguilera

    Derialys AguileraDia atrás

    Oh not the second one

  49. Derialys Aguilera

    Derialys AguileraDia atrás

    Oh I the end I take back my first comment and 2nd

  50. Derialys Aguilera

    Derialys AguileraDia atrás

    No hate I love ❤️ Jin lol

  51. Derialys Aguilera

    Derialys AguileraDia atrás

    That tip that bts gave them is just doesn’t work for txt and their not like bts and there is gonna be a lot of ands in this comment lol and also bts is more silly so v back off with that tip buddy

  52. Derialys Aguilera

    Derialys AguileraDia atrás

    Hmm Bts are trying to compete with txt except jhope and jungkook I don’t know by the others I can tell jin is

  53. Me H

    Me HDia atrás

    Did anyone else here Namjoon singing crown at 10:18? Or am I just hearing things 😂

  54. Li En Tan

    Li En Tan6 horas atrás

    he was!

  55. Jen nifer

    Jen niferDia atrás

    *cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe*

  56. happy tree's

    happy tree'sDia atrás

    i actually had trouble breathing while watching this, their so adorable

  57. happy tree's

    happy tree'sDia atrás


  58. Moina

    MoinaDia atrás

    Jin sitting next to Kai, the oldest next to the youngest hahah

  59. Joonie_skjskj •

    Joonie_skjskj •Dia atrás

    17:10 😭😭 Can some freaking tell me tge SHIP for taehyun and taehyunG! I'm confused af!

  60. Nivetha Vamathevan

    Nivetha VamathevanDia atrás

    Jin and Yeonjun would make a killer dad joke team 😂😂

  61. Nivetha Vamathevan

    Nivetha VamathevanDia atrás

    Watching BTS give advice to TXT really makes me realise how much they’ve grown ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏 Love both groups 🥰

  62. Brodie M

    Brodie MDia atrás

    why do they keep saying they debuted 7 years ago it was 6? in 2013 and it’s now 2019

  63. Sheyy Cee

    Sheyy Cee2 dias atrás

    wah. I didn't recognized that V was seating between the TXT members. Hahaha! I thought it is also a member of TXT and I keep looking like "where is V?" Hahaha. 😂

  64. Gnesoidom Ar Son

    Gnesoidom Ar Son2 dias atrás

    Txt lined up so humbly ND professionally while bts being crackheads ND loud in the room.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  65. Hey Army You Nice Keep Fighting

    Hey Army You Nice Keep Fighting2 dias atrás

    3:29 Yeonjun wow! Wow!! WOW!!! Same reaction dude when I saw them at the Rose Bowl💜✨

  66. Panta Plays

    Panta Plays2 dias atrás

    TXT just subtly showing off their phones in the Dionysus performance/piece of art.

  67. nochu cooky

    nochu cooky2 dias atrás

    Yoongi and soobin's height difference AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  68. Solange Rodriguez

    Solange Rodriguez2 dias atrás


  69. Solange Rodriguez

    Solange Rodriguez2 dias atrás


  70. Tea with Sugar

    Tea with Sugar2 dias atrás

    TXT Fan Now!

  71. Wousena Moise

    Wousena Moise2 dias atrás

    OMG suga was so funny with his embarrassment 😂

  72. Aishah Sofia

    Aishah Sofia2 dias atrás

    *My feelings when watching this for xxx times(idk how many times I saw this video)* Jealousss so badd!!😓😭 They're so young to meet bts.. but I'm still here crying in the corner😭 even I the same age as them.. They can hug bts and even make them melted with your letter and "ofc we will give our numbers to them" I will going crazy with this🤭 they got their numberrr!!!😭 I hate that but I can't..I love you guys❤ "We met them a few times.. but I'm still nervous" I also so freaking jealouss with this!!! You guys can see them it's too grateful tho😌❤👉👈 But the reality for me, I will never see them in my life💔🍂 I just can be dreaming about that.. it's too hurt to my heart 😕😢 Idk suga was to easy too soft even they don't start it yet😣 and my bias jungkook he's too kind and humble to everyone he met😔❤ and jimin is also my bias with his angel character worried about them😞🧚‍♂️ to txt I really2 touched with your letter to bts.. If i'm at bts places, I will react the same as them😊😘 Edit:sorry I became too emotional.. cuz Idk how to explain my jealousness over them.. (& also sorry for my broken eng😅)


    BTS' JUNGSHOOK2 dias atrás

    10:15 were they imitating CROWN!? These dorks 😭😭💜💜💜

  74. Cheski Vlogs

    Cheski Vlogs2 dias atrás

    15:58 rip jungkook biased ARMYs from jungkookie's boxers.. 😂💜💜

  75. TamTheMedBookie In India : A Booktuber

    TamTheMedBookie In India : A Booktuber2 dias atrás

    Cannot get enough of these 5 munchkins 🤒

  76. Shaikha Hasan

    Shaikha Hasan2 dias atrás

    theyre so sweet to them aww

  77. 천국

    천국2 dias atrás

    2:50 How to make that in the phone like Taehyun

  78. Itsme BG

    Itsme BG2 dias atrás

    9:19 when your crush is coming and you act “natural”

  79. Aishah Sofia

    Aishah Sofia2 dias atrás


  80. ari boyo

    ari boyo2 dias atrás

    Jin: “which of you can speak English?” Jungkook:”yeonjun,” Kai, who was born and raised in Honolulu: “am I a joke to you?”

  81. KevWuu

    KevWuu2 dias atrás

    I swear by the time bighit have many boy & girl groups in the future, they’ll all be taught with the bighit chant because of BTS haha. It shall be passed down and become a company slogan!

  82. Pika Pika

    Pika Pika2 dias atrás


  83. Tricia Barrozo

    Tricia Barrozo2 dias atrás

    I Iove bts