One View Can Create Change | #CreatorsforChange 2018 (:15)


  1. - h

    - h14 dias atrás

    79M views 990 likes that’s my youtube

  2. 100 Abos ohne Video!?

    100 Abos ohne Video!?2 meses atrás

    Wtf this balance of like and views

  3. Abd Alrahman Azizieh

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  4. bruhGD

    bruhGD2 meses atrás

    HOW --------- HOW

  5. GameTechツ

    GameTechツ2 meses atrás

    does this video actually have almost 80,000,000 with 157 comments and only about 3,000 likes and dislikes?

  6. Secondzin

    Secondzin2 meses atrás

    Maybe cause when an ad video comes on a BRreporter video. The view counter for that ad video counts. With only few people rating and comment on the actual video. I hope that made sense.

  7. marcossama29

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    79m views 823 likes

  8. TN 212

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    79M views 155 comments *how*

  9. O5car Magu1re

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    This has the least most amount likes compared to views on BRreporter I think I have a 30 views video with and one 8th of people liked it This however Nearly 1,000th

  10. Brendan Rettig

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    BRreporter Creators are awesome!

  12. taironss12

    taironss123 meses atrás

    Yes of curse, but from there they put you to get a lot of visits to get paid >:v what difference BRreporter you out something and then : Or if it gets 100,000 visits and we pay you jojojojojo

  13. Louis Cv

    Louis Cv3 meses atrás

    taironss12 they create their own visitors lmao they just change the number XD

  14. Aya koja / أية قوجة

    Aya koja / أية قوجة4 meses atrás

    يا يوتيوب ادعمني بلييييييييز

  15. Kai Shim

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  16. Camden Six

    Camden Six5 meses atrás

    QUIT CENSORING CONSERVATIVES! If anyone is a fan of people like Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder you will now note at least for my self when searching their channels as of the date this comment was posted none of their content is actually showing up. The only way I can go to their channel is to click on old videos or use a link to the channel directly. None of their new content is showing up either. Like if you're having the same issue.

  17. Ganesh Suryawanshi

    Ganesh Suryawanshi5 meses atrás

    🙏I from India 🇮🇳 I every day learn good thinks by the BRreporter This is My home ♥️ Thank You Tube♥️

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    you tube can you poot ads in my videos

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  20. Harsh Ranjan

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    0:08 Mostly Sane😃😃


    NILESH WAGH6 meses atrás


  22. ScatterBrained

    ScatterBrained6 meses atrás

    80 million views and only 138 comments?

  23. TheOrangeCreeper

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    And they don't even have English language captions for this but they have basically every other language. "change"

  24. Spencer Evans

    Spencer Evans7 meses atrás

    The greatest 15 second video ever made 😂

  25. Yeet Skeet

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  26. Lazy Sunny

    Lazy Sunny7 meses atrás

    Rip this video have 1.7k dislikes

  27. Deathcheat 666

    Deathcheat 6667 meses atrás

    Not too you.

  28. Aryan Patel

    Aryan Patel7 meses atrás

    BRreporter you have to stop project zorgo from hacking BRreporter BRreporter you can defeat projectzorgo BRreporter BRreporter we can win we can we can not project zorgo

  29. Indoido

    Indoido7 meses atrás

    Pornhub is better

  30. dyingplanet13

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    One view can make me depressed because it’s my view and I know no one watches me

  31. EVGiT 2.0

    EVGiT 2.08 meses atrás

    I wish youtube's next ceo will unban all channels banned by woj*****

  32. Golden Tinus

    Golden Tinus8 meses atrás

    79 Million views. 784 likes 1.6k dislikes certified *bruh* moment

  33. BudiPlot

    BudiPlot8 meses atrás

    Bruh, even youtube is botting.

  34. Spencer J

    Spencer J8 meses atrás

    Everyone has a right to be known... *bans right wing channels and demonetizes Steven Crowder even though you said he didn't violate any of your guidelines*

  35. Jonny Boi VEVO

    Jonny Boi VEVO9 meses atrás

    79 million views 123 comments and 635 likes. Seems legit

  36. JJLW2017 Redstone

    JJLW2017 Redstone9 meses atrás

    BRreporter: most disliket channel Everybody: hats BRreporter Nobody: realyses that this is YoqTube Me: sleaps at scool

  37. Aqil Hasan

    Aqil Hasan9 meses atrás

    yh a change to to youtube’s bank account

  38. Spiral Light

    Spiral Light9 meses atrás

    youtube = soviet v2

  39. Jon Francis Barcenas

    Jon Francis Barcenas9 meses atrás

    79m 755 likes

  40. Canberra War Museum

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  41. S Vaishnav

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  42. Dookiz

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    *79M Views* *1K Dislikes* *700 Likes* Wow no one even cares lol.

  43. Sander Man

    Sander Man9 meses atrás

    Very fake

  44. Eveycommunityever B

    Eveycommunityever B9 meses atrás

    And one rewind caused mass destruction

  45. CreeNo

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  46. Apolo

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    79 million views 735 likes 1.5 thousand dislikes 144 comments That’s how BRreporter works

  47. ninetyninedreams

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    Canadian Airsoft It’s because it’s used as an ad, so people don’t normally see this page when seeing this video

  48. พาราดิน6364

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    this is advert

  49. Canadian Airsoft

    Canadian Airsoft6 meses atrás

    Dese stolen comment

  50. Lost Wanderer

    Lost Wanderer10 meses atrás

    BRreporter staff are morons.

  51. My name is

    My name is10 meses atrás


  52. My name is

    My name is10 meses atrás


  53. Flare Gun

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    1 dislikes can create everything...

  54. Gdhd Hdjdj

    Gdhd Hdjdj10 meses atrás

    Arbi.saudite R

  55. ᗷᗩᘔ ஓ

    ᗷᗩᘔ ஓ10 meses atrás

    79m views - wow 727 likes ??? 1.4 dislikes???????????????

  56. Adolf Kitler

    Adolf Kitler10 meses atrás

    One view is all it takes, Falling in love with hate! Possibilities, A white nation is what we need!

  57. xD clyzexx

    xD clyzexx10 meses atrás

    0:02 *me after watching rewind 2018*

  58. -Dead-

    -Dead-10 meses atrás

    79M views 723 likes View bot?

  59. Lil Perpy

    Lil Perpy11 meses atrás

    Why after BRreporter uploaded BRreporter rewind 2018 everyone disliking there vids ? I don’t want any hate

  60. Sir Snail

    Sir Snail11 meses atrás

    Creators? What the frick are those?

  61. Michael Goldstein

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  62. suвsсяiве ог ghеi

    suвsсяiве ог ghеiAnos atrás

    Ok, so stop banning pewdiepie from every sections of yt just because of controvershits... Damn how I miss Filthy Frank

  63. SOBB3393

    SOBB3393Anos atrás

    Who is the target audience of this garbage? 80M views, 682 likes & 1,259 dislikes.

  64. Enhanced Vaccination

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  65. Laph TV

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    This makes me a good person