OneRepublic - Secrets (Official Music Video)


  1. Kush Mahn

    Kush Mahn17 minutos atrás

    Who's here in December 2019...?? Love this song

  2. Juan Cena

    Juan Cena3 horas atrás

    This randomly came in my mind. I was just humming it. I forgot but I really wanted to find it again. The only thing that came to mind was “all my wishes away” and I found it

  3. Kevin Gomez

    Kevin Gomez5 horas atrás

    I'm here because I just miss this song.❤️

  4. KaZSuZ

    KaZSuZ6 horas atrás

    december 2019?

  5. cosmos lewis

    cosmos lewis8 horas atrás

    fun satan wanna tell God everything if you hate so much satan then die and it is done no more God for you for god is death

  6. cosmos lewis

    cosmos lewis8 horas atrás

    satan and these aliens know as no one could have the inner workings of the governments of god but do aliens no god our creater 100 persent and have all knowedge and understanding of higher power for god is beyond all understanding

  7. cosmos lewis

    cosmos lewis8 horas atrás

    god you want holy ghost and all my kids secrets I'm gonna give all my secrets to greys

  8. Dorori

    Dorori11 horas atrás

    I love this music

  9. Insanul Kml

    Insanul Kml12 horas atrás

    And I don't even know this song was on tiktok..

  10. Dredo

    Dredo14 horas atrás

    Who else here in December 2019???

  11. Hania Halawa

    Hania Halawa14 horas atrás

    Gossip girl like Tik Tok comment

  12. Fedra Abril

    Fedra Abril16 horas atrás

    Esa cancion con esa sali de sexto generacion 2013 -2019

  13. Pinoy Chicha

    Pinoy Chicha17 horas atrás

    Wish 107.5

  14. Joshua&JaSmie Minecraft Tutorial

    Joshua&JaSmie Minecraft Tutorial17 horas atrás


  15. 10,000 subscribers with 1 video

    10,000 subscribers with 1 video20 horas atrás

    Who Is Better? Like: *OneRepublic Comment: *One Direction*

  16. z e r o

    z e r o3 horas atrás

    One republic

  17. 10,000 subscribers with 1 video

    10,000 subscribers with 1 video20 horas atrás

    Who Is Better? Like: *OneRepublic* Comment: *One Direction*

  18. TacosRrad Eat it

    TacosRrad Eat it21 hora atrás

    That bow hold kinda looked wonky

  19. Rylee Z

    Rylee Z23 horas atrás

    The beginning of this song sounds like Beethoven's Cello song

  20. Ivana Orrico

    Ivana OrricoDia atrás


  21. Goh Jing Heng

    Goh Jing HengDia atrás

    Who is here December 2019!!

  22. The Banana

    The BananaDia atrás

    This was the first 1R song I ever heard and I imidiatly loved it

  23. Aouni Tarik

    Aouni TarikDia atrás

    Here after listening to piano guys, amazing song

  24. WiiBox 360

    WiiBox 3602 dias atrás

    I'm here because I like the song

  25. Kevin Angeles

    Kevin Angeles2 dias atrás

    Sorcerer’s Apprentice is such a good movie for me. OneRepublic’s Secret blended so good.

  26. Chr1stmas 58

    Chr1stmas 582 dias atrás


  27. trans teen

    trans teen3 dias atrás

    Ya'll i feel so fucking old!! I cant believe this song came out NINE YEARS AGO!!

  28. Gilmara Brum

    Gilmara Brum3 dias atrás

    Jamais vou superar essa música...

  29. Jonney Silver

    Jonney Silver3 dias atrás

    Beautiful song, I memorized the lyrics, was waste of time, but beautiful song, wish time goes back.

  30. Angel Heart

    Angel Heart3 dias atrás

    Who's here because of ang mutya ng section E? Guess im the only one lol😂

  31. Mickey Ari

    Mickey Ari3 dias atrás


  32. Cold on summer, Hot on winter

    Cold on summer, Hot on winter3 dias atrás

    Every time i search imagine dragons i see this... Is it because the thumbnail looks like Dan Reynolds?

  33. Cold on summer, Hot on winter

    Cold on summer, Hot on winter23 horas atrás

    O thanks for the info :D

  34. Megan Proffitt

    Megan ProffittDia atrás

    Cold on summer, Hot on winter It’s because the artists make similar music content

  35. jordan alhermi

    jordan alhermi3 dias atrás

    December 2019 it's almost been 10 years and I'm still waiting for SORCERER'S APPRENTICE 2 COME ON DISNEYYYY 🙇‍♂️

  36. Eva Yuni

    Eva Yuni4 dias atrás

    I Miss this song

  37. Neyara Barbosa

    Neyara Barbosa4 dias atrás


  38. Skully Boi265

    Skully Boi2654 dias atrás

    These old songs I just remember and it brings back my childhood. The days when I didn’t want anything to do with music but now I listen to the same old songs on loop. It really takes me back.

  39. Rabikah Robin

    Rabikah Robin4 dias atrás

    wow..what a relaxing song

  40. 随便_suibian_

    随便_suibian_4 dias atrás

    Found this song cuz of Sorcerers Apprentice.... Won't lie, this song actually touches my heart:')

  41. Over Sight

    Over Sight4 dias atrás

    Why is there not an active comment section on this song it is still as awesome as ever

  42. leandro842

    leandro8424 dias atrás

    Once upon a time there was a place, a time... where there were good songs. I know because I was there!

  43. Annabelle Vs

    Annabelle Vs4 dias atrás

    Is this really a German actor (Nora tschirner - brown haired girl) in a one republic video ?