OPTICAL ILLUSIONS that will TRICK your brain


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    I can just se Jordy just relaxing on the bed in the background

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    Who noticed jordi in the back?

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    I just noticed jordi at the backround

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    Hey Geordie

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    I see jordi

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    Jordi must be proud and... really annoyed...

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    Jordi in the back

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    I sow your boy

  9. Lily Read

    Lily Read8 dias atrás

    Azzy: doing what she does best Jordi: chilling like a villain 🦹‍♂️

  10. Joshua Martinez

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    Kwebbelkop is behind you

  11. 연지

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    Who is behind you

  12. Patty Tseng

    Patty Tseng13 dias atrás

    Jordi is just chilln

  13. Adam Dilati

    Adam Dilati14 dias atrás

    The optical illusion with the Sydney Opera house was that it got bigger as the person backed away

  14. Manal Alkhateeb

    Manal Alkhateeb15 dias atrás

    But why kwebbelkob here?

  15. nolan James vlogs

    nolan James vlogs16 dias atrás

    Why Is jordi in da background


    DARWIN PEREZ18 dias atrás

    What kind of illusion was called when the car dodged the poles

  17. george komvos

    george komvos21 dia atrás

    Is Jordi at the back

  18. Gamer Luna Desiree

    Gamer Luna Desiree21 dia atrás

    I was mind blown

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    2:36 is the best to see Jordi

  20. JigrGamesJr

    JigrGamesJr21 dia atrás

    1:28 The Sydney Opera is smaller then window frame when your close to the window but when you go farther the Sydney Opera gets bigger than the window frame.

  21. Carine Lara Kala M. Dinglasan

    Carine Lara Kala M. Dinglasan22 dias atrás

    Azzy can you try the try not to laugh chaleng

  22. Shahan Shahan Km

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    Those things look like they r not moving because ScIeNcE

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    I see jordi in the backgroud

  24. L'Oreal Edelen

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    It felt like the hotel was moving

  25. Evy Chittenden

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    The white thing got bigger as she walked away

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    Hi jordi

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    What jordi say no hi to us

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    1:43 hey its my bday

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    Me coming to the comments to talk about something else: *Swiping down to go to the comments* Everyone in the comments:DiD yOu GuYs SeE jOrDi At ThE bAcKgRoUnD!?

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    Who saw kwebellkop in the background

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    /) /) ( 0^0)❤️

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    I hope Azzy likes it

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    Godfrey,,, !f For Rddtrd$t5dgtcdtrdtctffctfcyfhgvjhbmnb Vhgvhgvhhghhfhhfhhfhfjhhfhhfhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhshhshshshshshshshshshshjbgjgghggkgug&hbjhbjhggjhbhu)hj((h8(8hh(b(uhjhgjhgjhg😌😌😜😫🤨🤯😭🥰😫🤨🤯😛🤓🤣🤭😰🙃😄😤🤭😨🙂😤🤓🤭😃😋🙂😤😄😑😋😰😤😋🤫🥰😛🙂😛🙂😛🤭🙂😛😤😃😛🤫😳😃🤓😛😃🤭🙂😤🤓🙂😨🤯😤😛🙂😳🥰🤓😰😂😛😫😰🙂😛😫🥰🤓😳😩😛😂😳😂🥰🤭😤😛😳😛🥰😤😳🥰🤓😤🥰🤣😥😛😠🤓🤫😩😬😵😮🤔🤬😦😶🤗🤤😪😦🤧🤔😯😪😶😮😴😧🤧 I wanna get it off off off I wanna get off off off WOLFHEATH109

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    I wonder what Jordy was thinking about in the background

  38. Musical Uprising

    Musical UprisingMês atrás

    Perspective, optical illusions are great! I LOVE them!

  39. Musical Uprising

    Musical UprisingMês atrás

    Epileptic seizure warning at 0:16 - 0:18

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    Who sees jordi in the background Levav a like

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    I didn't get the Sydney opera house optical illusion

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    3:15 that’s a power outlet...

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    At 2:44 who is behind you

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    cool stuff!! And optical illusion.

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    Love how jordie is sleeping in background

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    Evry english/ american person: who sees jordi in the background! Meanwhile in the netherlands: OMG WAAROM IS KWEBBELKOP IN DE ACHTERGROND! translation engl : why is kwebbelkop in the background!

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