OSUMB Script Ohio at the 10 11 2014 Buckeye Invitational. Ohio State Marching Band TBDBITL


  1. Line Danzer

    Line DanzerAnos atrás

    Love it when the "I" dotter gives the head nods at the end. This is truly an awesome band!

  2. Patrick Féré

    Patrick FéréAnos atrás

    Merci , vous jouez une marche militaire française « Sambre et Meuse « 🥂🇺🇸🇫🇷

  3. Danika M

    Danika MAnos atrás

    Patrick Féré nous jouons le Ohio State Fight Song. ALLEZ LES BUCKEYES!

  4. Matt Ulisky

    Matt Ulisky2 anos atrás

    GO BUCKEYES!!!im an Ohio baby if you can't tell! ;)

  5. Jason Clifford

    Jason Clifford2 anos atrás


  6. Shawn Johns

    Shawn Johns2 anos atrás

    Four people must be from TTUN.

  7. Nick Umoh

    Nick Umoh2 anos atrás

    I get goosebumps every time they dot the i. Go Bucks! It's been 2035 days since OSU lost to *ichigan, & they still suck!

  8. Padraic Fanning

    Padraic Fanning11 meses atrás

    @kiddle cats 78 1) 62-39, so try again. 2) it's obvious that you've never been on the ca❌pus of The Ohio State University during Hate Week

  9. Blitzzツ

    BlitzzツAnos atrás

    Nick Umoh I get goosebumps to!

  10. kiddle cats 78

    kiddle cats 782 anos atrás

    Nick Umoh michigan does not suck and they're not a bad word.

  11. David J Gill

    David J Gill2 anos atrás

    The music for the SCRIPT is the magnificent French military march "Sambre et Meuse." A brilliant choice! TBDBITL

  12. Ralph Yznaga

    Ralph Yznaga4 meses atrás

    I did not know that! Love that piece!!!! THANKS!

  13. UncleMikeNJ

    UncleMikeNJ3 anos atrás

    38yardline.com, or something similar, would be a great web address for an Ohio State band member.

  14. The FrankDawg

    The FrankDawg4 anos atrás


  15. Mike Bleas

    Mike Bleas11 meses atrás


  16. Matthew 2400000

    Matthew 2400000Anos atrás


  17. bjnartowt

    bjnartowt2 anos atrás


  18. Keerstyn Murray

    Keerstyn Murray3 anos atrás

    I O

  19. Margaret Patterson

    Margaret Patterson3 anos atrás

    +The FrankDawg I .O.

  20. Queenmarie88

    Queenmarie884 anos atrás

    This looks so good!!

  21. rumandcoke32

    rumandcoke324 anos atrás


  22. LightningBlueMeanie

    LightningBlueMeanie4 anos atrás

    Tempo turns. Tempo turns all around us!

  23. vicki thornsberry

    vicki thornsberry4 anos atrás

    i want tricks

  24. Wolfman

    Wolfman2 anos atrás

    I am a Michigan fan .....but the SCRIPT OHIO is untouchable and awesome....the M Band could not touch this !