Overnight RITUAL In Haunted Warehouse


  1. Sam and Colby

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    Hope you enjoyed this series! Let us know where we should go next ;) PART 1: brreporter.com/v/video-Ght8YRd1vJA.html PART 2: brreporter.com/v/video-8ovYvOdH7zM.html PART 3: brreporter.com/v/video-s0VaAiqU3iE.html PART 4: brreporter.com/v/video-7PWa97xjSYs.html Finale: brreporter.com/v/video-d0XRA4YUjIY.html If you wanna support our channel grab some merch too!

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    Do some research on what satanism actually is before you make any more fear mongering claims. This is a continuous problem on your channel. Please don't contribute to another satanic panic. This _will_ result in hate and fear against a religious minority-and subsequently people's rights will be taken away.

  4. Mikeyy Cap

    Mikeyy CapMês atrás

    Sam and Colby do a Philadelphia series there’s a lot of creepy things around in philly also cape May New Jersey people say it’s one of the most haunted places in the USA think about it

  5. Sue O Farrell

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  6. Ricardo Retamar

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    Epic!!! Mind blowing. You Guys deserve your own TV show, WTF is wrong with Hollywood and Netflix. What are they waiting for, International hell yeah !!! Get some Ghost Hunting Equipment Gear , Ghostbusters all the way . The underground city in London, a Hunted Castle in England. EPIC !!! AMAZING JOB GUYS 💙😁👏👏👏👏

  7. My Video Diaries

    My Video Diaries7 horas atrás

    Bro why did it seem like a teenage novel a kid would read. Three friends on a journey to close the gap of hell that haunted them for years. Only on this book series called, "Back to the beginning".

  8. Tehya Love

    Tehya Love8 horas atrás

    You guys should explore something in Humboldt County, CA. I live here and I’m sure you could find something cool to explore, you could explore the Devils Playground behind the mall. It was a huge homeless camp where murders happened, drug addicts lived, criminals lived, and soooo much more

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    I know you probably won’t see this but I just wanna say all the hate you guys get don’t even compare to how many people absolutely love you guys .you guys made me laugh when I was down . smile when I was crying.happy when I lost my grandparents and cousin,most of all brightened my whole life .i know a bunch of people can relate because everyone has had they’re rough moments.but I wanna just appreciate how funny, adorable ,kind,amazing,sweet,and caring all of you guys are,you guys lighten up my day and I never want you to stop posting.even though they won’t probably see this just know Sam,Colby,Cory,Jake,Reggie,Elton,Arron and the whole trap house gang that I love all of you guys and never stop doing what you love !❤️

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    The bullet means Shot Mirror reflection Knife means stab

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    Yo what the f happend you guys haven't posted in a month

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    I have a feeling that box was a dybbuk box

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    i might just be stupid but what if jennifer’s key that they found was what was used to scratch the bottom of the box to make the pentagram thingy

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    When's the next episode

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    Please make a new series we are all waiting! I might leave this channel if you guys don’t post anything soon!!!!

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    My fourth grade cult quire thats obsess ed ovetl r billie elish

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    i found a way to get in. so there is a fence that goes all the way around but somewhere in the fence theres a hole that you can go through and go down this orange looking like hallway and there is a door that says 21 it should be open its really cool and i hope you guys check it out cuz it's huge and awesome

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    Hey so next week in my daughters birthday and she’s obsessed you you too and I was wondering if you too could send her some birthday wishes

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    Noreen got shot

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    Why you no post

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    They haven't posted recently, like for 1 month What happened to them? Are they okay? Did they make it out? Are they ALIVE?

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    I just realized that they posted 3 days ago. I'm dissing my own comment 😂

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    sam and colby make a nother video plzzzzz

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    Y'all where on nukes top 5!!!!

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    Hey man it's okay your gonna be fine I've been watching u for about 2 years now you have came so far this must have been rough for u but dont worry ur friends are gonna come back and I love all ur exploration videos keep up the amazing work and dont stop I knew u could get big I love u man ❤💯

  27. Courtney Woodward

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    I believe if I’m not mistaken that’s an athame not a letter opener. If so it’s meant for ritualistic purposes as I assume the mirror is part of it as well. Along the same idea as a dybbuk box for whatever purpose or intention specifically to the person who created it.

  28. Connor Cartlidge

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    Why dont u go to Island of the Dolls in Mexico

  29. Reynaldo Paredez

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    Sam's logic:oh were about to die? Lemme look behing while I scream go ok * turns camera behind him* 3..2...1... GO GO GO GO GO

  30. Reynaldo Paredez

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    Why havent they posted in a month??!?!?!

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    They haven't posted since a month ago. Are they taking another break?

  32. Liberty Logan

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    if you guys are looking for some other abandoned place i got one close to were i live. its an abandoned mall. it's called the East Hills Mall. in Bakersfield California. im not really sure how to get in. its boarded up and you might be able to get in from the back cuz there is security in the front but the back has a broken window. its pretty cool i have been there before it was closed its huge hope you see this and i love you guys : ) if you want to know more then you can just ask me cuz i live really close to it.

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    I know this is late but Nate’s fashion is fucking delicious

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    Fell off

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    If you want to go to somewhere scary go to Philadelphia

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    The guy in red reminds me of the guy of stranger thing's

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    I don’t understand how a train is scary. Lmaoaoa 🤣🤣

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    Sam and Colby, I know of a couple haunted places. They are in Montana though.

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    We definitely need Nate back😭

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    You guys should go to the clown motel

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    Pleasee keep doing it..!

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    Was i the only one that was watching Colby when they we're at the watermelon scene. Colby picked up a piece and kicked it and looked at Sam and then looked around. I laughed so hard at that because all i thought was him thinking "no one saw that."

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    make more videos

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    Sam and Colby go to Robert the doll in key west florida

  47. Dreamer steamer Team

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    *loud bang* then Pirate of The Caribbean music starts

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    When is the next series ??

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    Where r u guys

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    GUYS POST!!!!!!

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    The feathers hotel.. Shropshire.. England!! Very haunted hotel it’s pretty scary

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    It is good that u guys are safe but the journey with you guys are epic

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    Just to say, why the hell was that other group in the warehouse? And also train drivers won't sound the horn unless at a crossing or station or if they see an object or person trackside.

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    Yo sam and colby you should take Corey and jake to romania and go to a bunch of haunted places like the hoiu baciu forest in transylvania

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    I wish they’d make these videos a slightly bit more realistic lol very , VERY cheesy “scary” moments that started when they “couldn’t” finish their ritual because of some loud noise.

  57. Kay Zaine

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    I don't even know how weird shit happens when you explore haha this entire chapter is random af. Like exciting lives 😂 reminds me of when I tried breaking into an abandoned hospital then was stopped by a weird security guard that had a 2 hour conversation with me about what kind of spirits haunt it.

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    I’m gonna have to unsubscribe. I always see you post on your main acc but never this one. That’s why I only did one month of the private thing too sorry hope u understand

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    Idk how I found out about portals, but going back to the Stanley Hotel, I think Colby said that 2 facing mirrors are portals. So, maybe the hand mirror & the envelope opener was that portal in the locked container. As with the satanic symbol was the reason scratched on it...

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    When y’all gonna post😕

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    I know that I might not have a BRreporter channel but I love you guys so much I am one of your fans and I love when you explore abandon places so plz do it more love you guys so much!!!! :)

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    When I first saw it : Well there’s a Pokémon spray painted on it how scary can I be..?¿ In the middle of the video : ....Oh

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    Ahhhhhh shit here we go again

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    Can you guys restock your guys’s mugshot shirts? ❤️

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    you guys should explore the Telemark Lodge in Cable, Wisconsin. It's been abandoned for a few years now. i go there every year for a bike race but the hotel itself is closed down and is starting to deteriorate. the address is 42225 Telemark Road Croix Nationla Scenic Riverway Cable, Wisconsin 54821. plz go here it looks super creepy and abandoned.

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    can u guys plz upload ????