Panda Doesn't Realise She's Had Twins! | BBC Earth


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    So if the mother thinks that there is only one panda does the Panda Dad only pay child support for one cub? Just saying....

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    Designer would love this

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  5. God

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    I'm sorry but if you don't realise you have more than one kid to take care of. Then you deserve to go extinct. Panda's have been suicidally trying to go extinct for a while, but we're too dumb to let mother nature take it's course. Everything eventually will go extinct even humans.

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    So awesome

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    Damn chinks keeping the panda hostage

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    Ahh, the old switcharoo 😊

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  12. Retroflection

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    Why are we trying to save these things again? Pandas always look like they just want to die.

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    This new fortnite skin is looking really cool

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    So much cuteness in one video But it's sad knowing that they're living in a jail

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    Finally not a garbage trending video.

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    She can obviously smell the difference; she's trolling them 😂

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  19. 游戏搞笑东东

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    I’m sure they know what they’re doing, but it makes me sad that they can’t be a family

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    Banda are stupid animals

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    Why is this on number 2 on trending in Ohio

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    _Great job, BBC!! Now the panda will see this video and realize she's been finessed the whole time_

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    3:28 I hope she's writing the equation to determine what lies ahead of an event horizon. /s

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    Thanku sooo much for helping these babies! Pandas are special and it's sad that they have to be protected! Thanku sooo much for protecting and loving them!

  26. Kelly C

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    Do pandas bite? She is so okay with them taking her baby as long as she has honey

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    This made my day.

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    Y R pandas so darn cute? Gentile Giants.

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    Pandas are a waste

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    I’ll love that your trying to help but it looks like the pandas are living in jail cells!

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    Very sad life for this mom.

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    Panda skin fortnite 😂😂

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    Beautiful. Just beautiful!

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    That doesn’t look like a nice place to live

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    Who else thinks that She looks like a mother who just delivered Twins? 😂😂😂😂 #PandasAreCute

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    Wow my little sister just looked at this and said she is in me thinking.

  40. Nily Romy

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    why do they have her and her kids closed in a gate?

  41. lonelyrock

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    This is super cute and I love it, but why is the mom in a dirty cage? Did I miss something?

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    The sad sympathetic music needs to stop

  43. Divya Rathor

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    Divya Rathor 1 second ago I am quite certain that the Panda mom notices the difference when she smells the babies. She can easily tell them apart, but she loves them both and therefore acts favorably. Senses of animals are much more acute than humans. But, this is indeed a breakthrough and a great way to ensure the survival of twins. Kudos to the patience of the animal-keepers and the care of the facility's staff!!

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    Where’s Designer when you need him?

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    Sitting.... in a boring empty cage.... all your life.... poor panda!! Do the pandas at least get to see the light of day?

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    cutest thing ever😭😭

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    All pandas are twins

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    Damn panda are really lazy 😂😂

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    Gil A ikr

  54. Beedal Bah Graham

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    How dreadful that we we have to cage animals like this. Yes, it's about trying to keep the species alive but we caused their downfall in the first place. They suffer when we exterminate them and they suffer when we want to bring them back. Our inhumanity to fellow creatures is astonishingly sad.

  55. L James

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    Hahaha I love that she is called LiLi that's what my nieces and nephews call me hahaha! Giant Pandas are so special and lovely!

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    Yo i real life want a panda for some reason

  57. Aubrey Crowder

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    Trust that panda just wants some honey water

  58. Mishacon Crockett

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    you are cruel people. evolution will see your fate.

  59. It is what it is

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    Pandas suck at reproducing

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    I’m a panda 😎🇲🇪😎😎😎💪

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    Que gracinha 😍

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    Baby screaming: MOM, HELP ME THEY'RE PANDA-NAPPING ME!!!! Mom: "ya'll gonna bring her back, right? Aight" goes back to honey water.

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    cute except its kinda sad because the mom is in a small cage

  66. ButtFeet

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    elephant newborn will destroy that panda cub :D How can such a big bear give birth to such a small tiny thing? Dogs have bigger puppy's than that lol

  67. Lauren Pierce

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    I too would abandon my family for a single bowl of honey water

  68. Dank_CookieCrisp

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    I feel like you guys should put the pandas in an enclosure that’s outside and they can come in from time to time, at least allow them to exercise.

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    I feel bad that the panda is just sitting on hard concrete all day

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    Like this is cute and all but.... Pandas are idiots


    P SKILLAA3 horas atrás


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    Right when Panda team leader just came out in fortnite

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    Put pandas in a jail cell?

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    I thought China didn't care for other animals

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    eog gog eor rpfrirof gixet gof gof fif f

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    Po: Skudoosh

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    Fortnite panda skin irl

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    Is she a happy Panda. How can you tell if she is sad or happy in there?

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    Why can't he have a little area of grass?

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    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww😍 Love❤Love❤Love❤

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    I want a pet panda hella bad

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    Soooooo cute

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    This was so sad and joyfull 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🙂😪

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    The care taker is humming the mission impossible song. dun dun dun duN dun dun dun dun DOOODO DOOO DOODO DO DUn Dun...

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  87. 40's Fierce and Fit - Taking charge!

    40's Fierce and Fit - Taking charge!3 horas atrás

    This is so amazing! Pandas are so adorable!

  88. Tyler Harris

    Tyler Harris3 horas atrás

    “I suppose I’ll take this honey water over my child..” Winnie the Pooh voice

  89. BleusmommyIsA RedBloodedAmericanWoman

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    Awesome! So Beautiful ❤️ These jobs of Caretakers for the Pandas is a highly coveted one. I personally would Love to have this opportunity ❣️❣️

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    Okay im crying

  91. Luke Phillips

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    What if the panda sees this video?

  92. Jada Wilfork

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    1:50 momma bear said oh no your not

  93. NevUzumaki

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    Panda doesn’t realize he is about to be in fortnite

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  95. Myn

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    I kept think ohhh how cute a panda but then i remember that pandas can kill you if they hit you too hard or accidentally crush you bc they’re bears.

  96. Gene

    Gene3 horas atrás

    2:20 "Hell yeah, thats a good trade right there you. I'll just sit my fatass right here and enjoy myself see you in 10" (Must be said in a black male's voice if you want a laugh)

  97. Sarah H

    Sarah H3 horas atrás

    We dont deserve animals

  98. HelloSunshine

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    Oh my gosh she holds that baby like she’s a teddy bear❤️

  99. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones3 horas atrás

    That's some serious dedication from those keepers. Also, baby pandas look like giant rats.

  100. Han Qi

    Han Qi3 horas atrás

    Oh my cuteness

  101. FruitJuicy

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    I know keeping the pandas under lock and key like this is neccessary because they'd go extinct if left alone but it's still pretty sad to see.